Video: Arsenal 2-1 Cardiff ‘On the whistle’


Arsenal took three points with a 2-1 win over Cardiff at the Emirates this evening, thanks to goals from Aubameyang and Lacazette.

It wasn’t pretty but we did what we had to do. Here are the on the whistle thoughts of James.


Arsenal 2-1 Cardiff – player ratings

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Little bit of the topic but Chambo is really putting in a good shift at Fullham & a lovely goal today.
I’d even say he’s been one of their best players last few games.
Fair play to him, hopefully he can add something decent to the team next season!

Jack gunner
Jack gunner

Our French forward was savaged
during the game and the culprit shd have been rcd.
There was a sliding tackle and though the gunners was not
studded,nevertheless another ref could have sent the Burnley
guy off.
All in a good night to be cheerful. The Norwegian ‘s winning
run came to an end. Very soon he will have his first defeat
with teams knowing how to stifle his counter attack and play him at his own game.


The bit on Emery and Ozil at substitution time…. doesnt bode well for the team. You cant have your superstar and your manager at loggerheads. It inneevitably causes trouble in the changerooms. If its become toxic, then Ozil has to go. I like the bloke, on his day its magic to watch, but we cant have a tiff between the 2. End of story. He has to go even if Arsenal take a financial hit.

Tim Miller
Tim Miller

Good analysis about Licht, it’s nice to hear someone that takes into account the context when judging a player. Emery wants him to play high like Bellerin, what the hell is he thinking. Jenk can’t do it either I’m afraid.

I quite haven’t understood how Emery wants Arsenal to play (like everyone else), but whatever he tries to do, the balance is often very off, full backs bombing forward with little cover, playmakers dropping too deep, strikers left to their own devices up front, midfielders running all over the place, Xhaka left exposed, etc etc… then once in a while, magically, it all clicks into place, we delivered a good performance, but is it a plan or dumb luck? If it is a plan, why can’t it be replicated?

Thanks for the report James!


Good comment. I don’t believe Licht is as bad as many want to think he is. You have to question how he’s being played. Its all a bit, Wenger-arian, isn’t it?

TBF, Emery has had one xsfer window (this one) and was given a squad full of AW’s players.

Great comments by James on Monreal. I’d much rather he play centerhalf than Mustafi. (Or I think Licht is a better choice than Mustafi. Talk about selling Elneny – a horrible idea I think – the club should “get shot” of Mustafi immediately.)

Elneny is not amazing, but a solid squad player. I wouldn’t sell him. Perfect for games like this one, rotation, with a big game coming the weekend. Its all a bit silly with some commentators (and I think James is one of the better ones, btw); they want to ditch squad players – but then will moan about squad depth. You cannot have it both ways. No footballer wants to sit the bench, but you cannot realistically have a team full of 25 first teamers. It just doesn’t work like that.

Really good observation on Auba, too. Don’t get me wrong: I love that man and am soooo glad he plays for Arsenal. But, ….