Arsenal suffered a humiliating 5-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield this evening, despite taking the lead through Ainsley Maitland-Niles. A Roberto Firmino hat-trick, coupled with goals from Salah and Mane condemned the Gunners to their biggest defeat since Unai Emery took over.

It was depressingly bad.

Read the Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal match report and see the goals here


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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that when Lichtsteiner first joined arsenal, people were saying he was going to be challenging Bellerin for the RB position. Once Bellerin is back there is no way Lich should be allowed anywhere near the football pitch again.


I never thought that he was a real competitor for Hector but I thought as a CD in a back 3 he could be quite useful with his experience. But he’s terrible. Makes more stupid defensive errors than Mustafi and Kolasinac together. Thankfully it’s just a one season contract. Was about as effective as the Silvestre signing.


Thing is, at juventus he wasn’t even particularly good defensively. He was always an attacking minded fullback or wingback and now his legs have gone I really can’t see what he offers anywhere on the pitch.


Is he on a one-year with an option of a second? No way he’s getting that second year. Disappointed with him from the 5 wr signed because it seemed so perfect, a battle-hardened, veteran, serial-winner on a free. Now he is such a liability every time a team runs at us. Maybe it really is time to consider starting Jenkinson, he can’t do any worse..
Hector, get back soon!

ricky rick

I thought it made sense at the time too, especially with experience and as a back up. He made 27 apps for Juve last year and made a big difference for them coming on vs Sp*ds in that game they turned around (granted with a much, much, much better back 4 and GK). I guess he was made to look a lot better by what was around him.


Suring the game was thinking – better have Jenks. At least he runs faster than Pool’s attackers walk…
And thinking we actually sent a decent CB on loan and have to deal with this lot. Oh dear.


What’s the point


it seems it’s only weeks ago that people were praising lichtsteiner’s shithousery, even in the NLD. i’m not saying there weren’t signs from the start (i. e. that he’s twice as old as his pass makes him out to be), there were and they were aknowlegded, but it feels like that unbeaten run did make us blind to some of our weak spots in spite of all of our caution


I’d still appreciate his shithousery, assuming he manages to catch to the player to begin, to commit said shithousery….

A Fleeting Glimpse

Just like to remind folk that Ozil played against Liverpool at the emerates and we pressed em and it worked. We played very well that day. Still let’s not let truth get in the way of a good myth. Ozil ain’t suited bla bla bla


Didn’t play against spuds either when we played the best we have all season


that was more down to foyth


when ozil is there they have fear


I can only assume Emery didn’t realise the pace of the premier league when bringing the player to the club and thought he would be a regular in the side. I thought Lichsteiner was just a signing that would have been a good influence in the dressing room and would only be involved in a minimal amount of matches. What concerned me most today was when the whole defence was losing the plot that lichsteiner with all his experience didn’t have a commanding authority to calm the defence down and he was just dreadful and just a liability. He can’t… Read more »

David Beck

Emery didn’t sign him – or anyone for that matter.


Niles and fucking Iwobi were our calmest and best performers. Embarrassing from all our ‘senior’ players.

Reality check

I personally didn’t think he’d play this much tbh. I wasn’t expecting much from a player who hasn’t been a regular for Juve for good 3-4 years. What i did however expect from him is exactly what he’s brought to the squad and especially Hector – character.


Agreed. But why all the focus on Lichtsteiner? He was shit but really no worse than anyone else in the back line. Or Torreira and Xhaka today to be fair.


I expected we are going to loose, but at a more respectable score line. But it turned out to be a more respectable score line than the 8-2 Old Trafford trashing. It is crystal clear that our defense is the big liability, right from the beginning of the season but Emery doesn’t seem to know how to fix it. There is still 18 games left, still have enough time to do something about it….so please Emery, Sven, whoever….do something!

Kudos for Iwobi and Ainsley for making the 8th goal against them.




I would rather have Debuchy playing for us right now than Lichtsteiner. The guy was class as is evident from his form at St. Etienne after he left us. It was just unfortunate that he never got a run in the team as Bellerin was rarely injured and the fact that Wenger didn’t really trust him.


they also said that bellerin can learn from him….kind of like an older sheepdog. some people talk anything but football


There is much more to learn than just pure field based performances. If that were the case managers would be playing on field showing example.


I clearly stated it then that people were being blinded by their happiness that Wenger had left not to see that that wasn’t the right move. I said then that given his age, he won’t survive the fast and furious tempo of the Premier league. They told me he would “add experience and mentor Bellerin”. Same people who never saw the “experience and mentoring” qualities of Silvestre. Hypocrites.


