Thursday, August 18, 2022

Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace – player ratings

Arsenal’s top four chances took a major hit this afternoon after a 3-2 defeat at home to Crystal Palace. The visitors took the lead in the first half, but Mesut Ozil equalised early in the second.

Then, when we were on top, Mustafi absolutely Mustafied the shite out of it, allowing Zaha to put Palace ahead, and with Arsenal reeling they scored again.

Aubameyang’s goal provided some hope but we missed the chance to go above Sp*rs, and dropped three vital points at this stage of the season.

Read the Arsenal 2-3 Crystal palace match report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Would prefer to never see mustafi play again for us


Surely Callum Chambers is better than Mustafi.


Not necessarily. This is the problem. We have failed to address this area. Sokratis is suspension liability. Koscielny is an injury and durability risk. Monreal isn’t any younger. Mavropanos frankly needs to go out on a strong loan to accelerate his progression. Holding (not without mistakes either) would have been great but injured. Calum we should do well to remember played well for Fulham this season but they were INCREDIBLY porous. Doens’t automatically mean he may be much better. AND Granit last match led in clearances, intercepts, duels won and aerial duels won. Most people are waiting for him to… Read more »


This is your second comment on Mustafi where you seem to absolve him of mistakes that are there for anyone to see. That man needs to go, he never learns from his mistakes.

Billy Enfield

Mustafi’s mistake (you’re right about it, there for everyone to see) it’s obvious and indefensible, he’s a CB and should never stop his run until he’s sure that our keeper has full control of the ball. But if we are to be fair on all players, Leno didn’t cover himself in glory in that particular incident either. When the ball was kicked towards our goal, he was in front of the penalty spot, and kept retreating even so he was closer to the ball than Mustafi or Zaha. Koscielny pushed forward for no obvious reasons towards Benteke. At that point… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

To be fair to Chambers he’s played a lot in midfield for Fulham this season

Man Manny

…and Elneny, and Jenkinson.
These guys would struggle to make the first eleven of any of the top 10 Championship teams.


Elneny shouldnt be a sub at shrewsbury let alone starting for arsenal


They are average at best.

That said, I thought Elneny was OK.

Jenkinson adds nothing for me. But you can’t fault the player for trying and he can only play to his level.

It is the imagined level that he is better than he is that afflicts quite a number of people simply bc of his sympathies with our cause.


I hope to see him with spurs

Runcorn Gooner

Iwobi has gone seriously downhill. He gets into all sorts of trouble and doesn’t look for the easy ball.

He has this annoying habit of shimmying all over the place but it doesn’t work and he invariably loses the ball.


Any top team needs a dribbler, a Sanchez, Hazard or Zaha who pull defenses out if shape. Arsenal have none, so Iwobi plays that role, which he is not perfectly suited for. Still, he is fun to watch, fast, coragous and things tend to happen when he’s on the pitch.


Emery is too focused on the upcoming midwee games again Wolves that he fielded the back line with the fringes and Mustafi – the perfect ingredient for calamity. It is as if that we will surely won this home game and therefore resting the big guns on the bench.


Emery is too focus on our next away game vs Wolves that he fielded the backline with the fringes and Mustafi – a perfect ingredient for calamity. It is as if the would surely win at home that he gave the big guns some rest on the bench.


He wasn’t calamitous against Everton and has been decent for a long stretch now.


How dare you defend the sacrificial lamb?????

Cultured determination

And hope he plays against us in every match

Putney Swope

Emery 0/10 for playing Mustafi in a back three over Monreal and Lolo in a back four.

Mesut O'Neill

Monreal has been shattered for last couple of games, unfortunately Emery was forced to play Mustafi.

Putney Swope

As ‘shattered’ as he might have been, you cannot convince me that he is worse than Mustafi. No way.


Would you want to see him injured? Sometimes players have to be rested.

Putney Swope

If he can’t play, even 45 minutes, he shouldn’t be on the bench?


Rest players after we’ve gone 2 up at half time!

Faisal Narrage

Do you remember Ramsey getting injured before half time on Thursday?

Which do you prefer: risk Mustafi for one game? Or risk injury to Monreal and playing Mustafi for the remaining games?


Again it is important not to be hysterical.

Mustafi was good against Everton last game and he has been decent most of the other matches in recent months.

Is there risk with him? Of course, he has the odd failure here and there but some other players have also been culpable for poor positioning and wrong decisions like Monreal this season.

They are just not as highlighted bc certain people in media have an agenda to highlight Mustafi, and to some extent he hasn’t helped himself either.

but he isn’t as calamitous as many imagine.

