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Report: Aaron Ramsey to leave Arsenal on a free next summer

According to Sky Sports, Aaron Ramsey will leave Arsenal for free next summer after he was personally told by the club that they would not be offering him a new contract.

The Welshman’s situation has been in the spotlight in recent weeks after Arsenal withdrew from what he believed was an agreement for him to extend his ten year stay in North London.

Speaking just last week, the 27 year old claimed to be in the dark as to why that happened, saying, “Hopefully somebody will come up and tell me why.

“I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. We all know that the contract was taken off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.

“Something happened, I am not sure exactly what, but that contract is no longer there, or nothing’s on the table. I just have to get my head down, work hard and try and help this team as much as I can now.”

Now, it appears he has been clued in by Arsenal who have decided that they are prepared to let him leave for free when they could have sold him during the summer and used that money to reinvest in the squad.

It’s not the most joined up piece of thinking we’ve ever seen from the club, but it will obviously open lots of doors for Ramsey who will be available on a Bosman and he can start negotiations with clubs across Europe from January 1st.

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Whichever way you look at it: FFS.

mark bell

I say RamShi*t


Los Angeles Ramseys



mark bell

Yes boss.




Ramshiot? Ramshiöt? Ramshiät?

.. To be continued (promise to tell us when we get it right though,)



Kanu's Size 15s

Du! Du Hast! To Sign Da Ting – Rammstein


It’s just stupid. Sign him up and pay him even 250.000 a week. If you sell him on in 15 months for 20 millions, you’d still have made a plus of 7.5 millions and would have him in the squad for another year. And we all know we would get a lot more for him than 20 millions if we’d sign him up on a long term deal. Makes no sense at all. Really have to question that decision and the people who made it.

Harish P

Not really as simple as that though is it. Those are high wages and using your example when we’re ready to sell him in 15 months he’ll be a 29 year midfielder who isn’t world class (as much as most of us love him) so will be incredibly hard to sell him, and the reality is he’s not a 250k p/w player. It would only do more damage to our wage structure with other players.


He’s not even demanding 250.000 a week. I just said it to highlight that even then we would be able to make profit and would have him for another year, instead of losing him this summer and get nothing. He’s maybe not world class (altough I still think in the right system and fully fit he can be) but surely good enough that teams would spend at least 30 million for him even at the age of 28/29. Surely in the current market. And as Auba, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette are all on similar wages, I don’t see a problem regarding… Read more »


This is cutting off one’s nose to spite the face.
We should have sold Ramsey in January. We missed that train a while back, and it’s just come back to haunt us. But the financial loss we are facing now – that’s just down to our lack of activity last summer, not our decision not to renew his contract.

Reality check

Your comment sound like it’s from the future.. like from July next year..


What financial loses? An investment that paid off over the years and at worst we are breaking even. Sorry but Ramsey is neither world class nor is he critical for the team.
We are cutting our losses but letting him go instead of ceeding to his slightly unreasonable demands. This should set everyone else in order as well.

ritesh shah

Respect due here. The boy has been great for us, more so that he recovered from a broken leg too… as well as getting us cups after sooooo many years. Give the boy a contract FFS! He deserves it and we could do with his tenacity.

Faisal Narrage

You know it doesn’t work like that, right?
Accepting a £30m offer for him isn’t the problem, but that he will be demanding £250k wages (the rumoured agreement) for whoever wants him. Considering not even Hazard is making that money, it’s an absurd amount for a 27 year old non-world class.

The problem falls at the hand of Gazidis and Wenger tbh. Raul can’t be blamed for this one.


Spot on…in fact I will be shocked if further fiascoes of this nature continue to happen under Raul’s rule!


I tell you what’s simple. Are you going to take this offer? You have 7 days. 7days pass. No? Ok you’re on the transfer list. That’s simple.


exept there hasn’t been a deadline and there isn’t a transfer list for players out of contract.


Ooh you should be in charge of brexit negotiations with such a clear mind.

Irrational Gunner

Last July correct?


