Video: West Ham 1-0 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


Arsenal lost 1-0 to West Ham today in a game which opens up Unai Emery to serious questions about his team selections and how we’re set up.

Here are the on the whistle thoughts of James.

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I’m fed up with this current set up. The defence is a shambles. Week after week we get basic things wrong and how many chances do we allow the opposition every game. The Liverpool game summed it up. How on Earth we went so long unbeaten is a miracle! Our midfield lacks any real creativity, and funny enough we have one of the most creative players in Europe but he can’t be arsed or trusted to do what he’s paid a vast amount of money to do. The frustrating thing is that we can do it, just look at the… Read more »


You say “Ozil is not going anywhere” but surely this proves Emery’s point? he’s on huge wages and likes living in London, but I’m not sure any manager can reignite the fire inside Mesut Ozil? Surely freezing him out is our best bet? Otherwise whoever our manager is? Will either get criticism for playing Ozil, or criticism for not playing him Good point on the problem of having 2x top no 9s, sometimes it can work, but Aubameyang isn’t a natural fit out wide, but if Emery drops one of them? The fans look for a stick to beat him… Read more »

dawid niedzwiadek

Finally some fucking voice of wisdom. Changes takes time. U cannot make diamond polishing a turd. UE needs time, needs money, but mostly he needs support from board and fans.
Top 4 is a long shot. Do we ATM have better squad of players than LFC, MU, MC, or CFC? I don’t think so.
Give UE time few transfer windows than will be time for judging.

Frank Stroud

But what’s the point of transfer windows if you can’t sign players. We need to start telling KSE what we think. Fulham spend £100 mill, Bournemouth pay £20 mill for a striker and we can only do a loan? Bollocks. Sort it out.

Dobby the house elf

It’s like people have forgotten how bad we were last season and how in decline we were. Same thing goes for Ozil, I don’t think we’ve seen the best Ozil for ages and that precludes Emery’s tenure. I can’t get my head around people asking him to play Ozil and Ramsey and just try and outscore teams… that’s what Wenger tried to do and people protested to get him out.

A Different George

Imagine if you had three top attacking players and you insisted on playing them in every match (maybe even adding a fourth sometimes, or rotating that fourth player). My God the horror–we would have to call you Klopp and sing YNWA as you challenged for the title.