Thursday, December 7, 2023

Report: Reiss Nelson to join Hoffenheim this week

According to Goal’s Arsenal correspondent Chris Wheatley, Reiss Nelson is set to join Hoffenheim this month in what appears likely to be a permanent deal.

The exciting 19 year old is one of the jewel’s of the Arsenal academy, and it was hoped that he’d commit to new terms and secure his future.

However, with his contract expiring in less than 12 months time, it looks as if no agreement has been found and he’ll depart before the end of the European transfer window which closes on Friday August 31st.

Nelson made 16 appearances last season, mostly in the Europa League and League Cup, although he did feature three times in the Premier League – including a start at Old Trafford towards the end of the campaign.

If he does go, he’d be the latest to eschew an Arsenal contract to move abroad, following Chris Willock who is currently playing for Benfica B, and Marcus McGuane who left the club last season to move to Barcelona B.

One of Nelson’s close friends at England youth level, Jadon Sancho, chose to leave Man City last year and is thriving with regular football in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund.

It’s an interesting trend, but if Nelson does leave it raises questions about our ability to hang onto young players and fulfill their ambitions of first team football.

At the same time though, highly rated youngsters like Eddie Nketiah and Emile Smith Rowe have put pen to paper in recent times, and fans will watch their development with interest as they will surely feature in the cup competitions this season.


The Mirror report that Nelson will sign a new long-term deal with Arsenal before going on a season long loan to the German side.

That would be better.

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Hopefully just agent’s planting seeds to secure a more lucrative contract….HOPEFULLY


According to the mirror he has signed with us before going on loan. I prefer to beleive that news ..It’s better than the other news.

Caught in two minds

I am assuming we offered more money than Hoffenheim. That being the case, it then seems that the kid wants to play regularly and develop. In the PL, it is really tough to get into any first team as a teenager. So he is making the right decision from his perspective and i can respect that.
I just hope we included that buy back option or the first right option.


There will be an option hiding in there for Bayern Munich to buy I expect

Burn Baby Burn

It’s They literally make stories up for hits. Let’s settle down a bit until we get a valid source.


We can’t let him go on a permanent transfer no matter what. A loan move makes sense if he does sign a long term contract. But id keep him for at least the first half of the season as he’ll get plenty of game time in the Europa league and cup competitions. Also, the fact that we’re short on wingers, if he impresses in the cup games he could make the breakthrough this season.


Pretty bummed about this. Had high hopes. Feels like Gnabry all over again.


I felt gnabry was the worst. That right wing was his first the making.


*the right wing was his for the making.

A Different George

To play regularly in attack at Arsenal, Gnabry would be competing with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Welbeck, Ozil, Iwobi, maybe Ramsey, and (as far as he knew) young players like Nelson. By the way, has no one even considered that Gnabry is German, and might want to play at home?

Lee Morris

Gnabry was there before the majority of them, so I don’t get your logic (or lack thereof)?


I find it amazing that people are still talking about gnabry. He showed glimpses at most and what’s he doing now?


he had a very good season at Bremen and another really good one at Hoffenheim and now he plays for Bayern and will most probably be Robben‘s successor. Not that bad, if you ask me.


10 goals or more in successive seasons for Bremen and Hoffenheim. Fair enough. Good luck to Gnabry. Didn’t like the way he was allowed to stiff us though with ever classy Bayern essentially buying him through Bremen. But then when your president is a tax dodger I don’t suppose we should be surprised.


jury still out on gnabry to be fair. and from what i have seen of nelson when he has been given a chance am not sure he would have been near a starting spot any time soon. was he a midfielder? was he a winger? hard to tell.

Faisal Narrage

Not that hard tbh. A few reserve games would show you he’s a winger, but much like almost all attacking arsenal academy prospects, can play in the no.10 role (it’s like it became a Wenger rule or something).


sure. hadn’t seen him with the reserves but to be honest i don’t think that tells you a lot. still, from all the hype he sounds like he is a prospect so a new deal/loan would be ideal solution.

