Excited and optimistic Ramsey on why Emery’s approach is so different


Aaron Ramsey says he’s excited and optimistic about life at Arsenal under new boss Unai Emery, and has backed the Spaniard’s methods to come good as the players get more comfortable about what they’re being asked to do.

He also highlighted some of the differences between Emery and former boss Arsene Wenger, saying that the new man has much greater focus on the opposition when it comes to game preparation.

Speaking to Sky Sports before the 3-2 win over his former club, the Welshman said of the former Sevilla and PSG manager, “He’s a lot more detailed on the opposition and we are playing different styles and trying to press a lot higher up the pitch and trying to hold a higher line to win the ball back in more dangerous areas.”

It’s something others have commented on, and it is a change for players who have been so used to a manager who wanted his team to concentrate on their own strengths rather than worrying too much about what the other team were going to do.

As for life in general, Ramsey continued, “I am very excited and optimistic.

“We will get better with every game. Any time there is a change it takes a period of time to adapt and we are in that situation. We are all very positive and optimistic and we are all on board with it.

“It’s just a case of us sticking to it, becoming more comfortable, doing the things the manager wants us to do, and I am sure we will get stronger and stronger as the season goes on.

“We are very early on in the process. We will get better with every game.

“Any time there is a change it takes a period of time to adapt and we are in that situation.”

Whether the 27 year old is excited and optimistic enough to sign a new contract remains to be seen, but perhaps if he sees a side making progress and going in the right direction, it might be a factor in his decision making.

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don't forget

sign da ting


Just sign da ting


I think it’s unlikely he’ll stay.
Also unlikely we’ll get in the top4.
This is a season of transition, whether or not We progress next season? Will depend a lot on the level of ambition shown by our new prick of an owner, and his willingness to back Emery in forming a more balanced team.

A Different George

I don’t think he’s a new prick of an owner. Stan has been a prick for a very long time.

Sean Bowen

Prefer to go with don’t sign the ting
Thumb me down all you want



Faisal Narrage

Thumb you down even though I don’t drink from the Ramsey cool aid.
Because like him or not, signing him still means we can sell him for a good value.

Unless ofcourse the only deal is for £250k+ or Ozil money. In that case, the year don’t sign da ting.

La Défense

Aaron Ramsey will be a star player for the likes of Everton, or dare I say, West Ham…


The problem is we are letting player management dictate our tactical make up of the squad. We are leaving room for BOTH Ozil and Ramsey but in reality we need a wide player in the mix. We have an unbalance squad in terms of variety of capabilities. Too many similar pass and play types in Mhki, Ozil and Ramsey. Too few wingers (if any with Nelson out on loan and Iwobi the closest we have) It means we have to play a certain way picking our way through the lines. This is nothing new. Wenger faced a very similar issue.… Read more »


you just said my mind


We got rid of Theo, The Ox, Gnabry and now Reiss Nelson. It strikes me that they don’t want a winger.

Maul Person

Got rid of Theo.
Ox and Gnabry refused to stay.
Nelson is on loan.

But… details…


Quite amazing how Wenger never did so little when it came to analysing and focussing on the individual opponents


It was OK in early years of his reign when we were ahead of the rest in bringing in foreign talent. It also at that point coincided with a Golden generation in France. The teams he put together on talent alone (considering the skill level in England) blew most teams away with or without too much tactical adjustments BUT he did not adjust with the league enough and got caught in the double squeeze with the upper tier oil money clubs buying the top talent and the lower tier enjoying TV money and shedding their ‘allergy’ to non English. As… Read more »


I have this feeling that he is the player who does not fit, or at least, a player that we are misusing. I do not see him as a central midfielder because he does not have the ball control, play making ability or positional awareness to play that role at a top team. We already have Ozil who is statistically the most prolific creator of chances in premier league history to play as a playmaker. I have looked into what he is good at and the positions he takes up on the pitch, he looks like a raumdeuter, which basically… Read more »

Trex d' Gunner

Well said sir. Infinite thumbs up


“You watch the game, you don’t see Ozil. You watch Ozil, you see the whole game.”


Faisal Narrage

I totally agree on the Ramsey front, but a couple of things on Ozil… ” he has never been able to defend” Ozil isn’t disabled, it’s not like he has a physical inability to defend, if he can read a game to see opportunities, then he can bloody well read the game to see dangers too. He just doesn’t enjoy the defensive side, and for that I don’t care for. This is 2018. If people doesn’t indulge players like Aguero or Sane, then neither should we. Pep had Messi, arguably the greatest player of all time, pressing from the front… Read more »


But the criticism is not that he does not defend,it’s that he is bad defensively. Everyone has to defend in a team, Ozil included, and he does put in his fair share. I watch the games, he isn’t just standing there like Cristiano, he defends how the team defends and lets not forget that we have always been a passive team defensively under Arsene, so what was he supposed to do, run around like Sanchez? Man city are a pressing team and have been such for the past 2 seasons, we started 2 months ago. Barcelona have been a pressing… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

