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Report: Loew fails in attempt to meet Ozil in London

According to Bild (€), Joachim Loew failed in an attempt to meet Mesut Ozil in person on Monday to discuss the midfielder’s decision to quit international football.

Germany’s head coach travelled to London along with assistant Oliver Bierhoff to attend FIFA’s ‘The Best’ Awards and apparently decided he’d kill two birds with one stone by dropping in on the Arsenal training ground for a sit down with the 29-year-old.

Depending on how hyperbolic you like your tabloid headlines, Loew was either refused entry to London Colney by Unai Emery (?), told he couldn’t speak to Ozil by Emery (?), or deliberately avoided by Ozil and instead had to make do with a chat with compatriots Shkodran Mustafi, Bernd Leno and Per Mertesacker.

Of those three scenarios, it’s fair to say the latter is most likely. The only reason we can think Emery would prevent Loew from talking to Ozil – a version of events relayed by the Daily Star – is underlying concerns about the renowned bum sniffer’s personal hygiene issues; something of a danger around a player so regularly under the weather.

In the aftermath of the ‘incident’ Bierhoff reportedly told Bild: “We would have liked to talk to Mesut, but we have to accept that he doesn’t want to speak with us right now.”

Whatever happened, it seems the rift between Ozil and the DFB runs very deep, deeper than we might have imagined, and even a close personal relationship with Loew is not something our star man wants to rescue.

As you’ll recall, the former Real Madrid star called time on his involvement with Germany after the World Cup citing “racism and disrespect” he faced in his home country over his Turkish roots

On the plus side for Arsenal, it does mean Ozil’s sole focus is on domestic football. The Gunners play Brentford this evening, no doubt Emery will be quizzed on the above in his post-match press conference.

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Strange underlying stuff, would have thought it would have been easier to see him briefly and get it over with, avoiding this sort of speculation. He was the Ozil’s national manager for some time, so you’d think it would be easy to chat.

I suspect an innocent explanation is possible though that wouldn’t keep journalists in a job.


but ozil don’t want to talk, so that’s that

Anne Noyd

There’s clearly no Loew lost


They should start with a public apology if they need to have any talks with.


The simple fact that Loew ‘decided to kill two birds with one stone’ shows how little he really cares.

Jeremy O'Dwyer

Considering how dismissive Loew was of Ozil’s allegations when he made them, turning up without a meeting with Ozil agreed in advance, and putting Ozil on the spot like that, makes it look like they just want to be able to say ‘Look we tried but he won’t talk to us so…’

A Different George

I think Low and the players who have criticised Ozil have not responded to Ozil’s point. They say there was no racism in the team, but Ozil never claimed there was. He claimed–and everything I have seen has proven him right–that much of German society decides he is insufficiently German whenever anything goes wrong with the national team. He blames the football establishment (including, but not limited to, the DFB) for failing to defend him against this racism. If I were Ozil, I would not meet with Low until he says something about Ozil’s actual complaints.

Irrational Gunner

More politics, as written. How would we like it if someone we have a problem with showed up at our place of work for a “chat?” Ozil’s silence has become deafening in any case.

On a brighter note, the line about keeping Loew away from Ozil for health reasons is a classic.


They throw him under the bus, there’s not much to talk about, no relationship. I doubt Ozil will miss the great chat about the weather and how was the flight much.


The manager said something about no way Ozil coming back to the national stadium. Why cant they just keep their peace. COYG


Well, unless they brought Bierhoff along to offer an honest, massive apology and an explanation of supreme stupidity and cultural ignorance, after the shit he said about Ozil it’s no wonder Mesut told them to go do one. Loew might have had better luck leaving him behind and making a true effort by respecting Ozil enough to formally request a meeting with him.

And if Emery was the gatekeeper for that to keep them from further upsetting his player, all the better in my mind.

The last thing Ozil and Arsenal need are social visits for he-said, he-said tabloid fodder.


Loew should manage a team in England ..
Since press/pundits make such a big deal when managers dont shake the opposing managers hand they can be a good example and shake Loews (snotty sweatballs) hands themselves.


The picture on this article, though. If Loew is digging that deep to find a compromise, Mesut ought to keep a little distance, methinks.


Enough of this Bild/DFB shenanigans. We need ALL of our players focused on the task at hand, especially our highest paid player.
On a side note, I would like to believe the door handles were given a special wipe down after the visit ?


I think in general, there should be a hand sanitizer pump bottle around Löw, before anyone shakes his hand. Gooch or boogers, both gross.


Don’t actually know what “gooch” is, nor do I want to to.
But that was LOL stuff!

Cliff Bastin

It is the area between your ball sack and anus.




Germany has done some pretty disgusting things to Özil lately including the press, the fans, the players (Neuer, for example, implying that Mesut was never proud to wear the German jersey…), the DFB, former players… If Unai wants to protect his player and if Özil wants to protect himself, this is something i can understand.


ozil brought it all on himself


350k X

A Different George

Still a troll. Fuck off.


