Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Report: Aaron Ramsey linked with Bayern Munich switch

According to Jack Pitt-Brooke in the Independent, Bayern Munich are confident of signing Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer from Arsenal next summer.

The Welsh international has a little over 7 months left on his current deal and, as we all know by now, the club withdrew the offer an extension last month which signalled their intention to let him leave at the end of the season for free.

Although there is always the outside chance of a January move which would boost the transfer coffers a little bit, chances are the player would prefer to see out the remaining months and take advantage of the Bosman ruling in June.

Indeed, the 27 year old stated his intention to stay until the end of the current campaign, saying, “Would I stay for the rest of the season? Of course, yeah.

“I am contracted to Arsenal and I am going to do my best now this season to try and achieve something special.”

A move to the Bundesliga giants would be far preferable than seeing him play for another Premier League, and Ramsey has previously spoken about his desire to go and play abroad – following in the footsteps of his international colleague Gareth Bale who sometimes plays for Real Madrid between rounds of golf and groin strains.

The midfielder has made 16 appearances for the Gunners so far this season, and along with Hector Bellerin tops the Premier League assist charts for Arsenal players with four each.

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Ordnance Dave

Would tie in to reports that Bayern are lining up Wenger as DOF


But what is a director of football?

Ordnance Dave

Direct’s the football…


But I remember him saying that he doesn’t even know what Director of football means.

Tasmanian Jesus

He found out the other day what it means, and is now (maybe) keen to become one.


Nice one Aaron, great for all concerned.


“Great fro all concerned”? It’s hardly great for Arsenal as we get fuck all for a player we could, and should have sold in the summer for £30-40 million.


I think we got 2 FA Cup winners out of him, so…


I’m not talking about what he did in the past. Ramsay’s a great player and I would have liked us to keep him. Failing that I would’ve thought if we weren’t going to offer him a new contract then the best thing to have done would be to have sold him in the summer when we could have got a decent price and re-invested that money in the squad.

DB's first touch

still not sure why the club didn’t attempt to salvage this situation by signing Ramsey and then selling him for a decent fee this coming summer.


I understand, but I think this language we use, like “we got fuck all for a player” who barely cost us anything to begin with, makes it seem a lot worse than it is.
Gazidis was still here in the summer, and it’s pretty clear that he wanted Ramsey to stay. I just think the way that situation played out determined Ramsey’s situation, so in hindsight what could have been done differently?

A Fleeting Glimpse

Who in their right mind would pay 30/40 million for him.


Someone paid 35 for Ox with his injury history.


Except the club.. Which invested heavily in a player that we now lose for nothing. It’s not as if the club did enough to sort it out, but this situation is not great for all concerned.


True, but that’s all in the past, have to deal with it. From this point on it’s a good outcome. Better than seeing him rolled out in Salford anyway.

My Arse-nal

It’s not good for my dog that I named Ramsey after Aaron. I will never be able to look at him in the same way again. And calling his name will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. My Mrs said we should have called him Ozil but when we got him the was talk of him leaving. Moral of this, don’t name your dog after current players, haha!


The fact you didn’t name your dog Niklas after the one and only sickens me.

Faisal Narrage

Good move for all parties. Don’t think he’s worth the contract offered and his performances this season positively conclude he isn’t what we need in midfield (anymore); what he brings to the table (runs into the box and scoring) is provided by others (Auba and Laca), his energy in midfield is replaced by Torreira, and he doesn’t provide the dribbling of Mkhi and Iwobi, the passing of Xhaka and the tenacity and defending of Torreira. Plus I suspect the rise of Guendouzi has played a part in Arsenal’s decision. But I wouldn’t begrudge him a move to Bayern. Almost guaranteed… Read more »


Tough but fair. Think we have to acknowledge that Ramsey’s an exquisitely talented footballer while accepting that we need something a bit different right now. Maybe a specialist winger or a specialist box-to-box midfielder instead of a player who does everything well but doesn’t excel at one specific thing.

That’s the difference between him and Xhaka – Ramsey is definitely the better all-round player, but Xhaka is more useful to the team.