He’s bad defensively because he doesn’t put that much work into it. It’s undeniable, it’s why Emery himself took him off against Chelsea, as he said so himself as Ozil wasn’t pressing or following defensive instructions. I fail to believe someone as talented as Ozil doesn’t understand that, if you’re stationed wide, you need to protect Bellerin and not constantly leave him in 2v1 situations as you drift inwards. Sure he feels he’s best attacking wise in those areas (and he certainly is), but the days of just doing whatever you want is gone, it has it’s cost and there’s… Read more »

A Different George

I think under the guise of talking about “those days are gone” and everyone needs to press in modern football, you are really describing a very old-fashioned English attitude. It is the “luxury player” nonsense. Why is Busquets, who brings very little to the attack, not considered a luxury player? Or, for that matter, Koscielny? By the way, even with Pep in charge, I only remember Messi pressing immediately after he himself had lost the ball (and often getting it back); I don’t remember Messi running about the pitch when Barca did not have possession. I don’t remember ever him… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Another point, where does the line get drawn for others?
Should we just accept Xhaka can’t tackle and not expect him to develop and get better at it? He’s not a DM after all, and shouldn’t be asked to do so, no?


I am still waiting for statistical proof of all these defensive deficiencies that he has as an attacking midfielder. So David Silva works hard right? Your earlier comment shows that you respect David Silva’s defensive work. Here are the defensive stats for Ozil and Silva from last season, per game. From whoscored. Interceptions: 0.5 for Ozil and 0.6 for Silva Takles: 0.8 for Ozil and 1.1 for Silva Fouls: 0.7 for both Clearances: 0.2 for both Dribbled past: 0.7 for both Key passes: 3.2 for Ozil and 2.1 for David Silva this is just for the creative side that Ozil… Read more »


Comparing Ozil and David Silva (or KdB etc) is a dangerous game, I’ve got to say. You can’t discount stats (and even the numbers you’ve posted suggest Silva edges Ozil in the defensive department) but we don’t have stats for everything. Not for intensity of pressing, not for getting back into position, not for blocking passing lanes. So we have to rely on our eyes as well and you can’t tell me (or anyone else for that matter) that Ozil does more for the team than Silva. Running stats are also ambiguous. Yes Ozil covers a lot of ground but… Read more »


people can up with stats to prove anything. 81% of all people know that.

A Different George

I watched the Germany-South Korea match a second time also, and was similarly surprised by how well Ozil played. By the way, it was your “raumdeuter” Thomas Muller who looked the very worst player on the pitch. (Well, maybe Boateng.)


“We all know he can’t defend, he has never been able to defend. We all know he isn’t a great goalscorer, he has never been one though and at his age, he will never be.”

He’s on 350k a week FFS!


To say a little more, for a player of his quality it’s definitely within him to provide more goals and put in more of a shift defensively. As far as I can see no other top team has a player that creates chances and provides little else, and for good reason. The Riquelme era of the “pure 10” is long gone, football has moved on and Ozil needs to as well or Emery will leave him behind. He’s too good (and on too much money) for us to be making excuses for him and pointing the finger at other players,… Read more »


Disagree. If the rest of our teams defending on a whole didn’t suck we wouldn’t be talking about this at all. His performances for the German squad have never had him criticized for defending – until they dropped trousers this last time out, and that was Because of deficiencies throughout. Just like here.




Well he’s created more chances and made more assists than other player in the Premier league since he joined us. FFS


He needs to step up.

Its his attitude when things aren’t going right that is the issue. He drops his level too easily and that affects the collective.

At his wages, he needs to be producing the special for us.

Sure he is a great player but he lets his head drop far too much when the team is looking for leadership.

Sorry but he can do better taking nothing away from his obvious talent.


Guys, this is not FIFA, this is real football. You can pay a payer £500 000 per week, if he is attacking minded, he is attacking minded. You don’t pay him such an amount to spend his time chatting with Cech or to push Musti or Bellerin to tackle himself.


Also no other player has been given the free reign that he has since he’s been at Arsenal I reckon. If he’s been so good why didn’t City and United come in for him like they did with Sanchez? As I said in my later comment, the era of the pure creator is over. I used Riquelme as an example but actually Riquelme was way more of a goal threat than Ozil! I’d forgive Ozil’s defensive lapses if he was more prolific in front of goal and vice versa but he’s been far too limited for us, considering his actual… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Yeah £350,000 a week and he’s a shit keeper too! 🙂


Hope he signs. Why hasn’t he up til now? I’ll just keep telling myself that Gazidis or his agent are being pricks, and not that he’s pressing for more ca$h money.

Naija Gunner

Well Mr Ramsey if you are excited and optimistic, why not do us and yourself a favour and sign that thing ?