Thursday, July 7, 2022

Xhaka relief as scans show bruising, not ligament damage

There was a scare for Granit Xhaka yesterday when he was involved in a collision in training which, it was feared, might have damaged knee ligaments.

That would have scuppered his chances of playing at the World Cup later this month, and potentially have seen him miss the start of next season with Arsenal.

However, the Swiss Football Federation have released a statement saying that the injury was ‘only painful bruising’, with the midfielder saying, “I’m very relieved.”

The Swiss team’s doctor, Pierre Etienne Fournier said, “We could already see that the ligaments were intact, but we wanted to play it safe, also with regard to the meniscus.

“We are very relieved that it is only a painful bone bruise – and very grateful that we were able to do an MRI scan late in the evening.”

Switzerland are due to face Spain in a friendly this weekend but Xhaka will sit that out to ensure he’s ready for their challenging World Cup opener against Brazil on June 17th when he’ll injure Neymar or something.

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89 was fine

Ouch painful but very lucky it’s nothing serious. We really need all our players involved at the weird cup to come back with out injury and start this new massive season with a full squad.


I know it’s Russia and all , with the likes of Italy , Netherlands absent. But come on , it’s not that weird

89 was fine

‘World cup’


It’s quite alright the way it is I think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You have no sense of humour

Unai ted Emeryite

it’s weird all the same ?


Xhaka’s one of the tougher ones, played in almost all our matches in the season without being injured. Hope he has a positive tournament and most importantly comes back unscathed


I’m an Arsenal fan first; so thank goodness this isn’t serious for the sake of the team. But more than that, I’m a very petty individual. So I’m also delighted he won’t suffer a long lay off so he can shut up those losers on Sky Sports, who have basically made up their mind he’s crap regardless of any upturn in performance. Really hoping for some big further improvement under Emery!


One of very few players for us to feature. Nacho is likely a back up. Ozil isn’t exactly top billing these days for Germany. Elneny is Okish. We’re looking at Iwobi, Granit to carry the flag. Maybe Campbell will have himself a good world cup but we don’t exactly have many these days that would be judged as top quality in the world by neutrals. PEA is maybe the closest but that’s it. If we carry on adding aged or young players as oppose to spending for the really top end talents, we will continue where we are regardless of… Read more »

Mayor McCheese

The team’s doctor shares the same name as a genital gangrene. True story!


What, Pierre?

Mayor McCheese


Also, can someone explain to me how a bone gets bruised? I remember when Wilshere had an inflamed bone and thinking how many years it’s been since I had a properly inflamed bone.


I believe you hit it quite hard

Mayor McCheese

I can’t imagine doing that to my bone.

David Curran

I wonder what it’s like going to the World Cup knowing your country has zero chance of winning it. I guess it’s got to be fun to represent your country, but half of the countries know they won’t even make it past the group stage. I don’t really know what it’s like to actually have a country in the World Cup. Canada only made it in 1986 when I was a wee lad because Mexico, the hosts, didn’t have to qualify and there was an extra CONCACAF spot. I usually cheer for France because of Arsenal but I’m not really… Read more »


We can at least be sure it won’t be England. That one’s a dead certain.


I guess for some country getting into world cup is already an achievement. So maybe they’re not really thinking about even winning it and play without pressure.


In the words of the famous philosopher Don Logan: “It’s not about the winning with you and me is it? It’s the charge, it’s the bolt, it’s the buzz, it’s the sheer fuck off-ness of it all. Am I right?”


It’s probably like us at the start of the season in the league I guess..vague optimism but you know we aren’t winning it!


Winning the world cup isn’t everything.

Performing well and having a good run is all.

Italy 2006 won but were Boring, no one will remember much beyond Zidane’s head butt on Matterazzi.

Teams like Korea 2002 or Chile will be well remembered and their better players (like say Alexis) may well propel their careers further because of.


Have we signed anyone yet? 🙂


Disappointingly no


Dissapoointing is if we just about sign anyone will do willy nilly.

Much prefer not to hear of over the hill Greek defenders some prefer to imagine are world class or even older Swiss defenders on one year contracts rather than good solid long term ambition.

Hope Emery can weigh in and curb Mslintat’s enthusiasm for all things Dortmund throw away.

Monkey knees

I hope he kills it at the WC, and comes back next season continuing to improve as he did as the season went on. We have a good player here. A very good player. Just needs a class (real!) CDM behind him.


Spot on!!!


The final line has me in stitches. ?

Cliff Bastin

One of the few pure registas left in the epl. He needs to watch videos of Pirlo and Xabi Alonso to learn how to be chill AF on the ball then he’ll be such a beast.


Most fans have a simplistic view based on red herrings spouted by the media. They tend to then see or emphasis the faults in the player. Granit improved over second half of season in positioning. Emery can help him further. BUT the nonsense continued to spout about how much Elneny is better than him and how he is a liability. Lazy analysis based on red herrings which over amplify his faults. Point in case his whole ‘red card’ addicition. He has only ever had maybe two red cards in his career with us and that was at start of tenure… Read more »

A Different George

When he came into the league, I thought he had a chance to be like Xabi Alonso, and I still think so, but he is not Coquelin, let alone Kante (neither were Alonso or Pirlo).

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