Faisal Narrage

You’d be amazed at how watching a player play would tell you a lot about said player.
Position being the main one.

Gooners & Roses



One one hand it’s cool that this generation of English players are leaving the comfortzone to try to make it abroad ,but for our guys I’m biasedly against it. We are a club that give chances to youth one of very few top clubs to do it.


I have the exact same mixed feelings. Kinda excited as an England fan but absolutely gutted as an Arsenal fan.


100% agree! Got to respect the decision. Although in Nelson’s case, he is not far from a breakthrough into the first team and you’ve got to wonder if he would actually get a decent amount of gametime for us this season if he stayed. The team is pretty unsettled and there’s scope for anyone to impress the new management. Even if turns out to be a loan, he might still be better off sticking with us. Loan moves work out much less often than we’d like. It can be tough to do well on loan when the club has little… Read more »


Oh crap. Gotta get a fee of at least £ 10 mil, but knowing Arsenal we’ll probably sell him for £ 4 mil. Any reports of a buy back clause?

Faisal Narrage

Why exactly would we get a fee for an academy player who’s not been a first team regular, barely played any PL games, and has 12 months left on his contract?

Where do people get these valuations from?


Mate, I got his fifa total to 93 in 2021. We should get £ 400 mil for him.


This really pisses me off.


I hope the academy isn’t becoming a puppy mill churning out quick sales. Who’s actually running this thing now? Sannlehi? I wonder what the BFG thinks of this one. Required reading here for all: report from March about our troubles holding onto our home grown talent Quote: “Nelson wouldn’t be the first Arsenal youngster to leave the club in search of a fresh path to the top. There is a significant issue here for the bigger English clubs. How do they afford young talent the chance to play without damaging their immediate chances of success? Arsenal will have to… Read more »


If players choose to run down their contracts there is nothing you can do. His mate Sancho did the same with Cuty, having stuffed Watford where he started. Assigning these kids some sens3 if loyalty just because we fans do is childlike. They don’t give a shit.


That’s extremely disappointing to hear. There better be a buy back clause!


If the premier league continues to be flooded with money then I can see this happening regularly across the board as first team places get very difficult for young players to get their hands on


Oh dear.

Man Manny

The boy has to do what suits him. It was left for the club to make him see that in Arsenal. We did not.
Matteo Guendouzi, 19, came in this sumner and has had more playing time than Reiss Nelson, 19, has had in two seasons combined (Not verified).
The club hasn’t shown enough faith in him. This move is understandable.
I won’t be surprised if Nketia’s mind is in a turmoil right now.


Guendouzi was actually Emery’s desire to strengthen the backbone of the midfield since he didn’t trust Wilshere enough to cover that position. On the other side, Nelson is an attacking wide player which position ist often covered by Ramsey or Mhki, so there is actually a difference considering the depth of the current squad. I’d love for Nelson to succeed because he can become what Theo and the Ox never turned into, and I hope he will.

Faisal Narrage

OH F*CKING HELL, NOT HAPPY WITH THIS AT ALL. For the first time I fear for the long-term health of our academy. First it was the questions of Ox and Theo, but the counter was “Don’t worry, Gnabry is coming through”. Then we lost Gnabry, but the counter was “don’t worry, Chris Willock is coming through”. Then we lost Willock, but the counter was “don’t worry, Reiss Nelson is coming through”. Now we’re losing Nelson, the answer will be “Don’t worry Smith-Rowe is coming through”. What happens if we lose Smith-Rowe? Honestly, this is due to the increase competition to… Read more »


I don’t think that any of those counter arguments were made by anyone with a brain in their head. i cant think of any youth players in recent years leaving Arsenal and thriving at their new club. If they are good enough , they will play. If they are not good enough , they are moved on. This is real life , not championship manager. (and please do call him “poch” , as that suggest a fondness which i am not comfortable with!!)


