Sunday, December 5, 2021

Jenkinson explains his Cardiff introduction, wants to give Emery a problem

When you’re at 0-0 with Cardiff and yet to have a shot on target, introducing Carl Jenkinson for Stephan Lichtsteiner doesn’t seem like the kind of change a manager would make to alter the dynamic of a game.

Yet that seemed to be Unai Emery’s thinking behind that substitution last night, bringing on the ardent Gooner for the former Swiss international.

It was a move designed to push the visitors further back on that right hand side as Jenkinson explained afterwards.

“I was given the license to get forward and join the attack,” he told the official website.

“We were pushing to win the game so my job was to get forward and try to cause problems, and if I wasn’t getting on the ball, my job was to open up space for other players.

“I did my best to do that, I was running up and down and I did my best to get involved and cause problems. I think I did that so I’m happy.

“It was great to come on and play a part in a win.”

It was the 26 year old’s first Premier League appearance for the club in over two years, and with Lichtsteiner struggling, Ainsley Maitland-Niles suffering from a bruised knee and Hector Bellerin out for the rest of the season, he’s looking to force his way into the head coach’s thoughts.

“I’ve got to keep working,” he continued. “That’s what I do best. I’m pushing and I’m pushing.

“We’ve got top lads in the squad and whoever plays is going to do a job, but for personal pride of course I want to be in the team.

“I’m training as hard as I can to give the manager a problem and get myself in the team.”

Arsenal 2-1 Cardiff: Three points welcome but Emery’s Arsenal aren’t always easy on the eye

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Honestly, he should be ahead of Lichtsteiner in the pecking order


100% mate. He has a good engine and can cross a ball. Defensively he’s stronger than him too. Jenks isn’t given enough credit.


Yeah I completely agree, in the current state of affairs I’d put him ahead of Maitland-Niles as well. I think the reason why Jenkinson never did well under Arsene Wenger was because he isn’t technically a really strong player on the ball. So when Arsene would say ‘just go out and play,’ it always left him a bit unstuck, as he never had that sort of way to play in his locker. His strongest attributes are his work rate, his delivery from the right hand side, and his defensive discipline. As he wont tend to go forward as much as… Read more »


Against City we have to remain compact in our end and sacrifice the wide channels — we did that against Chelsea and were able to minimize the threat. It will be much harder with Aguero/Jesus playing the target, but other teams have proven that if you clog up the central spaces and defend aggressively, you can give yourself a chance against Pep’s wealthy weapons. We should continue with a 4-4-2 (two banks of 4 defending when necessary, with two marauders to prey upon City’s absurdly high backline) and I’d even think you couldn’t go wrong with a midfield four of… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

He will be torn to shreds by City. A good option, but only for the right matches. Jenko is a good member of the squad, as far as it goes, but he only seems to barely make the cutoff. The last thing we need is our right-side fullback being outpaced by City’s offensive pace.


@Bould’s Eyeliner I don’t think he will get torn to shreds if someone sits in front of him and actually does their defensive work too. He’s only going to get ripped a new one if we play him as wing back on his own – City will just double up on him every time otherwise. And like I said above, Carl is your standard meat and potatoes defender – no tricks – just physicality and hard work. Give him an instruction and he will do it. That’s why Big Sam wanted him at West Ham. And whether you like to… Read more »

Jack but

….he is also younger


I’d love to see Corporal Jenks get a run in the team, especially as Lichtsteiner is slower than leg-less man in a sack race


Loved his interview after the game last night. He knows there are more talented people in the squad but he wants to contribute so badly and his passion is unrivaled. You simply have to love the guy


god bless the corporal. we can rely on him to give 110% at least.


I would honestly start him at RB every game this season. Forget AMN – he’s not got the urgency or defensive mindset to play there. First and foremost I want a proper defender at RB. Lichsteiner is not capable of dealing with the direct / pacey nature of midfielders in this league at his age. Also I would say that Jenkinson is a better crosser of the ball than AMN. Would rather play AMN in Centre Midfield over Elneny and have him compete with Guendozi.

David C

AMN wasn’t terrible as a backup winger either.

I’d say Jenks, then AMN, then Lich on RB. Seems like most of us agree on that. Hopefully Emery reads the comments section here, haha.


good evening, We read it David and we can do it.

A Different George

We had a good moment in the attacking but the moments are not always the same so, yes, it is something that we would like in another match.

Bould's Eyeliner

Guendozi beats AMN in the midfield, and only AMN can replicate Bellerin’s recovery pace to a degree.

Carlos _ Santana

Corporal Jenko back in the fold ?


Can see it in front of my eyes already: it’s Sunday night, Jenko comes home late, empties his pockets and there it is – his phone, wallet, keys, Sane and 3 points from Etihad.


Faisal Narrage

Time to jump on the Banter Express, lads.


Haha brilliant yen!!


Really cool Yen


Why would he put the keys back in his pocket if he just entered the flat and then put them out again? That doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, I should get a life.


Watch Lacazette’s goal and see the tactical import of what Jenks was told to do, it illustrates why we need direct players; as Lacazette stumbled and as he was getting back to his feet, Jenks jetted down the right flank drawing a player with him, while Lacazette proceeded to make a run into the space where the Cardiff fullback ought to have been, while the centre-backs raced along with Lacazette and could only watch him release the stinging shot and score.


