Wenger: No decision on my future until September


Arsene Wenger, remember him?

When our former boss stepped down in May, he seemed pretty adamant he’d make a decision about his future by the middle of the summer.

He had a number of options; to continue coaching elsewhere, to reinvent himself as a director of football, to work in the media, to take a boardroom position or to call it quits and retire.

From what we can tell, since returning from the World Cup – where he enjoyed France’s triumph from the comfort of the beIN Sports studio – he’s been having a top time. He now says he’s planning to announce his next step in September.

Speaking from Corsica where he’s been vacationing, he told the local publication Corse Matin [translated by Get France Football News]: “I decided not to decide.

“I was intoxicated for such a long time that I promised myself not to make any decisions before September.”

On his prolonged period of time off he went on: “[It’s going] even better than I thought. When you have been as busy as I have been, you always fear a little emptiness.

“But I quickly organised myself in this new stage of my life, I do a lot of sport, here I eat with my friends.

“I talk a lot too, I can sit for hours contemplating the horizon, I read every day, right now a book by Philip Roth called I Married a Communist.”

Honestly, we couldn’t be happier for Arsene. If anybody needed a bit of downtime and to rediscover the art of being a lazy git, it was him. Long may it continue.

We’ll give you a call when we’re in the relegation zone in December. ?


Arsene also chatted about France’s win, the World Cup and Thierry Henry applying for the Bordeaux job, worth a read. 


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Theo Richards


high gooner

i love this man so much

Thierry Walcott

Long live Le Prof ❤️


Vive le Professeur


I love this picture. Hilarious to me that at some stage he saw the waterslide, and decided he would indeed like to slide down it. “Yes, I will slide down that. Will anybody reproach me? I don’t know, but what is true is that I am on holiday”. And the picture gives the impression he got more than he bargained for.


LOL Best thing I’ve read all week.

David C

haha, doesn’t look like he’s got the handbrake on going down that slide! I think he’s showing good spirit too!

How long do Arsenal wait to put up a statue of the man? I’d assume most fans would approve of such an honour.

DB10s Air Miles

Well one doesn’t….. oh Well, put it up anyway.


How big might the statue be if the whole waterslide is included?


Brilliant haha, 10/10


The photo is off course showing his qualitea and mental strength.
Thank your blogs for the Wenger post. It’s different without him


I am happy you are happy Mr intelligence.


There’s nothing I’d love more than for him to start writing his much mentioned, long awaited book.


He could probably write a trilogy, followed by a number of spin offs and prequels and it still wouldn’t cover everything.


Now those would make a *real* Amaz*n P***e series!

Gervinho’s barber

By far my favorite cover photo of any post. Ever!


You obviously haven’t seen this one ?


Those days


The team that beat Barcelona and Messi ?


Gazidis to leave in the start of september. Wenger won’t tell before september. Get out your banners people and prepare for meltdown :p


Wenger out there enjoying himself is great news. I hope he’s happier than he’s been in a long time. Let’s also hope for his return to football soon. Maybe he could steer the ship at Man U on an interim basis until a more permanent solution is found when they sack Mourinho?


Actually if Zizou decides to take the helm of United, it may mean Wenger is in pole position to replace Deschamp should he decide to step down.

Didier prob would have stepped down following Wcup had France not won it.

He may now consider staying on till end of Euros.

If so Wenger will have to wait a couple of years and take up something-else.


Look motormouth, Wenger taking the helm at Man U wasn’t a serious suggestion on my behalf, it was about having a laugh Mourinho’s current predicament, so hold your horses before you unleash any tirades.

Arse City Blues

Just did a bit of sick in my mouth.


Wouldn’t that be the ultimate insult to the “Special One”?

Teryima Adi


Yash Modi

Did he use “intoxicated” as a euphemism? Or is he saying he’s been on a bender since May? If it’s the latter, Go Arsene!


poppin’ bottles of cristal, no doubt!

Olivije Žirod

I miss him. Not that I don’t like Emery but I miss Wenger. His voice, his press conferences, his life tips, his presence on the Arsenal bench beside Bould… But I don’t miss him suffering like he did last year and a half. I hope that he will manage another club. I will definitely watch his games.


Well said

Maxin In The Shade

If there was a book published of inspirational quotes/life tips thy Wenger said during his time at Arsenal, I’d wait in line to purchase it.

“Religiously, it is said that God created man. I am only a guide. I allow others to express what they have in them. I have not created anything. I am a facilitator of what is beautiful in man.“

Which other Manager says these kinda things?

Maxin In The Shade



This is not unlike his injury updates…first he was out until the middle of summer now it’s September. 😉

Harish P

Calling it, Wenger to replace Gazidis haha.


Tough. We may have burned some of the bridge when we fired him.


Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.

Get yourself something you really want to do. And if nothing available then keep enjoying yourself.


Why rush? He’s still apparently giving the half time team talk.

Making Arsenal Great Again

He is going to AC Milan. You head it here first

Making Arsenal Great Again





So, according to Arsene – as quoted in the article in GFFNews – the Queen speaks very good french.