Frank Bascombe

Not really thought this through, have you.


We will lose our away games with a full strength side so why rest anyone? Get the points on board first


He played Elneny… Elneny can play as a CB better than Mustafi can, lol. And it would help Elneny to learn to pass forward as only Leno behind to pass to. With Elneny at the back we then put Torrera in midfield all day and the center backs get to touch the ball to make sideways passes, that’s about it. But let’s be real… Sokratis and Koscielny are our best CBs, Rob Holding is probably next, then Monreal and probably Chambers… Then probably Elneny, then Movaropanos, then Ben Sheaf then the goal posts, then the grass, then the paint on… Read more »


Sorry but that is bollocks. They have five games left. Just get on with it and field the best players.


EMERY has not impressed me in the last three games. He is messing up in his player selection

Mesut O'Neill

There is fear that Ramsey has played his last game in an Arsenal shirt. Hopefully this applies to Jenkinson, Elneny & Mustafi.


The fear is that they haven’t


Really need an overhaul this summer. Emery and his team have improved individuals but the failings are the same on a team and individual basis.


Struggling to see how the defending has improved at all.


No eye test required – it hasn’t!


Which is why I take issue with those who think we have been doing such a spiffing job with Mslintat. …he has largely ignored areas we need to improve both tactically and strategically. Still no attacking balance, a right sided winger has been a need since Alexis was around and when we were over reliant on Alexis. We had Mahrez willing and available BEFORE City came in for him late last Jan. Instead he picked a low hanging fruit in Mhkitaryan (90K). Worse that added to wage bill (thanks also to Raul and their Ozil negotiations) but was compounded with… Read more »


Mustafi is a game-changer, of that there is no doubt


And a consistent one at that…


Like an inverse Ronaldo

Viva La Prof

He’s a 20 points a season difference maker


You guys are all funny… at that ??????


Imagine a centreback partnership of Mustafi and squillaci..our worst defenders of all time cost so so many points. One man can change a whole season. Must be remedied and fast.


You clearly never saw Jeff Blockley and John Mathews.

Random Witness

Nor Pascal Cygan

Nick Pond

Luzhny and Stepenovs?

Joseph Odinga

£50 says Mustafi is in the very next team.


Fuck. I hate Mustafi. Fucking useless cunt.


I understand your outrage… but a little too far.

Norfolk gooner

Iwobi…..stick your fucking laces through it and stop trying to place it every time!


Or at least place it away from the keeper….


He’s not good enough, never will be.



He came on and make the difference for us. We scored immediately bc of his work on the left.

Popped up right side as well.

Do you even watch the match.

His finishing is an issue and as much a problem with belief in himself. BUT we don’t have ANY player like Iwobi who can engage and take on opponents, pull defenses out of position with his power, pace and skill.

You need to watch the match properly.


Yes, I watch. And I even let my eyes wander occasionally from Mustafi’s beard. The benchmark for when we’ve truly moved on and have a squad capable of contesting at all levels/on all fronts is when the likes of Iwobi are not part of it. People can wish as much as they want that his flaws -vision, shooting, passing, defensive awareness- will sort themselves out in time, but they won’t. Sorry. We’ve been down this road with many players, some much better, and I hope we don’t drag this out. Seeing the youngsters coming through gives me hope that won’t… Read more »

Gervinho's Nuts

Maybe you can rotate that much against mid-table opposition in La Liga or Ligue 1, but…


Not only did Mustafi gift Zaha the second goal, if you look at the third, he was the one marking McArthur. For some reason, he backtracks trying to make an offside line (while 5 other arsenal players are there) and leaves McArthur alone. What a great lad


Ozil was way better than the 6. He was basically the only midfield player in the first half who looked decent. His work rate throughout was excellent, he was all over the pitch looking to drive us forward and his goal was crucial to keeping us in the match for as long as we were.

Matt P

Agree. I have been a big Ozil critic but he was a 7 today


We started improving after 25 minutes when Ozil dropped deeper and started putting some calmness into our play

Gudang Bedil

For me Ozil was 7 minimum, but personally 7.5. The best player on the pitch and carried the team alone.


I thought Ozil was pretty decent today.

Great goal. Created some excellent chance including that fantastic through ball form deep in first half to Auba flicked on for a swivelled miss shot from Laca.

Also his off ball work was decent, tustle with Zaha got stuck in.

I’m not sure many people actually bother to watch the match before forming opinions or they already have set opinions regardless.

