Friday, December 8, 2023

No sign of Ozil in training pictures ahead of Old Trafford clash

The club’s latest training pictures ahead of Wednesday night’s trip to Old Trafford reveal that Nacho Monreal has made a welcome return to first team training, but there’s no sign of Mesut Ozil.

It doesn’t categorically rule the German out of the game, but after missing the North London derby with a reported back ache, it makes his inclusion in the squad unlikely.

Yesterday, Unai Emery provided a small update about the situation, saying, “Today he was working alone, I don’t know if he’s OK for Wednesday.

“I said yesterday he’s had backache since last Tuesday. He couldn’t play in Kiev or yesterday.

“At the moment, I don’t know if he can play in Manchester.”

There’s a wider question too that if the boss deemed Bournemouth away too physically intense for Ozil, surely United would be considered more difficult in that regard.

Jose Mourinho’s side are second in the Premier League stats table in terms of fouls committed per game, with an average of 12.4, Bournemouth make the least number with an average of 8.8.

Bournemouth also make the fewest tackles per game with 11.9 (shared with Man City).

With so much football to play this month having the undoubted talent of Ozil available to us would be very welcome as on his day he can produce exceptional moments and performances, so let’s hope this back ache clears up and we can see him back to something approaching his best sooner rather than later.

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Sometimes is definitely not right there. The fact that he hasn’t been in the stadium in a game against Sp*rs as one of our captains and our best paid player is a disgrace. I don’t care if his back hurts. It’s the game of the season. If you can’t manage to bring your @ss to the stadium for such a game, you can fuck right off.

Anne Noyd

That money doesn’t count itself!


Well IF it is a case of him acting up, the money saved off loading him in the summer (IF we can find a buyer) will go to Ramsey plus some.

Its a lot of money and frankly its only right we expect a lot from him.

BUT part of the issue with him being left out at the moment maybe just as much the system that is being used to best suit us.

Emery’s message is clear, its function over everythinelse.


Pretty sure that Ramsey ship has sailed.


Huge sacks of cash arent great for the back


I’m still trying to give benefit of the doubt. Recurring back issues can be really debilitating and if he really is suffering perhaps he was away getting treatment, or at least under orders to take bed rest/avoid unnecessary travel etc.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

You can’t play if you have back problems and I am not known as the best Ozil supporter in the world.


He was in Colney training on Monday. But on Sunday he had the order to rest and couldn’t make it to the stadium because of that? Is that a desperate try to defend him or a you really believing what you’re saying?


I would suggest until you know the whole story, you can do the same.

SB Still

Do any of us here?


I think that’s the point of Rochester’s comment..


Nice in theory, but in practice we probably won’t ever know exactly what happened. Or if we do it comes like 15 years and an autobiography later.

He’s our wage equivalent of a Ronaldo/Bale/Hazard and his contribution is supposed to equal. If not in terms of goals and assists then at least you can ask wtf is going on with his fitness. You’d do the same with a Diaby, so why is it wrong the question and speculate about what’s going on with our biggest star?


Since the start of the Leicester game he’s made 233 passes. In that time he’s earned £2,100,000. I make that just over £9000 per pass. Fair play to him.


can you do this calculation for the whole season..Just for fun

Teryima Adi

You sure know your maths, Bro. Hahahaha


Think there’s a bit more too it than that. I trust the club has enough discipline not to let any player skip out whenever they don’t want to show up.


There might be two scenarios 1. Ozil is really having severe back problem and need rest for few weeks. 2. Or there is something wrong between Emry and Ozil. May be Ozil does not fit into his plan. As others has mentioned, I also give benefit of doubt to Ozil and assume point 1. But whenever any player is injured, we get clear information from all sources (like from Manager, Player, media, Arsenal social media account e.g. Danny, Monreal or Boss) but here I don’t see that. Not sure what is going on but it should not distract our team… Read more »


Could the initial translation that it would be too physical for Ozil have been bad english, and what Emery meant is due to the injury (he didn’t mention it but might have known) he didn’t think ozil was ok to play such a physical game? I just hope so, I’ve seen a video of Ozil in the gym doing pull-ups easily so he’s not weak…by a long way.


it does not make sense that they had a falling out now. Emery has been there for almost half a year and Ozil has played in almost every single game leading up to the Bournemouth one.
He could be genuinely injured and it seems more plausible than him and Emery falling out.


I had a recurring back injury and at times it hurt to get up and walk, let alone compete in a game as intense as the north london derby, but surely he could have made it to the game to support his teammates. If he did then emery definitely would have known as he would have probably wished his teammates luck in the dressing room. Seems like there’s something going on here.

