Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Auba: I might bring back the mask celebrations

You have to be pretty confident of scoring to celebrate a goal by popping on a pre-packed face mask for the cameras, but that’s something that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang used to do when he was at Borussia Dortmund.

A prolific scorer during his time at the Westfalenstadion, the Gabon international once marked a strike against Ruhr derby rivals Schalke, by grabbing a Batman mask he’d placed behind the goal before kick-off.

Just for good measure, he even packed a spare for Marco Reus to take part.

On other occasions, he’s sported a Spiderman mask and a balaclava thing that Nike concocted as part of a marketing stunt.

So far, the striker hasn’t gone to such extravagant lengths since moving to Arsenal, but he’s not ruling it out in the future.

“We will see, it depends on my mood,” Auba told Sky Sports when asked about his flirtation with choreographed celebrations.

“I remember the derby when I took the mask of Batman in Dortmund, I had the idea in the morning.

“If I feel good, maybe why not. I have a good feeling now so maybe, we will see.”

Always eager to lend a hand to extrovert athletes in their moment of need, we had a think about what masks might suit Auba.

Jason’s hockey mask…
Hannibal perhaps?
Just in case he scores a…Screamer
Let’s hope he’s not ‘anonymous’
Swayze does it…just like Reagan.
This one doesn’t need a caption
Will he be the Bane of Sp*rs?
Rocky and Dennis always were popular at Arsenal

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Score lots of goals and you can do what you want.

Des Lynam

For a split second I thought that was Ray Parlour in the last photo

Canon Fodder

It looks like the Elephant Man.


I’m pretty sure it’s Jimmy Bullard.


The penultimate pix looks like Harry Kane


Off topic..im worried Real Madrid will come in for Emery….He is spanish as well….:(


Where does he whip these things out from?


no matter what he does my favorite goal celebrations are monreals. so pure.




Yes! Celebrates like a fan, even if it’s someone else who’s scored.

DB's first touch

Coquelin is another who always celebrated his teammates’ goals with more than just a touch of enthusiasm


I know it was a one off due to the occasion and result, but michael Thomas’ odd flailing legs celebration for the winner vs liverpool in 1989 probably has to be the best ever arsenal celebration.

Merlin’s Panini

I used to love Ian Wright’s celebrations. That was the first thing that made me love Arsenal.

Fiers d'être Bleus

Looked so pure. Utter excitement and joy for what he’d just done. Amazing to watch, even to this day.


But Santi and the jig will forever live in my memory – especially since it was a one-off.

And Rosicky’s metal devil horns.


Haha the Harry Redknapp mask at the end there would be great against Sprz


Hairy Redknapp surely, no?

Charlie George

Let’s hope not.

Law 12 of the Laws of Football states that “A player must be cautioned for… covering the head or face with a mask or other similar item”. (See also: lifting a shirt over the head, removing a shirt, climbing the perimeter fence, gesturing provocatively…)

Obviously it’s a stupid rule but its even stupider to get booked for a goal-scoring celebration. It’s a worry that many players and managers – not to mention pundits and commentators – don’t seem to know the rules.


Who would be Robin though?

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