Arsenal moved into third place in the Premier League after goals from Aaron Ramsey and Alexandre Lacazette gave us a 2-0 win over Newcastle.

It wasn’t easy going, the visitors defended stoutly even if they didn’t threaten our goal, but we climb above Sp*rs and the first of final eight games in the league this season has ended in victory.

Just seven more to go.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle match report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


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Give everyone 10 including manager.


Minus one point for Emery though for forgetting to bring any goalkeepers to the game


Anthony Taylor wasn’t able to spoil our party…..a clean sheet, a coupla goals and the third position, at last! Keep up the good job gunners!!

Cultured determination

Give the ref a 10 too for putting in 100% effort to make us lose, yet failed to because of our quality. Our top, top quality.


Ozil and Laca were fantastic!


Ramsey also


Monreal also


Maitland-Niles, also fantastic


Why is it only after he knows he’s leaving he is playing really well and consistently? I think he’s showing juventus what kind of player they are getting but before that under wenger he was in his comfort zone and didn’t bother that much.


Don’t rewrite history. He was just as good under Wenger as he is now.

Frank Bascombe

Not consistently. He’s been fantastic since he signed for Juve.


He was also playing in a different (unfamiliar) position this season until recently


That game was Ramsey’s Arsenal career summed up. Flashes of brilliance, only to get injured and be out for a while. Rinse, repeat.


Really? His performances might have more to do with being played in his best position rather than the impending move


Lacazette keeps getting better, he’s developed a real nasty streak. I’m certainly not Ozil’s biggest fan, but he was worth the entrance fee alone tonight, he was everywhere, and without Xhaka he was the one linking play throughout.
Hopefully Rambo’s injury doesn’t keep him out too long, we’re starting to find our feet.


Has Iwobi been working on holdup play? He definitely seems confident and comfortable enough to take on big defenders and receive the ball with his back to the goal. Interesting to see his evolution…maybe can transition into a very important player for us.


Haha, Taylor.

Good win. Keep it going fellas.


Mustafi played well today. Might be in part due to the opposition, but rated harshly IMO.


Sorry, but no. He had some horrific passes and caught on the ball early in the 2nd half near our area. Another hospital pass to Maitland- Niles which he needed treatment for. He needs putting out to pasture.


I only had text commentary from BBC – he was getting slaughtered on there.

Papa's Got a Brand New Leg

This in particular! Making a mistake and giving the ball away is not great, but if you’re giving hospital passes – especially now that we’re in the run-in, that’s just not right.

Petit's Handbag

I love The Arseblog but it doesn’t help giving our own player grief time after time. He is trying, it’s not his fault he cost what he did. Get behind all the players please


It is his fault he is objectively bad, though.


That being said, I thought he had some bright moments yesterday, but the errors still remain.

A Different George

I thought he played well; WhoScored had him as Man of the Match. Not saying I agree (Lacazette for me, then Ozil and Ramsey)–but he couldn’t have been that bad to fool their statistic-based model so completely.

Crash Fistfight

Just getting silly now. Try to be a bit objective, Blogs.


He had one of those games where statistically he did alright, but that doesn’t account for the moments which could have really cost us on another day. It’s now just painfully obvious how much of a liability he is to the team.

A Different George

What moments? I saw some poor long passes in the first half (James, in the latest On the Whistle, said the same and thought they were under instruction), but they posed no threat to us; they just show how much Xhaka brings into the team. Mustafi made one truly comical cross in the attacking end, but that had precisely the same effect as a run-of-the-mill poor cross that happens all the time. I will have to watch again to see about a hospital pass to Maitland-Niles, which I do not remember. Overall, he made several good clearances, anticipated well, and… Read more »

Naked cygan

He should get a 9 at least for his amazing cross and the smile he put on everyone’s face.


Dude, what the fuck is upon with that Mustafi score? I’m not his biggest fan but he was way better than a five tonight.


In tonight’s game Mustafi looked okay just because we weren’t pressed and exposed much and just as Begeegs said above us, he made a hospital pass to Niles which could’ve ended up badly. Let’s face it, Mustafi isn’t a player for Arsenal F.C and that’s the naked truth.


Should’ve sold him to inter when we had the chance…
I think we’re kind of stuck with him, I mean, who would want a defender that makes errors almost every game, is not physically strong or quick and gets paid like a 100,000£/w


The rating is about today’s game, so whatever could have happened in another game does not matter. Mustafi did better than that rating. Simple.

A Different George

“In tonight’s game, Mustafi looked okay . . . . ” I thought that was the game we were rating.


The number of flicks used today was absurd. I’m all for it but chill


any chance Mustafi’s cross was meant to be a flick??

John G. Machine

net, flicks and chill?