As much as I want to blame every single defender and say that they’re shit, it’s sadly just not that easy. We’ve been looking at these same defensive errors for easily 10 years at this point. Defending in the modern game is a whole team effort. And we simply do not do that at Arsenal. If you watch any other team in the Premier League, every single player works hard off the ball, they’re intense when pressuring opposition players when they have the ball at their feet. They get out and try and press long balls. They get goal side… Read more »


Disappointing but I’m not losing my shit over this result. It just implies what needs to be improved up in this very early part of the new management and there is definitely time to improve. That’s the whole point of the revolution we all wanted isn’t it? Cause judging someone before he even puts together a team he is fully convinced of with the players fully in sync with what they have to do wouldn’t be right? If you are then you’re an unpleasable pickle cunt. What I’m saying is, will Emery get the resources i.e $$$ he will most… Read more »


Stan will not make your wish to spend big comes true, wake up pal, where have you been all these years.

Billy boy

I don’t know, I think he spent 140 mill over the past 2 seasons no?


Agreed. And it will be 10 years before the spud cunts can spend so don’t worry about them.

Toure motors

That was painful. There was no positives to be taken from that. Felt sorry for laca being sent onto this. Lichtensteiner should never play for us again. If mustafi was half as interested in defending as he was in arguing with the officials he’d be on the right track


….Lacazete is not better. 52mil for him to me is not worth it.




and £250 000 per week, but gets less attacks than Özil… Btw, i like Laca.

Toure motors

You’re absolutely right, ozil deserves at least some credit for not showing up before the game started….


The only small positive is that now the club have no excuse about not doing something in January and at least this is early in emery’s tenure so there’s still the hope of change because this felt very later stages of Wenger


Exactly. We’ve just been hammered 5-1 by the team we are supposed to be competing with (the message at least from the club’s official PR). I hated this but if it was going to happen then now is a good time. We just got hammered. Our defense was woeful. All eyes on the board now. We need defenders.


Still feel like we’ve been tortured during 90 min…
And my ulcer has reopen?


We were shit, but Iwobi was better than a 5

DB10 flew to Nairobi

I like Iwobi, really rooting for him. But the thing is, it is not the 1st time he has been great/decent/ok while the rest of the team is terrible. Which makes me sad because it means, for a player in his position, having a good game usually leads to them lifting the team up. Iwobi has a good game and it only lifts his spirits up. So is the calibre of a good iwobi game wanting? Is it really good good or iwobi good?


Join the discussion…He’s a “good good” player – only underrated and under-appreciated by lots of Arsenal fans. Its no fluke that both Wenger and Emery rate him. I rate him too. His direct, fearless approach to the game, spatial awareness, good dribbling skills and good passing skills make him an asset to the Arsenal attack. He was also recently polled as the 4th best passer of the ball (in the final 3rd of the pitch) in Europe! That’s above Eden Hazard, Mesut Ozil and Leroy Sane. It’s no mean feat. Yes, the lad is good.


No he wasn’t, he couldn’t make a pass in the second half…


Sorry Rich, but no he wasn’t. Runs around a lot, beats the occasional player then runs into cul de sac or passes to an opponent. He needs to move ball quicker and stop looking like a marionette.

Paul Roberts

Deffo a 6 I checked.


Sorry but better than rest of the team.

Iwobi was one of the better performers out there…which isn;t saying much.

Contrast Torreira whom a lot of the same voices like to wank to.

He was rubbish today.


Usually…But today he was ok along with Niles . Everybody else had their bulls cut off and legs swapped around


Yes Rich we were shit and we have been shit for years, so what can you expect from the only star player we have ‘ Ozil ‘ to do with this bunch of players around him ? Talk to me…


Other players around him- like the EPL’s top scorer


Why can’t Stan, Raul, Sven et al see that our defense is and has been shit for years and buying a few mediocre players won’t solve that? Also, I’m not even sure what he does anymore but surely let’s move on from Bould.


Bould is shit. The defence have actually become worse since he joined the coaching team.


Sven is bullshit.

he has been buying poorly and mainly old Dortmund players.

NOT what we needed.

Mhkiatrayn is not what we need. Could have got Mahrez.

Sokratis is OK only. Could have got a better player still.

Lichsteiner if it were Law and Wenger doing the deal would be called a band aid (and a used one)


January transfer window isn’t open yet. What where they supposed to do between August and today?
Do you really think they are just waiting around?
I’m pretty confident we’ll get 1 or 2 signings next month


I’m not talking about our defense being shit between August and January. It’s been shit all season since the start. Matter of fact it’s been pretty shit for years. Something has got to change.


