Denis Suarez has been brought in on loan from Barcelona until the end of the current season, and Arsenal do have an option to buy him if he impresses during that spell.

We’re all hoping that the 25 year old will add something to our attacking play, and help link up our midfield and forward areas.

We’ve gone back over his career and looked at his stats from the 2014-15 season – one he describes as “my first year playing football at the elite level – my first year in the top division” – right up until now.


Denis Suarez stats: 2014-2019

2014-15 (Sevilla)4665
2015-16 (Villarreal)48512
2016-17 (Barcelona)3635
2017-18 (Barcelona)2735
2018-19 (Barcelona)821

Then there’s this visualisation from Scott which gives a little more depth:

In his welcome interview with the official website, he describes his best quality as his final ball, and he’s more of a creator than a goal scorer. Certainly his goal stats over the course of his career don’t suggest he’s somebody who is all of a sudden going to start banging them in.

It will be interesting to see where exactly Unai Emery is planning on using him, and in what set-up/formation.

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Faisal Narrage

“In his welcome interview with the official website, he describes his best quality as his final ball, and he’s more of a creator than a goal scorer…”

Then straight after took off his Scooby-Doo like mask to reveal himself…



God, I hope not.


Are you joking? A young Ozil would be amazing, however I certainly don’t think he’s remotely near his class

Sànde Class

😀 😀 Surely Faisal wins the comments section for this!? _/\_


So easy to imagaine this. Still chuckling 5 minutes after reading it. Those eyes as he grins evilly after it all hahahahha

Faisal Narrage


Dave M

He kinda looks like if Ramsey and Xhaka were to have a baby


Most underwhelming signing since Chris Kiwomya? Discuss…

Parisian Weetabix

I think the reason people feel he’s underwhelming is that, despite his age and the fact he’s arriving from Barcelona, he’s still an unknown quantity. It’s difficult to be excited when you genuinely don’t know what you’re going to get. Plus people feel like he’s just a Barca reject being foisted upon us because they don’t want him. What they’re forgetting is that Barca’s central-midfield and wing options currently are Messi, Coutinho, Dembele, Malcom, Arturo Vidal, Arthur, Rakitic and Busquets, as well as Iniesta up until last summer, and youngsters like Alena who is also being introduced to the side.… Read more »


Well Sead!


Oh and remember Hleb, Vermalen, Song and Henry were not first choice in Barca. Don’t remember if Fabregas was. But all those players were good enough for Arsenal at that time.

Except from Auba, Lacazette and maybe Torreira and Bellerin. None of our current Arsenal players Even get close to the Barca first team.

Drogheda Gunner

Give the lad a chance his numbers with Sevilla and Villarreal we’re good.His numbers dropped off with Barca probably because he played in bankers when they had a weakened team out.

Mesut O'Neill

Basically he is the Spanish Elneny ??‍♂️

Crash Fistfight

I was still young and naive at the time, so I was actually excited when we signed Kiwomya and Hartson.

Merlin's Panini

I always like John Hartson. I remember cutting out Kiwomya’s head from his Ipswich sticker and sticking it over my double of Paul Davis. I also cut his name out for the bottom bit and stuck that over. Those were the days.

Crash Fistfight

You’re not called Merlin’s Panini for nothing.


Yes mate


I hoped beyond hope that Kiwomya was the next Ian Wright. Alas that was a dark time where mediocrity was nearly always the outcome.


Times are even darker now. In 1995 we still had owners who cared about the club and got it right in the end. No need to mention what we have now…


Funnily enough the club doesn’t sign players to excite the fan base…just to do a job for the manager and the team!


Wonder what happened to Borjan Krkic.

Languishing at Stoke in championship.

Was so promising 10years ago but since become a bit of a journey man.

He plays Rwing and apparently open to loan offers anything to get him understandably away from the potteries.

Dave Cee

Eddie McGoldrick surely


All Barcelona fans are united in his praise. And they all say that Valverde didn’t trust him, otherwise previous managers did and he played a lot.

Him not playing regularly is not indicative of his talent. We have got a gem at our hands here. Very positive news!


Signed the same day as John Hartson!! Discuss


Welcome to the Arsenal!!!

