Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Confirmed: Holding suffers ACL injury

Rob Holding will be out of action for six to nine months after Arsenal confirmed he ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee at Manchester United on Wednesday.

The centre-back suffered the injury falling awkwardly under a challenge from Marcus Rashford and was immediately sent back to London for tests.

Unfortunately, the news is as bad as it can gets when it comes to knee problems. He’ll undergo surgery in the coming days before beginning his rehabilitation.

It’s tremendously sad news for a player who has really impressed this season under the new regime. We wish him all the best with his recovery.

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Bad news, he has been great for us and improving.

Does anyone know what his chances of making a full recovery are ad coming back stronger? I’m obviously hoping not , but is there a danger that he is permanently affected by this?

Fingers crossed.


If he went to Mexico and pumped himself full of stem cells and HGH he’d likely be back playing within 3 months, with his leg in better condition than before his injury.


I’m so tired of this “coming back stronger” nonsense after an injury. If being injured improves your form, breaking bones and joints would be a regular pre-season activity by now.


You may want to do some research on stem cell treatment, it’s perfectly possible to not just repair but also strengthen post injury, or even strengthen without an existing injury.


i believe it’s described as “well wishes”. what would you rather people say?

Eayy Up It’s A Great Goal for The Arsenal

I guess you haven’t heard that boxers and Martial arts people deliberately break their knuckles and firearms because they grow back stronger.

Eayy Up It’s A Great Goal for The Arsenal

Forearms **

Naija Gunner



It’s definitely possible to make a full recovery, and since he is young he has an even better chance. The biggest thing is mentally trusting the new ACL.

I tore mine a couple years ago while skiing. I had a rockstar surgeon and everything went as well as it could have. I could run after 6 months, but it honestly took over a year for it to feel good again. Of course I, ahem, am not an elite athlete.


At his age he’ll come back as if nothing happened. An ACL surgery today is minimally invasive. He’ll be just fine long term. Barring any nightmare complications like Santi.

David C

and he should be back a bit early given his age.

Best wishes, Robbie! Unlucky lad.

scott rice

He was more than unlucky. It was a nasty foul by the Man Utd player who should have been shown a card. Yet the referee didn’t even award a free kick (if I remember correctly). By the way I would have said the same thing had it happened the other way round. I feel very strongly that premiership referees do not protect players enough.

Finnish Gooner

Depends of course, but, as far as I know, by far most people make a full recovery after ACL surgery today. I had ACL surgery a little over two years ago, and only a year after it it hardly ever bothered me at all. (Granted I’m not a professional athlete, but my point is about the physical recovery.)

It can affect some people psychologically though, with a loss of confidence or even fear while playing after coming back. Obviously being out for so long is hard to take for any player. Let’s hope he comes back stronger!


Sure, Bobby Pires had two I think. Didn’t slow him down much


he’ll be fine. just will take time.


Hope we buy someone in january


we can’t really buy anyone unless he is British – so either we recall Chambers or work with what we’ve got


Why can’t we buy someone who is not English?


Why so many thumbs down. What is a better solution. Even without his injury we needed a class central defender. I am bemused

Faisal Narrage

Remember how people were clamouring for a CB last summer? Well if that happened, Holding wouldn’t have been given his chance to flourish.

So maybe we repeat the same process and give Mavropanos a chance, perhaps?


Mavrapanos is very young and a raw talent, we are playing back 3 now so need more depth than we did at the beginning of the season and current options can be improved of as is. A new signing doesn’t have to block holding or Mavrapanos given koscielny’s age and Mustafi’s condition


Lol Mustafi’s condition




Our best centre back.I hope his time off does not hinder his progress.


That’s exactly my worry and fear for him. But we can be hopeful and optimistic on his behalf..


Such a sad news. Get well soon Maldini. Your place in this team is already assured. We are all behind you.


Rob “Holdini”


Fuck !


