Video: BATE Borisov 1-0 Arsenal ‘Not even remotely on the whistle’


Here are James’ thoughts on last night’s 1-0 defeat to BATE Borisov in the Europa League.

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Crash Fistfight

Sorry to say, but James’s argument about “who could we get”, citing fans wanting Simeone or Allegri, is complete nonsense. There are other managers out there (and a few who would have been easily gettable last summer) that could fit the bill, without having to settle for Emery or Arteta. Hasenhuttl has gone to Southampton for crying out loud – did he suddenly become desperate between the summer and January or is it much more likely that we didn’t bother speaking to him at the time? Lucien Favre was at Nice – not exactly a big club – why did… Read more »


Those managers are by no means guaranteed success and anyone who came in would take time to get it going right. They actually all have less success in their history than Emery. By that measure, Emery is superior. And, TBH hose managers are all second raters, at best.

James is spot on with his comment. Emery needs time.
No sane, well-run or organized football club would fire a manager after a tough 6 months. 6 months that included a 22 game unbeaten run.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I agree, Jardim had to backstab Henry to get his position back. He was successful with players like Mbappe, Martial, Lemar, Mendy, Fabinho etc.
As soon as they got sold, he found himself in relegation zone.


Because simply to even think of getting rid of Emery after just 7 months is abysmal. We probably could have had Allegri if the board would have been prepared to spend money on new signings however that wasn’t to be. However the season is far from over and despite the awful form we are in, are still challenging for 4 th place in the Premier League and should still progress in the Europa league. Surely we must give Emery the full season before we start making knee jerk reactions.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am not sure about progressing in Europa League though. Arsenal does not win if a team parks the bus in front of them. Very easy to do against us.


It doesn’t have to be a big name manager to deliver success.
Who had heard of Arsene Wenger?


Ozil had so many illnesses lately, more than any other players. This is suspicious….I don’t think he really is ill


I join your opinion. Suspicious


Several players got hit by this last round.

As for the other ones, who knows. But if they’re excuses, are they convenient excuses for him because he’s being left out? Convenient excuse for the club to leave him out? Or both? Or neither?


One thing I disagree with. James says he’s happy to sell Ozil and for that money get 2 or 3 players who would help more than Ozil. This is Mesut Ozil you’re talking about, James. One of the best No.10 in the world. Have to strongly disagree with that idea. Sadly, I think James is right that Ozil is being forced out of the club (though I think this is a really stupid idea). This is all signature Sanllehi. I didn’t care much for Ivan The Gutless Gazidis. But I fear much worse with this mob managing the club now,… Read more »


Euh, help more for what? To defend? We’ve got already 7 defending players on the pitch and Laca doing their work too.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Help for replacing a couple of them with better defending players.


Thats true….i havent Seen any team with so much defenders on the Pitch and the fact, that Offensive Players have to defend too….


I disagree with James in a similar, but slightly different way. I have also, as he has, accepted the likelihood that Ozil is being pushed out. The reason? I don’t really care, to be quite honest. But, here’s the thing, and James mentioned it as well: a 3-4-3 with this two man midfield IS too much to ask of the mids we have. If, for instance, Guendouzi pushes up it’s Torreira (or xhaka) left to patrol the rest, leaves too many openings. Or as we’ve frequently seen, Guendouzi and Torreira can’t commit to getting over and linking that play. And… Read more »

Irrational Gunner

Hell, I thought the idea would be to get rid of Ozil’s huge salary and just KEEP the money! What are the going to use to buy all these replacements since we seem so threadbare (austere, frugal, cheaper than fuck)? I understand the need for changing out quite a few players, but am having a really hard time with the math. Everyone is just dying to overpay for our players, correct?


I think the club, our club, are acting like a bunch of scumbags and its embarrassing tbh.


Phenomenal sign off at the end there James ?

Sean Williams

Xhaka playing instead of Ozil? Insane. The Arsenal hierarchy has their heads up their backsides. Lunacy.


