Arsenal went ahead twice but both times conceded quick equalisers to Manchester United, and the game at Old Trafford ended in a 2-2 draw. Shkodran Mustafi put the Gunners ahead thanks to a David de Gea howler before Anthony Martial got one back after a free kick was saved by Leno. Alexandre Lacazette’s goal has been given as a Marcos Rojo own goal, and Jesse Lindgard got the final goal of the game.

It was a game in which the overall performance was clearly affected by the effort we put in on Sunday, and as disappointing as it is to concede the kind of goals we did, 4 points from 6 in these two games is not bad at all.

Read the man Utd 2-2 Arsenal match report and watch the goals here


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Should have won but can’t really complain with total points for last 2 games. Hopefully we can make most of the run of games we have ahead of us and push on.


I agree with you on that front although the errors leading to goals from Leno is no longer funny. Overall I am very proud of the team we’ve become and hope we just keep getting better. Thanks Emery for giving me my Arsenal back. For the records Mourinho needs psychiatric evaluation for his post match comments of Arsenal playing for a draw.


agreed. leno and mustafi as well give chills.i think mustafi is often too rash, but atleast he havent cost us any goals like leno who is making a habit of making mistakes every game now. the only reason more people havent noticed is because of our unbeaten run

Gooner Dave

What mistake did leno make today?


Should have punched the tame free kick from Marcos Rojo further away from danger. Second goal was not his fault


You have to expect your defense help you out a bit there.. It’s not like he pushed it out to the penalty spot or something..


I thought he was fine today tbh, nothing like De Gea’s clanger

Irrational Gunner

Put that first one down ball watching, and Herrera being offsides(if you want to go there). Leno was not a fault for that one. May have come out to0 slow for the second, but that is very, very debatable also.

SB Still

He was offside.

There wasn’t much coverage of the same in the post game analysis on sky.


It was a red card!


What a nasty pack of cunts they are


Can’t vote on mkhi blogs.


Probably pissed at him missing from three yards and yet thundering one home from an impossible angle. That said I his performances are improving.


Under the circumstances, I’ll take this result. Unbeaten run continues. Btw, whoever is still saying Degea is the best needs to think again. He’s got a bit of the crazy in him after all. Oblak is better.


Rare error. His save from Auba was very very good. Pity, we would have taken the three points otherwise 🙁


He made a cock up, it happens and then he went on to make two big saves. Becoming a thorn in our side. Cast your mind back a season we should have obliterated them but ended up losing thanks to him pulling off miracle saves. Hope he fucks them off so they drop even further down the table.

A Different George

His display in that match was one of the best I have ever seen. About ten good saves and a fistful of impossible ones.

Sir FC

Both of their goals very frustrating. Yes it was mistake by Kolasinac but at least he tracked back to deal with the threat. Looked like Iwobi just let the ball roll past him on the first goal.


Absolutely – not why Iwobi seems to feel he’s above tackling or running in any direction other than forwards.
Has plenty of talent, no doubt, but needs his arse well and truly kicked to dislodge some it from where it’s currently wedged!


Mr Blogs the ratings shouldn’t be this low, kudos to the guys, it was a great performance by the team who are still on the mend. 20 games unbeaten and getting 4/6 against tottenham and Man u in four days is a great way to go. I am proud of each and every one of them.

David C

I agree, ratings too low. We completely outplayed them.

Fellani – my word, he must get a red for pulling hair.

Man Ure’s goal was offside and Martial totally dived on that ‘foul’.

Why was Rojo not given a 2nd yellow on Laca’s goal?

Man U played like bloody Stoke. What a complete embarrassment; the world’s richest team playing like a bunch of Orcs…

20 unbeaten! COYG!!!


Agree with all points but for Rojo. I thought it was a pretty great tackle, but for the fact he toed the ball into his own net.

food for thought

Rojo is amongst the best penalty box poachers i’ve seen. aggressive, hungry, instinctive, deadly. worked hard, stole the ball off laca, and with one majestic poke, eased the ball past de gea. manure should swap lukaku and Rojo’s positions since Lukaku cant score, and he has the size of a defender!

Woolwich Shepherd

Fellaini also elbowed Lichsteiner in the head. He is an absolute cunt.

A Different George

There ought to be one of those advanced stats for “elbow in the head per 90.” Fellaini always the leader and now that Gary Cahill has disappeared, there is no one to challenge him.


I totally agree! Happily take a point from OT. We had our chances, could of won but the boys fought tough out there, it was a rough game, especially last 15 in the first half. I feel like the injuries took the 3 points from us… Could of made a massive difference I guess.. Kudos to Matteo, knew he was gonna do the full 90min after Ramseys injury, managed well against a v phisical side. Crutial 3 points needed now over the weekend to get into that top 4.