Man, Ramsey is gonna make himself a a lot of money soon isn’t he? Maybe I don’t know all of the details but as far as I see it there are three options

1) New contract
2) Sell
3) Let go for free

and we’ve picked the one that helps Arsenal the least unless of course he scores 30 goals for us by the end of the season… fuckles.


With the market the way it is I guess the powers that be don’t want to get stuck in a situation where we have a player surplus to requirements earning to much to get rid of.
I’m not saying it’s the case but even if Emery didn’t fancy Ozil we’d not shift him easily. Nobody else would pay the wage.
I also imagine that Emery has been sufficiently impressed by the likes of Iwobi, AMN, Guendouzi, Smith Rowe, etc to feel he has enough cover and talent in midfield to not need Ramsey.

El Chuba Libre

Gutted – hopefully it’s Real Madrid that come calling and he doesn’t just end up at Man U.


No way he’s good enough for RM.
Can’t blame him if he went to ManU tho. A man gotta take his best option.


You seen RM lately!

Teryima Adi

We would give him to Man Utd even for free.


Let’s trade him for Mata in January. We’d win on that deal, IMO. Mourinho won’t get the best out of Ramsey, ever, but Mata would slot in nicely with Emery’s style.


We already have problem to fit the best player in #10 role and you want to add another #10 guy for that position?

Mustafi thank you.

Red Cannon

Mustafi would be an amazing number 10!


If he’s as succesful as Sanchez there…. Well… let him go (even if it’s still stupid on a financial standpoint )


Although I don’t see Ramsey starting in the first eleven right now but it’s still hard to believe we are letting him leave for free. That too after taking the contract extension offer off the table. I’m really hoping for our sake that there’s something which we aren’t aware of as fans.
Whichever way at look at it, it’s not going well for all parties concerned.

Harish P

Wasn’t it on Arseblog News a while back that he gave a verbal agreement or something but never actually signed for a long period of time. Then the club simply removed the unsigned deal.

Faisal Narrage

By all accounts sounds like the total value of his next deal was £40m over how many years. Clearly agreed by Gaz, it seemed Raul after taking on his new DoF role and knowing the club’s financial status better than us all, along with talks with diamond eyes and possibly Emery, decided Ramsey wasn’t worth that much and the money can be spent better somehwere else.

Blame Gaz for the offer and blame Ramsey for not signing quickly enough.


There’s got to be more to it. It all just seems very odd. Something’s off.


Makes no sense. Player of the season last season.


Talk about damning someone with faint praise.


Not quite what I intended. He’s a good player.


He is a good player but let’s be honest if he hadn’t scored that cheeky goal in the Europa League it probably would and should have been Monreal who was player of the season.

Xhaka's Left Foot

Looks like all the connections from Old world is being cut off.


I find this situation utterly bonkers and Arsenal need to reveal why this is happening, enough of the secret negotiations and behind closed doors mentality of the club, these decisions are shaking our confidence in the people leading this club. Why was a contract withdrawn? If Ramsey was surplus to requirements why wasn’t he sold in the summer? Why are we prepared to let him go on a free in the summer? Why not in January offer him as a part exchange deal like we did with Alexis? Yet again, this ‘big club’ is acting like a small one. I… Read more »

No Longer Laughing Stock



I think it’s down to the player in this case. We can’t force him to leave in January, if he does not want to. It is a piss poor situation, when the player has all the power, remember ‘Bogarde’ at Chelski who just sat on his backside till his contract was over.


Sorry but I totally disagree. Terms were agreed with Ramsey and then the club abruptly withdrew the offer and they haven’t explained why publicly, only Ramsey has just found out why. If the money is right, every player moves, irrespective if it’s January or the summer, clubs have made players move before. It seems to me that the club have no idea how to negotiate transfers or plan for the long term. We’ve missed out on a fee for Ramsey, missed a fee for Alexis (although we got Miki), was blackmailed by Ozil’s people to give him a massively inflated… Read more »


What kind of blackmail did Özil do to a big legendary club like Arsenal ? Diffamation must be explained.


Ozil continued to run down his contract until there was only six months left, while not excusing Arsenal for their own incompetence there is no doubt that Ozil & his team deliberately delayed to ensure he got a bumper deal.


