Arsenal moved into the top four with an exciting 2-0 win over Man Utd at the Emirates today.

Granit Xhaka’s shot from distance deceived David de Gea to put the Gunners ahead in the first half, and a second half penalty from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doubled the lead.

It wasn’t one way traffic by any means, Arsenal had to defend well, Bernd Leno made some vital stops, and United weren’t efficient with their chances, but the three points were massive in the race for the top four.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd match report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.


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Extra bonus rating: 10/10 for the United fans that came out to support their team, making the long journey…from Surrey and Kent 😉


And what a way to shut mouth of Rio Ferdinad and Lingard. Too much over confidence is never good.


Btw motm might be btw AMN or Leno but shoutout to Ramsey. He won 8 tackles more than any other player. I respect his professionalism. He is leaving but still playing with full enthusiasm. Thanks Ramsey

Teryima Adi

Ramsey is a Legend.


If Rio shut his mouth he’d suffocate


Glory Glory Arsenal 😀


Not Xhaka’s biggest fan, but fair fucks – he was bloody excellent today, along with many others.

Also, if we finish above the scum and they have to play Europa League during their first season at the Latrine…


Liverpool their next match. One point in 12 may be one in 15. Very Spursy.

Cultured determination

Yup. That’s also their manager signalling to real to come save him. My dream would be for the spuds to hire mou, but then again they cant afford him.


The MOUth managing the Spuds? I guess it would be possible to hate them more.


My god that’s a match made in heaven… they deserve each other


Or a match made in the other place.


Was it only me who after it went to 2-0 was celebrating every single successful pass, every time we won a foul, every time we made a tackle? I don’t think I’ve ever gone so mad. What a great performance.

Julian Gheiler

I think the players too.


Classy from Laca!

Keeping it Monreal

Shove that one up your ole


The Diving Cunt.

Trixie Popsicle

I still hate that f**ker after all these years.

Lord Bendnter

0/100 for Linesmen this season. (Not just for Arsenal games, but all Premier league games)

I mean honestly, I feel like Linesmen are getting worse nowadays!

Imagine how many wrong offside calls there would be if players such as Thierry Henry were playing today?!


You just have to be called Kane to get calls by the linesman


No need to raise Kane


Amen to that!


Are you telling me Adebayor and Walcott have been badly forsaken loool


The progress is there. We’re just 3 points away from our points tally at the end of last season with 8 games to go. There was a lot of fair criticism towards Emery and his lack of identity just weeks ago. The team selection used to be very conservative. What a wonderful response ever since. We’re doing brilliantly taking into consideration we lost 3 major players over the course of this season. All this will be for nothing if we stop going though. No TOP 6 games for us anymore, yet some big ones ahead. Here’s me believing we can… Read more »


I wouldn’t hesitate & give Ramsey a 9. Official MOTM, so many tackles won and distance covered. He was clearly following instructions flawlessly tonight. Will be very, very hard to replace him. Legend.


This is the Ramsey that we would have loved to see for the past couple of years. He absolutely picked his moments well and played out of his skin!


Going to miss him so much and, to be honest, it bums me out even more that I think he’s improved under emery. Ramsey seems to have added a level of discipline to his game and I can’t remember the last time we lost the ball and Ramsey was out of position. Was always going to be tough to replace but it stings even more he’s adapted so well to the managers tactics.


I have a ton of respect for Ramsey’s true Gunner dedication in this match. This was the fantastic positionally disciplined Ramsey we saw for a while in the Arteta years. He was given a job that is not his full flow instinctual style, and he did the job perfectly.


Please can we convince Juve to take Iwobi instead of the welsh Jesus… please oh please!

Viva la Prof

I’m really happy to have something to be excited about at this point in the season, I mean tell me this years leage table isn’t exciting. I’m not a fan of emery ball, but I’m a big fan of dicking Utd !


At the Arsenal Fan screening in Bangalore. Bunch of United fans turned up. Saw their faces fall every time a goal went it. Amazing.


So twice? Jejeje


Where was the screening at? I too stay in Bangalore. Would be nice to watch the game with fellow gooners.


It is so refreshing to have someone like Leno in the goal. Amazing performance. Overall, amazing win, I am happy.


When I talk about Laurent Koscielny with anyone , I feel really emotional for some reason. Legend.


We all do, bro!

Pat Rice and Beans

Immense performances from Leno, AMN, Xhaka and Laca (our best #9 in years).

