Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Dates confirmed for Napoli quarter-final

The dates for Arsenal’s two-leg Europa League quarter-final with Napoli have no been confirmed.

We start by hosting Napoli at the Emirates at 8pm on Thursday, 11 April. The return leg will take a place a week later, on the 18th April, at the San Paolo Stadium.

Should we progress to the semi-final, we will face either Villarreal or Valencia on Thursday, 2 May 2 and Thursday, 9 May.

The final in Baku, Azerbaijan is scheduled for Wednesday, 29 May.

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Have no been confirmed.
Did no get an agenda.

Petit's Handbag

Easy but always worth saying. I miss funny things

Keeping it Monreal

Does anyone know if Ospina is allowed to play against us?

Petit's Handbag

By their management or rules?




Yes he would be allowed to play but as he is the no 2 keeper it is unlikely he will play a part

Man Manny

This is a proper CL game. Should be a cracker.
I am cautiously optimistic because of Unai Emery. He has shown recently that he can set up a team to get a result.
Napoli won’t be trickier than Chel, Tott and Man U.


Difficult road to the final. Oh well.

Non-Flying dutchman

I dont suppose we can expect any help from the league schedulars? Fixtures on Monday 15th and Saturday 20th to sandwich the match in Naples really is a bit crap.

BT Sports im looking at you

Floppy Gloves

The game on the 20th will get moved to Sunday, as EL participants almost always play on Sundays following a EL game. As for the match on the 15th, I think that was moved from a Saturday kickoff originally. Not so sure they will it twice (?)


Monday Thursday is out of order for a big game like that


I know we’re less consistent away from home but I’d rather be looking for away goals than trying to stop them in the second leg

Merlin's Panini

We have by far the harder route to the final, compared to Chelsea. This is a tough match for us. Should be interesting. Napoli, although miles behind Juventus, are the second best team in Serie A at the moment so it won’t be a walk in the park by any means. Everything is so tight this season I think we really need to be pushing for 3rd place. That should be the aim. We don’t want to get 4th then fuck up in the final against Chelsea. That would be devastating. I think Emery works his arse off and he… Read more »


4th place would still get us into the CL, regardless of what Chelsea do


Unless utd or spurs also finished outside top 4 and won CL. But obviously that’s not gonna happen.


There’s more chance of my dick winning the Champions League than Bottlenham Shitspurs or Crapchester Urine

David Christian

Is Ospina allowed to play against us?


Yes he is. Courtois played against Chelsea while on a two year loan deal at Atletico. Nikola Jovic will play against his parent club Benfica when they meet Eintracht Frankfurt as well in the quarters


Nikola is Jokic, the NBA player. Jovic is Luka. Cheers!


Depends on the terms in his loan contract


So if we could go all the way to the final no Mhki then,because of the stupid political situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan


There will be a sporting exemption for him, just as there was for athletes in the Games last year. He didn’t travel for the group match this season because of the club’s decision, not because of the travel ban.


thoughts for all those who lost lives in NZ terrorist attack


I’ve always thought the idea that having the first leg at home is more difficult isn’t really true. There don’t appear to be any stats on this (if a team at home first what are odds of advancing historically), but I wonder how big a disadvantage it really is. Either way hopefully we keep a clean sheet to make life a bit easier in Napoli


There is actually stats. It is an advantage to play the second leg at home: https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=2219279.html


I recently started following Valencia and I’d love it if Arsenal got to play them. I assume many would prefer Villarreal for Santi but Valencia have Gabriel and Coquelin to offer for sweet reacquaintances too.

Who I’d like to win? Arsenal of course!

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