Report: Arsenal meet with Yannick Carrasco’s representatives over possible transfer

yannick carrasco arsenal

As transfer rumours hot up during this month, the fact that Arsenal are being linked with attackers and not defenders is quite interesting.

We all know of the reported interest in Barcelona’s Denis Suarez, and another name is doing the rounds too: Yannick Carrasco.

The 25 year old currently plays for Chinese side Dalian Yifang, having moved there from Atletico Madrid last February. There are ownership links between the two clubs, and the fact he and Nicolas Gaitan went mid-season for a significant fee raised eyebrows at the time, and now it appears that the Belgian international is making efforts to come back to Europe.

The player has apparently been offered to Arsenal, and a report in Foot Mercato states that the club met with the player’s representatives to discuss a deal.

At issue will be the fact he’s earning a huge wage in China, believed to be between €150-200,000 per week, and they would be looking to recoup some of the transfer fee they paid under a year ago.

The Gunners attempts to sign Suarez on a loan deal from Barcelona speak to a lack of available funds this month, which would cast some serious doubt over our ability to get this one done if we were interested.

As such, we’re going high on the Poo-O-meter today, a hot, trickly 8.

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Same shit, different manager. Yawn.

Christopher Wreh

What does that even mean?


It means we’re desperately in need of defensive reinforcements but have been linked to two attacking midfielders. It’s groundhog day!

How many times have we seen this happen before? It’s boring.

We should be going balls out for Godin – he’s far better than anyone we have currently and only got 6 months left on his contract. Yes, he is old, but that is offset by the fact that he is better than anyone we have currently and will be an immediate improvement. And yes he will command high wages, but that is offset by a lower transfer fee.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

How many Lich do we need to have ?

Christopher Wreh

But….but…..ah there’s no point.

Ok mate.


I should clarify I’m not attacking the current manager, even if I’m not totally sold on him. Is no one else feeling a sense of de ja vu? I don’t see Carrasco or Suarez particularly improving us. I don’t understand why we are linked with them. We’ve been here before under Wenger, that’s all I was alluding to. And I’m sorry, but anyone who says they’d rather have Musti and company ahead of Godin is lying to themselves. And if we have to change our defensive style to accommodate for him, then so be it, because our current style CLEARLY… Read more »

Christopher Wreh

But nothing has happened yet has it Davey Boy. It’s all just rumours. Emery said the other day we’re after a centre half so I’d take that as reasonably strong evidence that we are.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

“But….but…..ah there’s no point.

Ok mate.”

C’mon dude, don’t need to be so condescending, Davey’s just expressing his frustrations, he’s not going for anyone. Not saying I agree or disagree with anyone just not sure the sass levels need turning all the way up to ‘Hair Salon’. ✌?

Faisal Narrage

Maybe he should save his frustrations for towards the end of the window, and not…you know, just over a week in (especially most businesses weren’t active until the beginning of this week).

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Like how people are saving their frustrations rather than ganging up on an easy target? Davey’s initial comment was rightfully unpopular, but let the thumbs speak instead, now the top of the comment section is just a long-winded whinge-off between people who have no interest in agreement. Seriously, none of it is worth anyone’s time now, just encourages dumb comments and pointless insults from people we’re lucky enough don’t normally feel the need to jump in, and those who genuinely have topics of discussion are pushed lower. I always thought a key part of being a Gooner was raising ourselves… Read more »


yes he’s a quality CB, but we should consider 2 things:
-Atletico defend in an entirely different manner to ours. No high line, no acres of space, full backs are not high up the pitch, they defend as a group while here it’s every man on his own.
– The PL is very intense, high paced league. Regardless of how good, his adaptation remains questionable. just look at Licht.


Perhaps like Arsene Wenger, Emery has been surprised at how good Mavrapanos is

Faisal Narrage

Hey Davey, here’s something you may not have considered in your wish list, maybe.….
Godin doesn’t want to come to us?