Mesut O'Neill

This is bullshit. If it was a serious issue both the club & Ozil himself would have clarified it to avoid the rumours that are currently happening


Ever had your back ache before? Hurts like hell. Movements become measured, even walking, sitting can be a chore. You don’t wanna walk too fast or bend this way, heck you might need support just to sit.
Let’s stop trying too hard to look for conspiracy theories


On Monday he was in Colney running around alone but on Sunday he had such pain that he couldn’t make it to the Emirates to support his team and the club that’s paying him 350.000 a week? The guys who always find excuses for everything he does are just ridiculous. There’s no excuse not to support your team mates at a home game against spurs when you’re one of the team captains. If you love him so much that you think he’s allowed to do that, fair play. But don’t try to tell me he was in such pain that… Read more »


People who make accusatory assumptions and equate everything to money are equally as ridiculous.


He could be injured or there could be something else going on but as long as he is not a regular starter hitting something like top form consistently the talk and speculation will continue.

Nobody is talking about Aubameyang or Lacazette.


That are no assumptions, that are facts. He has trained on Monday so his back can’t have been that bad on Sunday that he wasn’t able to attend the game. And that he wasn’t in the stadium is a fact, too. What exactly do you mean with assumptions?


And I also don’t equate everything to money but if you’re the best paid player you have a special responsibility in terms of commitment and being a role model. And don’t support your team for the game of the season is the opposite of acting commited, responsible or as any kind of a role model. I hope we can agree that that’s not an assumption but a fact, too?

Mesut O'Neill

I have two herniated discs & I have had it so severe I haven’t been able to move from my bed for four days straight ( including not going to bathroom) & guess what, I let all the relevant people know about the situation. This has not happened here, this is just bullshit to save face from all parties.

Ozil will be in China come February


I am not surprised you let everyone know about your injury, you whining git.


Bit harsh unless you truly know something we don’t …


Well if it is truly a case of a back ache, lets see what happens. BUT if its something more, then it may be wise to revisit that Ramsey contract. Ideally I would keep Ozil and Ramsey with Smith Rowe working in to eventually replace the German. Sell Mhki. But if Ozil does become an issue, then it may be wise to keep Mhki and Ramsey instead. I suspect we panicked last January and brought Mhki in bc of Ozil and as a hedge with the Ramsey contract also looking difficult. The good thing is we are stocked with options… Read more »


We took Mkhi because he’s got a solid CV as an attacking mid and as a counterweight to cut out the cancerous tumor. I doubt it’s anything other than that.


A case for Ramsey was certainly made on Sunday. Emery would like to think, and he is not alone, that we can perform without individual players, but Ramsey’s (and Laca’s) impact was plain to see.

Petit's Handbag

I’m not ready to feel negative thoughts yet. Still on such a high after Sunday. First time I’ve felt optimistic travelling to Old Trafford since the days of Wilford and Overmars. We deserve it as fans after all the miserable trips there over the past 12 years.
I’d love a three nil but a one nil through an offside goal to get that horrible cunt the sack would be the stuff dreams are made off.

Petit's Handbag

Mr Arseblog can you make an edit button? I look like a mug now, what the hell is a Wilford?

food for thought

i interpret Wilford as Wiltord scoring the epic f-ing goal at OT to win us the title

Faisal Narrage

I see how blogs (Andrew?) is being very careful so as to not face the wrath of Ozil fans, LOL.


I’ll happily trigger the Ozil apologists…..
We should give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his “back injury” as there’s no evidence to the contrary, but it’s irrelevant…. as he’d have been sitting on the bench anyway.

Interesting they say he was injured for the Europa league? Does that suggest he would have been picked?
I guess we’ll never know, but since he hadn’t played in 2.5 weeks? And wasn’t going to start against Spurs or United, it would make sense to have given him some minutes


Just a guess, he hasn’t recovered yet?

Sànde Class

The simplicity of this comment is just sooo….beautiful. Especially in this age of unintended controversies, social media bitterness et al. 😀


“undoubted talent of Ozil” is being put in doubt!


If we play week-in and week-out the way we did on Sunday without Ozil, then I can’t be less arsed.


but we do

Thierry bergkamp

Yes Mesut hasn’t been doing well for a while, but he might actually be injured and I don’t understand the negativity against him from Arsenal fans. The team is better with Ozil on top of his game, we should support him.

Anyway, do we go with the team that started on Sunday, with young Matteo replacing Xhaka. The team that started the second half. Or a back 4, if Mustafi hasn’t recovered from what brought it off?