Get well soon, we will be waiting for you Rob


Fuck it!! How come we’ve been so unlucky with our defenders this year? Mustafi has bee the only defender not to have had a major injury in the last 12 months.


It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

Charlie Gilmour's Girls

Also like a free ride when you’ve already paid


Don’t rate him, but of course, we’ll miss him.

What is amazing, that if this would have happened under Wenger, he would have been lambasted for overplaying him. You could see in the ManU game, that he was physically/mentally weak from the start, so, unfortunately, playing him in Kiew was a mistake (in hindsight, as it always is).

Really hope it’s not the start of it happening to many other players, who outperformed physically over the last few months.


and by the way… can we please find a better word than “regime” – it really doesn’t fit


How about “leadership”?

BTW: in case you hadn’t noticed we’re desperately short of fit defenders, hence the “overplaying” of Holding.


Always one


How about fuck off!!!! Stupid comments

Harish Hirani

Fucking bollocks.


Between 25 the of November and 6th December, Holding played 4 matches, 3 of then were against top teams. Sure,he may not have gotten tired but I wasn’t very happy when he was picked in the starting 11 at Vorskla. Had he been rested that day, he might have recuperated and not got injured.
I know Unai has been good with his rotation policy but this was a mistake on his part.

Mesut O'Neill

Tiredness had no part to play, it was an impact injury caused by an overzealous player (Rashford) trying to prove his Cunt of a manager wrong (no name needed)


ACL is not an impact injury. In fact there are still many mysteries around this type of injury, fatigue / recovery could definitely play a role.

Finnish Gooner

How is an ACL rupture not an impact injury? It literally happens due to an impact, rather than stress, overuse etc. Of course fatigue could play a role, but surely it’s still an impact injury.


No, many ligament and soft tissue injuries occur where there is even no contact whatsoever – of course there will be some movement involved, but it can happen when turning, catching a stud in the turf or missing a step etc.

William Brooks

I did mine jumping for a header no one near me.

Faisal Narrage

There are 2 types of injury; acute and chronic, and about 30% of sports injuries are acute, which includes ACLs.

ACL injury can happen because of either. This one was probably a combination of both.
But I don’t blame Unai. He made the decision based on Holding being younger and probably having less accumulative fatigue compared to Mustafi, yet fresher than Sokratis. He was the only logical choice.

Faisal Narrage

Huh? Mystery? Not an impact injury?
News to me. Maybe the guy who flew shoulder-first into my knees wasn’t contact at all.


Spot on!!


You spoke my mind! Exactly I was thinking the same in Utd match itself.


I’ll say it’s all on Rashford’s overzealousness towards pleasing his fucked up manager who solely believe that the only way to beat Arsenal is to be overbearingly very physical on their player (reminds me of the recent revelation about the cunt coach on Ramsay’s case in the past). Get the ball back from them or break a leg while trying… So pissed off!

A Different George

There were an incredible number of dirty/intentional/dangerous fouls in that match, but I thought Rashford’s was absolutely an attempt to play the ball, with no recklessness at all. No blame to him; shit happens.


The best Rashford could have hoped for was knocking the ball out for an Arsenal throw, I don’t think it justified the challenge

Micky Tayrian

Fuck it. A lovely lad and one of our best players at the moment. Get better soon


Oh come on, for motherf*cking f*ck’s sake!


Definitely do not rush him back and aim for a full recovery early into next season. I am really surprised we don’t see more ACL injuries in football.


I’d say there’s no guarantee he’ll make it back for the beginning of next season.

89 was fine

Very sad news for him. He’s stepped up and shown us he’s got what it takes to be in our back line for years to come. Looking back the challenge on him was one of a few shity one’s that went unpunished.


heartbroken for broski…come back bigger, faster and stronger!


of course it’s the worst possible news. FML


He’ll also lose out on 6 months of development. This is a great time to be developed while the fans are still forgiving in this new era. Developing young defenders is always risky.