Sad really.

alex alexsson

Can’t help but feel the whole ‘good at home, shit away’ chat worked the other way and made us complacent going into this. To concede 3 goals from set pieces just screams carelessness and a lack of attention, especially when we’ve generally been really strong defending corners etc this season. Too many players jogging around, looking for someone else to take responsibility. Poor!


I cannot help but feel that Don Howe has been nicking a living at our club now for a number of years! Is he not the defensive coach? Our defensive situation has been dire for a number of years so how come he has not been shown the door?


Sorry folks I meant Steve Bould!

alex alexsson

Agree but really felt like we were turning a corner defensively only conceding 1 in our last 7. Also pretty sure we actually had the best record in the league in terms of defending set pieces this season. Seemed like players went into this expecting we’d brush palace aside simply given the fact we were playing at home & forgot about any sort of defensive organisation. Defo some deep flaws in the squad tho (Mustafi, Jenko etc)

Jean Ralphio

We have been more resilient. Had Sokratis started this game, we would have won. That said, all our defenders are the aggressive ball winning types. Since BFG retired we don’t have that calmness. Emery has done well to introduce some resilience and organisation. I think he has had a solid first season. I hope we make top four. We can’t keep squandering our opportunities.


Surely Bould will be gone after this season. If reports are to be believed, he was only kept on this season to help Emery in his transition.


I wonder how Santori is going to defend Mustafi after his latest shambolic display?

Hank Scoprio

Same as usual. Point to 2 games we lost without Mustafi and ignore masses of evidence and universal agreement…..based on that evidence….that Mustafi is complete poo


Santi noticeably absent from blogs today.




Let’s not get into running battles. Rather talk about the players, etc…


Yes, I don’t hide.

You can read my responses.

Again we dropped 11 points with Torreira against BHA, Soton (Away), West Ham and a poor clearance against Liverpool.

djourou's nutmeg

we all agree mustafi’s shit, but for real no one’s gonna say anything about iwobi? he’s as bad if not worse, with the difference that he’s an offensive player so his errors don’t cost us goals. he’s definetely not to blame for the scoreline today but he keeps getting minutes and all he does is run away like a headless chicken and shake his legs around pretending to dribble or something. fucking tired of it.


Totally agree.

For some bizarre reason he gets rated by so many, but he tries the same trick time after time instead of passing quickly and his passing is diabolical, it either goes straight to an opposition player or even when it does get to one of our players it’s poorly placed like behind them forcing them to stop etc.

Yes he worries the opposition at times, but his end product, be it a shot or a final pass is so poor it waisted possession and opportunity when we really can’t afford it.


Again not sure you watch the match but when Iwobi came on we sparked to life and pretty much it was his pass from left side that set up first goal. Plus he popped up on the right for us as well. he is one of one player who can take on opponents and beat them thereby (particularly in these sort of packed lines against Palace) pull the defense out of shape for us. Sure he has issues finishing (more a lack of belief in himself) but we are a different team with him. Kolasinac a different player. He even… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

As soon as I heard that Man U lost, I knew we were going to lose this game. We were given so many gifts by other teams and our expectation to be top four is based just on that. Is there any fan or pundit who thinks Arsenal has a big chance of winning against Wolves, Burnley? That’s the kind of team we have.


Spurs and Chelsea will get top 4 and Chelsea will win the Europa League. Ramsey is almost irreplaceable with our budget. Hope to God that a Champions League club doesn’t bid for Lacazette and/or Aubameyang this summer.

Gabe the Gooner

Listen mate I know we had a shite game but no need to be that pessimistic


On the prediction…not time to give up. Chelsea and Utd are arguably more shit then we are. The spuds (not much better) will put all their hopes in the CL which they will lose, and their players are dropping like flies.

On the whole bid thing…the players are under good contracts and seem very happy (especially as they besties playing together). We can always just say no…


Nah mate..


Ramsey is injured again, like he always is when the going gets tough. It may not be his fault, but it is what it is. Maybe the club has decided they’d rather spend the money on someone who is actually available when the shit hits the fan. There are still two roads open to reach the Champions League and we’re right in the mix. Other teams are suffering injuries now, we’re not the only ones. Laca and Auba are going nowhere, stop being a drama queen and re-group. This is when the team needs the fans more than ever.


Mustafi overpaid over shite!! Does not deserve to wear a premier league shirt!!


Please give Joe Willock a chance. Give him the same number of games that Guendouzi has had and he would perform much much better than him. Guendouzi is no better than Willock.


