Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Report: Barcelona and Arsenal break off negotiations over Denis Suarez

According to a report in El Mundo Deportivo this evening, Arsenal and Barcelona have broken off negotiations over the loan deal for Denis Suarez, and it now appears as if the player will stay in Spain for the rest of the season.

The Gunners were unwilling to commit to a deal which would include a mandatory purchase agreement, something the Catalans were very keen on, but did offer a €2m loan fee.

In order to offset this, Barcelona wanted Suarez to extend his contract before agreeing to the loan, something he was unwilling to do as his current deal expires in 2020, leaving him with just one year to go in the summer and thus more attractive to potential suitors.

Arsenal had been hopeful of bringing in the 25 year old, who has worked with Unai Emery in the past, but unless something changes significantly in the next few days then he will remain a Barcelona player, even if it means he’ll remain on the fringes of their first team.

Emery was keen to a boost a squad which is currently involved in the top four fight, and still in the Europa League. Danny Welbeck, Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin have all suffered long-term injuries and there is a need to add some depth, but it now looks as if the Suarez deal is practically dead.

It’s not impossible that Barcelona are looking for a higher loan fee, but it remains to be seen if a club that’s unwilling to spend in January will be willing to meet those demands.

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Charlie Gilmour's Girls

Feck. All good news since the chelski win huh?!

Reality check

Sky are reporting that “D Suarez has been left out of the Copa del Rey squad amid links to a loan move to Arsenal”.


Mkhitaryan resumes training this week, and ESR should be back pretty soon. Maybe ESR deserves a chance to feature?

papa don't preach

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is an indirect measure of the degree of inflammation present in the body. It measures the rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes in a tall, thin tube of blood. Results are reported as how many millimetres of clear plasma are present at the top of the column after one hour. Normally, red cells fall slowly, leaving little clear plasma. Increased blood levels of certain proteins, such as fibrinogen or immunoglobulins, which are increased in inflammation, cause the red blood cells to fall more rapidly, increasing the ESR. I’d say give it a shot.


Couldn’t agree more. Let’s start utilising our academy as much as we can.





Let’s be real please. Academy players are not good enough for a top 4 race level.
We’re already playing our best academy graduate (AMN), it’s clear he’s well above the rest, and still not convincing.
It’s either buy quality players this window, or goodbye top 4.

It seems quite clear the club is in no hurry for a CL return.

Ross Leach

waste of fucking time. Hopefully Mislintats delayed leave is because she’s working on some players for us.


Arseblog news somehow missed out on the news of Sven’s sex change for shame… 😛


I assumed he was being clever – Miss Lintats.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Well coined.

Hector’s business partner

Nice. I missed that ?


Well we were told the club was going through a transition

Anne Noyd



I made a very similar joke and after that my comments were moderated briefly for getting too many downvotes ?
But I guess you landed the joke better than I did. Good on you Sir. Here’s my €1


ah, so that’s why mine get moderated a lot 🙂

Jimbo jones



Manager should make sure he gets the best out of Mkhi and Ozil, two top class players, instead of going after unproven barcelona rejects on loan.


like alexis?


Check Alexis’ stats, goals, assists and game time for Barcelona prior to Arsenal move. There is no comparison whatsoever.


True that, but before he arrived (some… Alot actually) arsenal fans saw in him a barca reject.


Alexis was Barcelona’s player of the season before he came to Arsenal. He got pushed out because of Suarez.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Player of the season? Where was Messi?

Billy Enfield

Busy, collecting Ballon D’or. Lol

Gunner fan

Messi was out injured most of that season. Alexis had a very good season before coming to Arsenal.

historical truth

Out most of that season, but still managed to get 28 goals from 31 games in La Liga and 46 goals from 41 games in all competitions..

Petit's Handbag

Not like Alexis is the short answer.


Arsenal will try and get Rodriguez, reject of two clubs.


He’s got a better shot than ozil on fifa, …so guaranteed 20 goals

Anne Noyd

My gran’s got a better shot than ozil.


He’s still the top German scorer in the Premier League


Will come with any and all stats morphed in any which manner, just to prove Ozil’s proficiency in for my of goal.

