Unai Emery believes Ivan Gazidis is committed to Arsenal


It’s all change at Arsenal this summer on many levels, not least of which is the speculation surrounding chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

While we’re well used to transfer rumours involving players, it’s unusual to have one at boardroom level as reports from Italy increase about a potential move involving a new set-up at AC Milan.

Gazidis himself has remained tight-lipped, choosing not to address the speculation in any way despite the fact a simple statement could put an end to it, but new boss Unai Emery believes that the 53 year old is fully invested in the ‘big project’ in North London.

The Spaniard spoke to the media today in Singapore and was asked straight out about the Gazidis/Milan rumours.

Q: There’s strong reports in Italy that Ivan Gazidis is going to AC Milan. Are you aware of what’s going on?

A: I speak with him everyday. We are committed here for many many years. I think he’s continuing here because it’s a very big project and his commitment with us, Arsenal Football Club, is very big.

Q: Has he told you he’s staying?

A: We are speaking about every decision for our club.

So, it seems the new boss is expecting him to stay, regardless of how much smoke there is around this particular fire. Time will tell, yet stories continue to emerge from the Italian media saying Gazidis will take up the position at Milan from September 1st.

The chief executive has been front and centre this summer as the Gunners have carried out their incoming transfer business with real effiency, something which has pleased the new boss.

“Every team in the Premier League is signing important players,” he said.

“I think our club is doing very well to sign new players here. I am very happy we are working to improve quickly, to be together everyday and enjoy our supporters with every match here in Singapore.

“We need to create a big mentality and a big team.”

Credit to our correspondent out in Singapore, Hatta Aziz of boothype.com – for more from the tour, including behind the scenes Instagram stories, check out boothypeofficial

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Arse City Blues

Emery should be a baddie in A Touch of Cloth. Just for a Tom Boss line.

Arse City Blues

If you haven’t seen it, you probably should. Charlie Brooker at his most ridiculous.



He’d be crazy to leave our club.

One of them is lying!

Probably he wants a pay raise? Leaking tidbits through media so that Kroenke makes him a better offer? He knows Kroenke can’t afford to let him go right after letting Wenger leave. Got’em by the balls as they say!

I say bring Wenger back as the CEO…he was doing Ivan’s job anyway!


Quick question – how did Unai Emery get between Vieira and Seaman on the photo of them lifting the FA Cup in 2003 here? (third picture down):


Has he always been a fan?


That’s clearly me you fool!

How did you even stumble across a photo on a post from 2003?


Ignore last part, it’s a recent post 🙂

But is definitely me.


It wasn’t intended seriously, though it did look like him at first glance.

Tom Gun

With no Wenger to hide behind, Gazidis is showing his true mettle. He’s a coward and an absolute disaster of a man, and knows that if this season doesn’t go well it’s on him. Whilst I think it’s disgusting that he’s jumping ship now at this crucial period with so many new staff and a completely new structure, all of which he set up and put in place, at least he’s going. Good riddance you despicable cretin.


not a fan?


Haha he’s still a human – wouldn’t anyone consider an intriguing job offer?! The timing is unfortunate for Arsenal but this is the nature of business.


Gazidis can leave. He won’t be missed that much. We’ve been disappointing administratively for a while now. In as much as I wanted Wenger gone, it’s clear people like Gazidis hid behind him and ended up not being questioned enough.
StatDna was his idea and we’ve ended up spending big money on players that didn’t fit the style Wenger wanted to play. No one questions him about that.
Josh Kroenke might end up making about better CEO than him

Godfrey Twatsloch

Mr Happy!


If Usmanov sells to Kroenke then Josh Kroenke basically becomes the honorary CEO anyway.


What credibility will Gazidas have going forward? He just sat impotently by for a decade while his employee ran the company publically. Then when he gets the chance to lead, he leaves.

Milan will expect more direction and results. The just sacked their current CEO Marco Fassone.

I am pretty confident he is gone and good riddance to him.

Wenger was never the whole problem. he may have only been a symptom.

If Gazidas couldn’t manage intellectual, urbane Wenger, how the hell will he deal with an aggressive firebrand like Gattuso?

Kwame Ampadu Down

I agree Arsene was nwver the whole problem but he was not just a symptom, he was definitely part of the problem.


If my boss doesn’t stop me from doing something that is out side my remit and clearly in his then he is the problem. Ivan could have stood up for himself. resigned if he didn’t feel he had the backing of Stan. Of course Wenger wanted full control. But a strong CEO tells him to stay in his box. I don’t think wenger was faultless but a proper CEO would see he had become burnt out and a victim of his own echo chamber. Wenger could have done with a years sabbatical immediately after the move from Highbury or the… Read more »


looks like graz is off in September then

charlie`s feather cut `71

gazidis needs to stay and see out the emery deal,the last thing we need now is him jumping ship,and rocking the boat,just as its steadied,if things dont work out,then go,but this is his baby,and he needs to stay........im optimistic about the next couple of seasons,but ivan leaving wont help our cause. COYG


Gazidis has stuck around through the Wenger years, rejecting enticing offers from the MLS, despite clearly clashing heads with the man regularly and probably having little say in decisions. His new position at the club, alongside Raul and Sven, has given him a great deal more power and the chance to cooperate with others in determining what’s best for Arsenal. This very much feels like the start of, as Emery says, a “very big project” and I’d be very surprised if Ivan left now given that he’s finally achieved the position he has wanted all these years.


How has Emery already learnt idioms? “… smoke around this particular fire.”


ummmmm…. who wants to tell him?

89 was fine

After all these years of impotence, he can take his limp self elsewhere. Won’t be missed.


Let’s be honest: Gazidis isn’t all that important. If he goes then all that’s important is that a decent replacement is found – and there are plenty of good middle-managers in the world. It’s not as if Ivan kicks a football or manages a team: he’s just a suit at the end of the day. Having said all that, I’ll be amazed if he decides to jump ship. For a decade he was humiliated by Wenger and Stan; now, having won the power struggle, why would he walk away? Maybe he’s angling for a pay rise. BTW: it’s interesting that… Read more »


If I were Arsene, I’d be relaxing on a beach for a while before hopping back on the managerial horse and having to deal with idiots like you.

Ashburton Grove

Arsene the genius hasn’t had a break in 22 years, he’s entitled to a holiday.


From a man who knows first hand what uncertainty does to the club and he’s either playing the pay rise game or he’s jumping ship at a crucial time. Either way it’s really poor form.