Sunday, January 23, 2022

Report: Ramsey linked with January PSG switch

According to reports in France PSG are willing to offer Aaron Ramsey a contract in January, in a deal that would bring in €15-20m for Arsenal.

The Welsh midfielder had a contract offer withdrawn in October, and does not appear to be part of Unai Emery’s long-term plans.

The 27 year old came off the bench during the 1-1 draw with Brighton at the Amex Stadium, but it’s likely his future will be elsewhere and the Gunners – in need of additions to the squad in defence and beyond – could be tempted by the money.

With more questions over the future of Mesut Ozil after his half-time withdrawal, Arsenal might well need to think carefully about the creative element of the team.

Ramsey’s departure in January would see the club’s leading central midfield goalscorer depart, with not much sign of anyone else picking up that slack.

Of course the money could be invested in a replacement, but with central defensive issues pressing the chances any cash would be spent in that area.

Brighton 1-1 Arsenal – player ratings

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Sheffield Goon

If he’s going, we might as well get some cash. Obvious really.


its true. but i’m worried if we sold ramsey we are going to have even less options to play as attacking midfielders. as of now we have ozil(who the manager doesnt trust), iwobi(promising but inconsistent),mkhi(injured),maitland niles(not on form) and some youngsters. and we have more important positions to buy players like centre back before we can even consider buying an attacking midfielder. so i think unless the manager is not sure maitland niles or a young player can step up considerably he wont be sold. the potential money we get from champions league is considerably more than the money we… Read more »

Irrational Gunner

Yes. With all the talk about his leaving, negotiations, bad faith blah blah blah, any renumeration for his departure would be like manna from heaven. You know we need it!!


What do you get on the January Market for £15m? Possibly a back up midfielder with experience who can’t get a regular start? Oh wait, that’s what we’re selling!

Ramsey should have been starting games and other fans can’t believe we’re just letting him go. That whole window where we lost Sanchez, overpaid Ozil, and brought in an overpaid second string from Manure is really costing us now.


With Rabiot about to enter his final 6 months, I wonder if we will end up with another swap deal rather than being able to sell. Rabiot was almost a mainstay in Emery’s PSG sides, but has dropped out of favour this season.
Of course, it would not address that we struggle to keep a clean sheet and create chances. Which if anything makes it an even more Arsenal thing to do…


Would make some considerable sense if it could happen. I feel this may just be press nonsense though. Somehow I feel that if Ramsay were to go abroad he’s more likely to go to a better league then the French, irrespective of PSG pedigree. Wondered if the Juventus link was more credible with Sir Chesny there to welcome him in too.


Rabiot is a brat
If Tuchel and Deschamps don’t use him despite his obvious talent there’s a good reason

Mesut O'Neill

Ala Ozil ????

A Different George

Just to remind everyone: Ramsey can choose to wait until he can leave on a free in June; his new club would be saving millions that could partly go to his wages. PSG would be paying a €15-20m transfer fee to get him from January to May. Why would PSG do this? More to the point, why would Ramsey agree?


I love Ramsey but surely we should get a few quid for him if we can


Both a player and a new manager usually will need a season to settle in. Emery has so far delivered above my expectations. I did not expect him to get Arsenal to CL the first season, but this is actually still within the realm of the possible.

People tend to forget that Emery replaced a fantastic manager, a legend and pioneer. To match Arsene Wenger in the first season is a great achievement!


Blogs, it looks like your last sentence is missing a phrase at the end, such as “…are remote” or “…are like Mou’s chances of getting another big job anytime soon.”


He was garbage today. Blogs’s sweet sweet Welsh Jesus won’t be missed in the least. Good riddance.

Damo Dinkum

What a classy comment about a long term player who has been nothing but professional.


Ramsey will finsh the season and get a BIG salary in his next club as a compensation to him being free. Don’t cry over him, this situation is the best for him.

La Defense

Denilson, Chamakh, Walcott, all long term players who were nothing but professional. Doesn’t mean they can also be bang on mediocre.


Comparing Ramsey to any of that lot? Wow you people are really something


Say what you will about Denilson and Chamakh but Walcott, for all his flaws, was a very useful player and I’d take him back now. As for Ramsey, he had more assists than Ozil last season and he has more assists than him now, joint 5th in the league with Sterling and Salah. So he can’t be all bad, can he?