Faisal Narrage

Seriously, good luck to the guy. Can’t say I’m that overly excited, but I hope I’m wrong and he proves himself to be our new Rosicky of some sort.

Also a lot on Emery, as this is without a doubt his chosen player. Not Sven, not Raul, but his. And in many ways he encompasses everything Emery wants from a player, so it’s also a good way of assessing what’s in store for the future of Arsenal under Emery.


you can’t assess Emery’s choices in this abnormal state of ‘no money to buy’.
This is his choice WHEN he was told he couldn’t buy anyone, only loan.
I’m not excited much either, but there’s no way to the blame the coach on this one.

Faisal Narrage

You say you can’t blame the coach, which in some ways makes sense. But then does that also mean if he works out, we can’t praise the coach for it? Or is it all set up in a way whereby it absolves him if it doesn’t work out, but he gets the praise if he does? But the point remains, it’s still his choice, clearly. We had Sven and he’s leaving, and I imagine he probably had alternative choices (as the story goes, his choices were overlooked by Raul for Emery’s choices, which makes sense). But ultimately, we surely have… Read more »


No, he didn’t know about how the situation would out like this. long before the window open he said he wanted a ‘specialist’ defender to help us. then came the talk about a winger. As for what you describe as he had alternatives, there is no evidence supporting the claim. the club is not really giving him much choices if they can’t land China based Carrasco or Perisic, both of whom wanted a leave and their club wanted to sell. And yes if it worked it’s his should be praised, why? because he made this signing based on his knowledge… Read more »


True. The radar shows his most prominent property is interceptions + tackles + blocked passes, that’s right up Unai’s alley.


Hope he stays fitter than Rosicky


Can we get the scooby poo-o-meter on this joke?


I hope he develops into a great singing. I need somthing to hang my hat on pertaining to our new manager. …


Maybe you can start with the 14-game winning streak he strung together?

Mesut O'Neill

22 actually.

Beating Chelsea in the league for first time in 7 years is another.

Phil McCupup

I have no idea what that radar means. Are they good numbers?

DB10s Air Miles

Glad I’m bit the only one. I thought it was a magic eye picture….. got dizzy just looking at it.

Mayor McCheese

Ignore the diagram and just look at the numbers, and then it makes sense (I really don’t see the added value of that diagram at all). All numbers are “number of times, on average, per 90 minutes,” except that two of the stats are for percentages (note that Scott should have put a “%” next to “On Target”–I hardly think Suarez gets 42 shots on target on average per 90!).

Or I could be wrong.


yep – I agree.
For me, visualisations like this aren’t so much about the numbers but the ‘shape’ of the player in regards to the ‘shape’ of other players.

So, its more a quick ‘squint comparison’ to say “Oh, he’s a bit like [similar spiderweb shaped player], or “oh my god – all our players have the same shape – surely we need some [upper quadrant types (eg strikers)]”

So I kinda need to see a whole bunch of these and squint and say “ohhh I get it….”


Usually the outside edge represents the 95th percentile for a given statistic and the middle the 5th percentile, so the closer his shape is to the edge on any given stat the better the player did on that metric.


Looked like something used on some early video games, very confusing


This is a decent signing considering our inability/refusal to spend money on any permanent transfers.

He’ll be keen to impress, to get a permanent transfer.
We need wingers, Emery says this guy can play as a winger, they’ve worked together before, so it’s just a risk free, semi calculated punt, from a club with no money…..

I think he’ll start on the bench against City, get integrated and given minutes in the Europa, then likely become a permanent fixture in the team for the remainder of the season.


Underwhelming?! Wtf is wrong with some of our fans, Jesus Christ! Denis suarez is an incredible talent. Surely in a transfer window where we are not financially capable to buy any player let alone 1, having a player that is joining us of Barcelona quality is a big positive yes? I swear just a couple of windows ago Denis was hot property and just because the kid didn’t get a fair run of games in the Barcelona first team people slate the guy. Give the kid a break, he’s 25 and has unfulfilled potential that I’m sure Unai will be… Read more »


What you said!


Give the guy a break ffs, Barca thought he had something about him, so things didn’t quite work out, there is not one player in this current Arsenal squad that would be a regular starter for Barca at the moment, doesn’t mean they are all shit.
At this present time Arsenal are at a different level and this signing reflects that, i am sure he will be a useful addition to the squad.