Lets keep the momentum for EL match, then rest for the final run to the top 4. We have easier fixtures than Manure, spuds and chel$ea, it’s perfectly possible to reach the 3rd place.



I had a thought during the game that Leno was finally coming into his own. The dude took a lot of flak at the beginning of the season, but I’m starting to see what Sven saw in him. Starting to think he can be quite a good #1 for quite a long time.


I’m going to miss Ramsey so much. The passion he plays with is unreal. Going to join a different club but putting his body on the line and flying into tackles! The lad is a Legend.
Respect to Emery too! So many points better off than last season and shows some tactical flexibility too.

Gooner Dave

Two FA cup winning goals, I would also call him a Legend!


I would call him the last of the underachieving Wenger era. Inconsistent, injury prone, and overrated.

Danger Mouse

I would call you a bit of a miserable old ninny.

Tanned arse

I would agree……but not this season.


I’d call you something but I don’t think anything sufficiently scabrous has yet been invented in the English language.


My comment was directed at Nick btw


Yeah, you hear people talk about players sometimes playing for big moves or big contracts, but Ramsey already has those sorted. The team was playing today for a top 4 place but he won’t even be here to enjoy the fruits of it if we qualify for the champions league. So all that means he’s playing solely for the love of the club. He genuinely cares about us getting back into the Champions League. He is an absolute legend.

Group Captain Mandrake

So overrated that plenty of big clubs would probably have been happy to get him.


I think everyone is pushing this legend thing a but too far. There are no levels of being a legend. He is not in the same league as Thierry, Adams, Bergkamp, Brady, George and etc. He has been a great player for us and th st is no small feet, but legendary status isn’t questionable. A legend us unanimously granted that designation. If you have to debate or defend him being a legend, that should tell you something. We have had many great players in our history and being one is sufficient. Let’s not push a good player to heights… Read more »


Two FA Cup winning goals. How many other Arsenal players/legends have done that?

And after having his leg broken.

Trixie Popsicle

So you’re a legend because you’ve had your leg broken. Who knew?!


Try reading all of what I put.


Who knew there were such extraordinarily crass, utterly moronic cretins out there masquerading as Gooners? And yet you surprise us…


Mate – your language is almost as convoluted as your reasoning. Perhaps you’re new to the club so, as a 51 year Gooner, please permit me to explain a few ‘groundrules’: Arsenal has never been a flashy club Arsenal has never been about hire ‘n fire managers on a a season or two Arsenal has never judged it’s players purely on their on-field flair (although Denis is, indeed, God with boots on) Arsenal always ‘keeps it between the white lines’ – we don’t whinge afters and we take it on the chin, good or bad If Arsenal values one thing… Read more »


It’s the application and effort throughout, that’s different from recent seasons. There’s still lovely skill as well.
What’s not to like about the Emery project. Excellent manager.
Wonderful day and it’s nice to see Sir Ole Ferguson’s luck finally running out.


Quite right we should end Solskjaer’s comparatively-piddly domestic run.

I just hope we celebrated with some pizza.


And them with some pasta from the Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf (2006 vintage)…


But no one is mentioning Emery’s 22 match unbeaten run, admittedly after losing the first 2, but look at the chaos and ego’s he had to sort out after arriving!


Although it was an offensively minded game at both ends, it was so great to see us have control of United both mentally and physically. Beautiful!!


10/10 for AMN waving his arms in front of the crowd after having blasted the ball out in a 1to1 against (t)rashford in the 63rd minute. That kid was brillant today!


Mislintat is going to be a tough act to follow. Torreira+Guendouzi+Sokratis for £50 Mill was fantastic business. Under the circumstances, Aubameyang+Mkhitaryan in a notoriously difficult January transfer window, whilst also shifting out a few, was again good business Leno who I wasn’t sure about, is starting to show signs that he could grow into the role of Arsenal No1 with some outstanding performances, and at £20 mill looks a decent punt. All the lads were brilliant today, we ran 119km, the game could have gone either way, but I thought Emery got his tactics spot on, particularly in the second… Read more »


It wasn’t unfair criticism, he got his act together because of that criticism. We don’t see that hideous negative defensive stuff anymore and he’s started to realize what Mesut brings to the team. I like Unai and I want him to succeed, but I will make fair criticism if I feel it’s valid. He’s learning about the players the league and the club, and generally doing well, we have improved on last season and I’m optimistic we can get top three or four, so overall it’s good, but it hasn’t been without some difficult times along the way. What I… Read more »


I think it is unfair, coaches need time to coach, and they need time to learn about their players. He also had to learn a new language, he’s inherited a weak set of defenders and a lack of quality+numbers in wide areas. Our stickiest patch came in a period we’re our better available defenders got injured, and we’d already lost 2 of our first choice back4 to long term injuries. I still think Emery’s lack of faith in any of our available right back options, dictates how he sets up the rest of our team. Emery in?out? In the middle… Read more »


I agree about Le-grove guy. Absolute BS.