Big G

Why oh why are we letting our best player Ramsey leave!!!! Worth two of Ozil for starters


Like Ramsey and sorry he’s leaving. However did you watch the match tonight as Ozil was magnificent

Big G

Ozil rarely passed forward tonight and has had a handful if that of good games since joining fact


What?!? Rarely passes forward you say? Surely that is but an April fools joke. Am I wrong but I heard he typically creates more chances per game then the vast appearances of cute puppy videos on YouTube.


Little known fact: saying “fact” at the end of your sentences doesn’t magically turn them into facts.


Fact: Bears eat beets.


Bears, beets, battlestar galactica

Big Mad Andy



You supposed to say it after your statement.

The Gunner

Do you understand football?


Ozil has been one of the most creative player in the Premier League since he has joined us and was the fastest player to have 50 assists. Has also created more chances than any other player. Your judgement of him tonight shows that you Do not appreciate class and flair in a player or have you just an unnatural bias towards him

Frank Bascombe

Oh deary, deary me…


Big G – I have to out you as being Garth Crooks. Get back to Spudland.


Don’t need to pull a player down to appreciate another. years of football but no team spirit, mate??

Danger Mouse

Never seem
To get
Honest decisions
Or correct decisions and
Now and then
You’d like

To think
Like Taylor would get an
Odd decision

Instead it’s the
Same old


Never ending
Tripe. ( but well done lads on the win)


i read it as a poem but got a bit dissapointed in the end.


Is this PeePee Cummings?

The truther

Was waiting for this article just to see you comment on the ref


I’m still can’t make my mind up on Guendouzi, for a kid in his first season he is doing really well, he played a part in both goals and works his ass off, but as soon as I see a player behind him it’s terrifying and he falls over a lot. If he can cut that out of his game, one thing is for sure he will be a massive player for us in a season or two

In Arsene's Emery

Bit of an overreaction, how many times was he dispossessed, once maybe, he was brilliant tonight, most notably I found his tackling jump up a level, I suggest watching the game again to any of you who thought Guendouzi wasn’t brilliant. Harsh on Mustafi too, only slightly limp game was from Iwobi, everyone else was at least a 7


`Agreed – Iwobi remains little more than a talented, but consistently under-achieving passenger in this team. To put it into perspective – given the subs that were made tonight, he was effectively keeping Auba on the bench… seriously??
We looked a different team with Auba and Laca on the field. Energy, pressing, enterprise… none of which can be said for Alex – who despite everything written about his workrate, STILL only comes alive when he gets the ball going forward and takes no part in anything resembling work or tracking back.

A Different George

Auba was ill with fever during the week.

In Arsene's Emery

He was massive tonight

In Arsene's Emery

I’m sorry did he fall over tonight? was my motm just ahead of Ozil, was especially impressed by his tackling on the front foot.

David C

His bones haven’t even stopped fusing yet and he’s still developing brain cells! That’s how young the lad is. He’s showed me tons this season. I know he will get better too which is scary. Has a shout for EPL young player of the year.

Mesut O'Neill

He is constantly looking for the ball which is great for a kid new to this level. Sometimes yes he gets caught but he will grow out of this, think he needs a little beefing up.


Maybe his hair is in the way when opposition comes from behind? Dont know

Frank Bascombe

He’s 19 and still growing. Once he stops, he’ll gain more strength. That said, I think he’s an excellent player.

A Different George

I thought early on this season he dwelt on the ball too long and could be dispossessed. He began correcting that with dribbling around, but that often delayed the pass that ought to have been made. Much better tonight, I thought.

Jack but


Giuseppe Hovno



Rozicky always deserves MOTM. Love that man


flop of the match: anthony taylor who cost us the 3-0


Fotmob chose Mustafi as motm. Was he as bad as arseblog claims? Or do we tend to only focus on his mistakes and leave out the positives?


Screw this Fotmob Rating(in general). Screw all the 90min “News” on fotmob. Just use it as a ticker.


Interesting that whoscored also made Mustafi MOTM

Was going mad when I thought his hospital pass got AMN injured, but defensively he was very effective today.

Thierry Walcott

Özil is very fucking good at football… Deservedly MOTM. Rambo and Lacazette were up there with him too… Mustafi doesn’t deserve a 5 at all tonight…


Magic Mesut MOTM
Superb goal from Laca & Rambo’s wasn’t bad either!
Great performance… pity about the ref (that’s just the norm these days)
Up to 3rd ?

In Arsene's Emery

Guendouzi was motm just ahead of Ozil, I thought Mateo had a point to prove tonight, seems you missed it completely blogs.

In Arsene's Emery

Honestly man, he stood out to me constantly, always making himself available, great energy, gave Ramsey the room to roam and when Elneny came on he just ran the game for the last 20-30mins


Spot on for rating Anthony Taylor.


Well I thought Antony ‘Geordie’ Taylor played a blinder again tonight.

Kroenke the Klown

An perpetual itchy arse in human form? Pack it in and go home blogs, there’s no improving on that one


Anthony Taylor is a disgrace to his federation.