*and please DONT call him “poch” , as that suggest a fondness which i am not comfortable with!!)*

Faisal Narrage

” i cant think of any youth players in recent years leaving Arsenal and thriving at their new club. If they are good enough , they will play. ” Hate this argument. Player development isn’t a straight arrow. When it comes to youth, sometimes it’s sadly better to leave earlier, because what often happens is they hang around, development gets stunted, and when they do leave, they haven’t progressed. Another point is luck plays a factor. Your “if they were good they could’ve made it” could’ve easily applied to Ashley Cole, who was literally one foot out of the door… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I thought Ashley Cole got his chance because Silvinho had a fake passport?


In fairness to Klopp he’s brought through Gomes and TAA from the academy and many of the signings he’s brought in are relatively young like Keita, Robertson, Solanke and Ox(!). And he gave Karius a shot which, well, didn’t exactly pan out. And I don’t understand why Liverpool have more money than Arsenal, I think it’s just that they’re more willing to invest in their squad. The strangest thing about the Nelson situation is that as far as I can see this isn’t a result of the buy-method at all. It’s not like we’ve signed a WC right winger that… Read more »


That would be Chris Willock who, despite vpbeing 20, hasn’t played a minute for Benfica. I& he can’t get into a Benfica team playing in an average league, what are we missing? Nketiah and Smith Rowe have both signed contracts. They can’t walk, until they either run them down or we move them on. Can’t see the problem..

Faisal Narrage

The same was said about Nelson’s contract a few years back without Gnabry.


Gutted. Watch him join Bayern next summer to replace Robben.

Good luck to him though.

Donald's Trump



Pretty gutted about this


Need a right winger!! and now we letting go of our best prospect in this area.. shocking


A real shame if one of our brightest academy talents in years choose to continue his development elsewhere. This one really hurts because the kid is a special, special talent . Hope we have a buy back clause but knowing our club, I highly doubt it.

David C

if he won’t sign an extension then you have to sell him. I felt the same way about Rambo before the season too.

If Nelson signed a contract, I’m sure this would only be a loan.

Either way, good luck to the young man.

David Hillier's luggage

Thing is, we’re talking about say a £3m fee for Nelson? It’s not like we’re losing a potential £40m by not selling him nor will his wages dent to our finances. Given we would still received some form of compensation if he left next summer as he’s too young to go on a free, I’d be inclined to not give him the move and let him see out his contract on the training ground. I get that if the lad doesn’t want to be here, its better to get rid, but why is it we have an 18 year old… Read more »


Why did we not buy a player for the position in the summer? There were plenty available.

Wage bill isn’t going to be terribly affected by sales of Nelson.

He’s on nothing.

Meanwhile we have Elneny, Jenkinson.

This not even counting the strategic value of keeping a wide player in current squad where we have so few options.

Crash Fistfight

He’s not first team-worthy yet, so if we keep him for a season, what good does it do us? It might only be £3m, but it’s £3m (or thereabouts due to compensation) more than the nothing we’d get if we let him walk in a year’s time.


Reiss-Nelson is part of the clear out. Expect more of Arsene Wenger’s players, especially the younger ones, to go. If Emery lasts the year, which is not a given, especially if Gazidis goes; by the start of next season Arsenal will have sold all of the young players nurtured by Arsene Wenger as well as 80% of the senior players on the roster at the end of last year. The players kept will be the ones recruited by Mislintat. The way you avoid being the next David Moyes is you blame every bad result on the players left behind –… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Didn’t read beyond your first line/paragraph. Just gave you a straight thumbs down.

Just wanted you to know the majority of us have done the same, so your long-winded rant was for nothing.


Not really. He has some fair points.




just utter nonsense. i cant be more polite than that. please take your made up facts and terrible predictions elsewhere!