Considering the injuries and absences before and during the match I guess it’s a decent result, but still disappointing we couldn’t end our OT hoodoo against the worst United side in years. Defence is still a big issue as well, can’t help but feel that area of the squad will require major surgery in the summer.


Can someone tell me why lacazettes cheeky goal wasn’t allowed? It’s been given in the past and the rules are very clear..


Once the keeper has had two hands on the ball it is his until he releases it


Did rash ford foul on holding for his injury look as bad a tackle as it did from stand , on to pictures. Fouling prick. And Herrera elbow on godenzi in second half? Straight red should have been or second yellow.
They were there for taking utd. CAn we start Lazcette and play still with a back five to get best out of koslechenic on lb. in attack.
Good unbeaten run continues. We are playing better every game.

Anne Noyd

Mhki was peripheral? Were we watching the same game? Almost scored and setup another, our most dangerous player in the second half.

Chris Norton

Really! He missed an absolute sitter,
Putting it 3 yards over the bar from 2 feet (just like he did at Chelsea). He gave the ball away again and again, never made a tackle and made a dead simple pass for the “assist”. If Ozil had played like that he would be crucified.

Time to admit that after a year he has been a huge flop, just as he was at United. Would prefer to see one of the kids playing and get his wages off of the books ASAP.

Matt P

That was not a ‘sitter’. Definitely a good chance, but not easy

Gooner Dave

Only in the last 5 minutes, he was meah before that


Is Mkhi off side if he is off the pitch when the ball was played? Which looked to be the case.


If you’re off the pitch you need to ask referees permission to come back onto the pitch. Rule designed so that serial rule benders like Mourinho don’t design whole patterns of play specifically to abuse a grey area.


was a hypothetical query really (only seen incident once) – Aware that the rules say if you leave the pitch you do need to ask to come back on – but commonsense applies to returning if you just over-run or slide off the pitch – also you need to be off the pitch to take a throw or corner. Happy to accept he was off but was just a curiosity

A Different George

Being off the pitch does not save you from being in an offside position; if you play the ball, then you are offside.

Irrational Gunner

Dispossessed Rojo and made the pass to Laca setting up the second goal.


That’s classic arseblog, to be fair. Ramsey does f*ck all before going off injured, but he was “ok.” Mhki was our most dangerous player after coming on for arseblog’s favorite, chronically injured player, and he’s “peripheral really.” Ramsey’s played a limited substitute role all season really, yet as soon as the game’s start coming thick and fast, he goes down. What a shocking turn of events. There’s yet another reason the offer was pulled, Aaron. You’re inconsistent and unreliable.


With the most assists at Arsenal, even though he probably has not played in half the PL matches, Ramsey is an influential player. Blogs may be biased (and has every right to be), but so are you and your anti-Ramsey diatribe.

Matt P

the dissing of Mhki is ridiculous. Sure he hasn’t been great, but certainly better than many give him credit for. He does some really good defensive work.


“He does some really good defensive work.” Clutching at the thinnest of straws there. You know it’s got bad for an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER when the best that can be said for them is that they do “really good defensive work”.

Matt P

You do understand the concept of pressing in the attacking third don’t you?


So you’d rather see Iwobi in then? Waste of space. At least Mik tackles, tracks back and does get into a position where he can miss a sitter…

Cool Papa Bellerin

Yeah that’s harsh on Mkhi, he forced the error from Rojo and set it up nicely for Lacazette on our 2nd goal. He did miss a good chance at the near post, but holy christmas what a finish on that offside goal.

Matt P

I thought Mhki was very good today. Created s lot and was busy defensively. At least a 7. Absolutely not ‘peripheral’.


I can see where Blogs is coming from because nothing worked for Mkhi initially when he came on. After 10 minutes or so he grew into the game and was pretty good I think.
However, he needs to score from two yards out!
It was probably harder to get that ball over the bar than in the back of the net.

Matt P

That wasn’t easy. It was whipped across from the left and Mkhi was moving to the left. Anyone who has played in a forward role knows that isn’t easy


Agreed. Mhki wasn’t that bad, especially considering his “performances” this season. But that was an excellent chance, you expect more from a player of his reputation, experience and cost in wages. Missed massive chances against Chelsea as well, he just lacks a bit of composure in those situations.

Harut Madatovian

Am I the only one thinking how our second goal shouldn’t still have been second yellow for Rojo?