Not many people know that! Although they will now, no doubt.

Granit(e) Hard!

“I have decide not to decide”…he does have a way with words Arsene, and I do miss the man, not as the manager of Arsenal, but as a person, associated with and around Arsenal. I doubt if there is any manager out there better at fielding difficult questions with a tongue in cheek as Arsene, what is even more remarkable is he can do it fluently in quite a few languages too. Personally, I hope he comes back at some point in the future and take up some sort of role on the board of Arsenal.


Plot twist he takes over from Gazidis in sept. We are in the relegation zone in December. Emery gets fired wenger becomes arsenal coach, may we are 4th. ?


He’s waiting for Jose to get fired. Should take a couple of weeks before he’s out


À la tienne, Arsène.


It’s a shame the interviewer didn’t ask him: “Arsene, given that Arsenal are now a shambles that has no chance of competing for the Premier League any time in the near future, are you in the least bit guilty that you hung around for for at least 5 years too long and dragged the club down into this dreadful state of decay?”


I don’t think it’s a shame that the interviewer wasn’t a complete moron.


Kroenke is the problem you complain about now Emery is the manager.

But he wasn’t the problem when Wenger was manager? Wenger was hugely successful before Kroenke.

And remember the new stadium that cut back how much Arsenal could spend for about 10 years and the money that flooded into Chelsea and City from rich owners and that Man U always has had.

But easier not to think and blame our greatest manager of modern times for everything.


Forgive Fats, his whole identity is premised on being fat and being a gooner.
In this moment, how can u NOT expect the guy to be a miserable old fart?


Well, we know he’s fat anyway.


Well, if the fats from Fats are liposuctioned out and burnt for fuel, it should be enough to power the entire European continent for a week.


If only your legs ran as much as your mouth. But would it then leave you without your only personality trait ? Except being miserable of course ?


Keep it classy, Fats.


Are you the same Fatgooner who used to stink up the place with his negativity way back in the day in c. 2005 on discussion forums on TeamTalk?

If yes, I’d like to congratulate you for your longevity (especially given the heightened risk of cardiovascular disease from being fat and negative for so long).


Really? I recalled there was this big cunt on TT then. Same old same old.



There’s only one Fatgooner and only one Arseblog!

I’ve only ever poster here.

But good luck to that guy at Teamtalk (never heard of it).

Whocter Do

Well,you probably jumped the gun (no reference to Trump intended) about the American constitution, or so it appears after you “postered” this comment 😀


“I was intoxicated for such a long time that I promised myself not to make any decisions…”

could be the summary of my biography.


#wengerout in the sun


Wenger has to be one of the most unique beings ever.



Where did you learn to speak English?! Something or someone is either unique not! There are no degrees of uniqueness!



Please do not write incoherent and incomplete sentences while mocking other people’s writing


Unfortunately, you are not unique, even in your idiocy.

Am I doing it better than the previous poster?


No. What’s “it”? Before using the pronoun you should have specified exactly what you were writing about. Fool.


You might want to get a more appropriate name before you criticise others for minor offences against logic or grammar.


And check your own stuff before you reply:

‘Something or someone is either unique not!’ doesn’t make sense as it stands.

A Different George

The American Constitution describes its aim as to form “a more perfect union.” And you would say, where did they learn to speak English–it’s either perfect or not, it can’t be more perfect.

“Most unique” and “more perfect” are both completely acceptable in expressive writing.

So here’s another piece of expressive writing for you: your almost demented obsession with Arsene Wenger have you made into a fucking idiot.

A Different George

*made you*


“American English”? That’s an oxymoron. The Yanks can’t even spell properly. Who cares what their constitution says? Any properly educated English person knows that there are no degrees of perfection or uniqueness. And any country that elects a racist Neanderthal like Donald Trump as its leader doesn’t deserve any respect anyway.

As for Wenger, you only have to look at the mess that fraud left us in to see why I’m so angry and bitter.


You have two choices Fatgooner. You can learn from a man that gave absolutely everything during his reign of 22 years. You may not agree with him, but you can’t fault his determination, gritt or persistence.

Or you can continue to be Fatgooner. A sad, envious troll who’s only purpose is to create chaos in order to get some kind of attention.
The sad part about being you is that your appetite for attention will ultimately end in your demise and no one will every remember who you were or what you did.

Unlike Arsene Wenger.


It’s football, not life and death. Why don’t you take up gardening


You have to be a bot of some kind. This level of triggered is beyond even Trump.

Sànde Class

😀 😀


Weirdly enough, he called Trump a racist Neanderthal. What kind of Neanderthal does that to its own kind?!


Go and fuck yourself, Fats.

Is that bad English, you lard twat?

Whocter Do

@Fatgooner On the other hand, you aren’t oxy, just a…


More trophies on his last 5 years than Sp*rs in 33 years. More trophies whilst Arsenal manager than Sp*rs in many years or Man City ever. He spoilt us.