Look, this might be far from an ideal situation, but the way folk seem to want to blame this all on the club, without knowing the details of what has gone on behind the scenes, is annoying. Fact is, Ramsey has played hard to get and dicked us around over a new contract for well over a year. Now the offer has, apparently, been withdrawn and he’s acting like he’s an innocent party, who’s been wronged by big bad Arsenal, rather than a millionaire who’s looking for a big payday and knows how to manipulate fan opinion. I’m sure if… Read more »


The voice of reason…thank goodness.


Ivan is leaving and that should see an end to the fiasco that has led us to where we are with contract negotiations.

Irrational Gunner

Agree with idea that the club has to explain what happened, as we can sit here speculating the reasons behind everyone’s actions for hours. There is a public relations problem brewing due to the lack of information from the club.


sad news, first wilshere and now ramsey

John Lavery

Wilshere, who is that?


Honestly. I don’t think you be a genuine gunner and say that. By all means believe him surplus to requirements, but he’s arsenal through and through and deserves a bit more respect. How many bones did he break for us?


Very frustrating – I really thought he would go in the Summer since he hadn’t signed a new contract. Seems absolutely insane how we’ve managed this, 30-40 millions left on the table. I think his time was up at Arsenal but I believe he is good enough to play at one of Europe’s top clubs where they could get the best out of him and his talents. Such a shame to see it end so messily.


Many clubs would have snapped our hand off for about £25+ mill for him in the summer. What a waste of money, it’s not like we are swimming in cash.


That doesn’t mean he would have agreed to leave though does it?


Arsene Wenger, please do us Arsenal fans a favour, and become a manager somewhere in Europe (Real Madrid is managerless, wink, wink), sign Ramsey, and let him knock out Spurs, United, City etc every year in Europe.

Teryima Adi


David C

why not just sell in January? Makes no sense this one…

I’m not sure what Rambo was asking for, couldn’t have been more than about 200K a week, but I guess the club feels that’s too much for an injury-prone player who lacks a bit of positional awareness.


I’m sure they’d be happy to sell him in January. But Ramsey will most likely get a much better deal for himself (and his agent. ahem.) waiting until summer and going on a free. In most cases, no transfer fee = bigger wages for a player that is in demand. How in demand? And where? We’ll see. Ramsey gets to make the decision to go or not go in January. If he doesn’t like what’s on offer, he rides out the rest of his contract and fields options from other clubs. The club only gets to negotiate a pittance of… Read more »


The only thing I can think of is that they have someone lined up and hence why they pulled it off the table and stopped any more negotiations. He’s been coming off the bench recently though, but it’s a damn strong bench. I hope we’re not depleting our stock of players. Welbz will be next and he’s been a great sub.


I was wondering about Cesc


Absolutely laughable this.


I think the missing info here is that the ‘deal on the table’ was a relic of Arsene’s days, ie something close to Mezut’s deal but not quite as much. The greedy agent tried to call bluff and hold out for parity but then Emery came in and squashed it.

Ramsey’s team don’t want to admit this as it makes him look like a money grabber. Emery/Arsenal won’t admit it in case it backfires.

I really think it’s that straightforward.

Irrational Gunner

And though we would like more comments from management, this is now Silent Stan’s team lock, stock, and barrel. Maybe we will get more, but I don’t think the whole story will come out until Ramsey is gone.


This has been reported so many times that its getting boring , whatever happens we will see but every month same report is being shoved in our throats as “news”. This is silly now.


Not sure why you got a couple of down votes as I agree with you. This situation is immensely boring now. It was clear a long time ago that Aaron was not going to be signing a new contract and yet everyone seems to be acting surprised. It was the same with Jack even though the writing was on the wall in 20 ft high neon lights. Ramsey has to do what’s right for him and his family. Playing football is his career not a hobby. I wish him well even if he does go to a rival as he’s… Read more »


Sure the financial loss is a hit, no question. But it’s not the first. And hopefully under the new executive structure, the last. What I like about this is that we’ve finally got clarity here, delayed as it is. Unlike the Sanchez/Ozil situation where it went until the winter transfer window.