I’ve suggested Bouldie out a number of times here and it hasn’t been a popular opinion. That first Liverpool goal, Keystone Cops level incompetence, stunning, embarrassing. That looked like an uncoached group of guys. Could be the players only of course. But I lean more toward a combo of both player and defensive coaching incompetence. I don’t trust Kroenke to do the right thing and get the A-listers we need on board. He’s a lowlife scumbag as far as I can tell. So it’s up to the three amigos in the front office to get Emery what he needs on… Read more »


Maybe Bould was kept on to help with the transition of the new system & staff. Most clubs have some old lag X player on the books though.


Woof. Only bright spot today is knowing that this is the beginning of Emery’s project. It did take Klopp three years to make a mark on his team. Let’s hope with the right investment Emery can do the same.


Klopp had the unbelievably lucky scenario to have a star player wanting to leave the club. He cashed in on him and was able to break transfer records (as in, the transfer fee of a goalie and a defender) using that loot. It was incredibly lucky. If he sold Coutinho right now for the same price, that money wouldn’t buy them Van Dijk and Alison, it was all perfectly timed for them because defenders and goalies were semi-reasonable in price, so they were able to throw down on exactly who they wanted. Emery will have no such luck, unfortunately. Also,… Read more »


It’s not that lucky. They bought a highly talented player in coutinho when he was young enough to be cheap, developed him and then sold him on at a big fee. Klopp himself might be a little lucky but it’s not a situation we can’t create ourselves.


Doesn’t help that we are absolutely atrocious when it comes to selling players. We get peanuts for anyone we have and then theres the ongoing contract sagas that we endure every year. Liverpool got extremely lucky with Coutinho because Barca have more money than they know what to do with and, when they decide they want a player, it’s just a matter of price. Other than getting bailed out by Barcelona, Liverpool leak money at a ridiculous rate, one that, quite frankly, we cannot afford and is not sustainable no matter the success it brings. That’s why we have Sven… Read more »


True. Pity no one is going to pay $140million for one of our players.


They would if we got them to play well enough, ut as we are right now, their values will keep dropping.


Klopp immediately made his mark on Liverpool. High press attacking football was implemented the day he arrived, but the results weren’t there. At the moment he’s got the results and his own signature. I do not see much of Emery’s mark yet, but I’ll give him more time.


I think his mark was obvious when we had a full strength side. It feels at the moment he’s managing game to game to try and work around our obvious flaws and lack of personnel.

The charma

Which personnel are you talking about?


Don’t know how many times I’ve said this right here. He deserves time!


This game was a stark reminder of how far we have to go to get to the level we want to be at. Mustafi has to be replaced. Ozil has been far too inconsistent the past several years and the same goes for Ramsey. We need a new left back, another winger and a replacement for Ozil (if we could get anyone to take him) / Ramsey. This should make it clear that we have to upgrade in the January window if we hope to make the top 4


Not allowed to criticise mr fa cup golden boy or i cant play big games away from home Ozil


If we hope to make the top 4… they say there’s only
2 kinds of hope of that happening – Bob and No.


Did anyone honestly expect any other result? Boring.

ricky rick

Hope is a hell of a drug friend.


No not at all. It’s the points dropped at Southampton and Brighton that pi$$ed me off more than today.


I think we were not great today but I’d really like to point out how awful the officiating was. Firstly, Salah dived no question. Second Lovren’s was a soft pen but the fact they were given stands and I can be okay with it but how the eff were we not awarded penalties for identical fouls on Kola and Laca. It’s blatant crap officiating and I’m sick and tired of it. The best league in the world deserves the best officials not the exact polar opposite of it. Pretty disappointing result, I expected a 4-0 so nothing shocking. Only positive… Read more »


Yes, thats true but I think you are missing the bigger picture of the game today. Liverpool looked like scoring everytime they went forward. We had so many last ditch efforts. They also let go of the lever late on. You could tell they have another gear that they did not go to in the 2nd half. This means that we are even worse than the scoreline. It could have been 10-0 today (not kidding).


*I mean last ditch tackles


You’re right; take away Liverpool’s 2 penalties, and add the 2 penalties that we should have had, and really the game would have finished 3-3!


I think you might be hinting at sarcasm in that comment. Don’t get me wrong I don’t at all believe that we deserved to win let alone get anything from the game. But the officiating was absolutely atrocious. That challenge on Laca was absolutely a pen. Lovren went down like he was shot point blank while he probably indulges in the same kind of push for every set piece. That Mike Oliver was a straight faced bitch who cannot officiate a game properly


Spot on. VAR will sort the wankers out. I say that to hold onto the assumption there are SOME good refs in the league.

If anyone has done a deep dive on this issue and has a link, post it here, would love to learn more about it. Are they worse paid than continental refs? Worse trained? Are there lower standards for hiring and promotion? And so on.