Shocking, I know right? I guess it isn’t like FIFA afterall.


We may need defensive reinforcements but tbh if a system is well drilled the players will improve defensively.
But for me the priority is to fix our teams balance. There isn’t any proper wide (forward) player or dribbler (barring iwobi) and that’s what’s really affecting our play.


If you mean whining fans with shit, then yes. They‘re still here unfortunately.


we should sell the whiner fans

Arsenal Born


Leno me, I’ll be your friend

@Arsenal Born

Don’t be such a hypocrite, pal.


Agree that we need a new defender. But I do also think we badly need a wide player. Currently our options there are Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Ozil, Ramsey, Welbeck. Two are injured. Two are leaving at the end of the season. Auba is a little wasted on the wing, as is ozil, Iwobi is O.K but I do think can be upgraded, same goes for mkhi.

John C

Of those attacking players you’ve listed only Aubameyang(and Lacazette) is top 4 quality in my opinion, Ozil should be but doesn’t have what it takes to consistently realise that talent on the pitch. The others just aren’t, we’ve seen enough of them to be able to realise that as even after a 22 game unbeaten run we’re still 5th.

Contrary to what Wenger would like us to believe he left a weak squad desperately short of top 4 quality after 10 years of managed decline.

We need better players in all areas of the pitch


Well said.


Quite. Ozil is top 4 quality in the right system, but he shouldn’t be paid two very good players salary. End of story. Mkhi’s wages are also ridiculously high too. That was a disaster of a transfer really (there have been many) I am totally bored of the Wenger comments though. He is gone and to be honest, a lot of the problems were not his fault. Our contract management has been awful and I don’t think much of that had to do with him. But we do have a lot of dead wood to clear before we can really… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Different manager? We LITERALLY don’t have the same manager.
Stop being a baby.

Harish P

You might want to consider that Liverpool took around 3 years to fix their defensive problem. It’ll take patience to see the team rebuilt in Emery’s vision.

We’ll only really be able to begin to gauge the impact of his vision (and signings) end of winter window 2020, and it can take a full three years more often than not to fully rebuild a team when they’re full of as many holes as ours.

City were lucky to have a strong team when Pep walked in and the money to fix things ASAP. We don’t have that luxury.


I wanted to complain about us being linked to attacking players when we genuinely need a strong defender even more…but I can not think of any good defenders to get on a budget…any names?

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

If a potential winger’s representatives are ready to talk, it is difficult to say: We do not have time to talk to you now. We need to find a defender and close the deal first.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Got 3 different types for you, one up and coming, one who’s career needs rescuing, and one world class defender: Fernando Calero, 23, £10m release clause, similar build to Koscielny and part of a defence at Real Valladolid that had been phenomenal this season. Regarded as an absolute steal and already had a number of suitors interested. Kurt Zouma, 24, supposedly under £15m valuation, Chelsea player on loan at Everton. Has great attributes and despite having had to play at Stoke still seems a decent human being. Sarri may be trying to get him back to full fitness, but truth… Read more »


Bayern had a number of Cbacks approaching 29/30 we should have moved on last summer instead of Sokratis. Boateng or Hummels would have been possibilities considering they have younger players coming through in the position. And we did not need to have wasted money on Lichsteiner. We should have just put AMN into Rback given he had performed reasonably well at Lback and right side is his natural side. Some of the decision making by Mslintat is mystifying. I think Unai held back bc he was new to the job so politically he gave them the benefit of the doubt… Read more »


I love Papa! he doing good and is still adapting to the pace of premier league.