The loss of the player on the other hand I’m personally not too worried about. Ramsey is, to my mind, more replaceable than a Torreira or even a Xhaka. A box to box skillset is something we should be able to replace with relative ease. Onwards and upwards.

Up North

Utterly stupid managed by Arsenal yet again. One thing is the financials, secondly the way the contract issue was handled and thirdly they’we pissed me off since Ramsey is one of my favourites.
The last one doesn’t bother the club though, but the first one should

Charlie Carter

Could be that we’ve got someone far far better lined up either coming our way in January or next summer…

Uba Ngenegbo

Average player. We do can do so much better.
Senseless though not to have sold him in the summer.


In the summer we didn’t know that Ivan was leaving, and I’d be prepared to put money on it that it was Ivan who “agreed” the contract that Ramsey “sort of agreed to” but never signed. The fact that the club are letting Ramsey leave on a free may be some kind of tacit acceptance that they were technically going back on a deal that in principle had been “agreed”.

Viva la Prof

I can disclose as the number 1 ITK that we wanted to keep him, and he wanted to stay, but Stan Kroenke stopped and said isn’t Ramsey the one that doesn’t like me shooting giraffes with machine guns, and then that was that Ramsey’s out the door.


Bye bye Ramsey. You really, not good enough.


The source is Sky Sports so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt.


It was just so easy when the player just knocked on the managers door and had a nice cup of tea and walked out pledging his services further bring in the agent and bosman ruling and fuck me mayhem the best interests is for the agents pockets rather than the players if we don’t do top 4 then less money available to strengthen the squad Ramseys maybe surplus to requirements in the managers eyes lets hope they stop this happening in the future contracts running down

Glenn Helder's Perm

Have some of these for next time mate

. . . . . . . . .


they’ve decided that his loss is worth accepting in order to restructure the clubs wage bill and demonstrate that the ozil situation – where they end-up agreeing an excessive contract because of the situation – won’t be allowed to happen again. Rambo is a decent player, but I’d back the club’s position.


So they offered him a contract and them withdrew it with not so much as a word. Just like that, eh?

Sounds like bollocks to me.

Frank Bascombe

There’s people on here demanding that Arsenal FC put them in the picture… Must be from out of town.


This sort of thing really annoys me. Why not either sell him last summer or offer him new terms? I know you could argue we got a lot of years out of him, but it’s still utterly stupid that we let someone who could easily command a fee of 30-40 million leave for free. We very nearly saw that with both Ox and Sanchez. Why don’t they try and sell him in the January window? It’s not like we caouldn’t do with the cash to buy a new centre half/left back. I hope this is wrong and there is either… Read more »


One thing we may be missing is how keeping Ramsey cuts off player development. Signing him requires giving some of the young folk less money and playing time, and some of them will have a higher ceiling, be less expensive, and help keep Arsenal in touch with its longterm commitment to player development.

Billy Bob

The main disappointment in this is that we didn’t decide sooner and sold him in the summer but, other than that, I am not too concerned as there are too many players battling for the centre of midfield and we could actually do with some more width!!!


In my humble opinion you cannot have in the same 11 Ozil and Ramsey with balance. So the moment we extended Ozil, we sacrificed Ramsey. However there were so many changes during this summer that made the club hesitate towards Ramsey. Think about Emery. He stepped into a club and on an electric chair. In this job you can be fired by October. I assume he wanted to keep Ramsey just to have as much ammunition as possible without the long term benefits in his mind. Then as he got a better insight of the team during official matches and… Read more »

SLC Gooner

I like Ramsey, and it looks like bad business not to be getting anything for a player of his quality. But I’m not sure that spending a significant amount on wages to keep him would have been the right decision either. We’re already stuck with an overly large wage bill for Ozil, and its not clear to me we can play both of them at the same time successfully. And we’ve got Smith-Rowe coming up. Plus Miki who can also play that position. I will be sad to see him go, but it may be the right choice at this… Read more »