Tasmanian Jesus

He has a better shot in real life too. Better shot than most of our players actually.


Mkhi is no where near world class, have you been watching at all??


NO where near world class you are right.

Some people want to delude themselves.

We should have got Mahrez last Jan.

Instead Mslintat and co backed us into a corner with United and we were forced to take Mhki off of Raiolla.

Fiers d'être Bleus

But we didn’t get Mahrez last january, so what’s the point of going on and on about it?!


Even if he is not what fans necessarily wanted, I think a new player would have created a bit of a buzz, so it will be a shame if it does not happen.

If it is off, we have a few weeks left with Sven. Call me mad, but maybe we could bring in someone he had highlighted as an opportunity instead…?




we were never planning with him long term, he was considered as just another body to might fill a gap, wasn’t he?! Why is everyone acting like we missed the chance to sign mbappe on a free? if rambo stays until the of the season which is likely i have no issues with that, due to ramseys working rate.


It’s only off until it’s on again.


A transfer saga for a player we don’t need. Peak Arsenal.


We need a winger or 2. That’s very clear.


He is 25 until he is 28, that’s how it works


Who honestly knows? The player seemed keen to come, I don’t know anything about him to be honest so I don’t even know if he’s any good or not. All this messing about trying to get bargain basement loan deals is a bit embarrassing really, if we really want him we should be able to make a plan, surely?




*This isn’t ideal.


hhmmm. Seems the club is getting a little tougher on negotiations, which is a good thing. I am not convinced this deal is dead in the water though, its just not the Arsenal way. I wouldnt like the compulsory buy deal either, try before you buy works for me!

I'm 14 again

They can try all they want to force our hand into a permanent deal but I hope we don’t budge. We hold the upper hand. If we truly need him, we can play the waiting game a bit. Lad doesn’t sign a new contract and that can drive the price lower. We could go in for a season long loan if he attracts no buyers or prefers to come to us and get him for free if he fits by the end of the next season. Barca can fuck right off, we won’t be bullied. I hope Raul is thinking… Read more »

Dave Cee

I agree. It just seems like Barca are being dicks over a player they have no use for. Screw them, look elsewhere if necessary


Man how I wish for a buy back clause in Sven’s Bayern contract.


Man i really dunno why the mislintat departure feels so important for everybody. I don’t think he did a bad job nor a exceptional good, because I, who follow Arsenal news 24/6(one day a week im passed out of the others), dont have a clear indsight of what he had exactly done. He actually were praised by the people in the Club but arent they susposed to be?! All the new players arrived…except douzi(coz ligue 2)where on everyones radar who watch football. Never heard of torreira before Arsenal? Well then u have no clue. “We don’t buy superstars, we make… Read more »


Excuse me, one man wasn’t impressed by him: Arsene.




If this guy was really the dogs, then the club would have agreed to sign him in the summer no problem…

Lord Bendnter

To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the Denis Suarez signing. I don’t think he’s the kind of player we really need. We need an out and out winger, not a CM who can kind of play on the wing. I’m so sick of this old habit we have of not buying players who belong to the actual positions we need. This is why I really liked Sven. I didn’t mind us buying players who were young on unheard of for small amounts of money. At least they have potential to grow stronger in the position they are bought… Read more »


There are hardly any proper wingers in most big teams. Wingbacks has become very popular now. Teams have LAM and RAM who can swing decent crosses but mostly create chances from midfield and/or overlap strikers.

The classic 442 with wingers swinging crosses to strikers are very rare now. Wingbacks are doing it.

Maybe a skillful player who can beat man or two would be good. I thought Alex Iwobi could do it but he just isn’t consistent enough.(maybe not good enough)

Kolasinac has been quite good in that regard, even better than Bellerin.

I'm 14 again

Wenger dropped the ball again? Fuck it


Use that 2 million to offer Ramsey a new contract instead.

Drew Dewsall

Let it go mate, he’s already signed a pre-contract agreement with Juve

Petit's Handbag

Welcome to Everton Football Club Denis Suarez…..where he goes on to do fuck all

SB Still

This is all too familiar (not that Suarez is THE player we need). We used to get annoyed with Wenger for our transfer business. Although there are many changes in management, our transfer business is full of sagas. The problem maybe further up – with the board, owner and finances – despite being one of the richest clubs in the world!