Mats don’t want to move on nor can he play as a dm. Munich just signed Pavard so they have 3 top defenders/CB(if u consider Hummels and Boateng as top, didnt watched bayern that much this saison, heard they were pretty shite + injured ) so more likely Bayern is trying to sell one of em. Agree with the last paragraph.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Sorry mate but Hummels has played at DM plenty, and can operate well there, though admittedly he has been played at CB the vast majority of his later career. And don’t doubt his desire to move, you’re forgetting how much time Süle (played more than Hummels) is getting at CB along with Boateng. I think the idea is bring Pavard in (at summer time) and listen to offers for one of Martinez (sometimes plays CB), Boateng or Hummels. They’ve been trying to offload Boateng for a while, possibly due to wages, so maybe they’ve just accepted it’d be easier/more lucrative… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

@KongoKim Sorry mate but Hummels has played at DM plenty, and can operate well there, though admittedly he has been played at CB the vast majority of his later career. And don’t doubt his desire to move, you’re forgetting how much time Süle (played more than Hummels) is getting at CB along with Boateng. I think the idea is bring Pavard in (at summer time) and listen to offers for one of Martinez (sometimes plays CB), Boateng or Hummels. They’ve been trying to offload Boateng for a while, possibly due to wages, so maybe they’ve just accepted it’d be easier/more… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

@KK Sorry mate but Hummels has played at DM plenty, and can operate well there, though admittedly he has been played at CB the vast majority of his later career. And don’t doubt his desire to move, you’re forgetting how much time Süle (played more than Hummels) is getting at CB along with Boateng. I think the idea is bring Pavard in (at summer time) and listen to offers for one of Martinez (sometimes plays CB), Boateng or Hummels. They’ve been trying to offload Boateng for a while, possibly due to wages, so maybe they’ve just accepted it’d be easier/more… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

ffs you wait 14hours for your comment to pass moderation then three come along at once ?
@Blogs any chance you could delete a couple please? And to everyone else, sorry for the spamjection.


Hummels has been really terrible since the start of the world cup.
I like him but fear he is past it or at least not suitable for the premier league. He’s gotten very slow over time.
Would not recommend it.
Also don’t think Bayern will let go of one of only three cb’s in the winter.
Lastly, Chelsea and United also interested.
Makes no sense.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

@Timsh You could argue he had a pretty bad whole of 2018 to be honest, by his standards, and I understand where you’re coming from but a player of his class is never a total write off. He may just need an extended spell away from the treatment room. He’s only 30, which for his role, could be seen as peak years. I know Lichtsteiner has scared us Gooners away from numbers beginning with 3 but lets not forget the high number of German defenders that play (past and present) at a high level until retirement. After all, our Greek… Read more »


sokratis has been below average

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

No, he hasn’t. He’s had a couple of bad games and it took maybe four weeks for him to settle but saying he ‘has been below average’ would appear more a personal opinion than one based on facts and reality.


I’d say above average, but yes, he’s not that much of an upgrade to what we have. We need to do much better than him.


The guy from Torino and Calero from Spain.

Lord Bendnter

Ah the amount of rumors one must create to land another player on loan due to shortage of funds ?

Hrishikesh Dubey

The entire “sign defenders before attackers” argument seems absurd. We can’t be buying players just for the sake of it. Our defence needs a major shakeup, and if players that we think will help us aren’t available right now, there’s no point buying just for the sake of it. Carrasco seems like a signing we would move for even if it were in the summer.


You move for who is ready to move first. Precisely. We have need for a wide player for a long time now. Mslintat made a poor choice selling Alexis to United instead of City (even at a lower price), which led us prey to United and Raiolla’s dictate. We ended up with Mhkitaryan instead of mahrez. Ironically City then went in for the Algerian late in market. Then we loaned out Nelson (good for his development but…) to our detriment this season. Carassco I mentioned was a wild card last summer. He is wasting his time in China and at… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ramsey leaving and not renewing Welbeck are reasons Carrasco or Suarez signing is important and no luxury. Two replacements, one buy and promoting one from academy like Nelson would be a good thing.


A guy who was not deemed good enough for Athletico and decided to pursue his career in the super competitive league in China?


