Friday, January 27, 2023

Arsenal’s head groundsman announces departure from club

Arsenal’s head groundsman, Reece Watson, has announced his intention to depart the club after more than a decade.

In a statement via his Instagram account, he said:

After 13 years at the club, I have decided to move on to the next chapter. I will leave my position in February to start a new and innovative company which will approach things differently and I’m confident will have a great impact on our industry.

I would like to thank Arsenal FC for the amazing opportunities they have provided me, for which I will be forever grateful. I leave behind a fantastic team and indeed some of my closest friends, all of whom have had such a positive influence on my life.

The playing surface at the Emirates is considered one of the best in Europe, and Watson follows former colleague Paul Burgess who left London to become head groundsman at Real Madrid some years ago.

Hopefully he’ll have success in his new venture, and no doubt the many friends he’s made at Arsenal down the years will ensure he never feels alawn. Leaving a job you’ve been at many years is often a turf decision to make, but he must have thought ‘Sod it, I always seed I was going to give this thing a try’, so best of luck to him.

They say life’s a pitch and then you rye, but we’re sure he’s got a well manicured future ahead of him.


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Tough to squeeze so many grass jokes in. Well blade.


Jokes were a bit weedy.

Good luck to him in the future, great playing surface year after year.

Bernie Brown

They should sack him (or at least put him on gardening leave)


I nearly soiled myself reading those…


Let´s hope the grass will be as green for him on the other side.

Damo Dinkum

I just hope he gets the celery his hard work deserves

Theo the friendly ghost

Best one so far! I’m sure he can fescue plenty more bad pitches in his career.


We should have been garden against this situation occurring.

Rambling Pete

Many people underestimate the importance of a good surface. You wouldn’t play lawn bowls on a mud heap so football’s late acknowledgement of the benefits of a good pitch was always something of a surprise. I remember the ploughed fields of the 70s and 80s where it looked more more like the players were being sent out to re-enact the Second Battle of Ypres than play a game of football. I remember saying to my chum Gibson Gibson, whose parents thought they were very funny people but caused him all manner of strife down the years, that if you were… Read more »


Brilliant as ever.

How do you get that done in 20 minutes?


I spat my coffee out in the computer lab when I read “went right down his chocolate canal”. Rambling Pete is the best

David C

Grassias, amigo!

A Different George

I think I smell gunpowder whenever I see a post from Pete.


@ramblig pete. So glad Gibson survived the arsenal canal trauma. I hope he farts infrequently.


All sounds a bit seedy to me


At least he leaves the grass as green as it gets


I heard he wasn’t well liked at the club. Some say he was a bit of a grass.

Crash Fistfight

I wonder if he’s getting a betting salary in his new job. Good for him if so. Mind you, you know what they say: mow money, mow problems.

DB’s first touch

Sounds like this Watson fella is chasing more greenbacks…his move may yet see us get the rub of the green if we get someone better as his replacement


There’s been a lot of change at the club lately, but this departure could leave us feeling particularly for-lawn.


Bad news – a real pain in the grass


At least he’s not joining Manchester Seedy


I’ve heard he’s joining Grasshoppers

Man Manny

He may be gone to pastures new
But his roots remain here.

Matt Shelton

time for a fresh roll in life

Gudang Bedil

Some dirty jokes we got here!


So that’s the “Crucial behind the scenes man”….
Cheers #DailyExpress


I think these jokes are starting to peater out…


That grass always seemed softer and smoother than my girlfriend’s skin

Canuck Gunner

Typical Arsenal, letting someone run down their contract and letting them go for free. Who next – the ball inflator? When will it end?
(No, I’m not being serious).

David C

haha, that’s great!

Canuck Gunner, where you from? I’m from Toronto. Good year for the Leafs too 🙂

Canuck Gunner

I’m on the west coast. Grew up in Vancouver but now live in Victoria. So have a rather strong animosity to the Leafs as a result of being a Canuck supporter in my youth. But no longer have the passion for hockey.


The club had better thatch a plan quickly for his replacement. I hope Emery gets a chance to overseed the selections.

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