Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pictures: Arsenal back in pre-season training

Arsenal players are back in pre-season training as Unai Emery and his coaching staff take charge.

Here are some of the pictures taken at today’s session.

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Work hard play hard Emery’s new red ARMY!!! Oh Bellerin! Cut your hairs fam!!!

Why not

Fam….(face palm)


Why does a piece of generational speech bother you so much?

Unai Ted Emeryite

Why does Bellerin’s hairstyle bother people so much?


Process of growing it looked terrible but now it looks pretty good, cant understand the hate.


Mostly because he’s been kind of shit since he grew it. He looked like the best young full back in the world not long ago. I don’t actually think there’s a connection, of course, but it’s hard not to feel animosity towards a barnet that seems to have cursed him.


You do you, and leave Hector to play Hector…
I think we’ll get a massive season from Bellerin, he’s a brilliant young player


Hectors been a reverse Samson, his form has dropped as his hairs got longer


Here’s hoping…


Im sure he will I was kidding about the hair cut Im a big fan of Bellerin and I hope he’ll do very well this year


What absolute c**** they are for appearing to be happy and in good spirits.

Bellerin should shave his head or F off, Ramsey should stop holding on to the ball so much and play it forward, mikhi can’t even run past a fitness coach and unai emery appears to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt….SHORTS AND A BLOODY T-SHIRT!!!!

Our club is in shambles, Kroenke out! Gazidis out! Sven out! Sanlehi out! Huss Fahmy out! Spend some f***ing money FFS! We need to show pashun and desire!


Refreshing to see the nrw Arsenal!! Who is f****** excited about the new season gonners??


When will football start training with actual weights like adult males and not Instagram fitsluts


When you make an intelligent comment.


or a comment that makes sense


My bad you guys!! Somehow I was under the impression that strong muscles would help someone run faster, jump higher or kick a ball harder. Lol. Silly old me!

Well anyway it’s not like we ever had any problems being bullied by opposite teams on the field right!


I think that the strength and conditioning coaches would probably know about balancing reps, weight, intensity, etc. to optimize (not “maximize”) each player’s red or white muscle cells… In short: it’s not about loading every weight onto the var or stack. You ought to try out their workouts before saying that they don’t look difficult enough.


You cannot take anyone seriously who says ‘my bad’ 😉


I know I’m starting to get older when I have no idea what an Instagram fitslut is.


I don’t understand most of the stuff on this page


It’s the new world and I am totally out of touch!!

Damo Dinkum

I used to be “with it”. But now what I’m “with” isn’t “it”, and what’s “it” is weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you.

Public Elneny

Yeah let’s turn Aubameyang into a brick shithouse! He won’t be able to run anymore but who cares he’ll be a REAL MAN!

Faisal Narrage

Not that the original comment by WengerballZ (thought I do like the name) isn’t moronic, but you do know it’s an utter myth that heavy weight training somehow turns athletes into musclebound blocks with no speed. I mean, I could point to the numerous athletes who do strength & conditioning as part of their program, but I think pointing out the fact Usain Bolt used weights as all elite sprinters do, and even that tosser CR7 was known for being an avid strength performance gym rate at United under (now recently left) United Head of Sports Science Tony Strudwick.


I’ll hazard a guess and say they probably all do some balance of strength and fitness. Maybe even a tailored programme according to their body types and requirements that may be provided by some kind of sport science guy.

Volting gunner

You mean shad Forsythe?


It’s a shame, people who know nothing about fitness always react badly to being told the sometimes counter-intuitive reality. You’re perfectly right Faisal.


And let’s feed them all some REAL food like roasts and chips! And get them some real boots, you know, the heavy leather ankle boots!


I believed now Arsenal team are now back in good shape


Power train ing is what these guys are doing. It’s the ability to move a heavy weight slowly that’s needed. It’s the ability to move a moderate weight (body weight plus a little extra) very very fast. Power not strength training is what you see here.


It’s NOT the ability to move a heavy weight slowly that’s needed*

Da Boss

it’s actually mainly plyometrics, but who actually cares – I am sure the highly paid, skilled and trained employees know more than we do, it will be more interesting to see if any revised methods result in less of the muscle injuries that we had with AW’s methods


We’d have a pretty decent team with just the players in these pictures.


Considering not many from Arsenal went to the World Cup, I hear ya. Let the games begin, we should wrap the title by October.

The Jeff

Pic 7: I remember how difficult the ski jump was on my Wii Fit. My balance board wasn’t as swanky looking as the ones at the colney though.


Are you aware whether Jeff returned to the club today? I was hoping Emery would reintegrate him…

Scott P

Their gym and training areas look really nice! You can see what Ivan means when he says these places are unrecognizable compared to past years.

I assume it’s due to some players still being missing, but it’s also interesting to see an assistant coach running after Mkhitaryan. I wonder what’s going on there.


Could be to get him used to dribbling under pressure? Eitherways Juan Carlos seems like a character.


Is Jenkinson still with us? ?


Maybe there’s still time for him to do to a Bellerin, on Bellerin. Go from third-choice to starter and never looking back.

