Emery: I feel I’m expressing myself better


Unai Emery says his English is improving ‘little by little’ and that he’s feeling more comfortable communicating with his players and the media.

Even though he’d not spoken English since his school days, the Spaniard made a point of answering questions at his Arsenal inauguration in the native tongue of the assembled media and has been working hard ever since to become fluent.

The improvement inside three months is clear for all to hear and read and Emery hopes it’s paying dividends on the training ground with his players too.

“I think I am improving, but I don’t know if it is quick enough,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I feel better in my expression, my accent also and for explaining my ideas to the players.

“I think I can do it and also my explaining with you, the supporters, the media, I think, little by little I am doing better and learning more words that are useful for my explaining.””

When he’s not coaching or travelling to matches, Emery also revealed he’s still undertaking lessons with a tutor.

“My practice is every day with the players here, the personnel and also when I finish here I can continue at home watching English series, also matches with English language.

“It’s for that that every day is a better lesson, also with my teacher.

“I am happy, it’s very important my explanation, above all with the players so they can understand me quickly and in every moment.

He added: “Football, the language first is on the pitch with the ball, with the players and then it’s the communication. English words used for that are very important, this communication is getting better step-by-step.”

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Good to hear. I was impressed with how good he was initially. Important that he can communicate well to explain his tactics. Hopefully the team will improve as his English does.

don't forget

A lot of managers seem to not care too much to learn the language of the team they’re coaching. I don’t necessarily think that’s a terrible thing, but I will say that it sure makes Unai seem more invested in long term success at Arsenal to see him take such a deep dive in learning English. COYG


Many of the other teams don’t give their incumbents the security to make it worth their while.

Lord Bendnter

Anyone else thought the title was talking about Emery expressing himself better in terms of style of play and tactics??


Can someone please teach him the saying “clean sheet”


Heh. He already declared that he’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0.
So there you go.


He’s running a football team not a laundry

Granit(e) hard!



“…and also when I finish here I can continue at home watching English series,”

i’m picturing him at home on the sofa watching fawlty towers and making notes.

Robert Pires: Director of Sports @ Arsenal

And then get pissed when Fawlty keep hitting his Housekeeper

Michael Young

If Emery was from Barcelona I could have made a very funny joke. But he isn’t.


Top man.


Nothing against Emery but if there’s one thing I do miss is tuning in to Arsene’s press conferences. How his answers always make me realise that there are many layers to what ever he was asked.

Think the only comparison in the league now is Kloop. Real breath of fresh air when you hear how responded to what he thinks of the whole Ozil Germany situation.

Granit(e) hard!

I agree, in terms of media savvy, Klopp is definitely Arsene’s heir. He has the same rare quality of being able to ‘toy’ with the media by combining quick wit with tongue in cheek humour like Arsene…..difficult not to like the guy, despite the fact that he manages a rival club.

Matt P

He’s doing really well. Goodness, I bet my Spanish wouldn’t get that good in that short space of time!


Loving his dedication. And watching football in another language is excellent for comprehension by the way.

Glasgow Gooner

Depends what he’s watching. If it’s old re-runs of Brookside, he’s got no chance !

How long before he understands enough to have a good chuckle at the nonsense dished out by more than just a few of our football commentators.

Chris O

I love Unai. Pochettino was three years in England before he did pressers in English. Emery did it in his first presser. He’s fearless, and I think that can-do attitude rubs off on his players.