Hold on. You think our manager responded to fan criticism? Fucking hilarious


No, not fan criticism, but criticism from everyone, nobody with any brain cells watches aftv. He was losing the fans and the media, and he did something about it, so fair play.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Losing fans with no patience, and no true understanding of how big a job getting this team back into the top four really is.


‘everyone’? EVERYONE? Nice to live in your world Von – where ‘everyone’ agrees (with your viewpoint).


Emery, a top coach, got his act together after listening to the know-it-all Arsenal fan base ?? Looool sure, why not.


Emery has been watching aftv and taking notes, clearly.

Trixie Popsicle

Clearly ????


… he should be!!


I don’t think emery caved on Ozil, if you watched Ozil yesterday I thought he showed a lot more effort off the ball than we’re used to seeing. To my mind, whatever the disciplining if Ozil was for it seems to have worked and he’s adapting to the manager. There were always going to be ups and downs this season but it looks to me that the players are starting to get what the manager wants now. We fielded a midfield of Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey which is, frankly, Wenger esque but I don’t think that was a performance from… Read more »


Maybe…..he really was sick/injured for a little while


So you reckon Unai reads our comments on Arseblog then… well done BLogs!


AMN’s recovery speed is something behold. So much talent paired with real pace. I hope he can build off this.

The team, as a whole, was sensational. This is the result they deserved last weekend but I’m happy to ruin United’s charmed run instead.

Emery’s handling of the Ozil situation cannot be celebrated enough. He turned a calamity into a positive for both club and player. Sure sign that we have a good manager on our hands.



10/10 for my boy (8) who I took to his first match today. 100% win record.

10/10 for the home support too. Great atmosphere.


Tell me about it! Was bricking it beforehand, given the way our results recently against this lot, but it was great from start to finish. Lots of people singing around us, jeering the opposition and ref, all in good spirits… he loved it.

The boy’s a lucky charm I tell you.


Great story chopper. My late dad took me to my first game when I was 7 in 1981 also v Man Utd. It finished 0-0 but I’ve never forgotten it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mine was against Leeds when they were scary Leeds. 0-0, but I loved it. We played hard. They played dirty.


Wonderful – I’d supported the Arse for 32 years (from afar) before I finally moved to London and got to see a game at Highbury. Vs the Scouse just after Anelka’s betrayal – his first ‘touch’ was a squared ball to the left touchline right in front of us, which he casually tried to stand on trap, except he got his timing completely wrong and it went under his foot and out! Cue the North Bank boys with the following (and still the best terrace chant I’ve ever heard at either ground): Chimchiminee chimchiminee chimchim cheroo… Who needs Anelka when… Read more »


Tbh blogs thought you could have said a bit more on Suarez- thought he was excellent at driving forward, opened up the pitch loads!


Couple of promising runs, especially that one where he then played in Iwobi. Good work off the ball too.


Big ups to Emery. I feel we won this game tactically. The way he deployed Ramsey today was amazing. He basically just hurries that United midfield. What’s most amazing was the shape of the team. United didn’t have room to spring counters which has been their weapon of choice against us in the past. Job well done!!


Was critical of Xhaka the other night and rightly so but he turned up today that’s for sure. Good performance all round, and the back three were excellent. Mustafi, goodbye.


Is there anything more insufferable than United fans?? Ole’s at the wheel? Dancefloor? Sit down!!! ARSENAL! LETS GO BOYS!

Tristian Beale

Yeah Liverpool and spurs fans

Ya gooner

Chelsea fans are the worst for me. Even worse than spurs fans.


Absolutely freakin buzzing!! Big shout out to Leno, AMN & Kolasinac.. what a fine team performance!
Can’t stand the Mancs… so to inflict their first PL defeat under OGS on them is spot on ? Pogba looked so arsey at the end hahaha! I do believe he was very lucky, as he should have had 2 yellows imo..but that little chubster Jon Moss bottled it! 1 point behind the spuds ? St Totteringham’s Day…….