Dishonest to his federation


Anthony Taylor is a top man for his disgraceful dishonest federation.

A Different George

I thought there was at least a reasonable argument to disallow the first (Ramsey) goal–Sokratis was definitely pulling the defender’s arm, though (as Blogs points out) Taylor could not have seen it. Maybe the linesman called it. The second is just baffling. I don’t think he was signalling handball (at first I thought so) to Lacazette when he made the gesture of two hand brushing against each other. I think he was saying “you blocked off the keeper.” Which would be valid, if only Lacazette didn’t have the ball at the time.


Dear Anthony Taylor,
Terribly sorry that despite your instructions from the PL and Sky you couldn’t rig the game as requested.
You really are a cnut.




Good win today particularly as we had to face 12 men with Anthony Taylor denying us 2 clear cut goals. 1) Leno – Largely untroubled. Came out quickly when he had to and one very good distribution from the back to release us out left (Iwobi I believe) 2) AMN – Was right nervy when he was on the ground clutching his shin and shaking his head. Night and day above Jenkinson but durability issue? Thankfully reboot and came right back into it. Some good stuff overlapping on the wing, some less assured passing. A mixed bag but generally his… Read more »


Jesus mate you should start youre own blog!

Crash Fistfight

If only. Don’t bother posting the URL for it, either.


Jesus Christ it’s like homework


Yeah, sorry teacher, the dog ate it.


Didn’t feel like reading through all of that, but will give you a thumbs-up for effort.


0 – Commentary team of Martin Tyler and mouthbreathing sidekick tonight, who literally drug up every old Arsenal trope from the last 20 years, had meandering conversations about nothing, and talked up how great Matt Ritchie and Anthony Taylor are for 90 minutes.


I think Emery diserves a lot of praise for this composed victory. Despite Taylor and the free fauls vouchers he gave today to Richie and Diame, we reach 63 points. Ramsey, Lacazette and Ozil were excellent. The rest of the team was very good. I agree that Mustaphi played well (his anticipation game mostly) bar a few mustafiesque moments. Re-Guendouzi, he had a difficult start (intercepted passes) but grew in the game. Bonus for me: the prestations of Auba (and his face on Mustaphi’s ‘cross’), Miky and even Elneny (he made more forward passes and positive plays than in his… Read more »

The Gunner

*If Aubameyang had the finishing ability of Lacazette he would have scored 25+ league goals by now.His pace gives him a huge advantage.
*Loanout Iwobi to gain more experience and learn the end product that he lacks.
*Maitland Niles is an excellent player.He the potential to be like Joshua Kimmich.
*We are loosing am excellent player in Ramsey.I am going to miss him a lot.


Blogs you are way too harsh on Guendouzi. How many times did he won the ball back tonight? Seemed like he also drove his forward and has really incisive defense splitting passing. Oh and he’s 19 and its his first season. I gave him a 9 today.


Blogs, don’t get browbeaten on this. Your comments were spot on although I went 7.

Guen holds onto ball a bit too long at times and falls too easily which refs get wise to. I also worry that he can be slow in getting back when we lose the ball.

His general desire, running, seeking of the ball and ability to drive forward are great and will see him become a big player for us.


You da man Blogs! You are most certainly NOT dishonest to your federation.


He said fuck off Taylor
Arsene said fuck off..
You’re dishonest to your federation
Anthony Taylor fuck off!

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

Minus a thousand for the ref

Carlos _ Santana

Ref was woeful.. But I also agree with Gendouzis awareness, needs to be aware of opposition around him


How about the chest flick by Ozil today! He worked hard today! I can love this Ozil very much 🙂


I’ve been trying to rate Mustafi since last night without success. I skipped him and rated others, returned and refreshed several times yet can’t rate him. Is this a deliberate ploy to keep his score low or just an unfortunate system glitch?
I even tried changing his rating from 8.5 to 9 to 9.5.
I refuse to give him a lower score if that is the objective ?


Job done, good stuff, j.

Taylor and Pawson should both be suspended for three games.


Come on, you can see Mustafi is trying very hard every game. I agree that Arsenal may be a bit above his level. But it’s not his fault Arsene signed him and signed him for a huge amount of money. Ffs he’s an Arsenal player who is working hard and he was good for the most part last night. He’s never going to be the player we want him to be. Just get behind him and stop the bullying. Do you think it helps his confidence that Arsenal fans single him out every week?

Cultured determination

Can we buy Ramsey from Juve?

Justin J Simpson

Now that Ozil is playing, no coincidence the team is turning into a more productive version if what arsenal should be.




Great game guys


The decisions for Chelsea and what could have happened tonight because of the officiating really could have had major repercussions on the run-in. Some may go all conspiratorial, others may think it is ineptitude. But for me, while refereeing is a tough job, I think the structural components of what comprises the refereeing body in this country seem conflictual and worrying for those that want quality and fairness in the game.