Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Arsenal hit with FA charge over pitch invader

The idiot who ran onto the pitch and pushed Manchester United’s Chris Smalling during the 2-0 win at the Emirates on Sunday is likely to find himself banned from the ground – possibly on a permanent basis – and he’s also succeeded in bringing down FA charges on the club because of his behaviour.

An FA statement released today says:

“It is alleged the club failed to ensure that its spectator[s] conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and refrained from encroaching onto the pitch during the Premier League fixture against Manchester United on Sunday [10/03/2019].”

The club have until next Friday, March 22nd, to respond. It followed a more serious incident earlier in the day when Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish was assaulted by a Birmingham City fan who has subsequently been jailed for 14 weeks, so there’s a very heavy spotlight on the game’s governing body and how they deal with situations like this.

Although Smalling was unhurt, and Arsenal apologised in full immediately, there may well be heavy sanctions to act as a deterrent to fans of other clubs.

A fine is a certainty; playing a game behind closed doors a possibility; and it’s within the auspices of the FA to hand out a points deduction should they deem the incident serious enough.

Hopefully it’ll just be a fine and a warning, but when two incidents like this happen in one go there’s probably a need to make it clear to all clubs that such behaviour is not acceptable, so we’ll wait a bit nervously until this is decided.

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Oh yeah.. The fa doesn’t waste time when it comes to arsenal

David C

No kidding. How come Pochitino was only given a touch line ban after the Arsenal match?


To be fair, Birmingham have been charged for their incident as well. This is on the idiot who ran onto the pitch, just pray this does not cost us points and top four coz I do not think we can ever bring up lasagna gate and have a good laugh about it after this. Imagine…the banter would be terrible.


Deflection. Not the FA’s fault. Not Arsenal FC’s fault.

Just the fault of some fucktwat wannabe wanktwatter puddlefuck who hopefully will be banned from the ground for fucking life.


Calm down mate he ran on the pitch and celebrated with the players!! No one died!!


Not sure why death is the benchmark.

And also not sure a push is a celebration. Unless he was a Manc supporter and it’s some kind of greeting up there.


Bet your a right laugh on a night out!! My point being he got a bit carried away and shouldn’t of been on the pitch but he’s an arsenal fan, one of your own!! And matey wants him banned for the rest of his life!! Seems a bit much to me!!


And I bet you were a right laugh in your English class at school – you should have paid more attention instead of fucking around at the back!


“One of your own” one of the most favoured expressions amongst dickheads. I bet you’re an obnoxious twat on nights out.


He didn’t just run on the pitch to celebrate with the players. For that, alone, he should have received a hefty ban. For that, alone, he knew OUR club would receive a hefty fine. It’s why we all don’t do it – not necessarily for ourselves, but for the good of the club. No, he only went and shoved some bloke playing for the Sp*rs of the North. Something only a lunatic would do. So, he knew, as we all do, that a ban would be in the offing. He knew that a decent-sized fine would be coming the way… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I have always been in favour of heavy sanctions against clubs that have fans who throw bananas. It can be said these clubs do not have control over that as well.

Runcorn Gooner

As widely reported deducting points could create a dangerous precedent. Anybody could put on a team’s colours to try and cause problems by entering the playing area and it is almost impossible to stop someone who is really determined.

What about the safety aspects of some of the mass invasions by fans that occur. Brian Clough had the answer…..give them a hard whack around the head.


A points deduction would border on organised corruption.

I think heavier punishments need to be introduced for the nutsacks that invade the pitch.


My balls don’t go flailing wildly in public.


A game behind closed doors only serves to punish the rest of the fans doesn’t it? Doesn’t feel fair to make everyone else suffer for one idiot’s moment of lunacy. Give the twat a lifetime ban, serve us up with a fine and let that be that. Please FA, no points deduction…

Michael Bolton Wanderers

It would be ludicrous to give point deduction for this. Just imagine the consequences, we’ll have pitch invasions every weekend by supporters of other teams.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Who wouldn’t love to see spu*s finish the league with negative points


Good point.


Interesting that all three related articles to this is about Wilshere’s FA charge back in 2015.


What a complete muppet (says it all being a Fury!!)
Will we have points deducted???

Billy Bob

You would like to think that a points deduction is out of the question as, like a few people have already said, pitch invasions will become the norm!!!! Anyone with an ounce of sanity can see that but this is the FA we’re talking about!!! Anyway, I think, if you look at the incidents then the apology made by arsenal and banning the moron should suffice, the one in Birmingham was more serious so a club fine, whilst the one in Scotland was the worst of the lot and should be the only incident that could result in points deduction


Makes no sense to have points deducted from clubs for the actions of individual freaks from the spectators,. The result will be increase of such actions from more twaking freaks from the opposing fans to robb points off other teams. Rather, there should be more severe punishment meted out to the individual/s involved as a deterrent to others, while fining the club for breach of security. Just my thoughts.

Ordnance Dave

Points deductions have nothing to do with idiots invading pitches. The last thing those fools care about is the football.


Whatever the FA fine the club, the club should take out civil action against the ‘fan’ to recover that cost.


The idiot probably thought he was shoving Jason Lee.


I still don’t know what else they expect us to do. Twats will be twats.
Points deductions only increase the likelihood of incursions.

Der Kaiser

I think Arsenal banned him for life immediately – good move and entirely justified.

95 per dent of the blame lies with him but the stewarding needs looking at. Those on pitchside should be athletes with ability to restrain etc.

Arsenal should be fined and warned but matches behind closed gates or piint dediction would be ridiculous.

The Grealish incident was much much worse and that is not helping but should look at each case on its merits.

The overeaction by P Neville ( Man Ure of course) and Shearer does not help.

Teryima Adi

They dare not touch our points. Ban the guy, fine us, but don’t touch our points. End of story


When we’re above their media darlings at the end of the season we’ll see a deduction, because the FA are despicable thundercunts.

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