People bitch about refs all the time, everywhere, but I’ve heard the drumbeat getting louder re Prem refs recently, perhaps in anticipation of VAR.


Also the fact we had 0 refs representatives at the world Cup says a huge amount.
Michael Oliver and Co weren’t good enough to officiate even mundane matches with the small nations.


Last I checked you couldn’t kick or push someone in the box and hope to get away with it. There were a lot of things to complain about in this game, but I’m not sure that’s one of them.

Also, you expected 4-0? Sounds like a pretty fucking miserable existence. Our defending was infinitely more shocking than any officiating in this game.


This was all About how shit we were not about how good Liverpool were. When you lose 5-1 you at least want to be able to hold your hands up and say the opportunity were good.

Any team playing Arsenal just know we are gonna fuck up at least 5 times in a match and that there goal will come. I also feel that all our goals come from counterattack and FB work. Our CMS just have no incisive passing. Against Brighton it was all long ball. Against Liverpool it was nothing.

Fed up.


Annoying that Michael Owen and Macmanamaman were able to use the Auba start on us today – touched the ball 7 times in first half – 4 of those being kick offs!

The unbeaten run was deceptive and, as said before, would have ended much sooner if we came up against a team that takes its chances.


The unbeaten run did include playing Liverpool. Or are they not a club that takes their chances.
2 penalties that wasn’t
A fluke for the first. ( how many deflections did it need)
1 outstanding individual goal
That leaves 1 goal blamed on the defence. How many defenders are injured or coming back from injury.
We were never going to get anything from this match.
Emery now knows what this squad of players can do. What happens next is the important thing.
Move on


First goal was not a fluke, it was rank defensive incompetence. I think we need to ship out Bouldie (thanks for the memories) and get at least one high quality central defender.


The unbeaten run wasn’t that deceptive, in my opinion. As soon as we racked up enough injuries not to field our best 11 the deficiencies in the squad became apparent and we’ve struggled since. With better squad depth in talent and numbers we wouldn’t have collapsed like this. It’s up to the club now.


Started brightly but I think a lot of this rests of emery’s shoulders. How can he keep playing Lichtsteiner anyone can see the guy is costing us goal after goal. I know everyone is optimistic for the future but we really need to invest in this squad if we are to get anywhere near Liverpool. There isn’t much difference between this season and last in terms of defending I don’t think we r more stable we keep having defensive errors leading to goals conceded. I was laughing at Utd fans a few weeks ago saying their season is over but… Read more »


Who else does he play? Maitland niles had a stinker last game in that position, there’s no academy prospect who sounds close at right back. When we lose Bellerin there’s no option but the option is a terrible one,


We have Jenkinson and he is much better than current version of Lichtsteiner !!


Iwobi is a mixed bag, but to his credit he always shows for the ball, regardless of how well things are going.

Torreirra is a good player, but I recall Souness saying that he’d love to face a 5 foot 5 player in central midfield, because he could bully him. Seemed to happen today.

Sad Gooner

Fabinho should have gotten a red.


Souness was a psychopath as a player guilty of one of the worst tackles I have ever seen. I couldn’t give a ratsarse about anything he says


Saw some ‘senior ‘ players really bottle it today. Iwobi has several mares to his name this season alone but he is fearless i give him that.

Sad Gooner

Emery is doing nothing with the players we have , we are way worse than we were last season and we didn’t have Auba (Full season) , Torriera , Sok and Leno back then and it is really disappointing.


You can put Franco Baresi there instead of Sokratis and he would be helpless with Mustafi, Lich and kola


Rob Holding you know, he’s better than Cannavaro.


What are you on? When he had the players at his disposal we did well. Koscielny has regressed even further from last season, Mustafi is still bad and Sokratis does not suit playing with Mustafi whatsoever. There’s so much evidence we have bad defenders I don’t think emery can take all the blame for lack of talent, his sides have not traditionally been as woeful as this defence


Torreira was shite today.

Leno was a bundle of nerves.

Sokratis was also poor.

Auba was not sharp enough either.

Same result with or without these players, with or without Wenger.

The Charma

Emery is Europa league material . If you expect better then you are deluded. He has had 6 months with the team but he can’t fix the defence. He has antagonized Ozil and yet he has no creative alternative in the team. How many chances did Ramsey create apart from lacking positional sense I think nothing! People are talking about injuries, to who? Belarine and nacho? Wake up. We have at least decent strikers and a potentially creative force that is under utilized . Then Emery can’t figure out anything !


the old era is over. Its now the europa league era

Tim Miller

On a day like today, individual players ratings do not really matter that much. The goals conceded keep piling up. We keep making the same mistakes. Most worrying of all, we lack game intelligence. It’s like we play blindfolded, we cannot seem to be able to read and interpret any game situation and act accordingly. We go one up away at Anfield and we manage to concede 2 in the next minutes. If you read the game well and play with the tiniest bit of intelligence, that simply cannot happen. And I think we’re deep enough into the season to… Read more »

The Far Post

Unfortunately we’ve been dumb like that for many seasons now 🙁

Make Arsenal Great Again

Finally, a man who knows football. Emery is not the man for this job, I’ve said that from day one. I’ve been the only one banging that drum.