He was not good enough for the way Atletico play. You know who else won’t be good for that style of play? Any of our current players. Even talented players like Pogba or Prime Cesc. It’s the way they play and very certain players can play that way. Even Thomas Lemar is having a torrid time there. It just doesn’t work for some people. Also, case in point, Axel Witsel, arguably the best CM in Bundesliga this season.

my name is bob

Can’t see this happening during the winter transfer window at all.
Didn’t Ornstein say that we literally have no wiggle room when it came to the EPL’s salary cap rule?
I’d give it 10 poos personally but if it then happened I’d literally shit myself


And Ornstein never gets things wrong.. /s

A Different George

Well, he is a fullback or wing-back for Belgium. They did pretty well with him.


He was shit for Belgium in the world cup.


Maybe you think he didn’t play well but why use disgusting language


Imo, the word disgusting is more disgusting than the word shit.

A Different George

I guess that’s why they were the only side that looked like they had any chance of beating France.


Unlikely to happen but would be much more exciting than Denis Suarez. Really liked him at Atletico!


Listening to the Arsecast Extra the other day I was quite amused by the different standards applied when talking about our possible transfer targets. Denis Suarez, who obviously is not Andrew’s favourite, was described as being “already 25 years old” whereas Carrasco “is still only 25”.


Because everyone is still expecting Denis Suarez to peak – which he has not so far playing for Cup games for Barca.
Carrasco is different – he already is a full international and has played for Atletico and Monaco, so he is in his prime and has more to offer at 25.

Hope I got that right, Blogs?


Think he got that from AFTV.
No big deal


The Suarez bit yes but the other one was James. I think it had more to do with Carrasco’s transfer to China, which is usually something older players do.

Northern Gooner

It looks like Carrasco had little choice really. Apparently Monaco sold him to Atletico de Madrid with the understanding he’d be sold after 2 years (Monaco kept 25% of his ownership, the agent 5%) Plus Atletico had to repay a loan. I could put a link with the full story but it’s in Spanish. FWIW I wouldn’t trust the owners of Atletico de Madrid as far as I could throw them.


*Googles Carrasco’s FIFA 2019 rating and watches 10 ‘Carrasco Welcome to Arsenal Skills & Tricks 2019’ with a picture of his head on a super imposed Arsenal kit body*


I presume that all of them had shitty music in the background as well?

Christopher Wreh

Bit strange. If we have absolutely no money or wiggle on wages then why would we be going to meet his representatives? No point surely? Three scenarios come to mind in that case: 1. We actually have a bit of dosh knocking about and have been super sly about telling anyone 2. Some sort of pre-summer arrangement? Can you do that? 3. None of this ever happened and this story is totally fabricated, we won’t be signing Yannick Carrasco and we’ll all go back to our miserable little lives and miserable little jobs earning miserable money to buy miserable clothes… Read more »


You could change your name from Christopher Wreh to Dennis Bergkamp and bask in temporary glory.


I think what he’s trying to imply is we don’t have the money to spend on players who doesn’t address the obvious deficiencies in the squad. We have quite a lot of CM in the squad, so there’s no point in doing a Wenger, and buying another CM. Our deficiencies lie in defence and on the wing. If Mislintat uses up all of the transfer funds to buy 1/2 players just to address those 2 issues, it will be beneficial. That’s why we are after Carrasco, and we have headlines stating we are after Carrasco. He’s available for a modest… Read more »


Not that I’m saying he’s excluded from the discussion, but does anyone think Emery has that much of a say about who we sign?

Pretty sure Sven and Raul are now in charge on that front.


Haven’t seen him play so was always going to judge him from YouTube videos. Looks a direct player but not much of close control. I aint a fan of this news. But would be glad if my observation is wrong. Still trusting Sven on identifying gems.


Sven to find gems like Lichsteiner? Mhkitaryan?

Dick Law unearthed gems too like Santo Carzola and Koscielny.