Glenn Helder's Perm

I think either one of two scenarios has happened: 1. Wenger had left a huge contract on the table that either Ramsey had not signed in order to hold out for more dosh, or Unai Emery decided the terms offered previously were not deserved so the offer was withdrawn. 2. Emery offered the contract, Ramsey ummed and ahhhd in an effort to try and negotiate a higher wage, and Emery was having none of it. Although I’ve always rated Ramsey, I’m actually not too fussed if he goes as we have adequate cover for him now. Just pray he’s sold… Read more »


3. Emery’s not in charge of contracts.


His dilly dallying albeit to milk Arsenal for so much lost him the contract. Arsenal needed clarity on Wenger last season and with a new manager this season, I guess the club felt Emery needed to assess the players on ground, Ramsey hasn’t exactly convinced Emery he’s worth the contract he’s asking for with his performance so I’m with the club on this one. I don’t get why fans are faulting the club for not selling him last summer. Had we sold him to whomever and he starts making fireworks albeit these same fans would complain about why he wasn’t… Read more »

Anthony Hylton

The club should use Ramsey to swap and get a player in like they did with Sanchez. Try and get Martial, Bailly, Mata somebody from Man U or just get what they can for Ramsey. I don’t think he will be a big loss, watching him tonight i didn’t see a player who looked a level above Blackpool.


So that’s nearly the end of our famed English core. Only Jenkinson is left and he’ s hardly ever playing.


played tonight and got an assist!


Oh well. He’s decent but there’ll be players more suited to this new system out there. I’m with ClivePAFC on this one. He’s had a single spectacular season. The rest overall is pretty meh. Two Cup Final winners should make you a legend. They haven’t. And that says a fair bit about him as a player.

I’m not that fussed about missing out on the money. The new regime took over a farce of a squad contracts situation. Emery probably thought he could fit him in but he hasn’t been able to. Let him go, live and learn, move on.


Moments of greatness tempered by long periods of not living up to his potential and a frustrating lack of discipline. He shouldn’t be hard to replace.


You can’t give him 250k because yoh wouldn’t be able to sell him. Noone else will give him that much.


Raul trying to set a new chapter in the clubs dealings with player contracts. He is telling everyone that the Ozil contract was a one off.

Giving Ramsey the wages is telling the existing players and future incoming players that we won’t pay the market rates.

I think the strategy for the future is buying future stars on 5 year contracts and not established ones on 3 year contracts.


The club must have been tired with all the contrat rebel..a good warn for other players


Is it that big a loss..While he has done big things for the club is he really integral anymore. Honestly we dont miss him at all on the pitch nowadays.


After Arsenal decided against Ramsey they decided to let him go for free, maybe as thank you to Ramsey.(sign fee for free players?)


Isn’t Rambo going to get a testimonial?……. if anyone deserves it, it’s him.


Genuine question. If we leave the EU without a deal, then Bosman’s don’t apply to UK players anymore. What on earth does that mean for this situation?


Thats why it takes so long


Article still doesn’t say why he was not offered a contract.


(Setting aside the stupidity of not signing him up to get value for a sale) I guess in a way, even though it makes me sad, its probably a good thing and a sign of a new era. Whether you agree or disagree with the actual decision, Emery has decided Ramsey isn’t good enough / doesn’t fit into his ideal system, and so he is letting him go. I feel like under Wenger we too frequently tried to squeeze water from a stone / force quality from players who weren’t providing it, and i guess even if its sad, this… Read more »

Dan nichols

its been badly and messily handled but i think its not the end of the world, we have a lot of mismanagement and being held to ransom to turn around and while this might cost us, i want the manager to have the players he wants on the wages they are worth. I say this as a Ramsey fan, but he doesnt suit Emery, its fair enough for the manager to see him play before making that decision even if the money we’ll lose looks a bad and messy conclusion at least its something of a clean break, dont be… Read more »


Maybe the reason we didn’t sell him in the summer is because emery wanted to see how Ramsey fit into the system. It’s clear from the first few months that Ramsey in the no 10 position isn’t gonna work(hence the contract offer has been withdrawn). The blame for this whole fiasco I believe lies with Gazidis and Ramsey. Also they were a lot of reports saying we’ve signed Miguel Almiron from Atlanta united. Supposed to join us in January. He could be Ramsey’s replacement?

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