This does not even happen in Sunday league..Infact my teams backfour is better organized than these guys since 2008.


I just want a back line that does actively try and reproduce old episodes of the three stooges every single game.




Emery – 2/10

He needs to cut out the arrogance. Lacazette and Auba can score out to nothing, they need to play together always.


And then you have no striker on the bench. Welbeck gettng injured absolutely fucked us.


I think he has been OK thus far this season and he is a good manager but he has made mistakes last two games when we have injuries stacking up. BIG mistake not to play two up front today from the start. Last thing we should be doing is inviting trouble into our half. They were not solid defensively and we could have really capiatlised on them with a second striker. Poor decision not to put Laca in start of first half and even worse he pulled off Auba. We need the understanding. Iwobi I thought was one of our… Read more »


We have Nketiah, we need to give chances to the lad. Spurs did it with Kane, United did it with Rashford.


Agree w/ Bob. You have to admit, losing Welbeck and Holding, not to mention missing out on blooding Mavro, and even ESR, it’s all pretty shit luck. Mkhitaryan out today, Bellerin out.

Give the guy a fair shot. In this league it’s 3 transfer windows.


All I have to say is this:

We have Mesut Ozil, Lacazette and PEA.

Why the fuck aren’t they playing together?


Stunning isn’t it?


There is literally zero reason for this. I don’t buy the “Ozil injury” shit either. I’m not saying emery out or anything, but if he can’t get those three to play together, Emery out.


We’ve had years of Ozil consistently being terrible in these games yet the minute a new manager comes in and doesn’t rate him he’s apparently what we’re missing. Emery started Laca and auba together when he had welbeck on the bench, he doesn’t now so that’s obvious why they’re not both starting


TBF I fully expected Laca to get a start tonight.


“Tactical reasons”

There’s changing the team to suit the opposition every now and then, and there’s constant tinkering to the point where the formation and personnel changes every 5 minutes, and no one knows what they’re doing. How can you have defensive stability if we can’t string together at least two halves with the same personnel and formation?


Ozil clearly won’t work as requested. He wouldn’t get near pool city or spuds teams because he won’t work as a team. Salah de bruyne and Ericsson all earn alot less than ozil and are absolutely streets ahead


What’s so frustrating is that we’re always the only team to do this. It was like this under Wenger and it’s the same under Emery. Any other club, you know they’re always going to put out the best players they have available. For Arsenal, you check the lineups an hour before the match, sigh and then try to convince yourself that it’s not that bad. We have Ozil, PEA AND Lacazette but only one of them played today. Imagine if only one of Salah, Mane and Firmino had played today… I’m sick of these “tactical reasons.” There are a few… Read more »


Tell Mr Ego that… ‘ Tactical ‘ my ass

A Different George

I think we need those three from the start with Xhaka and Torreira behind them. Torreira, by the way, pretty clearly needs some rest. Only Lichsteiner kept him from being our worst player yesterday (no matter how much Blogs hates Mustafi).

alex alexsson

Very disappointing result, a hark back to the lateish Wenger era. Top 4 will no doubt be tough but one thing Emery has proved throughout his career is a proven track record in the Europa league, hopefully that will be our safety net. Also thought Iwobi was impressive tonight, one of the standout players across both teams, and finished with a great assist as well. That being said, regardless of how detailed his player reports were before joining, surely the most obvious thing the team needed was its defence sorting out. That we’re conceding so easily from long balls week… Read more »


Bonus rating: 2 for Unai Emery, because he is as responsible as his downrated players.


How? This is a team that has been woeful defensively for years and the club didn’t invest like they should have to sort that issue out. We’ve seen what auba has done, we’ve seen the benefit of Torreira but our defenders are genuinely poor. Emery will improve the defence from the Wenger era if the club actually buy some defenders who can defend


Bob, it is apparent a lot of fans are simply reactionary and knee-jerk. We have had substandard defenders and a poor defence for at least a decade of the previous managers tenure…how is that supposed to be magically resolved in 4 months and with two stop-gap recruits??

Our bench today contained Saka, Willock, and a clearly unfancied Elneny. Let Emery work and let us hope the recruitment team bring in better players like Torreira who can execute what the manager wants from his team.