Totally different players. Xhaka is a deep lying midfielder who has formed a great partnership with Torreira. Ozil is an attacking midfielder and yes I agree would like him to be playing as he is still our most creative player. I cannot see why both cannot both play

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Because Ozil puts a lot of tackles in to stop opposition ?


I don’t think the missing piece against BATE or Huddersfield was tackles.


James seems you are willing to accept a lot ,I am not going to accept any of what we as supporters of Arsenal football club have been subjected to for six months. I didn’t want Arsene to go but I accepted that some did and they got their way, so we get a new manager who has his philosophy and that’s all good and well but he should be able to adapt it to the players he actually has at club or had ( no place for Wilshire could of done with him last night) doesn’t play Ramsey when fit… Read more »


Wilshere has played 5 times this season, completing a total of 339 minutes, and is injured yet again…. Getting shot of Wilshere was 100% the right thing to do. Rambo like Sokratis+Ozil only had 1 day’s training, therefor they were left at home yesterday. The performance yesterday was awful, but that’s nothing new, we clearly lack width, Emery was publicly screaming out for wingers in January, but unfortunately our transfer budget was £0. These problems have been going on for years, and with our transfer budget reportedly being £40 Mill this summer? Will likely go on for much longer, I’m… Read more »


Ozil was supposedly sick last week not injured, he is a professional athlete so 1 day training should be enough to play against the calibre of opposition we were facing, Emery can’t handle big stars. He should be getting the best out of Ozil and in actual fact he is not getting the best out of anyone. The team is bereft of confidence as could be seen last night with the finishing . He could also have brought some youngsters last night and given them game time . Ahh where is Smith Rowe could have used him last night

Arsenala Vista Baby

To get the best out of Ozil is by not playing him. Don’t you know it already?


Is there something in your comment meant to assure us to hang tight, things will get better, or is this just a calmly delivered fatal diagnosis?


Hang tight, if I have to watch anymore of this so called football I’ll hang meself


I’m not sure if you were replying to me? But I think we’re at least 2-4seasons away from sorting out this mess. Since we’re self sustainable, our best bet of generating cash flow is through seriously lowering our wage bill, Sp*rs have proven that you can get players to stay and compete on a much lower wage budget, providing that you can convince them of your project. I think we can do it with smart recruitment and a core of young players, but it’s going to take time to get the squad balanced, then a season or 2 to get… Read more »


This is what worries me – that Spurs have become our go-to “model.” What has happened to us? That’s shameful in so many ways, not least because Spurs are relying on the goodwill/lack of ambition of Harry Kane to stay with them (when really he should be on a much better team, winning things) and the fact that they simply don’t win anything. It sounds as if, and this is my fear, we are accepting that we no longer belong among the mighty few in England, rather than taking the steps to put ourselves back up there as the model… Read more »


Wilshere is a sick head!


I do think we need to steel ourselves for the train-wreck to come. Emery has to iron out flaws all over the pitch starting off with a copper-bottomed defence. Our early hopes are foundering and I know some are already brassed off with his selections and beginning to slag him off. I certainly can not see us winning any silverware any time soon.


A manager whose past successes involved playing wingers joins a club with no wingers.
And is failing to deliver.
I wonder why that could be….
Perhaps because Emery was the cheapest and most convenient option…


For those of you who want Emery out after little over half a season in charge, I refer to the wise words of Sheldon Cooper, to explain how I think about you: Troglodytes.


Thank goodness I don’t give a shit about what you think.


I’m a bit surprised at Blogs’ post about Ozil’s Bergkamp tweet and labelling this misadventure as unprecedented. Isn’t this what we watched from afar taking place between Pogba and Mourinho at United earlier this season? I like our show and our characters much better, but isn’t the Ozil-Emery feud the same scene, the only difference being that Pogba was still playing regularly? I agree wholeheartedly that whatever this is, it is not good for the club, but I don’t know if Ozil is so much in the wrong here as he is, for whatever insidious reason, pledging his allegiance to… Read more »