He also has 29 goals in premier league football since Ozil signed and Ozil has 27. He also has 30 assists in premier league play since Ozil signed and Ozil has 50. Chances created and key passes though, it would not be fair to post that. I will just say Ozil is the first player to reach 1000 chances created in the top 5 leagues. I will just say, Ozil is at an untouchable level when it comes to creativity. But Ramsey is not a bad player. If you have watched Arsenal over the past 10 years, you have no… Read more »


Ozil is the most prolific chance creator in Premier League History.


Can’t see him going for a 18 month deal? Surely he’ll be looking for a 3.5yr – 4.5 yr deal?
This can’t be a bad thing though, hopefully it’ll kick off a bidding war, and the club can put this issue to bed ASAP.


Yes, that was my first thought. Why would anyone offer a 27 year old one and a half seasons worth of contract? If they find him worthy, they would need to renegotiate in six months time.

Scott P

Honestly worrying if our defense is in need of such upgrade, our creative outlets are leaving, and we don’t have any wide players who offer enough contribution.

Inside all that it’s almost difficult to remember we have a decent squad under there, with Torreira, Auba, Xhaka, Laca, etc.

I think it shows the difference between where we are and where we want to go.


I love him, but his presence tonight was terribly bad. He came in, fresh and healthy and did nothing. The chance he “created” for AMN was wasted our best oportunity in second halftime. He should put him forward in clear chance for score. Instead he gave him the slow and inaccurate ball.
But I always will keep him instead of Ozil.


I’ll miss him…but we need a midfielder who can perform for an entire season. Unfortunately, Ramsey isn’t that guy. Nor is Özil

Monkey knees

My mind is blown by Fellow Gooners hatred of both Ramsey and Ozil! Beggars belief!


Unai is not particularly keen on creative midfielders.

Dave Cee

That is totally untrue. If he loved only workers then Elneny would be the 1st name on the teamsheet. It is obvious he like all round type midfielders. Guys like Torreira and Guendouzi who can work hard defensively as well as create. Ozil basically needs to be accomodated as a striker due to his lack of defensive work..but he doesn.t make runs behind or score he doesn.t really fit. Ramsey is better for that role, but he.s off


True. I too think Unai likes to have balance between creating, defending and work rate in midfield. Ramsey is actually a very good option for Unai but he is more off the ball type of guy(A false 9 basically). I think it’s very hard to keep both Ramsey and Ozil in this team and pay them what they want with this owner. We’d also have to look at Aubameyang and Lacazette extensions in the future. I guess we have reached a point where we have to let go Ramsey, Koscielny, El Neny, Cech, Jenkinson, Ospina(on the verge of being sold),… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

All the people claiming that we have a bad squad so we can’t finish in the top 4 should remember we once finished top 4 with Andre Santos in the team. The current squad is good enough for more than just top 4. Today’s loss is partly due to bad decisions by the manager. Now I’m not calling for anyone’s head but if we don’t criticize truthfully we won’t improve.


Yeah but it was not the same City back then. It was basically between United, City and Chelsea. The minimum we could get was 4th because Liverpool and Spurs were shitty beyond imagination and they kept changing managers.
Wenger just took advantage of that. Don’t get me wrong Wenger did a decent job but, this squad needs more Guendouzi’s, Torreira’s and Leno’s in place of Willock, Nketiah, El Neny, Koscielny, Chambers, Jenkinson etc.


With all due respect to what Unai has done so far..with him I can see Arsenal be a mid table or at best a champions league club and not more than that..apart from Auba and Laca firing all cylinders nothing has improved over last year. His obsession with Özil is quite obvious after yesterday’s game. Who in their sane mind will replace Özil with Iwobi. Klopp is so successful at Liverpool not only because of his astute technical ability but also his man Management. Look at his tenure at Liverpool and Dortmund which was without any issues. When Wenger was… Read more »

Don't boo Paul Davis

If we wanted Klopp so bad we should have got him then instead of stick with Wenger. None of this is Emery’s fault.


“Look at his tenure at Liverpool and Dortmund which was without any issues.”