Wouldn’t mind that at all tbh, provided that its the result of Jenko becoming the world-class RB we all hoped he would and not Bellerin and Leichtsteiner suffering from an unprecedented decline of footballing ability.


No, he retired ages ago.

But he is such an Arsenal fan he asks to come back to hold onto the players pre-season, see him and Laca above.

David Hillier's luggage

He’s in a few of the pics on the set on the getty images site

David Hillier's luggage

Realised he’s in blog’s selection, sorry! ?‍♂️

Too excited or real football to start again I guess!


Emery is a fan of his father’s singing.


Is Jenko still at arsenal, seems like wanting to lay in on Lacazette


Jenko and Lacazette are best mates, that’s just how they’ve say hello to each other

Ordnance Dave

I like it. Hope Snr Emery is upping the intensity in training.


Seeing Emery out there is going to take some getting used to. Even more so for the players I imagine.

His adjustment wouldn’t have been made any easier by the uncertainty surrounding the contracts of Jack and Aaron, the board sanctioning the use of a large chunk of the Club’s long-held transfer savings on a manager who was on his way out, and the fact that several of his key players and transfer targets will miss a few weeks of pre-season because of the WC. But such is life I suppose.

One of them is lying!

“Long term hefty transfer”…seems like you have some inside knowledge? Wenger deserved to spend that money, whatever he spent after so many frugal transfer seasons. But i think he wanted Mbappe instead of Lacazette and Aubemeyang together.


I’m not an insider unfortunately.

But its pretty much common knowledge that Arsenal have/had a substantial sum in reserves. I don’t know if some of that was for transfers, and I’m absolutely delighted to have Auba and Laca in our team, but going on the fees and rumoured payment structures (Torreira) of our transfers this window, it seems reports of Emery having an allocated budget that wouldn’t be enough to get even 1 of the said players have some truth to them. Which is unfortunate, I believe.

Hey Bobby

You know, it’s refreshing to actually see them ‘working hard’ in training as the club always put it on their posts, in the past they always looked as though they were just having a kick around and a laugh with each other. Today, they look as though they are putting the work in. Time will tell!

Lord Bendnter

Stuart MacFarlane, a man of a million faces

Lord Bendnter

Could someone please explain Obamayang? What’s the thing he’s squatting on? What does it do?


Aubameyang is well known for dropping perfect turds and he puts this down to him posturing like a duck whilst curling one out, he was just doing a demonstration to the guy looking on, who looks extremely impressed.
I’m not about the thing he’s squatting on? But I’m guessing it’s something to do with altitude….


Probably a force plate. Allows them to measure certain variables when taking off and landing.

Lord Bendnter

Ah I see, so it’s like a simulator, specifically one that is able to manipulate gravity. Like the simulation chamber Goku and Vegeta use to reach new levels of strength.
That’s pretty cool, we’ve come really far with technology…


Doesn’t matter which photo it is, Unai Emery looks really camp holding the ball and clipboard

Why not

Good on him

Andrew Moore

It is a nice looking clipboard though


good to see loki putting our players through their paces


Not a dvd player in sight

Thierry bergkamp

Unai look cool with a clipboard and ball in each hand. A proper football manager.


Ok, but where’s Arsene ??!!


Miguel Delaney is reporting Emery is interested in Andre Gomes. How reliable is Delaney? And if we’re after disaffected midfielders, what about Kovacic? Never mind Ramsey, Torreira (fingers crossed), Xhaka, Elneny and Maitland-Niles. Maybe Emey has a weakness for central midfielders, much like Wenger had for attacking mids.

Lord Bendnter

I really like Kovacic, I hope we can get him. Would be tough though. Even though he wants to move, I’m sure there’ll be tons of teams, especially with champions league football who’d be willing to bid for him. Plus, if Ramsey stays, where do we play him. How do we convince him he’ll get much more gametime than at RM, with a midfield of Ozil, Rambo, Xhakalaka, Torreira, plus the others…


So so excited about the coming season. Come on guys, let’s go….!

Debbie Jackson

Carnt believe you got rid of Jack Wilshere one of our best players


Sorry for my ignorance, but who’s the guy chasing Mkhi in picture 3? Someone from the new coaching staff? I don’t remember people from the coaching staff actually training with the players during the Wenger era.

Already loving the change. I want Emery to do well. Comes across as a very smart guy with a solution always ready. I want to see what’s on his notes!


That’s Juan Carlos Carcedo the assistant coach.. The mental nut case that follows Emery everywhere


I miss Wenger 🙁

Thierry Walcott

He misses you too, Ice.


In this particular transfer window, I don’t.


Just for a sec, I thought I saw Marlo Stanfield in the background of the first pic.


Good to see Stuart is still on the books, and that it wasn’t a total clear out of backroom staff. Keep snappin’ them pics! Also noticed no standing around, smiling, joking pics. Nose to the grindstone, boys.

Merlin's Panini

Aubameyang looks like he’s thinking “oh no… I’ve sharted”.

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