Ramsay will start


Agreed. But where? I think he will keep Lacca on the bench for imoact sub, although I would love it if he started 2 upfront. Really think manure are there for the taking. Side note, isn’t hilarious how terrible Sanchez is now.


It’s not hilarious at all….Sanchez was immense for us and even though I was glad to see the back of him I get no pleasure from seeing how awful he is…and all the money in the world won’t make him feel better mentally never mind his physical state.


His day?


Interesting to see who lines up with Xhaka missing. Do we think Rambo or Guendouzi will go in CM? Would love it if he started Lacca and Auba up front with Either Ramsey or Iwobi in the 10. If Iwobi starts then Ramsey as CM over Guendouzi.


He’ll be back in a Fortnite (cough)

Lucas Sam

Maybe it’s called resting before a late test of fitness tomorrow? Such negative vultures these medias, go take a bite of the man u manager instead.He’s a dead corpse already just waiting for the sack after we beat that mid table team

Jason daniels

We needs players olaying for club not themselves. Id like to keep.ramsey however ozil can leave. Douglas costa comes to mind as a replacement 🙂

Jason daniels

When ozil got subbed he through the captains arm band on floor. He should never wear it again


Wasn’t it gloves? He can get another pair.

The Far Post

Please! Where did you even get this drivel? Before/as he leaves the pitch, a captain gives the armband to someone else.


I expect he is in milan having talks

food for thought

whenever i hear mesut + back spasm/ injury i always interpret it as ‘back spasm/injury’


I keep wondering, if Emery has the ball in that picture, what is Özil chasing?

Get 2 d Choppa

Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe.. Just maybe there’s more than one ball in a training session

Max Tilley

You can’t judge unless you know the facts. 1 in 20 people suffer from bad mental health irrespective of wealth or class. Why should the premier league be any different. What are you going to say if someine is having a break down? Perhaps….. they have a back problem. Think of all the shit post world cup.

I’m not saying that this actually whats going on but you can never judge a man unless you walk a mile in his shoes.


Ozil did not force us to pay him all that money. I agree he can be very frustrating, but he is our player and there is no one better when he plays to his potential. Shouldn’t we hope Emery can get him to that potential consistently? He is not doing anything outside the club press machine to make noise or moan about the manager like other star players do at that mid-table side we face tomorrow. Emery has made it pretty clear he does not care about players getting butt-hurt about starting or being subbed or being played in a… Read more »

Irrational Gunner

Good point. What have we heard from Ozil? A positive tweet about Sunday’s game that even gets dissed. Ozil is just one player that Emery needs to work on and improve. If he doesn’t get the required response, the player sits. (He is not working with Neymar here who had more power with the owners than Emery did.) These things work themselves out in the end.


i mean we gave him an extra 100k pw at the most… a time of huge transition, with him having been a good player for us for the past 4 yrs…having won three trophies.

It really shouldnt be such a wailing point. Lets see what happens. This is a professional club and mostly without shenanigans.

Hademe Precious

Why are people bothered about Ozil? We won two fantastic teams without him. Let’s believe the coachcoach that Ozil is suffering from back pain,sooner or later we shall know the truth but let’s enjoy this excellent run of winning every game…


It feels like we over paid him by at least £100k per week, but probably still better than retaining Sanchez who lacked team ethic. The main problem is that you cannot play a no10 in tight matches.


Click bait narrative continues.


This whole “He wasn’t in the stadium” thing… We don’t know if he was there or not. We also don’t know if he was told not to travel and to stay at home to rest. Being in a car and then sat on a chair in the stadium is possibly not the best way to recover from a back spasm. But like I said at the beginning everybody is just guessing that Ozil wasn’t at the game. We don’t know this for sure.


I think it rather more likely that Ozil has arse ache than back ache. He doesn’t fit into Emery’s style, was asked to play in Kiev, refused and has been ostracised. All conjecture on my part and I hope I’m wrong but something just doesn’t ring true about the bad back situation.

Hunting with a cat

If any player is out for ‘political’ (not sporting or injury reasons) that his club want to keep secret, their “absence is usually blamed on a back injury”, because “even the experts have no clue when it comes to back injuries” – at least that’s what the Guardian’s Secret Footballer says in Tales from the Secret Footballer. This, coupled with the nonchalance Emery displayed when saying he’s got no idea when his best-paid players back spams go away suggests to me that this is indeed such a fake back pain scenario. My guess would be, in light of what was… Read more »


You should write children’s books.

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