Faisal Narrage

Not sure why we’re getting downvoted but I suspect it’s because we’re not getting money for him. People need to get over it. It’s not ideal, but no point crying over spilt milk now. It’s a legacy mistake by the old management and hopefully we don’t have to deal with another player in his last contract (something that started with Nasri). I dunno why people want us to keep getting angry because we’re losing him for free, what would you like us to do now? Offer him £250k a week for someone who’s now at best a sqauddie? Get real.… Read more »


I’m confused about the downvotes myself.. You both make compelling and truthful arguments. I love Ramsey but he’s just not what this team needs to improve.


Think how much we could have sold him for!! Madness….lets hope they learn from this and it doesnt happen again.


Give us Tolisso in return and call it even. Get that Lacazette Tolisso connection back from the Lyon days. Great player that seems to be stagnating at Bayern?


He’s not stagnating really. Played well when fit and would be an important player for them if he wasn’t injured that often.


Tolisso is injured and wont be available till next year. And when he’s available he usually plays. But love the wishful thinking tho


Oh right. Makes sense as to why i haven’t seen him for a while. A torn ACL generally takes you out of the spotlight.


How would one not stagnate, football-wise, with a torn ACL…


good luck to him. don’t know where he will fit in in that squad but I guess he’s a decent squad player to have for them.


One of Thiago or James may leave in the summer,so there will be a free squad place. Goetzka and Sanches are yet to fully convince too.


I Have no problem seeing him play for another premier league club. Wish him well but he is definitely not top top quality


?????…The comment section feels like this post is about former Spurs captain Aaron Ramsey.Or maybe I’m just sad to see him leave..Wonder which one it is ?

Harish P

On the plus side, if it happened it wouldn’t be long before we’re back into the Champions League that we’ll see him at the Emirates again. Probably be group stage and KO that year too, knowing our luck.

Northern Gooner

Nah, mate…if that were to happen I think Ramsey will be in the losing side, again.


Shows how good he is, going to a small club like Bayern Munich.


He is good, but incredibly inconsistent. Enough of your cloying attempts.


I’m sorry that you didn’t get an obvious attempt at humour.

I’ll add ‘lol jks’ next time.


I think she got it though..


Cloying attempts?


I don’t even know what cloying means. We don’t use that in Canada


Bayern is not a big club, sorry, check the table and the European results.


Agreed, that’s what I said about Bayern.


No player who has forcibly left us has gone on to have a great career.

Henry, Hleb, Flamini, Nasri, Eboue, Song, Adebayor, Kolo, Vieira, Ox.. the list is long..
Fabregas and Ashley Cole probably the only exceptions.

Lets see how this one fares.. I wish him well though!


My bad. Ramsey is not leaving forcibly here but still.


Henry? Won the Champions League with Barca didn’t he?


Are we still not talking about the RVP to Manure thing?


Oxlade-Chamberlain’s FA Cup semi-final performance for us against City at Wembley made sure Guardiola finished his first season in England without a trophy. Then at Liverpool last season he destroyed City in both of those Champions League ties. The guy’s done more than most players to expose Guardiola for the chequebook manager he is, so for that reason alone let’s leave him out of this please.

And how can you include Vieira on this list when he won Serie A for like 4 seasons in a row after leaving us

historical truth

Well Henry won Champions League and La Liga after leaving. Sure, he wasn’t the main man, but his career was decent to say the least. Nasri won Premier League twice playing both seasons over 30 games, but you’re right, you cannot call anything great that is connected to him anyway.

A Fleeting Glimpse

He hasn’t left us we have told him we don’t want him. Very wise from the club.

Tasmanian Jesus

Fabregas was never again as good as he was with us, with a team built around him.


Bale between goal and groin strain… Ramsey between groin and hamstring strain.

jim wall

We should have sold mickhi summer gone, gave Ramsey mickhi wages 200 grand, and sold ramsey this summer coming 30/40 millon great bit of bussiness…


Why on earth should we have sold a player who was excellent for us and better than Ramsey.

jim wall

50/60millon for both, would that be good enough reason


You’re claiming Mikhi has played better for Arsenal than Ramsey?


people have gone full MAGA


Yes. He’s a class above Ramsey and his link up play with Aub is very positive


Good. Let’s go and sign Cesc on a free.


What a complete fuck up!


They really do love themselves a free transfer, don’t they? And they seem to be collecting b2b midfielders – Tolisso, Goretzka, Ramsey.. and Vidal before that.


Tolisso is their most expensive signing ever.