I think AMN came of age today


I can remember clearly I was saying the first two games of the season came to early, that I’d have preferred to play both teams sometime in the middle of the season after Emery had warmed up a bit. Now, even if we did have some two games where we were totally outclassed – Liv and ManCity away – I totally believe there’s a clear improvement in our big game mentality. All our big games, bar those two early ones and the two aforementioned, have entirely had us play out of our skins to deliver results just as I anticipated.… Read more »


I’d give Suarez a bit more than that, everytime he got the ball he tried to do something, drive forwards, beat a man. Clearly wants to show what he can do and thought he showed signs of what he is capable of


ManU fans’ tears rain down on London tonight.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Who cares? We’ve Winners and we’ve got umbrellas.

Włodarz Aleksander

Arsenal showed a true fighting spirit today and even Troy must’ve seen the cojones now ?! 🙂


Favorite moments:

Granit Xhaka with the swerve
Granit Xhaka with a goal saving tackle in the box


Lacazette getting the penalty and immediately telling Auba that hes taking the spot kick. Gosh, I love their bromance


10/10 for a great weekend spuds lose, United lose, Chelski drop points, aresnal win!!! And a further 11/10 when you realise Tottenham go to anfield and the Etihad in their next few games!


AMN showing some of his potential really making Martial irreverent and chasing down rashford. Long way to go but seemed to be reading game better today


I think Emery should get a 19/10 just for burying Mustafi on the bench. I’d give him a 20/10, but he lost a point for letting Mustafi in the building.

Matt P

Saw some glimpses of real quality from Suarez.


Wit this result we can build on and make top 4


Beat ManU? When’s the last time we beat those bastards? Nine or ten points to everyone and let the whisky flow! BTW, Leno is turning into one hell of a keeper.


Still didnt like Aubas penalty. Id rather see him smash it.
Leno was superb. Defenders bossed it. Laca did well but should have done better with a couple of chances.
I thought apart from the penaltly Auba didnt do much.

I actually think Suarez has looked pretty good. He can carry tue ball and drive.past people which is a skill we sorely need.


I hope everyone goes to Maitland Niles’s social media accounts and congratulate him on his performance today that’s the least we can do for the lad after being harshly criticised by so called fans last month #COYG


Good performance today. We were hungry and wanted it more but also Unai got his tactics right with the midfield of Granit-Ramsey-Ozil dominating the middle of the park and restricting them to the wide areas. Leno – Excellent today. Good timely intervention coming out of the box to clear the ball second half but also a flurry of stops including the one with his outstretch leg and the one he had to dive low to keep out I believe Rashford. One supreb distribution from the back launching us quickly as well. AMN – Good to see him back. Not sure… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m not too worried about the way Lacazette gave Aubameyang the penalty. Being a top striker is closely entangled with being confident in yourself. His penalty miss when already on a bit of a fallow patch could have damaged his confidence even more. Laca obviously knew this, and he had the trust in Auba that he would get it right this time. This is how the best partnerships work. Auba used the same shot he tried the other day, but this time, as he said himself, he concentrated properly and made sure dg Gea had no idea where that ball… Read more »


‘Iwobi – Came on and provided dribbling ability and energy’ Santa you ruin a really good summation if ever other player with your Alex Blinkers…. I watched him closely from the moment he came on: received 6 passes from team mates and was immediately dispossessed on 5, the 6th was when he ‘dribbled’ near the touch line and managed to ‘dribble’ it into touch, all on his own. He also had 3 50/50 duels for long balls out of defence and did not win one of them. And then his usual shambling attempts at tracking back… not ONE tackle attempted… Read more »


I’m drunk and however many hours behind here in Hawaii… surely a 10 for our Leno, if not now, then when???

Teryima Adi

Welcome to the real world, OGS.


Great stuff!

I hope Neville chokes on his half hour.


I think Ramsey is a real big game player, his contributions are visible for everyone. And I think it is his focus during the bigger games which enables him to excel during these games. And maybe this is exactly his downfall when playing normal games against smaller teams he becomes a liability as part of midfield two. Once his motivation is low, he is not able to focus on his positioning, his running is still there it is his positioning which lets him down. But looking at this game it is visible that he has it in his closet but… Read more »