I don’t know about the prediction part as I’m not into prognostication much but those observations aren’t made up. YOU need to watch the games again. Players like Monreal and Guendouzi are ‘popular’ but if you watch objectively last game, they also made a number of errors. In fact Granit bailed out Guendouzi a number of times when the young Frenchman lost the ball but this won’t be noticed by those who are out to find ONLY fault in Granit. Ditto Torreira in the game against Chelsea. He was dispossessed and gave away a free kick on edge of the… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

1. Where do you get that people think Sokratis is good? Most comments on him seem to be in the negative as far as I can see. 2. Even if he did play better than Sokratis, that’s hardly glowing praise. They’re both rash and overly concerned with winning the ball as early as possible, where on a number of occasions it would be better to do “nothing”. You judge them on the number of ‘actions’ they have in a game (which I think is also an issue with defensive stats), whereas good defending is often about boring things like where… Read more »

Roof attack

None of our players had perfect games ??!! Sell them all!!!!!!!


Agree with some of the observations regarding certain ‘favorite players’ whom many tend to turn a blind eye to when they make equal mistakes to those who are lightning rods for criticism.

Don’t understand what we are trying to do.

We have peripheral players on the margins earning much more wages in Jenkinson and Elneny who should be sold rather than someone like Nelson who did not cost much anyway and even if he went for free would be worth what he could contribute in a position at the moment bereft of choice.

Billy Bob

Is this santoris alternative account?


This disappoints me a great deal. Our youngsters are being bought left & right… They clearly don’t see a way to the first time. Sobs


*first team


Very disappointing, expect him to sign for Bayern next summer like they did with the Gnabry deal.


We’ve been shit with decision making in market for a while.

It has got worse with Mslintat.

David Hillier's luggage

What exactly do young players want? I mean, Nelson was playing regular Europa League football at 17 years old here, he’s not 19 until December and would not only have played that competition again, but looking at our squad, could very well have forced himself into our league side. Bar Mbappe, how many teenagers have had as much playing time as this lad has? Does he expect to walk into Hoffenheim’s first team? Take Chris Willock for example, two years older than Nelson and is no nearer to the Benfica first team than the Arsenal one at the mo. Also,… Read more »

Gus Caesar

Maybe he wants to learn a new language, a new culture, a new style of football? Maybe he thinks his game will develop by learning to play in a different culture and being aware of different tactical approaches? Or maybe he just looked at how little he’s actually been involved since Emery took over and decided that his development would be stunted by a season playing Europa League and EFL Cup games every few weeks? I don’t begrudge him his choice anyway, good luck to him, I genuinely hope that he fulfills his potential and one day returns to the… Read more »


He’s a footballer from a working class background. Im sure an appreciation of gothic architecture and renaissance Flemish art are top of his wish lists……,

Maul Person

So… working class people can’t have an appreciation of culture and art? Really, mate? Really?

A Different George

Isn’t it obvious that he is much more likely to play regularly for Hoffenheim than for Arsenal–not that he walks into their first team, but that the players he needs to displace there are not as good as our players.


It doesn’t matter what he thinks. He will still feature for us in league cup and FA cup and potentially the league. We only have Iwobi and Mhkitaryan as wingers at the moment and Mhki isn’t the sort of pace/skill player to get past opponents on his own. You can argue Aubameyang maybe but we lack players out wide that can create and what I’ve seen of Auba,he has been also hit and miss. What matters is whether the club has the balls to take the loss (which won’t be much considering he is on low wages from academy) and… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

“how many teenagers have had as much playing time as this lad has? ”

I get your other points, but this one is kinda moot.
The answer is “loads”.


Who was the last home grown forward to ‘make it’ at Arsenal?? We always buy our forwards…
Kevin Campbell?!?

Gus Caesar



don’t know how young they have to be with us already to properly qualify as our own;
bendtner? dickov? merson? not sure if afobe counts as making it…

i curious, without checking google, on how are quincy and danny simpson doing now?


Nelson is more a wide forward/winger.

He combines both creativity and scoring

We’ve shed Gnabry, Theo, the Ox and Alexis in quick succession.