Too true, Licht would’ve still been on halfway.

Faisal Narrage

I can’t explain just how badly I want him to succeed, just for the giant middle-finger to everyone that made him a bit of a joke.

It would also be a fantastic fairytale ending, and evidence that hard work will always beat talent (thought having both is the ultimate win).

Litch is a spent force, and I won’t be surprised if he retires after this season. Time for THE RETURN OF THE JENKS.


I’d want nothing less


Gotta love Jenks. Another one who was a target of massive abuse from our own fans a few years ago although everybody knew he always gives his all on the pitch. Speaking of fans. The fact that it took 20 minutes to get the stadium full (although there have been loads of empty seats throughout the game) and that it was half empty again at around the 75th minute is just embarrassing. I don’t know what’s wrong with our fans but it’s really annoying and surely not the support that you’d hope to get from your supporters. Surely there will… Read more »


In fairness mate, you don’t know the demographics of the people leaving. I went straight from work, not anticipating snow, and was so cold I couldn’t feel my legs or toes by the end. I’m young so can stick it out but older fans or those with kids can’t really be castigated for heading out early. Don’t ever leave before the end myself but in a game like yesterday can see why some do. Empty seats are partly down to a poor system hosted by Arsenal- I absolutely refuse to use the ticket exchange as they charge 15% to sell… Read more »


The Ticket Exchange scheme is an utter con. Couldn’t go to Chelsea. Cat A £64. I get £55 back from the Scheme. RIP off no. 1.

RIP off no 2, immediately I put th tickets on the scheme, they are sold. Almost as though bots were working on it. Found out from friends that the people who attended paid £100 a ticket. So are the club complicit in a scam or what?
And you wonder why there are so many touts hanging around outside Arsenal station…..,,


As a supporter from overseas who had his first opportunity to attend a match this season after over a decade and a half of following the club, I’m a bit disappointed to hear that opinion. It’s difficult as all fuck to get tickets for many matches, and some of us don’t have the luxury to be around when the easy availability matches are going on. I toiled and toiled to find tickets from a safe source, and the ticket exchange was in essence my only option because I’m. It going to pin my chances on some random on the street… Read more »


Midweek is a factor but I think as well there’s still an apathy toward the team at the moment


I was at the game last night and usually go with my Dad. He has to come in from out of town on the M11, which had amber weather warnings. He elected not to come in case he got stuck on the way back. This would have been a common theme for many last night with severe weather warnings. People do have work in the morning and this has to be taken into account for mid-week games. Saying that – if people aren’t going to come, make your ticket available for those that can (my Dad’s didn’t go to waste… Read more »


Great to see him get another game and doing well, he has been working so hard to get back in our PL squad, he really deserves it. Hope he can have some more positive contributions this season and enjoy every minute of it


Give Lichsteiner and Jenks a half each. It burns a sub but could be a temporary fix at RB while Hector is out.


It is better to play the players in their original positions in my opinion, so Carl Jenkinson is better option than AMN or Lichstiener.

AMN- Playing in so many different positions this season, LB, RB, RWB and he looks very casual and doesn’t provide the quality like Bellerin either defensively or offensively.

Lichsteiner- He looks slow, not good enough defensively, he doesn’t suits to PL in simple.

Finally Carl Jenkinson will be my RB options until Bellerin returns. If Emery can give more chance to him he may improve and provide strength to RB position.

Okechukwu Jude

I am believing Jenks can do a Coq on us. Almost written off and all of a sudden getting a shot at the first team and taking his chance by the scruff of the neck. Dreams do come true. The last of the British core and one of the oldest serving members of the team. I believe in fairy tale endings


Who would have thought my Jenkinson kit from 2012/13 will still be relevant in 2019. I’m loving it!

Sean Sheraton

Watch the second goal and you can see Jenkinson making space for Lacazette.


I would start him regularly. He’s a decent player and will improve further with a run of games.

Hank Scoprio

Not saying he’s a champion but he’s been capped (yes I realise plenty of shit players have been) and at one stage looked promising enough. Injury and loss of confidence / stalled progress under Wenger (see Bellerin also) have set him back. We could do worse than give him a run given current options


You just can’t help but love him!! He’ll always give you 100% as a true gooner

Ben Constable

He’s worthy of at least a chance in my opinion. I’d rather have someone comfortable in the position playing there, especially when the rest of the defence feels so makeshift. And surely he’s a better option than both AMN and Lichtsteiner.


The only thing Lichtsteiner did last night was man-handle the linesman! I don’t want to see him in the team again!
Welcome back to the team Jenko ?


Jenks should start more often now since Hector is out for the season. Lich just cant cut it at the moment.


Jenko!!!!! Best right back in the world…..

Fart Overjars

Who can forget his performance vs Bayern all those years ago?


Would love Corporal Jenks to prove himself amid our injury crisis. Hope he comes good.

djourou's nutmeg


Unai Emery

Good ebening, I would just like to say I love the enthusiasm Carl. Keep working hard and you may just force my hand as we are short of healthy options at the back. (broken French vampire accented English)

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