These returns are average.


Surprisingly low on successful dribbles but that’s stats for you. I think Unai is correct in assessing the need for more capabilities in midfield. Our defensive issues have not solely been down to Mustafi. where was Mustafi when we slipped to BHA, Soton, West Ham? Those were 8 vital points that Sokratis for all the talk about his organizational abilities did no better. Had we banked those points we would be 55 points to the good at the moment right up there with City. Torreira in those matches and the Liverpool one lost the ball 6 times either being robbed… Read more »


Firstly… way too much going on in this post.
Secondly… Guendouzi was at PSG academy until 2014 and Emery came in 2016. No previous workings together.
Thirdly…. stop copy and pasting your old posts and rehashing them, they were tedious reading the first time around, they’re worse the second.


What Pistol said.

Crash Fistfight

The joke’s on you – you bothered reading it.

Merlin's Panini

Crab stats? Are they made by Denilson?

Merlin's Panini

Best of luck to Denis Suarez. If Barcelona wanted him before he can’t be too shabby.
At the very least he’ll keep the rest of the midfield on their toes. I hope we end up wanting to sign him permanently come the end of the season because that would most likely mean we’ve got Champions League football.


Too bad we could not perform a merry go round.

Perisic to Dalian, for Carrasco to us, for Mhkitaryan to Inter.


Another issue is Suarez may be cup tied for europa. BUT we have all to play for now with us unexpectedly (if you were a pundit) on par with Chelsea. One more player out wide on loan would have been ideal to really give it a push. As I said, if we fall out of CL, the summer will be more difficult. Better to bring in the likes of Dennis now and get a shot at a permanent deal when he has incentive to move. He will have better choices come summer and we may again find ourselves having to… Read more »


CL is a different competition and he won’t be cup tied for EL.
Curiously nobody mentions, that he was (according to many reports) signed as a winger, yet on the introduction videos he mentions it several times that his is the Iniesta position and he models his style after his idol. He can possibly do a job on the wings, but he might not be the proper winger many people have been looking for.


Good insight into Suarez.

Don’t believe the stat merchant.

Dennis has very good critical control at feet of the ball.


Music sucks but decent enough vid to illustrate his dribbling ability.

Yet another reason not to pay heed to these stats merchants whose only agenda is to show you what they want to.

Some people are gullible. Unfortunately.

Fiers d'être Bleus

So, a “stats merchant” only shows you what he wants you to see, but a Youtube-video titled “Amazing skills” gives you the full picture of Denis Suarez as a player? Right..

Some people are gullible indeed. And then there’s Santori – the jester of Arseblog.


Setting up for when Ramsey leaves


The Spanish David hillier hopefully

Chris hani

Hi everyone am martin.. ? jk.. so yeey i think its a good signing. Am not really excited with that ..because I really dont know what to say.. Suarez. Yeah 25 he is at his prime . This is where he gets to get the game right? I totally agree with what has happened to Him i mean Sanchez was not really a great player at barca everyone was at the limelight .. then came Neymar.. i mean Neymar comes to take my position.. i will look for a spot somewhere.. giroud saw two people coming to arsenal he looked… Read more »

Romford Pele

Slightly crap that radar. What are the stats being measured against? What are the outside boundaries based on? Best in the World stats? Best in the league? For someone who claims he has a good final ball I would imagine key passes would be a good metric for this. But the scale indicates that he is a bit shit at this or is this just the scale being poorly positioned? I thought I would look into this specific stat. From a quick look on Whoscored, in the 2017/2018 season Ozil was providing the most key passes in the league with… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nice stats, but misses the important question. Does he bite?

Does anybody in the comment section actually watch La Liga consistently? Not just the YouTube highlights? Suarez is exactly what the coach wants from his midfielders and precisely what we need. Hard working, technically gifted with the ability to unlock and penetrate. Thankfully some of you recognise that. Judging a player based on a dozen sub appearances, is going to mislead. The same goes for watching YouTube videos of “Suarez best skills.” Suarez has a lot going in his favour to succeed at Arsenal. He already knows English from his time at Manchester City. Obviously he knows the manager and… Read more »