He’ll get that time in the gym so will likely come back physically stronger.
It’s also a good opportunity to go through Emerys video collection.
Neither is as good as actually playing of course


Very sad indeed. My prayers will remain with you Rob. Quick recovery..


Hope Mavropanos steps up now. We kinda need him to. If we qualify for the CL, I think we’ll spend some big money on an established CB in the summer.


That’s the main pity, he would have had a whole season to become that established CB.


Really sad news. Love this guy. Get well soon big man.


Shocking news for him, hope he has a speedy recovery. Remember Theo getting a bad one a couple of years ago, a nightmare to come back from. Had an outside chance of going to the nations league finals as well.

Saying that, I think this should put the frankly bizarre decision to loan out Chambers under greater scrutiny. Kos will likely be in and out with recurring problems so we’re now down to 2 senior CB and a host of outsider options like Monreal, Elneny and (gulp) Corporal Jenks….


Join the discussion…I don’t think Monreal is an outsider loose_cannon. He has been an excellent defender over the years. There is also the young Greek defender Mavropanos to come back from injury. We can also ask the Great Igor Stepanofs to make a comeback.

Tony Adams Nose

So gutted for Rob, just when I hoped to see a three at the back Rob, Kozzy and Sok.


F*ck, F*ck and F*ck! Get well soon Rob Holding better than Cannavaro!!


On the same topic ( not quite) , the level of aggression shown by Manure players (inc Rashford) was sub par, disgusting. You can see they work on it in training as well as jumping like ballerinas as soon as they are touched. As a professional football players I wouldn’t mind a bit of cunning but this is another level/dimension of cunting. No wonder he loses the dressing room if football is not is priority.


Isn’t the renewed level of commitment and physicality what has been admired this year in Emery’s Arsenal. We are no longer the dandy dans playing the ball around and being fouled all over the pitch for our efforts.


I agree but there is a clear difference between physicality and being nasty, clipping ankles with studs and tripping someone…

Wild bill

Terrible ‘challenge’ by Rashford. Morons will no doubt praise his desire and strength but there is a big difference between using your body strength to muscle a guy off the ball and taking a running shoulder charge at a guy from a near ninety degree angle. Excessive force is a phrase that seems reserved for bad slide tackles but it seems apt here. Was he at least booked?

Merlin's Panini

Such a shame for him. He’s had a very good season up until this point.
It’s a good thing he’s still very young so this should mean he can make a full recovery.
He’s been quietly going about his business and really impressed a lot of fans. He has a very mature head on those young shoulders and I think he will have a very fine career with us. May even develop into a future captain.
I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he can come back at least by preseason 2019.


Gute Besserung Holding. That tackle was needless from Rashford. I have never seen Arsenal players given opponents injury in tackles. Wish you the very best and recovery


Big Rob Holding! Potential AFC legend in the making. ACL injury potentially worse for those who are very reliant on speed and explosivity (eg Walcott, he never really got back to form did he?), lets hope Holding continues on his smartness, which was blossoming

Teryima Adi

Get well soon, Son. Here’s wishing you a quick recovery.


Rob Holding, y’know…he’s better than Cannavaro!

Gudang Bedil

It’s true. I had my thumb nail chopped off. And when it grew back, it came back stronger, bolder, and harder.

Jason daniels

Really disappointing. He is our new tony adams and future captain

Billy Bob

I think with welbeck and holding both being out injured for significant time and the former leaving at the end of the season, as well as Kos and nacho being injury prone and coming to the end of their respective careers, it would be sensible to by two players in the January transfer window – a defender and a right winger. I hear rumours about Pepe which would be great but who we might be looking at for the defence, be it centre or left back, will be interesting!! Investing in these two positions would, I think, ensure we get… Read more »

Naija Gunner


Godfrey Twatsloch

The time he sent that cunt Arnautovic flying and dislocated his arm. I know there are other things to football but handing it back to Arnautovic is a major moment in any Arsenal players career.

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