Carrasco is a very silky player with good close control.

Only issue would be he tends to come in off the left where we already have Iwobi. Truth be told, we really need someone to balance out Iwobi from the right.

Fiers d'être Bleus

Would you give it a rest, Santori? I know you’re entitled to your opinion, same as the rest of us, but honestly.. Come on, man. If you’re going to highlight two players Sven might not have gotten right (and keep in mind he hadn’t been with us for very long when we signed Mikhi) and then compare them to two of Dick Law’s best findings, then you’re clearly on a very biased agenda. How about Torreira? Guendouzi? Even Dinos, who looked very promising at the end of last season and seriously impressed Wenger? Those are some of Sven’s gems. And… Read more »


No way ! Not on those wages. As the blog today says – Suarez on a loan deal with the option to buy if it works. Meanwhile we keep looking for at least one defender. If you please – ?


Wages is the issue.

Unless Carrasco will want to lower his current salary, not sure if this will happen.

We seemed obssessed with keeping to regulations of FFP rules even after Wenger has gone and others have flagrantly disregard them.


I’m OK with this. It doesn’t make sense to sign a stop gap defender this window. We just saw the injury report with 5 defenders back from injury. I think it’s better we buy good quality defenders in the summer rather than waste money now.


I wish we would be linked to Malcom instead…


…but Carrasco is still better than Suarez


They’re different though. We have some issues in deep midfield as well. Granit, Torreira and Guendouzi all vie for the two spots but beyond them the talent level drops off with Elneny (as willing as he is) Suarez coming in may add capability to midfield which is also a key component in improving our defense. BUT he adds versatility in the attacking third as well (with Ramsey leaving) and potentially bc of his quick feet, he can also deploy in a wider role (particularly with 3 at the back and wingbacks, tucked in as part of a pair behind the… Read more »


What an absolute load of shite


I want to think we are pretending to be skint when in truth we’re not. Hopefully a devastating winger, accomplished CB and replacement for Ramsey all join this month. Chances are I’m completely wrong 🙁


I think its more likley one or the other in Carrasco (a specialist winger who isn’t cup tied) or Suarez (someone with more versatility)

Can’t see how we are going to fit both in and still remain within our self imposed confines of FFP.

And then there is the Cback to think about which may not happen as is typical Arsenal.


I mentioned this last summer that Carrasco is a potential wild card. Back then, we had a number of names we should have pursued including Neres at Ajaxm Lozano at PSG, Thauvin at Marseille. Fekir also potential for us but priced out bc of interest from Liverpool. Currently in January the issue is most of these other ‘candidates’ are cup tied and likely not to be released from the parent club mid way through season except at a higher price. Plus the likes of Neres may now conflict with the rise of Nelson should we bring in a younger player.… Read more »

A Different George

“As mentioned repeatedly,”

Well, at least you realize it. If you say it often enough, maybe some of us will finally see the light.

(By the way, you are indeed correct that Mustafi is often blamed for errors committed by others, and much more heavily criticised for equivalent mistakes. So, you don’t have to say that one for a while.)


With regard Cback, I’m pessimistic we will bring someone in. Frankly Mslintat and company did not fix the situation when they had opportunity last summer. Instead we had an OK but aging signing come in in Sokratis and an (unnecessary)band aid in Lichsteiner which would deem to suggest it is NO dfferent to Law/Wenger years even if some would wish to otherwise imagine. Currently we have Holding out but Koscielny (in his limited aged form) has returned and is getting a bit of his old match sharpness back. Does Unai gamble on him for remainder of season or bring in… Read more »


Did Sven Mslintat go to school with you and constantly pull your pants down and take your lunch money?!
Also AMN is not a RB/LB and Reiss Nelson needed to go out on loan.

Because these agendas of yours are incredibly jarring. Aren’t you tired??

However, I’m sure you will continue yelling at the clouds and telling us all how you knew who we should have signed and who wouldn’t work out.