Our game tends to bog down bc we lack players with pace or ability to get by their man on their own (bar Iwobi)

And we now want to sell Nelson? Its foggy thinking.


We have a lot more to worry about than some promising prospect leaving the club. Did anyone watch spurs dismantle man u last night? We are fucking miles behind them. The game is littered with many previous bright hopefuls now playing their football in the lower leagues.


“We” are not MILES behind them maybe You are.


He is more consistent than Mhkitaryan only less experienced and you think its good letting him go to a club where their coach is a great developer ? Mind you the BOD saw the Spurs building over the years but chose to persist with Wenger, how is that our fault as fans ?


Where did I say it’s good letting him go!?!? Of course it isn’t but how many next best things ever manage to become a best thing? So few of the current youth players will ever make it at Arsenal.

All energy should be focused on getting the 1st team back to where they should be and that means getting players like Ramsey to sign a deal. We can’t be held to ransom by some promising kid! Nelson won’t sign so get rid.

BTW there is another Andy above. It ain’t me.


Its a stupid decision when we have so few options out wide.

The money we are ‘saving’ selling him is nonsense. If we knew we were going to sell, we should have bought.

Instead we are getting rid of a player who is low on wage bill when we have less useful players like Jenkinson and elneny to worry about that take up a much larger chunk of money.

That aside, the strategic value of having him around (even if we lose him for free) should bear weight.

Faisal Narrage

“We have a lot more to worry about than some promising prospect leaving the club. Did anyone watch spurs dismantle man u last night”

The irony in this comment is that Spurs got to where they are right now by focusing on youth and developing them to give them a chance, ala Kane, Trippier, Rose (fallen off now as he’s a coont) etc., so to use that as your justification to ignore youth says it all.


Trippier and Rose were both bought. Kane was developed, let go then resigned. It’s a lottery.

Faisal Narrage

If you’re gonna claim the likes of Trippier and Kane aren’t youth successes, then might as well make the same argument for our prospects too (Eddie from Chelsea, for instance).


The mirror is saying it’s a loan and they agreed terms of a long term deal. Fingers crossed it is


Would you blame them? How many of them go on to become regular starters in the premier league for their respective clubs? Especially those from top 6 EPL clubs.
It’s a very competitive league and the demand for immediate success dwarfs all else, hence the rush for already made players.
Most of these youth prospects, regardless of talent go from their teenage age well into their mid 20s still playing youth team football. It’s sad really.
I wish Him good luck and hopefully he sets the world alight.

Lord Bendnter

Oh man, we really wanted a good proper winger from our youth ranks. Still hoping he comits before signing the loan deal


Think logically, in young players do they have more strengths or weaknesses as related to playing for a top team in the top league? Obviously they have more weaknesses unless they are the 1 in a million. This means that unless your team has a strong commitment, a very strong commitment to playing and growing young players and giving them big game chances these players are actually at a Disadvantage with their original teams and academies. The staff know their limitations, teammates know how to attack them. Two things are clear 1) teams with top 4 aspirations will not be… Read more »

Gus Caesar

This is disappointing, especially as it seemed that he was on the verge of signing a new contract according to the last reports about him. But, to be perfectly honest, I read into the fact that he’d not signed any new deal that he was very carefully considering leaving, so it comes as no surprise. From an Arsenal perspective it’s a bit of a blow but, other than pay money he hasn’t earned or make wild promises that we can’t keep around game-time, i’m not sure what more we could do. From Nelson’s point of view, much like with Virginia,… Read more »


He’s been the bright spot in pre-season besides Guendouzi.

Plenty of energy and verve, a great balance between creativity and scoring.

We lack wingers but we are selling him, it doesn’t make any sense.


Who makes those idiotic decisions?
What are we going to get for him? 2-3 millions? Just tell him that he can go out on loan if he’ll sign a new contract and tell him he won’t even be featured in the U-19 team.
Pretty sure he wouldn’t like to miss a whole season of football.