Mustafi or herpes?


At least we can get rid of Mustafi.


Not sure. I think Arsenal are stuck with Mustafi, Jenkinson and Callum Chambers for eternity

Public Elneny

Callum Chambers is good!


And truth be told, I like Jenks.

Viva la Prof

Total gash that was, I actually started doing chores in the house after the first hour. That’s never happened before.

Giuseppe Hovno

I turned my laptop on to do some work…

Aleksander Włodarz

At least Klopp wasn’t showing off his false teeth that much tonight … a small consolation on a terrible day for AFC supporters 🙁


Haha. He really is a weird looking fucker. I want to see a cage between him and animal from the muppets.


No it’s not Animal it’s Dr. Teeth!


Auba plays better when Laca is on the pitch. Mikhi was creating a good partnership with Hector at one stage before they both got injured, and Unia stopped them playing like that. Every team has players that work together and ones that don’t, at the moment we have so many changes that partnerships and understanding cannot grow and it’s not just because of injuries. The team looks mentally and physically exhausted, and if I hear about “work” once more I think I’ll be sick. The work and the tinkering are ruining our players, they are looking like they did at… Read more »


They are very young and easily influenced by setbacks, lack of fan support and bad press. I looks like they take it out on each other, the referee etc. Emery must create a group. There must be a “we”, if possible with mutual friendship and solidarity. We win together, we lose together. We believe in what we are doing. We believe we are progressing.

But there is an unpleasant feeling that a rather big part of the current players should get a job elsewhere.


They’re not kids and they’ve come back from worse than this in the past. We had that group at the beginning of the season, but it seems that they are no longer sure of what they’re doing, and don’t believe they’re progressing. The manager needs to adjust to the league and the players, not just blindly push on with a process that isn’t improving anything. These players know full well how toxic it can get when things go wrong, which is why the panic seems to be setting in. Unai needs to take a step back and regroup. That means… Read more »

Billy Enfield

Simple illustration of what you are saying…
At half time before players came to the tunnel, Sokratis was trying to point out at Mo Salah that it wasn’t a Pen. 3 Liverpool players jumped quickly (led by Van Dijk) on Sokratis. No Arsenal players to be seen anywhere near to defend their team mate. I guess they’re too fucking busy scratching their arses


This comment is embarrassingly short sighted

Billy Enfield

Why is that embarrassing comment, mr one liner???
Because highlights the lack of togetherness in our team???


I agree with the fatigue and lack of cohesion. But a lot of this comes with the territory of a manager’s first season, figuring shit out, changing it up. This is especially the case for the first new boss since 1996 (!), almost every player on the squad shook Arsene’s hand signing their contract. Arsene pampered these guys and there’s some maturity issues with a few of them (Ozil cough). Now’s a great time for Emery to get closer to his group of guys, draw a clear line in the sand with management about the need for 1 or 2… Read more »


In a world where normalcy prevails the persons who scouted and signed Lichtsteiner shouldn’t have a job right now. That guy is the worst arsenal player I have seen since I fell in love with this club in 2001. Guess what… he will start the next game. This tells you who low the arsenal has fallen. Making anyone play with that chap is cruel and unusual punishment, and the 4th amendment prohibits that. I saw a loss, but 5:1? This hurts. A comic equalizer and two avoidable penalties ensured the embarrassment. Moving on.


Leitchsteiner had a good career at the best team in Italy for seven years, and we got him on a free transfer. On paper, not a terrible signing. I just think the pace of the Premier League has proved too much of a shock to his system. He’ll be gone in 5 months, probably to West Ham.


He is already close to Silvestre and Squillaci.

Cheetoh slick

Three at the back has to die. We play like shit.


We didn’t play three at the back today

A Different George

Really? So Lichsteiner was a midfielder? Or he was the fullback and Maitland-Niles was NOT a wingback?


Its the only way to get Kolasinac on the pitch. You saw hat he did 2day as part of a 4.


The team was useless…the only consolation in today’s match, is that it helped us to see how weak and poor our defence is. The only player that performed today is Iwobi.


We got our arsenal back.

Emery showed great tactical awareness by dropping ozil for some mysterious knee injury and making sure lacca and auba don’t play together.

Could you imagine if ozil played as a number 10, lacca played the 9 and auba played on the wing with Ramsey as a derp lying mid next to Torreria.

We would lose like 5 to 1.

Well, at least we made two amazing acquisitions this summer to improve our defense. Sokratis and lich are giants of the game.


