Thursday, September 28, 2023

Emery refuses to promise January signings

Unai Emery says he’s not a great believer in recruiting in the January transfer window but he admits the club are doing their best to unearth a player who could make a difference.

The Spaniard has already said that Rob Holding’s long-term injury means he could do with more options in defence but he’s also suggested that he could lean on younger players in the second half of the season.

Speaking after Arsenal’s 3-2 defeat at Southampton, Emery told his post-game press conference why he’s not a big fan of mid-season signings.

“It is not easy, I don’t believe a lot in this [January] transfer window because it is not a very big possibility with the players,” he said.

“The club is working only if some players can help us with a high level or better than [what we have].

He added: “I don’t know now, because we don’t have a lot of possibility in January but if we can [we will find] someone to help us.

“But only if we think they are the player than can help us with good performance. January is not good for this reason, but we are going to look and the club is working for this in January.

“Our progress is also with young players and we need to give them more chances to play and show us their progress. But also for our big demands, we need a high level on the pitch and in the squad.”

Real Valladolid defender Fernando Calero is a name that has been linked with the Gunners, but that aside, there’s not been much speculation.

Perhaps that might change now that we’ve surrendered our 22-game unbeaten run.

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Richard Dwyer

Like to see Medley will get a few games, he just looks like he can play – hopefully he can.

Kwame Ampadu Down

We look a bit like Liverpool in Klopp’s first season for me. We have a manager who has reinvigorated the club, fans & players….but we are lacking a bit in quality. Hopefully the club back him….both in terms of giving him time & backing him in the market.

Mr Sweaty

I said exactly this to my mate. The smart Liverpool fans knew they had the right man in charge, they just needed to back him and allow him to mould the squad his way. This team is still in transition and after a few transfer windows we will see more of a team suited to what the boss wants


I don’t know… I think Unai is solid and should ideally stick around a while. Our owners are a different matter.

Ever since they got bitch slapped over Suarez, I genuinely question if they have any dignity or a sense of the club’s reputation. If they spend, it’ll be because of the “spend some f****** money” chants, not to back an undoubtedly good manager.


5th place looks nailed on atm. Hope we can get top 4 but not so optimistic after today.

Faisal Narrage

Tbh I was always dubious about top 4. We’re doing better than expected as United are sh*t, but spurs kept their players and Chelsea were champions 2 years ago.

My hope, and still is, is the Europa League tournament. We win that *European trophy) and backdoor to the CL.


I don’t know, I think there is still a good chance for top 4. Spuds and Chelski both toiled yesterday. Of course they made it in the end but still a long way to go. A slip up is going to happen somewhere and I think we should see both teams as beatable from our own point of view.

Faisal Narrage

““Our progress is also with young players and we need to give them more chances to play and show us their progress.” Fully agree. I think people need to accept this squad needs significant surgery and 1 players in Jan isn’t gonna solve it all, especially as we probably don’t have the funds to buy the quality required. We look spent and running on fumes as our squad isn’t are large as we thought. Hoping the likes of Smith-Row, AMN, maybe Saka, Eddie, and maybe even the return of Mavros can help the squad. I know depending on youth is… Read more »


With the exception of Man City I think more than ever clubs are going to have to rely on their youth systems, either as a way of generating sales or providing quality to the team


Liverpool look to have a pretty strong squad though, considering the players they have out. Chelsea as well, especially in midfield.


“…depending on youth is boring…” – well, while the late-season slumps were not awesome, I personally had lots of fun during [most of] Project Youth.

Faisal Narrage

I agree. I found Project Youth far more exciting than Project Wing-It, which came after (were we just doubt whatever good quality was available, shoehorned them in, and just kinda went forward with no clear direction). People don’t want to hear it but Project Youth was viable, we just didn’t have enough academy quality to sustain it, and couldn’t hold on to the good ones. Spurs have gotten to where they are now due to a similar Youth project. We now have an academy and a crop that we can finally build Project Youth on, and I think we need… Read more »


I think the transfer team will have a pretty good idea of who they want, but it will depend if those players are available in January. There’s no point in buying a fourth or fifth choice player unless they absolutely have to. Pavon is apparently available, I don’t know much about him, but if he’s any good he’s a possibility. We also have some good youngsters coming through and there is talk of the home grown quota being increased, so it’s tricky. I really think we could do with a couple of signings to refresh the team, and if at… Read more »


This is a different Arsenal, providing Kroenke gives the ok? I’m backing Raul+Sven to do the necessary business.
We need width as well as a centre back.
Bids exceeding £20mill for Rambo, £15mill for Elneny and £20mill for Ozil and they’ll be moved on.

Faisal Narrage

You REALLY think a player available for free in almost 6 months and can sign a pre-contract with anyone outside of the UK will cost £20M?



I think you’d be stretching to get £15million for Elneny. He doesn’t play and when he does, he hardly convinces.


