Ozil changes squad number after long wait


Arsenal have confirmed that Mesut Ozil has changed his squad number from 11 to 10.

The midfielder, who had long coveted the number, inherits the shirt from Jack Wilshere who has worn it for six years but has left the club.

Speaking about his new number, Ozil told Arsenal.com: “It has never been a secret how special this number is to me.

“My childhood idol Zinedine Zidane wore this number and it is still the most characteristic one for the playmaker position.

“I’m looking forward to putting it on for the first time at Arsenal after the summer break!”

Ozil wore 10 at Real Madrid between 2011-2013 and has worn the number for Germany since 2016.

The club have also confirmed that any supporters who have bought any of the new Puma kits for the upcoming season via the club will be in line for a replacement, see here for more details. 

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But is he a 10?

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Robert Pires : Director of football @ Arsenal

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Let’s not. He’s the poster child (and I do mean child) for the type of person best dealt with by denying what he craves most: attention and being the focus of it all.


Wow, I don’t take votes personally, but I certainly wasn’t expecting so much Trump support.


Do folks realize I was referring to Trump two comments above?


And there we have it folks, Arseblog community votes, proving it’s got nothing on the US.

So before y’alls get smug about the US next time, think on that for a bit.

Bould's Eyeliner

just shut up about trump already. listen to your own advice.


The first was regarding that stain, the rest were a reflection on the thumb votes from the Arseblog readers.

But I’d be happy to refresh my monologue (do the thumbs make it a dialogue?) a bit in your honor.

Bould's Eyeliner

The point was that you shouldn’t assume people support Trump, when it’s far more likely that you’re being thumbed down for bringing an actual political point where we seek to escape such things. Calm down perhaps? Or go to Reddit about this kind of topic.


no need to get worked up over it. I didn’t bring it up in the first place and don’t like it being anywhere near me either – at any time. That was the whole point. I’m tired of even in jest seeing it here repeatedly. The more that fuck gets brought up the more his foulness permeates the aether.


any suggestions to how we will line up? since four in the back seems obvious, i guess torreira, xhaka and özil in the middle, mkhitaryan and ramsey out wide, one striker up front?


I’m kinda hoping for a 442 diamond, but I guess 4231 could also work nicely. Torreira apparently worked well at the base of a diamond previously so we could have 4 at the back, the him at the base, Xhaka to the left, Ramsey to the right and Ozil at the top. That way we can have both Auba and Lacazette. Alternative, as you say, would have Torreira and xhaka together with Mkhi, Ozil and Ramsey behind Auba…. I suppose you could have that arrangement with Auba in the left channel and Lacazette up top. I suppose what I am… Read more »

Ordnance Dave

A diamond would make us narrow. Against teams that park that penalty box bus, we could struggle. We still need an out and out winger.



Heavenly Chapecoense

Since you are putting Torreira before he is signed, where would you play Ever Banega ?


Competing / rotation with Xhaka. Xhaka rarely to never got a rest last season.


Really depends what Arteta thinks his best position is I I suppose.


well depending on what games he wants to play in, and his constant injury,s, we shall need a lot of cover for ozil

Thierry bergkamp

Auba and Laca imo should play together but, not with this Laca on the left bullshit. 2 CF’s playing as that and scoring shit loads of goals for fun. They both have the ability and brains to adapt to a possession or counter attacking game and should be given the freedom to roam and cause problems elsewhere when the opportunity arises.


Really hoping for a midfield three of Torreira, Xhaka and Ramsey with Ozil playing off Auba and Lacazette. Then we can rotate one of Torreira/Xhaka for Mkhitaryan against more defence minded opposition. Lots of options to play with though, can’t wait to see what Emery does.


very interesting thoughts, thank you. that diamond makes a lot of sense, on paper at least. i’d really like to see it in action

Jimbo Jones

Not enough width is my fear


Mkhitaryan is too good to be left on the bench in my opinion.


I’m sure there are plenty of City fans who feel the same way about Gabriel Jesus. As Tim Stillman mentioned in his blog the other week, with the attacking options we have someone will have to miss out. I personally feel it will be one of Mkhitaryan or Lacazette who misses out because I think the players in their respective positions (Ozil and Aubameyang) are just a slight cut above them, but everyone will have a different opinion on that. It really is all up for grabs this year with a new man in charge.


And should just clarify that by ‘miss out’ I obviously don’t mean categorically relegated to the cup team, just that if we had to put out our strongest 11 against Tottenham for example, I’d personally leave out one of Mkhi or Laca. But as we know, with changes in form, injuries etc, all of our attackers will have plenty of chances to show what they can do in the starting line-up.