I love Willock and agree he should be given minutes but I don’t think he’s going to make much difference


I think willock’s injured at the moment


Truth is that if a squad is @ 22, once you have gone beyond our first 14 you are really struggling with players who are not of the required quality. We have been that way for several years now and this result/performance simply exposes that. The problem is that the overhaul we need, is that much easier with CL football and there’s no guarantee that we can get it with this bunch. It’s a Catch 22 – if you like !


I think it’s more the individual errors in defense that have been killing us all season. We gave up so many goals to long balls over the top because *someone* went to ground early or fell over for no reason. When discussing our depth, look at Elneny. He had a couple 2-3 week periods last season where he was one of our best players, but this season he can’t get into the team, so he’s only played ~250 minutes in the league and it’s obvious he’s not fully in form. He looked much better today after halftime, when we changed… Read more »

Ethan Sims

For me, Iwobi was very poor when he came on. Wasteful time and again w very poor final ball time and again. Short of confidence? I think we need an upgrade…
Obviously same is true for Mustafi, Elneny and Jenkinson.


He has a problem seeing the shape and angle of shots – if he could add that to his game he would be a top player, but he’s running out of time now to get that taught into his game. It’s a pity, because it’s rare to have a dribbler with his physique.


He came on and provided the pass that led to the first goal. It as his work on the flanks that transformed us second half…not sure if you know what you are watching.

Shooting may need a bit more belief but he was immense today. Came back to rob Zaha off the ball and dribble up field. Passed the ball but Ozil was a bit ahead.

I think you lot need to watch the game again …properly.


I wish Mustafi no ill but I hope he gets locked in a room forced watching Pardew dance to infinite times.


Sounds pretty ill to me


You have a sadistic mind, has anyone told you that?


Mustafi, god just please make it stop, my head hurts watching him (not) defend.


Watching him try to box out Zaha… I dont say this often, but I honestly believe I could have performed equally or maybe slightly better.


People say Iwobi, Mustafi, Elneny, Jenkinson etc are not good enough for a team like Arsenal. sadly, though, they are good enough for a club that is only interested in fighting each season to finish 4th as has been the arsenal way for the past 10 years. Let’s face it, other than a few exceptions arsemal has finished 10 to 20 points away from the top since the move to the Emirates. We’ve had loads of average players not good enough to be on a title winning club yet the club keeps signing mediocre players becaise they cost less and… Read more »

Ah Chan

When I saw teamsheet showing Elneny+Guendouzi at midfield, damn, I am damned, and in the end, we are damned.

Fireman Sam

Yep same. Saw the team sheet and thought…fuck.


Can’t believe we pretty much played our designated Blackpool team


8/10 for the The Emirates crowd vocally refusing to accept toxic side to side U-shaped football. The cowardly Kroenke’s should have been there so we have someone to direct our anger at.

All this stressing about top four like we’re in existential danger if we miss out. The tight cunts at KSE should back the team and SPEND SOME MONEY NO MATTER WHERE WE FINISH.


AMN was excellent today much better than the 6 you gave him IMO.


Should have started at RB from the start.

Matt P

he was sloppy on a couple of deliveries in attacking areas


Kolasinac was far worse.

Carlos _ Santana

Feels like this could get worse especially if we get fourth spot then fluff the qualification somehow.. When is someone gonna sort this damn defence out?..


We had 6 clean sheets in 7 games before today.

Jenkinson, Mustafi Lichtstiner aren’t good enough

Mavropanos needs a loan

Monreal + Koscielny are at one game a week stages of their careers

And whilst I think Guendouzi is going to be a baller, he’s still understandably very raw, and Elneny just isn’t good enough, which certainly didn’t help us today.

I suppose we sort out our defence when Kroenke puts his hand in his pocket, which unfortunately is likely never.


Everton was a clean sheet and Mustafi was involved, in fact he made the most clearances and intercepts for the team plus the most headed duels won and most duels won.

Crash Fistfight

No qualification for the team that finishes 4th any more.


I really have no words for this match. We are simply not good enough for a top 4 finish. Trash! Zero aggression. Zero urgency. And Mustafi. Oh God! He’s just pure shite! Very big opportunity missed here.


You cabt blame mustafi, lines up by emery was totaly wrong from the begining, how he aywd jenkinson, mavropanos and elneni from the begining.Having back withclean sheet fot last games, way he have changed them, mising xhaka, toreira and gonduzi could play from the start. Torotate during the game is to mucltch and risky as it shows result.



The Mad Parson

Did you just randomly hit keys on your keyboard?


Chem is short for the chemicals he’s ingested?