Robin Van Pursestrings

Good enough for Bayern, not good enough for Arsenal. Makes sense. Still think he could have a first team role at Arsenal this season, would love to see link up with Özil from a CM position. Would have to be more positionally disciplined & more tactically and defensive aware. We’ve all been saying that for years though. But I think Emery could get through to him and could offer more than Xhaka from that position


Now would be the time to give Xhaka a rest and see how Ramsey fares with Torriera.


Since The Torreira and Xhaka partnership we haven’t lost a match so why change it?

Faisal Narrage

I’d like to see Mustafi up front.
Would have to become an amazing and proficient striker and change his game completely, but if he did that, it could work definitely.

See? I can do it too 😉

People need to let go of the idea hat ramsey is a world class CM. He isn’t.
And going to Bayern doesn’t mean he’s what we need. Song went to Barca, I didn’t hear the arguments of “well if he’s goood enough for Pep, he’s good enough for us”.

Dave Ingram

Interesting thought he could only talk to foreign clubs in January


Officially sign pre-contract agreement in January. Talking to foreign clubs always.


Think discussions and verbal agreements are okay, but they can’t legally sign a pre-contract until then.


Would love this tbh – he’d be an excellent Vidal replacement for them and wouldn’t tarnish what he’s done for this club by moving to a rival. However been down this road before with the Alexis + PSG noise sadly.


Despite the pathetic implication that he’s been influential and productive this season (“tops the PL assist charts for Arsenal players”), he’s far from irreplaceable. I couldn’t give a monkey’s where he ends up.


Cool, we were all wondering whether or not you cared about where he ends up.


As a proudly self-sustaining club it really damages us to have valuable players leaving on frees, especially in this brutally competitive league.

Ramsey bears part of the blame for that, so don’t be surprised if some of us aren’t blowing kisses and throwing flowers at him on his way out.


So no player went on to well after leaving? Ahem.. Ashley Cole,multiple premier league,FA Cup,League Cup,Champions league. I can’t like the fella but not too shabby.


He was a mediocre player. I can’t see him being good enough for Bayern. But if they want him then good: he’s off our wage bill. The good thing is that we can spend his wages on the type of players we actually need: defenders.


My bad, I saw Fabregas but missed Cole. I do think Ashley Cole is unique in that he improved as a player after leaving.Plenty that won league titles,other cups,even Champions League,but all others think we saw their best years.Cole actually got better ( could say that about Andy as well as Ashley but Andy left early in his career so not a fair comparison)

Faisal Narrage

Sadly, Nasri got better at City.


Yes I suppose. I wonder if he will come back to the Premier League ? Very talented,even if not very likeable.


No he didn’t. He was never a main player for them.


the club should hang its head in shame, at how they have treated Ramsey. He played 10 yrs at low wages, and when he asked for a big contract at the end, they jerked him around. Shameful. The Arsenal Way seems to have disappeared.


Well, Brits have been quite successful this season in Bundesliga…Nelson and Sancho for starters.


May have to watch this impending Brexit fall out though. With a limit on 12 foreign players per squad, price for British/young players will be even more inflated. May be worth considering strongly if paying the extra wages for Ramsey is a better option. Personally, feel we already have too many of the same type players in Ozil, Ramsey and Mhkitaryan. Also potential of Smith Rowe makes it easier to release Ramsey. BUT this whole Foreign/Domestic issue is problematic. Would prefer to see a gradual phasing in, maybe say 15 foreign/10 domestic players first. That would be easier to achieve… Read more »

Peter B

About time. He’s been an awful player for us over the years. Had one good season, which his defenders constantly harp on about. Is that enough for a team like Arsenal? One season in ten? I think not

Very happy our new manager wants him gone. What Wenger saw in him I will never know.

Mark my words, we will be much stronger without him next season

alderweireld science

Ya done messed up A-a-ron!


This one doesn’t make sense to me!!! I’d love to know the truth, I mean surely Ramsey is worth a new contract!! His prime years are still to come.

Either way a player of that calibre on a free contract is bound to get a great move!! Always gave his all in good times and bad!! All the best to him

Matt P

I’d like to see us sign Frenkie deJong from Ajax to replace Ramsey.

Merlin’s Panini

I wouldn’t begrudge him a move to Bayern or Juventus. He’s been a good servant to the club, scored some important and exquisite goals but fit into this team at the moment. He is a master improvisor and a great player when he has the right players around him. He always seemed to link up so well with Giroud.
As long as he doesn’t go to another English club I will wish him all the best.

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