Report: AC Milan now confident of snaring Gazidis

Ivan Gazidis

La Gazetta dello Sport claims that AC Milan owners Elliott Management are now confident of persuading Ivan Gazidis to become CEO at the San Siro having caved to his pay packet demands.

Earlier in the week, the Rossoneri looked set to call time on their efforts having grown frustrated at the direction of negotiations.

The American hedge fund believes Gazidis is the man to get Milan’s finances back on track after a rocky few years that has seen the club fall in to their hands following a messy takeover of Silvio Berlusconi’s shares by Chinese businessman Li Yonghong.

In June, UEFA banned Milan from European competition for infringing their Financial Fair Play regulations.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned the decision in July, in part because Elliott argued their that takeover which included an injection of €50 million had changed the club’s circumstances. Milan have subsequently been drawn against Olympiakos, Real Betis and Dudelange in the group stages of this season’s Europa League.

Arsenal haven’t commented on the Gazidis situation since releasing a statement back in July. Stan Kroenke is apparently hopeful the 53-year-old will stay and it’s public knowledge that he has a 12-month notice period, although there’s no suggestion the Gunners would hold him to it.

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Sànde Class

Well well well. Return of Le(gend) Prof in a CEO position seems to be gathering pace just as predicted…..


Highly unlikely as doubt Wenger would only want a ceremonial /business role and the club wouldn’t want him involved in any footballing decisions – he was just sacked from that role so it’s not like we’re going to rehire him to run it

Sànde Class

Sigh. This makes pragmatic sense when seen objectively. Thanks for that…..

Stuart Bradley

Thanks, as ever, for the news update Arseblog but this is one outbound transfer that I really couldn’t care less about.


Bye bye. A football club with half the revenue of Arsenal won’t be paying much more than Arsenal and probably less.

I’ve suspected that Ivan is using this to get more money at Arsenal but if not, see you later Ivan.


Actually it’s highly likely that AC Milan would pay him quite a bit more than Arsenal currently are. They were taken over by Elliot Management (hedge fund) after their Chinese owner defaulted on loans this year. Elliot has pledged to invest 50m euros to help stabilize the finances. The purported 1m gbp raise being offered to Gazidas is actually chump change in the grand scheme of things when one considers the finances of a major European football club. Elliot likely just needs him to come in a stabilize the ship (finances) so they can sell it to a buyer at… Read more »


sick of his face anyway. let’s hope that whatever follows isn’t worse


So you’re not a fan of Jeff Bezos or Amazon either I gather


He may go or he may stay, we as fans can’t do much about it , all we can do is to support and anylize the team and discuss the manager’s tactics and players performances.


Well there is no pint in keeping an unhappy employee.In this day and age nobody is indispensable that is unless he can win100% of the time.
The moment the trophies dry up Guardiola will be out.


Those who talk can’t speak and….er… whatever…


We have sanhelli to step in if Ivan has to go.. To be honest he has done some good stuffs lately….he has tried to stable the club after wenger


Yep he does seem to deserve some credit for that


They can have him


Not sure I care tbh

Idiot King of Mount Stupid

Could be that things would have turned bad anyway and we’d be even worse off without him, but really haven’t been impressed with the direction the club is going since he has been at Arsenal.. The succession of Wenger went quite well and maybe our finances are stable, but given the state of the club when he arrived the current situation (being out of the top 4, having a defence that looks like one of the worst in the league and being stuck on a comparably small transfer budget) is simply not acceptable. Don’t think we’ll miss him and getting… Read more »


Interest level….. 1 or maybe 2 max.

Jean Ralphio

Why would he leave after building at Arsenal?


Mid September ….Wenger……


Josh Kroenke to become CEO with his mate, Thierry Henry as his chief advisor. Hence why Thierry turned around on the Bordeaux job. You heard it here first.


Get gone then ya little snake.


Maybe it’s Milan’s turn to ‘compete with the likes of Bayern Munich’

Why not

I care very little about this