I know we’re all tired of the inaction, financially, of the Kroenkes, but I live with the hope that, after Stan has finished building the new L.A. Rams stadium, at a personal cost of $3 billion, he might have a few dollars left of his personal fortune (last report I’ve seen $9 billion) to spend on Arsenal.
Foolishly optimistic I know, but we can dream.


First time for everything I suppose


I highly doubt Stan is spending 33% of his entire personal wealth on a football stadium.

Prakhar Tripathi

I do believe Emery will get a body in for cheap for defender this January. Since even 14th placed Crystal Palace have conceded less than us, just about anyone who is not Mustafi would do at this point. While Kos and Sokratis remain trusted men for next 17 league games. Emery knows any player not Mustafi will drastically improve us, and I think he gets it too. And with so many players in top flight who are not Mustafi and don’t cost 20 m pounds, it should happen. We have magical Sven now afterall. Guy who unearthed Ousmane Dembele. In… Read more »

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

Seems not being Mustafi is more important to you than having a good defence.

Prakhar Tripathi

Look I am one of those fans who just says it when he doesn’t see quality. Underperforming Xhaka and Mustafi cost us top 4 for the last 2 years. It’s those fine margins afterall. Obviously they are professional footballers wearing jersey of the club we love. But objectively they both have been the worst 30 mil plus signings we have made ever. Ozil, Sanchez, Auba, Laca all worked out. But even when money was spent on defense, we got Xhaka and Mustafi. Love the club, but can’t overlook the prime reasons for our 2 season slump. I am an international… Read more »


‘And distance myself from much better fans than me who can support their
players and team no matter what.’

like the fans who cheer on AW and Ivan G, and the other punch, until they effectively brought the club to near mid-table. and god knows how long before we get back to the top again.


Just wish I could fast forward through this month to the end, see who we have bought/or not bought and just be fucking done with it. Transfer windows are frustrating + boring fucking shite when one is an Arsenal fan.


P.S. I also wish I was reading more stories about other teams interested in buying OUR players for big money, like Miki or Ozil or Mustafi or Xhaka. It fucking depresses me that none of the other clubs think out players are good enough to buy.


Also wish Ivan Gazidis gets gonnerhea. Fucking incompetent prick.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

Incompetent pricks get less opportunities for gunnerhea.

Faisal Narrage

Arsenal fans totally confuse me. Here we are, begging for a direct, pacey winger FOR YEARS, and we’re linked to one, but want to complain because we haven’t bought a middling CB in the Jan window? What? If you tell me right now to take Yannick + giving a chance to Mavropanos, or say a Denis Suarez+Cahill-type, then you can piss right off with the final one. Personally I hope we can totally raid China for both Carrascos and Gaitan, either now or next season. If they’re willing to come now, and not factoring our lack of CL status, then… Read more »


I’m not too worried about the CB situation this season, with Kos and Mavropanos coming back we have actual CB options and Sokratis + Mustafi or Kos should be solid enough to see us through. The medium term problem is that our only prime age CB is Mustafi, the injury will disrupt Holding’s development, Mavropanos is untested, and Kos and Sokratis are of a soon retiring age. Would love to see Kos recover and play top level for 18mo (with a sneaky 1yr contract extension) and Sokratis to do the same (play well for next 18mo). That would allow us… Read more »


as much as we are complaining about our defense ,we equally think of the lack of creative midfield in our squad…… a proper number 10


Emery does not rely on a number 10. It’s mostly playing from flanks, or find runner behind lines, overlaps, cut-backs, direct routes to opp box from midfield …etc
creative, pacy, dribbling, ball-carrying wingers are extremely important to his tactics.
We have zero of those.

Thierry Bergkamp

I like Carrasco.


The Chinese have no problem loaning money for later payment. In fact it’s their M.O. Maybe we can get them to send Carrasco to London with promise of later payments.