Might work with a bit more established players/stars, but with 19-year old it’s toxic as fuck. I don’t think you want young player hanging around for a year telling all his younger mates how the club is trying to destroy his career and wishes him ill. Plus I don’t think it will be punishing him much, he would get the same move in one year time regardless.


Just let him go for free next summer if it has to be.

We are so low on options out wide.

IF we knew we were going to sell him bc of contract issues we should have brought in a winger.

There were options available in Lozanno at PSV, Neres at Ajax, not to mention slightly pricier Thauvin, Fekir even Carrasco in China.

Another case of very poor decision making in terms of strategic implications if this happens. Absolute rubbish.


Thauvin who looked awful in the premier league and Fekir wh9 wasn’t signed by Liverpool because he’s crocked. Carrasco – do you think he’s gone to China for the food and the fresh air? It’s money. You can’t stop someone going for money.


I don’t see why it would be toxic.

He will get a chance to play for sure in League and FA cup and we will need him.

If he plays well, he will be in greater demand next summer and stands to get a better contract wage-wise. The club may lose out but he won’t.

Gus Caesar

So your idea would be to let him rot and stop his development completely and then lose him for nothing next summer? Leaving aside the fact that that’s not the way The Arsenal does things, why would any aspiring youngster join a club that treats its players like that? And what would it gain us other than a lot of negativity reaction from the player and his teammates? If he wants to go then respect that, get the best price for him and let him go. We don’t need unhappy players around the club who don’t want to be here,… Read more »


Agree entirely.

I mean how much did we pay for him? We should be able to risk losing him for nothing and at least have him around the squad as a wide option when we are so bereft of choice there.

Meanwhile we are carrying less useful players like Jenkinson, to some extent even Elneny at much higher wages.

Its insane.


I’ll echo the sentiment that I hope there’s a buy back clause. Come on Reiss — look at Guendouzi. Emery is not afraid to start young players.


I’m not *that* disappointed. He’s not looked that good when he’s been given the chance at senior level and I found the sort of social media teasing about a contract, from an academy player, a bit tiresome. Eddie is going to be a top player and Emile smith Rowe looks like the standout academy talent. Iwobi and Ainsley have come through in recent years and hopefully will do well under Emery.


Not a good deal. Sounds absolutely idiotic. We lack wide players at the moment. It would be better to keep him and involve him. This is symptomatic of what has been going on with our buying and selling with no consideration for strategic implications for the season. Last January we brought in Auba too early when we could have done the deal but kept him at Dortmund to end of season. It would have kept Giroud at least till season end and gave us an all important alternative in the europa. This season we only really have Iwobi as a… Read more »


You may have noted how the manager doesn’t play with wingers, instead using inside forwards and full backs to get wide. On the other hand, you may not….

Dave Crawford

Bit hard to play with wingers when we don.t have any tho


Hopefully he’s going to sign and then go on loan, rather then us selling permanently. But even then it seems a bit strange when he’s the only natural right winger in our entire squad. Yes we can play Iwobi, Welbeck, Mkhi, Ozil there but they all look like square pegs in round holes in that position. Would like to see him given a chance this season.


Mourinho is a cunt!


blogs, do you have to show these childish remarks, as it is very offensive, and drags your website into the gutter


I look forward to a special blog, blogs. One where you reveal all the choicest of cuntish unpublished comments ! The very bottom of the barrel stuff.


afan is a cunt!

Never Happen

40% is much too high blogs – you’re too nice!!


dont blame him, when he sees cloggers like Guendozi get started every game….. This guy has more talent in his little finger.


On a side note, all those critical of Granit and Ramsey last match need to watch Adrian Clarke’s dissection of the game on Arsenalplayer (

Its fair and balance.

A very decent outing for Granit and as for Ramsey, if Ozil is sulking, well we have the Welshman who’s work rate is night and day to the German’s easily discouraged demeanor.