Klopp finished 7th in his last season at Dortmund and 8th in his first at Liverpool. By all accounts he’s a great manager but even he isn’t flawless and it’s taken time for him to mould a team in his image. It was the same for Pep and I think Poch and will be the same for Emery. Personally, as long as we finish in the top 6 I’ll be happy to give him another season, and any higher is a bonus.


It was not about where he finished but more like how he managed dressing room. The reason Wenger managed to stay so long for us and was able to finish top four with Chamakh was that he never lost the dressing room by going into unwanted ego tussles. Same with Klopp, he never lost the dressing room. Transition at Liverpool is very very smooth. Unai is trying to do more like Mourinho. Making a rigid system and trying to fit in players there. Why does he need players who can only run like mad bull when they loose the ball?… Read more »


Possible scenario: Wenger to Monaco to replace Henry, who has limited funds but needs experienced players, so does a player exchange with us in January plus some cash.


PSG now?!?!

Ramsey’s level is Everton/West Ham at best.

If, by some miracle, he ends up at a club above that (Juve, Barca, Bayern, PSG, etc.), it’ll either be as a ball boy or he’ll spend his time pulling splinters out his posterior.

As for comparisons with Ozil, Ramsey isn’t even on the same planet, never mind post code or country, in terms of ability.

La Defense


The amount of deluded fans who think Ramsey is even remotely top 4 level is staggering. He would do great for Cardiff.

A Different George

I am wondering if anyone thinks Ramsey is an obviously inferior player to Oxlade-Chamberlain. And, if not–if he is at least roughly as good–why does Klopp think Oxlade-Chamberlain is a player he wants for a title challenge, yet Ramsey belongs at West Ham at best?

A Different George

I don’t think Ramsey is on Ozil’s level, but neither is almost anyone else. I think Ramsey is clearly on the same level, or better, than any of Liverpool’s midfielders, or Chelsea’s (Kante excepted if he were playing his actual position). I think he would play regularly at PSG and Juve.


Sounds more. Like agent trying to negotiate a salary which italians arent bilging on. Otherwise it might be best for all concerrned


Frankly I did not think Ozil was particularly struggling for impact in the game. Not sure what the impact of Iwobi was or the retention of Lichsteiner in a back 4 from second half onwards. One of the rare instances with Emery this season that intervention from bench was ineffective. With regard Ramsey, if he leaves, we better find a player who can provide us some intent on the right. Particularly with Mhkitaryan out. If anything, I would also be concern with central midfield. Torreira- Guendouzi and Granit lacklustre today. We are one player in central midfield from secure where… Read more »

Mesut’s ozil

I agree on your point about lichtsteiner. We struggled on the right. If he plays, we need an actual winger ahead of him. I don’t understand the slack some are giving to AMN. If Kos gets a pass, why doesn’t he? He looked more industrious than Licht when he canme on too. Also not sure as yet about Guendouzi. Yes, he’s still young, but I’m not too certain that he adds anything we don’t already have. I’d be very keen to see us sign a right-sided winger in January. I think we need that more than anything


We can sell but on the buying front, I have an issue. With all his tinkering, I wouldn’t trust Emery with signing players for us. He is too rigid and might leave us with an imbalanced squad if he fails to deliver. If he had a semblance of a style or philosophy then we could gauge what this team needs, but he doesn’t so we can’t be sure. What we do know is that he likes hard running players over technical players. So that means we can forget about having some of the best players on the planet. He likes… Read more »

Elliott Wave

Perfect mate you said it all.


Good for Juventus, good for PSG, but not good enough for a Europa League team Arsenal.

Meanwhile we’ll have the privilege to watch a 19 year old Guendouzi playing 50+ games in his first season in England.


Leichesteiner!?? Yes he has experience but not just for the premier League. AN should be pushed. Iwobi plays just because he defends better than Ozil, Emery should let Lacazette complete 90mins with Aubameyang And it should be time to bring back Cech to goal.
Rambo plays when the team plays, to be honest the change in formation in the second-half against Brighton just spoiled the game. Arsenal were poor, not Ramsey.

Merlin’s Panini

Why, at 27, would he only sign an 18 month deal? Bit weird.


This is a mistake no matter how you slice it.

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