A Different George

You are not alone. I actually thought it was close to a straight red, though that would have been harsh. The fact that the goal was scored obviously means we don’t get (or want) a penalty, but it’s like playing any other advantage–the referee can still show a card for the foul.

lovely arse

So could that be a suspension lingering for fellaini?

Woolwich Shepherd

Has to be a suspension. The Guendouzi hair pull was outrageous. I haven’t yelled that much at the TV since we pissed away a 1-0 lead to Man City a couple of years back. Add on the elbow to Lichsteiner’s head at the end of the game and he should absolutely f__k right off!

Matt P

He must be one of the top 5 cunts in the league.

Tony G

Gotta love Lacazette for that cheeky attempt late on. Surely that should’ve stood though? Am I wrong? I thought the keeper needs 2 hands on the ball to make him untouchable?


Loved the attempt but sadly the ref was right on this one. You are not allowed to steal the ball when the keeper is controlling it. Would’ve been so good if the ref let it slide though.


No, if the keeper has control of the ball with his hands, it’s not allowed to touch it.

It seemed like it was perfectly ok to just obstruct our keeper, though.

A Different George

It really is not clear under the Laws. Law 12, Fouls and Misconduct, says that an indirect free kick is awarded if a player “prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from the hands or kicks or attempts to kick the ball when the goalkeeper is in the process of releasing it.” Well, Lacazette used his head, so no kicking involved, and no danger to the keeper. Preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball is when a player crowds him so he can’t get his kick or throw away; we’ve all seen that. But De Gea was not trying to… Read more »


Tough rating on Aubameyang as his finish on that cross was well placed, a great save by De Gea, and the bending shot from outside of the 18 was so well struck and again required a great save to keep it out. If Emery keeps playing him up front he will lead the league in scoring. Guendouzzi is really impressive for his age and inexperience. He certainly does not shy away from the ball and the action and has great confidence. He does make mistakes (but so do experienced players like Xhaka in that position) which he will improve with,… Read more »


So much leeway given to Guendouzi. He gave away a stupid freekick that ended up being their first goal. And made numerous dangerous passes throughout the match. Yes, in addition, he made some good plays, but as a deep mid, he’s got to be smarter. Perhaps this was a better match for more experience to have started (Elneny).

Really hope Rob comes back strong – even if it’s next year. He’s been very solid this season. Gutted for him.


Martial dived.


Leeway through his age and experience maybe. As pointed out in the marks his inexperience shows at times. No doubting the lad is serious talent though. Saying that so is Iwobi. That lad needs to find some consistency and turn up his performances to Match his Leicester display to a week in week out level.


not adequate quality for Arsenal midfield. He does have the managers hand on him though, for some reason, while AMN, Elneny, Willock never get a look in.


He’s 19 playing at Old Trafford after playing in the French 2nd division last season. He’s bloody amazing, yes he makes some poor decisions but seriously he is going to iron them out of his game and has the potential to become one hell of a player.


he’s a real talent who works his socks off for the team and has obviously bucket loads of passion and commitment. Looks devastated whenever he makes an error. Perhaps you should direct your ire at Alex – who ambles around as though he has a god-given right to be there… culpable for their first goal and surely, surely not first choice over the likes of Laca, Ozil – and yes (as mentioned below) Willock and co.
At least they seem hungry and committed.


Our ability to fight and battle is what is impressing me this season. Torreiras scrappiness ia rubbing off on everybody.

Woolwich Shepherd

Hell yeah. Love the passion I this team!


Everybody except Iwobi… as a junior member of this squad he should be working harder than most, not ambling around failing to make the effort to cut out the cross that led to their first goal

Monkey knees

Think i may have been watching a different game!? 20 games unbeaten, unlucky not to win tonight! Every mark seems low. Old concentration issues reared their heads… But, we would’ve folded and got stuffed last year…


Probably marked low because of the hidden disappointment of not putting the final nail in morons coffin

Woolwich Shepherd

Ummmm. So is Ozil gone in January or am I reading too much into things?


I think it is up to the player to fight and stay on. Given the amount of possible injuries suffered last night he should be odds on for a weekend return.


You seem to be reading invisible ink.


i am sure we prefer to play Guendozi, Iwobi, Mkhi when we could play Ozil.

Kartik Iyer

Marouane Fellaini is a fucking cheat. Elbows people and now this. Arsenal should demand a ban for this disgrace. How the hell does no one ever notice him elbowing people or doing stuff like this when he consistently does it in every single match. VAR can’t come soon enough. Rant over.