If Ozil had played maybe it would have been 7-2


you are repetitively tiresome


Ozil played against them at home it was 2-2


10/10 for closing the tv at 2-1


Football is a welcome alternative career for those who were not that good at algebra at school. Still, stupidity must have its limits. The manager should read out the law:

1) Don’t dive
2) Don’t stop playing, gesticulating with your hands, in the hope that the referee will reward an offside, a free kick or whatever. He never does, and you look like a wet donkey.

This will also make it easier to do my duty as a fan: Back the players during a difficult time. Now, I just think sell, sell. Give away, employ in the souvenir sale.

Norn Iron Gooner

What the fuck!?

Billy Enfield

What are you going on about???


I think the manager has done a great job until now but there’s only so much you can do with these defenders and our lack of technicians as well. No more Wenger to hide behind for Kroenke, I hope they back the manager or this will all get very familiar.

DB10 flew to Nairobi

Went to the pub, ordered a meal before kick off. Told them if it came during the game I would not pay because I don’t like eating while stressed. It arrived 30 minutes before the 1st half. I enjoyed the meal, I knew we were going to get spanked. That is usually something I knew about Wenger’s teams before a game like this. Sad that I am now saying it about Emery’s side. And if we know it, best believe the players know before kick off as well. Also, all this hype around our new scouting team and all that… Read more »


It’s all Ozil’s fault!! Clearly


I mean, how can it not be? He was just invisible in this game. Might as well have not even been in the stadium.

A Different George

He never tracked back. Not once.


We always look like conceding.. We’d be better off with some standing poles that don’t dive in and embarrass themselves.. Defence is the issue I hope we work on it.. in the last month 5 points lost against Soton & Brighton was actually worse than this 3 points lost.. we need new players..


On the second goal when 3 arsenal players fell down, if that’s not enough to convince the club that we need to spend 150 million on 2 central defenders who are world class then we are a 6th place team from here on out. I like emery even though he’s thinking too much and subbing here and changing lineups like crazy. But buying more average defenders for 20 million bargains just won’t cut it. The manager needs serious cash to spend at the back, even though fans will blame ramsey and ozil for our mediocrity over the past two seasons.… Read more »

DB10 flew to Nairobi

I would rather lose 5-1 with Ozil, Laca and Auba starting together btw. That is all.


This is the sort of comment that makes me really start to wonder about our fan base right now


Did I mention how repetitively tiresome your regurgitations are…..


It is clear that a lot of people do not understand the intricacies of football, which is why they spout the nonsense they do. They love a ‘big name’ but don’t understand how vital a player who works hard to execute their managers tactics does to cohesion and a positive result

DB10 flew to Nairobi

You spout nonsense. That “Tactical”midfield with no Ozil in it still let liverpool waltz through the centre of the pack while attacking. That “Tactical” forward line with no industrious striker only managed 1 pass(according to stats) into the box. Come of it, we have players who CAN make a difference, we did not use them yesterday. My point is, at 4-1, the sub should have been Laca and Kos, we had nothing to lose. We didn’t really go for it. We all know our defence is terrible, but atleast we score goals, yesterday we were woeful all over. Don’t talk… Read more »


I gave Xhaka half a point solely for showing he actually gave a damn and was pissed off when he kicked that ball. Goes nicely with deducting 7 for how abysmal and invisible in the midfield he was. Too bad that (imho) a pretty good game by Iwobi got washed away by that dreadful shitshow of everyone else. The bright side? I think every single weakness of this team has been on display tonight and if this is not the sign that certain things need to improve, I don’t know what is. It’s better that we lost this 5-1 than… Read more »


Kalidou Koulibaly is the answer, but I doubt admin will break the bank. That’s why as Gunners, we are in for a long spell of frustration …


There is a £200 million hole in the squad. Our offensive players are probably good enough, but behind the attack there are only four that play on a level sufficiently high for this team’s ambitions: Socratis, Bellerin, Guendouzi and Torreira. The rest should play in cups nobody have heard about, in countries that are only mentioned in connection with earthquakes or civil war – or flip hamburgers in Hackney. We need three defenders. We need a midfielder. We could be well helped with a wing as well.


Ramsey had some bright moments? He was absolute garbage. The defense was pony, but we had no chance with him in the number ten role. Europe’s biggest clubs are queuing for that clown? No chance.

DB10 flew to Nairobi

Ramsey was terrible today. He is a good player but Arsenal is not the club for him. 2 Arsenal managers can not figure him out but he is constantly pulling up trees for the welsh team. I think the move is a good idea for both him and us.


Welsh team? Even not at the latest WC. Ramsey should have been pulling trees elsewhere then.