League is a Marathon .. none of our neighbors look like worldbeaters Chelsea had theier moment but look way more human now and rely a lot on Hazard the scum are reliant on arry and Eriksen. We have had an amazing run that was always going to come to an end at sometime as far as I’m concerned we are ahead of schedule and top 4 is definitely achievable time to go on a new winning run and our target can be met.


Top four is unlikely. We are conceding rubbish goals to rubbish teams. We have to score two or three goals to win a game. Let’s be honest: Spuds, the Chavs and the top two are better than we are. Over 38 games the extra quality will show. Our only hope for CL football next season is to win the EL. We should also concentrate on the League Cup and the FA cup: in one-off games we can beat anybody.


Top 4 is achievable but can’t help but feel the squad will need January surgery to make it happen. We have massive issues at CB, we have question marks at attacking mid (Ozil, Mkhi and Iwobi are crazy inconsistent and Ramsey is off) and we’re one Torerria injury away from having a powderpuff engine room. Comparatively City, Liverpool and Chelsea have much deeper squads.

Upstate Gooner

CB, LB, decent winger… in that exact priority. 2 out of 3 would be a dream in January. But I’d be okay with a one versatile defender in the same mold as Sagna for example who could easily slot in as a full back and a center back. We desperately need cover as our defense stinks.


Surrendered is the correct verb. What a disappointing performance. It’s these sort of games where welbeck and Socrates’ physicality would have been invaluable


Yeah sure, let’s play the kids and win the toughest top4 race in the history of PL.
Why not.
Crazier things have been said.

Donald's Trump

Is that you Alan Hansen?


i know ther will bring 3 players at least in jan > i mean look at our defence today . only natural cb was playing and he is just came from long injury . we dont have good bench > we need 2 cb and natural pacy winger asap

Faisal Narrage

2 CB (I imagine they should be world class or what’s the point) in Jan?
So who of Kos, Mustafi, Sokratis or Mavropanos are we selling? Or you genuinely think we’re gonna buy 2 CBs to stock up on the 6 on our books? And I’m guessing you have no intention of giving youth a chance.

Basically, are you Jose?


You can’t honestly think we’ll bring in 3 players in January, especially considering none of our transfer guys are a fan of this window. Nor will we make the same mistake as panic buying, I think the club would be better off just managing the situation til we can get the guys we want, not the guys who will sit on a contract and never be used again.


We’d been riding our luck for a while, Emery is doing great, but unless Kroenke dusts the cheque book off? Then top 4 looks slightly out of reach.
We could do with a centre half+Right sided forward, hopefully if we get some offers for Ozil, Rambo, Elneny? We can use those funds towards getting players in who fit Emery’s mould.


Fans are calling out for Money to be spent but we know we’re hamstrung by the current wage bill. We need to shift a lot of excess spending before we can sign real quality


We need to start putting the ‘can be recalled’ clause in our loan deals, Chambers would be quite useful in situations like this


Would he really? Not setting the world alight at Fulham, really. Their defence is probably just about as bad as ours has been.


Working with the new coaching staff, you never know. Better option than Xhaka at the back

89 was fine

I’m really not bothered about the top 4 spot. With a fully fit squad for the season is the only way we would make that 4th spot. This team needs plenty of work and the manager will have to buy new players to improve. It’s a great journey were on and maybe we’ll grab a cup win along the way as we evolve. We’ve had a few years of poor performance and negatively which is to the manager’s credit in the past. We’re learning a new way to play and most players are responding positively. Wherever we finish up its… Read more »

Nordin Bin Hassan

Our CBs have not been on the same par or level that is required of a top PL team, except perhaps Sokratis in last few games. Even our GK Leno is suspect with crosses, same problem with Ospina before. The third goal was simply shambolic goalkeeping. I read Özil blamed for the third goal. Thank goodness the first two. That is utter prejudice. He lost the ball trying to make things happen, but there were several moments to counter that… especially that failed attempt by Leno to stop the cross and the marking of theor forward was non existant. How… Read more »


Transfer window is a Transfer window no matter whether it is summer or winter. When you have problem in your squad you should go to transfer market and find the player you want to strengthen the squad. If another one or two players injured for whole season don’t you go to the transfer market Mr. Emery… Don’t say January transfer window has less possibility or something like that. Go and get the players needed for the squad no matter whether it is Summer or winter transfer window. If Arsenal don’t buy at least one defender in this January transfer window,… Read more »


Sounds like what Wenger use to say.


well if that’s the case, don’t blame the players if, and when we get beat, our defence is third rate, auba looks like Walcott in disguise, and ozil looks nothing like an arsenal player, you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear, fifth spot here we come

Billy Bob

Yes I think youth should be given a chance but, in the case of the defence, I think a top quality signing it is a must!! Further forward I think ESR will battle it out with Ozil for number 10, whilst Nelson will rotate with Iwobi, on the right mhki needs some competition so I would invest in a quality winger

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