What I like is we are starting to get enough options & with a new man in charge who is more tactically astute we could see the team picked based on who we are playing. If we are playing Citeh for instance and its more important the team be defensively sound we could bring in Mik for Ozil etc.


Good comment. There are too many good players to fit all at once … how long since we could say that?!

Though I think Laca is seriously underappreciated attacking player. And IMO he should play whenever healthy.

Now come on Emery, make some magic!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Lacazette combines very well in attack, is buoyant, creates chances and shoots well. He shouldn’t be sacrificed. Only Wenger satiatied of winning preferred Iwobi or Welbeck.


And that is a good point to mention. We had large stretches last season where Iwobi or/and Welbeck started. And with the way Emery is building the back half it looks like a squad that can seriously make a run in Europa while still seriously pushing for a good league position, back in the UCL.

It might not all come together at once of course, but it looks like good effort is being made.


They all are but we will need to rest players and people will get injured. Perhaps we will see a bit of rotation. Also different tactical options for different opponents.

We have a lot of players who can play in multiple positions.


bit of competition too can’t hurt either …

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not for Mourinho


Mourinho is a penis

Jimbo Jones

Ozil will not be part of the spine. He will play off the left.


yes, we will have a goalkeeper, and ten men around the centre circle


You guys are so used to the arsenal way of a clear starting 11 and a B team for Europa.

Teams with the quality and ambitions we all crave normally have good players rotating.

I don’t see a problem in Ramsey, Xhaka or Ozil starting two out of 3 games.
That aside it’s all on the manager not what I prefer.


Hopefully he can bring the same success he brought Germany and Real Madrid with that number to Arsenal.


He’s had it for 2 years with Germany and the only thing he’s achieved in it is being knocked out in the group stages of the WC bar actually qualifying for it in the first place


Well, if he can get us to qualify for the champions league that would be a plus…. i guess…?


that’s a very big IF

Heavenly Chapecoense

But did he the last two seasons ?


ha, ha, that’s true


I really hope it’s a tiny psychological difference like this that means we see improved consistency from Özil. I’m a huge fan and his stats are excellent but those little colds and unexplained injuries have limited him and us especially last season


This is nothing unexplained: back injury the whole season. Lehmann and Wenger confirmed it. Now if you prefer to believe Arsenal Fan TV…


I of course do not wish to believe them. It’s not the back injury which I can believe was why they attempted to nurse him through the end of the season.
My issue is with the little coughs and colds etc


Jesus can some of you even form an argument without a totally unnecessary mention of AFtv? You act like it’s just another channel on your tv like BBC or C4.

This whole thing with Ozil goes back to his 2nd season at the club when Wenger talked about the possibility of giving him a “little winter break”. That was probably not the best bit of PR for him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ozil can be compared to Riquelme, the former Argentinian playmaker. Riquelme was accused of being nonchalant and not turning up in big games just like Ozil. But Riquelme had more skills : scored more goals, was a better dribbler, and was a free kick specialist. I think if Ozil evolves to Riquelme, we all will be happy.


Who do you think will wear the number 11 now?


*whispering* A new winger..


Lucas Perez




Keown… Have it !!!!


William Gallas would be proud


Time to behave like one.


Judging by the comments nobody has a clue how to put all the pieces together whilst keeping our big names happy and finding balance? Our main problem has been forming a balanced team, Arsene did stumbled upon a balanced central midfield in recent years with Cazorla moving centrally, but then struggled to find an alternative solution when injuries struck, it also meant shoehorning Rambo and Wilshere out wide, we’ve also had Bellerin playing left wing back to accommodate the Ox and many more crazy experiments that has damaged player confidence. There certainly seems to be a plan this summer, hopefully… Read more »


Disappointingly the actual shirt doesn’t have the little umlaut on it


a total disgrace, he is not worthy of the number ten shirt


I wish I could down vote you more lol, but you do you!


Clear your cache, downvote again, clear your cache, downvote again …


Yea yea, your fetish for Wilshere lives long.

Thierry Walcott

Fantastic for him! A few things delight as much as a happier Özil.


maybe the miserable sod will stop sulking now, and start playing


yeah, we understood you the first time.


Afan throwing his toys out of the pram after his crush left the club.


Can’t believe we attach so much importance to this guy. He is not bad, but the attention and importance he gets is over the top.

He can’t win shit for us.


You talk with the stench of someone who achieved many shits.


haven’t we all


A mute button won’t go amiss blogs.just a thought 😀 .Opinion matters yeah but people also don’t deserve a buzz kill all the time from same usual suspects regardless of positive and negative news..And on topic,great news.I am sure he will be hell-bent on making a point this season after the WC disappointment.Be the legend we know you can be #M1Ö


The only people who need a safe space are the facists themselves…


Zidane was too cool for 10 he wore 5 after a while.