Just underfunded and badly run basically

Like the rest of the country


The transfer team is poor.

But the ownership has a lot to do with it.

All that moaning about Wenger and Gazidis.

Nothing has changed.

We are not buying any better players then when Dick Law was in charge.

We can’t manage our transfer to wage bill.

Made poor decisions last January and failed to do the right business in the summer for a proper solution to Cback never mind Rwing which has been an issue for 3 seasons now.


Seems like a lot of money to throw at a loan deal for probably 10-15 matches. Why not just use Ramsey. Would we have to pay his wages on top of the £2m?


Any purchase have to be better than our rising young stars. It would be surprising to find better players than Eddie, Willock and ESR for less than £15 million anywhere. On the other hand, we need some very specific core competence: We need a central defender (Laurent/Sokratis are good, but they will be injured/quarantined). Some experience is warranted – defenders cannot learn through mistakes in our PL matches. We could need a wide attacker with the skills to take on defences 1:1. Iwobi has some of it, AMN also, but if there was an Hazard or Wilfried Zaha tiring of… Read more »




Dunno why people are getting all uppity about this. It’s about time the club took a harder stance and stopped being fucked over on deals. People complaining now are the same ones who will complain when he doesn’t work out and we wasted valuable funds on him instead of somebody else.

Barca can fuck off

Jack gunner

More time being wasted. Arsenal will fall further behind .
The Us owner better his share to someone who will
try to make arsenal a leading soccer brand.
At the rate things are going,Brand Arsenal are becoming ajoke in the fw.


Yeh. All because we didn’t sign Denis Suarez.


We won’t sign anyone.

Same shit as when Arsene was around.

Therefore could not have just been the manager. Look higher up. Gazidis is gone and still same issues.


I’m fine with us not signing anyone.


And to think I just signed him in career mode…


Barca cutting off their nose to spite their face. At the very least we’d have given Denis game time, thus increasing their chances of getting a reasonable fee for him in the summer.


Why should they care?

They can loan Denis somewhere-else or just keep him off the bench.

Its on our onus to show a bit of bollocks.



Keown alluding toward the disconnect between our transfer team and the gaffer

Forget Harrod or even Marks and Sparks…we’re shopping at Tescos at this rate.


I’ve always wanted to shop at “Marks and Sparks”


Mslintat is bloody useless. And just to put things in perspective, Arsene Wenger was spot on with his comment “Everyone thinks he has the prettiest wife. Arsenal fans on AFTV here wherever with delusions that we have been buying well. Lichsteiner was a band aid. Sokratis has been decent but is a stop gap at best at his age. Guendouzi is good for the future but is still a young player so the jury is still out. Torreira in recent games against BHA, Soton and West Ham has hit the wall/got a reality check. 3 goals conceded from give aways… Read more »


Do you ever stop complaining?

Drew Dewsall

We were held over a barrel by Manure on the Sanchez thing, they were either going to get him for free or at best 15M We swapped a very good player for him. We all know how good Mikhi was at Dortmund and we all hoped to see a bit of that. I still maintain we have had better return from him than Utd have from Sanchez. Is he the amazing player we hoped? No but he has scored some good goals for us without ever being able to truly nail down a 1st team place. As for Chambers and… Read more »


Things have changed after Wenger and Law?

Think again.

Still the same penny pinching and band aids. Quick fixes at cback.

Still no money instead saving our powder dry for the summer when if we should likely be outside CL we will have to pay premium for the top level players.

And where are we in the league?

Injuries, limited players beyond Mustafi still abound the squad.

Can’t expect Emery to perform miracles.


At least I won’t have to worry why I find his hair is both perfect and cringe-worthy at the same time


It’s so bad that its good or its so good that its bad.


Nail on the head.

Arsenala Vista Baby

Whats with all the headaches? Forget Suarez, find a new solution with Ramsey if still possible.


Recall RN our man from hoffenheim he is ready

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