Public Elneny

Nice one, Arsenal


Seriously doubt this is true, but you really can’t blame the young players that don’t see much of an opportunity with the first team for wanting to go somewhere else. So many have looked like future superstars only to be derailed by injuries or just never breaking into the first team from the youth teams.


I desperately desperately hope this is one of your ( early ? ) April Fools’ articles. ?


Good move for the kid. Not for the Arsenal. Hoffenheim is a good bundesliga side with a forward thinking coach in Nagelsmann who is among the youngest coach in all the top leagues and a Bayern Munich target sooner or later. If Nelson can show his talent there , he will get the attention of bigger teams in Germany and Europe. May be Emery and his staff do not rate him. Are they right to do so? Only time will tell.


Nagelsmann is only there for this season, he’s off to Leipsig next with more dosh to spend. People compare Reiss with Guendozi but the latter was playing 1st team for albeit a French 2nd div side.


Exactly my point .Nagelsmann will end up at Bayern sooner …or later. Even if it’s by going to Leipzig first. Bayern have a long standing policy of getting the elite of German football from players to staff and coach. If Leipzig become a serious contender to their hegemony they will just buy over their players like they did with Dortmund and countless other clubs before…


Glad to see we’re clearing out those players who wont sign new deals…

Emmanuel Faifer

i think no need of selling Nelson anywhere his future is at the Emirates…….

baz00r is literally the ass crack of football journalism. Arseblog is well positioned in the upper breast/pectoral region that everybody finds so attractive.

Obama Young

Two… one-two-three-four!
Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout
Wengerism, Unai-ism, Kroenke-ism, Ivan-ism, Mesut-ism, Miss-It-ism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m
All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance
All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance
Hit it, C’mon
Ev’rybody’s talking about
Ramsey sign the deal, man; Campbell got out while he still can!
Guendouzi, El Nen-doozy, haircut’s are real doozies,
Shkodran? They scored again; Granit Jogger, can’t depend, defenders who can’t defend
All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance
All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance


Does not make sense at all. Whether he has signed an extension or not he should be in the match squad. He is our only proper pacy dribling right winger.
Either Emery has decided to not take the Europa League seriously and plays the U18 team or we run the risk of serious burnout.
If Mikhitarian get injured or suspended, who can play on the right side of midfield? Özil…? Ramsey…? Maitland-Niles..?

Never Happen

You just named 4 candidates- and it’s likely
Emery would play most before Nelson at this
stage of our team’s development.
Perhaps Emery decided a season of development
in the Bundesliga with a better shot at 1st team
football would be useful for Nelson and for


Except that none of the so called alternatived are pacy dribbling winger. They may be better in some specific role, but when we will be facing a compact well drilled defense, I can’t see any of them creating breach in 1v1 situation. All the other team have that situation. Chelsea have Eden Hazard, who requires two players to be marked out of a game. ManCity have Kevin DeBruyne, Marhez and Leroy Sane. Liverpool have Sane and Salah. AFC has nobody of that sort. Özil is a pass master. Ramsey a willing runner. Maitland-Nilzs a pacy but not dribling. Mikhitarian is… Read more »


If this is true it irks me even more we allowed a proper winger like Joel to leave. Up step Saka to the plate then.


In after the update.



This trend is going to help the England team immensely. I have been talking about the need for a different footballing education for years. Possession football is not something that English players learn and it shows at the international level.

We just need to always have buy back clauses


Except that unless has signed an extension beforehand and AFC has not communicated on it, this is just a loan before his contract expires next summer. You can’t insert a buyback clause in an expired contract. That may ultimately help the England team, but only if central midfield players and defenders get their education abroad from a much younger age. Wingers and Strikers are not a problem. Right now by the time they reach 18/21 years, England central midfields are so far behind their foreign counterparts in term of awareness and tactic nobody is going to pick them. Look at… Read more »


Season loan after signing a new deal is better…but why send him on loan at all? We have like zero real wingers in the team, surely he’d get 20+ games this season if he stayed.

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