Seriously, Blogs, why is this idiot still allowed to post on here?


I agree completely, but it would still leave Özil in an advantageous position if he was open to dialogue. Even if it was only tell them to go F themselves. It would suit him to accept such an invitation when they come to his door, instead of just turning them away. It would only strengthen his position in the public eye, and he would risk nothing. A simple “Thank you for coming. I’m always open to dialogue, but my decision stands” would do. Hell, Löw might (fat chance) even have come to apologize.


Exactly. Regardless of what has happened before, not speaking to Loew just makes Ozil look bad for no reason. Talk of “protecting the player” is nonsense as well, at 29 he’s a big boy now and he can take of himself. Be the bigger man, chat with your ex manager, and be done with it!


I’m 45, i’m a big person, age, experience…, but i’d never accept to talk with someone who did to me what these people did to Mesut. Matter of pride, however you call it. A matter of protecting myself. This is too late, point. They should have talked to him instead of scapegoating him after the WC as they did. Now, too late. Just to give themselves good conscience to gain the organisation of the Euro. All has been done around this aim. Especially as they face Turkey.


I agree that he’s been scapegoated and that the racist abuse he’s faced has been appalling. And agree some of the comments made by the likes of Kroos and Hoeness have been unacceptable. But Loew isn’t them and hasn’t said anything of the like in public and presumably not in private either as apparently Ozil refused to speak with him before or after he resigned from the national team. So talk of pride and protecting yourself from Loew is just crap, quite frankly. I suppose it doesn’t matter now anyway, turns out Loew wasn’t there to speak to Ozil but… Read more »


‘advantageous position’ in regards to what? If he doesn’t want to play for Germany anymore and don’t consider them to be friends because of what they did, what is there to gain? Just total waste of time.


I absolutely agree, Loew should have backed his player to the hilt and if necessary had a word in private. Instead he pulled a Mourinho and gladly let a player (the wrong one IMO) take flack for what was his responsibility, the teams dismal performance.


I wouldn,t bother with ozil, he is like a spoilt brat, just let him sulk, he aint worth it


350k X

Gudang Pelor

Loew is infamously renowned as the notorious own-ball sniffer, not a bum sniffer.


He’s dug around his arsehole a bit too

Gudang Pelor

O… M… G….


Would be interesting to see how ozil would play with a bit of fire in his belly against some of the players who have called him out over the Germany situation such as Kroos and Neuer.


Whatever happened, it seems the rift between Ozil and the DFB runs very deep, deeper than we might have imagined…

How deep is your Loew?

A Different George



About wrist deep, judging from the pic.


Difficult to predict what Emery would say in his next press conference regarding the ‘incident’. Maybe something like. “I look at Ozil situation at every circumstance and moment and Loew also. I see that the two have different needs in every situation. So, the confidence of the situation means that Loew will need to wait for his chance to come……”


? Vintage Unai



Godfrey Twatsloch

Which makes me wonder what Wenger would have said.


Wenger wold probably begin with “We live in a world where we have only…”

Godfrey Twatsloch

It would be a half riddle wrapped in elegance and eloquence.


Look errrr….


Ozil got it wrong. Erdogan holds a political office in Turkey and politically ozil has nothing to do with Turkey. And clearly that meeting by erdogan was politically motivated.




Can you say political just one more time ? pretty please


This story is so fucking boring.


Should mention that I mean the Ozil vs DFB racist debate. Not the reporting from Blogs.


Ozil is not a “former Real Real Madrid star” he is an current Arsenal star!



Godfrey Twatsloch

I think it’s sad. I mean none of us have the full picture but it at least appears that Löw is caught in the middle and for him and Özil to end on such bad terms is a great shame.


He’s not in the middle – whatever he did or did not regarding the racism etc, just the fact he kept his mouth shut when everyone was blaming Mesut for their loss is pretty disastrous. Mesut created the chances, he did his job, unlike those who wasted them and Loew. Loew should have stand behind the players who did their job.


Was he’s wearing pants? We do have a dress code at London Colney after all.


Perhaps Ozil might have been more inclined to meet him if Loew hadn’t already slagged him off in the media.

food for thought

i smell a rat in this story… or is it something else?


Erdogan has replaced democracy in Turkey with a sort of Putinesque strongman rule. Özil contributed to this by supporting Erdogan’s election campaign.

Özil should now take a break from politics, pick mushroms, water his glaidiolas and consentrate on Arsenal and football.


He’s a president who won 5 consecutive free elections. Changed the constitution with a free referendum.
Turkish people decide how their country are run. Not the brainwashed-kool-aid-drinker western audience.


I didn’t know that kool-aid washes the brain. Think I’ll have another glass.


yeah, and surely throwing a few people into jail here and there hadn’t helped with a win in those oh-so-much-free elections, right?


Why do you always refer to him as the former Real Madrid star?


Bum sniffer? I’ve heard Loew is a stranger to frequent bathing, but I’ve never heard the bum sniffer slander.

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