VAR would have saved us a few goals this season for sure, and that lanky shitsucker would have been sent off for sure. As would Rojo for that awful foul in the first half. Man I fucking hate Moureen Yo and his shit anti-football teams.


Happy with the result. But i think we actually do lack a bit without xhaka.


Guendouzi was our MOTM not Torreira although Torreira was solid as well. But I think guendouzi for his age and inexperience bossed that midfield away from home at a place like old Trafford he really stood up to be counted and took charge and doesn’t hide. He’s such a huge talent I didn’t feel. Like I missed xhaka. And that’s saying something.


I couldn’t agree more. At 19, to run the midfield, or at least dictate the tempo of the game for long spells, is brilliant


Guendouzi definitely has a promising future and should take it as a compliment that shitshow bob pulled his hair.

Having said that, I reckon we missed Xhaka, especially with Ramsey limping off.



And Iwobi continues to show he doesn’t have what it takes. I’ve seen dumber footballers, but not by much.

Matt P

He has a lot of good attributes, but he also has some technical deficiencies.


Stupid comment mate. Just because you don’t rate the lad doesn’t make him dumb.


Dumb per se, no, dumb as a football, yes.


yes, you are right, Iwobi should start from Bench, why is he befor Laka???


He’s lazy, doesnt know how to tackle and ball-watches way to often – but that doesn’t make him dumb? Rate his play, without the personal insults mate. Talking about his play, I am dumbfounded as to how he continues to start in this team… he seems to have regressed after a brief flattery of deceipt? He’s honestly out of his depth in this current line-up – and whilst you’d expect a youngster being given the run to work his nads off to prove himself, he just ambles around the field and only moves when he gets the chance to run… Read more »


It’s not a personal insult, his footballing intelligence is lacking.

A personal insult would be: you’re a plank.

You’re welcome.

Gerry Hat trick

Think its time Cech comes back, Leno has had enough chances now and making far too many mistakes. Should have done better with the tame free kick, slow to come out for the second and seems his communication with the defence is lacking, no wonder the defence look shaky.


I think Kolasanic was immense last night.Bombed his way up and down all night long.

Matt P

I tend to agree. Bit if a howler on the second goal though.


Quite interesting to see that our wingers were the most advanced players, positionally, in this formation.
With the amounts of runs in behind, especially from Kola, and the subsequent cutbacks I feel we need to be more efficient and should’ve scored more. United were all over the place. Let’s hope we keep the form and win comfortably on Saturday!

A Different George

Sometimes a back 3 is really a back 3, not a 5.


Kola made a mistake, but it should never have got that far. Mustafi (not for the first time) missed a long ball bouncing in front of him.

Crash Fistfight

That was Sokratis.

A Different George

Mustafi played a very strong match, as he did in the Derby. As he almost always does, though too often with one crucial and very obvious mistake. If he gets rid of those, as he has recently, he becomes a top defender.


I thought Sokratis was excellent. I gave him an 8. Mustafi did OK too. Their first goal was offside and the second was a lack of concentration again on our part. We deserved to win. Overall, excellent fighting spirit and passion to win the game. Arsenal is a different beast nowadays. Lets keep it up!


Definitely missed Xhaka, more because I thought even though both of the young midfield lads played well, there was a lack of cohesion between the two that the Xhaka Torreira pairing brings, and that was missing throughout.
Also thought that even though Auba has been on fire, this was a place where Laca would have been the preferred starter.


Sokratis capo (boss). Torreira capo di tutti capi. Guenduzi a 50m player in 3 years. Onwards and upwards.


Am I the only one who thought that their only game plan was to break as many Arsenal ankles as they can before the game runs out? They seem to have been instructed by Moaninho to ‘tackle away’ until we have no players left. Two subs were forced so we couldn’t optimally take advantage of the classic #EmerySub. And still, we never looked like losing at all. Big change to what we usually felt before big games. I’ve said the first two games of the season came too early. If we played City and Chelsea around this time, the results… Read more »


Fatigue pretty clear after the game against spurs and I think the Holding injury completely disrupted our back line (which is a concern in and of itself). Hopefully monreal can slot in the back 3 so we can maintain this system but we desperately need to buy in January and I can only hope for the teams sake, and of course his own, that holding is back sooner than we think,


United were kicking the crap out of us..especially Tierrera…lots of missed calls imho.

We were asleep for the both goals. The first we just thought it was going out and nobody covered it. The second was communication… seems like communication at the back is anissue..maybe language related? Both of their goals were poor.

Miky shoulda had one and Auba should put that chabce away.


Blogs why do all my comments come up as ‘1 year ago’???

I may be a tad irrelevant but surely not that much!