Spot on. The only bright moments he had were that glow of embarrassment he gets after every misplaced pass


I noticed that ridiculous look he gets as if whatever he was trying was unlucky and not just shit


Not happy with Emery. He’s persisted with some strange line-ups and selections, to the point where he’s risking playing Lacazette out of form. (All those Mikhi starts??) And I wonder if Ozil isn’t paying the price for the humiliation Emery suffered as Neymar’s number two… and even if you sympathise with the difficulties Ozil presents, the manager’s paid handsomely to get the best out of our best players, not alienate them to the point of exclusion – he’s failed there, it’s a fact. And he reminds me more and more of Allan Partridge with every defeat.

A Different George

By the way, the situation with Ozil is completely different than Neymar. The owners of PSG, for reasons that have nothing to do with football or making money, need the club to be one of the best-known and most talked-about in the world. Buying Neymar (or Messi or Ronaldo, and probably no one else) does that.


If anything, this debacle proves that we do need reinforcement at center back. In my humble opinion, for a Arsenal to regain respect among the great of Europe, we need to sign 1st rate players. We need to compete for Kalidou Koulibaly, the best center back on the market. Go crazy, break the bank and bring him in to stabilize our horrendous defense.

Monkey knees

No positives apart from AMNs goal… This is just clarification of how far behind the best in the league. Was bound to happen!

Lord Bendnter

Bellerin – injured
Lichenstiener – too old to run, so can’t play there
Jenkinson – for some reason the manager never chooses him

Kos – just got back after long injury, not even properly match fit
Sokratis – in and out with injuries
Mustafi – just got back from injury, first game back tonight, only played 45 min
Holding – injured
Movrapinos – injured, also too young
Chambers – on loan at Fulham
..being played as a CDM by Ranieri…

Monreal – injured
Kolasinac – sucks

That’s our defense


Arseblog Why can you only vote in 1/2 star increments? I wanted to give zero stars to most of them because when I feel embarrassed I don’t want to give any credit and 1/2 a star is suggesting they are not utterly fucking useless – which they are. And as for Emery it amazes me that for a manager who, according to past players would scrutinise games for hours to identify weaknesses and solutions and yet fail to recognise that our defence is a complete shambles baffles me. I am becoming disgruntled after being relatively gruntled. And we need to… Read more »

Billy Enfield

Lol @ Me2
Second on that “Zero” score.
Ref: Ozil… The word coming from the grapevine has it that he’s accidentally broke his nail while was applying nail polish

Billy Enfield

A couple of weeks back, I said that I saw signs of Arsène Wenger’s – time attitude and I was thumbed down. After we scored today, we looked like completely disjointed. That old attitude from previous seasons cropped back into our players. Players stopped asking for the ball and trying to hide, so no team mate would pass to them. Leno was looking for a defender to pass the ball but our defender were hiding, so he was forced to go long. But the problem with that was that you need your midfielders and strikers to be close to each… Read more »

Monkey G

Emery 0/10 – mastermind behind today’s ‘performance’, P45 in the morning. #EmeryOut

Monkey knees

Emery is not the problem. Sitting 3 points off 3rd. Halfway through the season. We need a lot of quality fresh blood, but he has done the best he can with whst he’s been given. 22 games unbeaten. Spurs just about did 7 and everyone was raving over them! Supporters like you (loose terminology, there) are thr issue. Grow up.


Le Poseur

Paul Roberts

Sack the manager and sell everyone!


Sack the owner!


Really wont to hit people when they try and argue that Mustafi is a good player. All he does is bring chaos and a lack of responsibility. Hes the ultimate point and shout player worse than over the hill Flamini.


A one man panic station. Reckless slide tackles, sprinting out to ‘cover’ a full back who doesn’t require his involvement…a shambolic transfer and waste of over £30m


From the beeb.

Arsenal are now without a win in their last 20 away league games against fellow “big-six” opposition, losing 10 of their last 12 such matches.


Might as well had Wenger in charge. This result was no different from past hammerings. And despite what some may say we are no better position-wise than last season. Last couple of matches, gaffer got his subs and selections wrong. Understandably we forgive him bc he has been mostly right till now and he is hampered by what he has before him. BUT as I mentioned MANY TIMES, we have not been buying well with Mslintat. Mhkitaryan has been forced upon us bc we refused to take a lower offer from City for Alexis and were panicked about losing Ozil.… Read more »


Mustafi is an absolute liability and has been POOR since he joined. Lichsteiner should retire, legs are gone, when he played for Juve he had Chiellini and Barzaglia as fellow defenders and Serie A is played at a slower pace. Torreira had a bad game and looks a yard off the pace but will come good again. Xhaka is just too slow and is petulant. Lacazette should have started.


Not bad comment overall but Mustafi was poor, come on.


I thought Xhaka was better then Ramsey, though it’s moot as they were both pretty bad like everyone but Maitland-Niles and Iwobi who looked like they cared.