Blame Kroenke if you want to blame anyone.


“Who cares what their constitution says?”

The 300 million yanks probably. But who are they, eh? This insignificant country that can’t even speak English to your required standard. Who cares what they think?


I like to think that we simplified spelling, getting rid of superfluous letters here and there. And anyway, more of us voted against Tr*mp than for him. I gave you a thumbs up because you’ve been having a bad morning on this post.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Every morning is a bad one for him here. As is the afternoon, evening and night. Because he only posts bitter shite.

A Different George

I had no idea that by defending the creative use of language I was endorsing Donald Trump. I promise I won’t do it again.

(Do you think maybe you have proven my point about your obsession with Wenger warping your judgment about every subject?)


I would pick Donald Trump over you any day!


So despite my bad grammer you still understood what i said, yet chose to waste time and energy on somethiing so insignificant. You are quite the unique eunuch.


Grammar, I and something. Just to help for next time.

But well done on eunuch.

Sànde Class

Thanks for the extreme LMAO Fatgooner?! 😀 😀 😀

Your unbridled and sensationally impassionate rage towards Le(gend) Prof is giving you near cult status Fatgoone -if it hasn’t already!

So much respect for your persona and the LOLs but not for the crap you constantly spew. 😛


I decided not to decide.

“I was intoxicated for such a long time that I promised myself not to make any decisions before September.”

By God I wish this was literal. Love the image of wenger having spent a village’s yearly budget on vino and not having stopped since he left arsenal.


I’m glad he’s enjoying a well earned rest!


“I Decided Not To Decide”….would be great song title !

Caught in two minds

“I decided not to decide!”…. love that man!


Seeing him happy makes me happy


Arsene is a little bit relaxed.


Dortmund or Monaco seem perfect for him! Enjoy Arsene! Wenger In!


Doing something enjoyable is far better than managing a team again. He has proved himself as a great manager, he won’t do better than he has already.

He doesn’t need the cash, he has given up most of his life to football and it’s better that he has a social life, a drink, reads, uses his intelligence and even courts a few ladies.

A Different George

If he decides he can live without the day-to-day pressured involvement with football, then he might do what many always predicted, but which seemed to me to be contrary to his temperament: coach a national team, which is much less intense, with long periods of relative inactivity. And, given his disappointment at the European domination of this World Cup, maybe an African team.

Mongolian Gooner

Huh, that didn’t cross my mind at all but it makes great sense. I don’t think Wenger would ever go for the obvious candidates like England or France. He always talks about the less successful countries, maybe he’d try and help those.


Should we be prepared to only accept europa maybe top 4 this season? Chelsea have had a change of management but they have matched that with good buys from market. Have we really been doing well buying in market since Mslintat has taken over? Is Emery saddled by poor tools bc of our mistakes or lack of ambition in market? Buying early and buying numbers should not be confused with buying well. Is Emery trying to play the team (high line high press) without the tools necessary? Nothing fundamentally different (yet) from Wenger’s last years. Granted Emery is willing to… Read more »

Christopher Wreh

Completely irrelevant


someone should run a quick poll of Premier Leagues Managers’s reading lists…I’d like to know how many have even heard of Philip Roth never mind read him (btw not my favourite author but I admire anyone who puts up with his shit)…

A Different George

I bet Big Sam reads James Joyce and Proust.


wenger is history


Wilshere is history.

Now, go run back crying to your warden.


Philip Roth one of my favourite writers. I Married a Communist one of his best. Sadly Roth passed away very recently.


We miss him Arsene’s insights. The fount of knowledge.

Pat Rice and Beans

I’ve read the interview: the way he sticks for he’s values is admirable. If it’s not enough he has a bust at the Emirates, received an Order of the British Empire and attended a dinner and chatted with the Queen. He’s a living legend.

The critics about the football management in the past years are valid, but the hate toward the men is unacceptable.


Delighted to hear this. Also a great choice of literature.

Hope the best for him.


I thought id slipped back in time

Mongolian Gooner

Reading that Arsene is having a great time post-Arsenal management makes me unreasonably happy. It’s like hearing a respected family member is doing great. If there’s anybody in football that’s earned a good holiday, it’s him. I hope he goes on to achieve more things in football, it doesn’t have to be the circus of management either.


”I decided not to decide”

The most Wenger thing to say ever.


The relegation ish… lol… it will never happen. But thanks for sharing Wenger’s latest whereabouts. I am optimistic Emery will do well after Wenger. September’s the month the Europa league begins for us, and I hope we do well in all competitions.


blogs, when monsieur Wenger making an appearance on arsecast? or on patreon…


I just want him to write a book. His outlooks and philosophies would be inspiring.


I wonder what fat Wenger will look like?


I thought he was in Japan, eating sushi and directing evil thoughts toward Emery.


Lovely, but don’t forget this weakened Arsenal we now see is Wenger’s making. he took 100 million pounds out of the club in his last 10 years, and for what? Ozil?