How can Özil be a driving force when there are almost no recievers?! He really tried today, and he must be very frustrated about the quality of the other midfielders.

canon fodder

Ozil was actually our best player!

Spanish Gooner

I agree. I think Auba is brilliant, but he’s basically Walcott on steroids and games against a deep block like today make him useless, so he offered Ozil nothing today


I’m sorry, but Auba is a completely different player than Walcott. Just because they are both fast, doesn’t mean they are the same.


True, but that still does not change the fact he’s usually far less effective against a deep sitting block of defense.

Today, however, it was nice to see him show a new trick with the dribble. Lots of luck, but it was effective because they were just sitting off covering runners all day and we needed a change up.

Moreno Van Laeken

Mustafi can fuck off to the furthest planet in the solar system and do one, absolute twat


What’s left on Mustafi’s contract?


Expires 30.06.2021


It went off a long time ago. He’s currently curdling in the sun.

Smelling Musti

Shkodran Mustafi? …. More like Shkodran Must-Have-shit-his-pants-at-the-back-i….amirite?


this starting lineup with elneny and guendeouzi as our Dif midfielders was surprising. that too with the others like musthafi,jenkinson,mavropanos. in my opinion, emery gambled us a game. a game that worth us a ‘lot’


Too many lightweights which was a risk.


I can’t even enjoy United’s misfortune in peace. Smh.


i think this is what hurts the most. had a jolly time laughing at them then we do this…


Other than Chambers, who might be worth keeping? Does anyone know how we can generate funds this summer? We’re definitely losing Rambo and likely Welbeck for free….. There’s been no official confirmation of Monreal renewing. The best we could hope for is giving Mustafi a free. Lichtstiner+Jenkinson + Cech are gone. Koscielny is brilliant, but he’s 34 in September…. We might get a couple of mill for Ospina+Elneny? Anyone looking to take Mkhitaryan or Ozil? will be unwilling to pay a substantial fee whilst also having to eat up their wages And if it wasn’t for our two strikers we’d… Read more »


You likely won’t see Mustafi gone unless someone is willing to buy him BC : Koscielny is going to face worse durability issues. So likely gone if not it would be foolish to extend him. Monreal may be extended a season but he is not without issues either positionally. Mavropanos is going to be work in progress. Frankly best for him is a strong loan to accelerate his development (and not at our expense) So you are looking at Sokratis and Holding. Chambers is a question mark. Sure some like to think he should be in contention but it depends… Read more »


Not to turn this into an Ozil thing again (there’s clearly more pressing concerns in this match), but not a driving force? Produced his trademark audacious finish which got us right back into the game, created a couple of excellent openings late in the match when we were chasing, and was continuously dropping deep to make up for the turgid Elneny-Guendouzi axis. He more than kept up his side of things. Not his fault a dumpster fire was taking place behind him.


Players that definitely need to leave in order of need to leave. 1. Lichsteiner 2. Elneny 3. Mustafi 4. Jenkinson Debatable Departures 1. Welbeck – Could be useful as a spare wing 2. Kolacinac – Has his moments as wingback 3. Chambers – Young and can play inside CB Very happy with Papa – We need to definitely keep him. He is fast and tough, and only 30. We definitely need to strengthen our defense in the back, certainly for depth. Would be happy to see a starting back 4 of Bellerin, Papa, Holding, AMN, with Koscielny, Monreal, Mavropanos, and… Read more »


Kolasinac has been massive for us in recent matches. Mustafi will likely be kept because we won’t have enough. Whether he will be first pick is a different thing and we know the answer to that. Lichsteiner, Cech, Koscielny need to go to pasture. Ramsey will be gone. Welbeck extension unlikely but depends on how many we bring in and who we can get as a young pretender up top (besides Nketiah) Jenkinson and Elneny must be sold but who will buy them? Likely Elneny gone andwe should pay someone to take Jenko. Chambers I feel depends on player and… Read more »


Why can’t I give Mustafi a zero?!


Because Jon Moss is the referee on this site. Amazing that Mustafi was so bad that no-one has commented on his performance.


He started first half decent. One very big clearance against Kelly bearing down right in front of goal. Some good distribution from deep and no nonsense tackling. That one instance when he tried to be too clever to let Leno claim the ball was the turning point. He just needs to clear when in doubt. Sadly I’m not sure if he will ever learn this fully. BUT he hasn’t been poor in recent months. So a bit of perspective. He isn’t the only player that has made silly mistakes and it hasn’t been as frequent as some would prefer to… Read more »


Plus he better buy me a beer after all the defending I’ve done for him (Arguably better than he has done)

I’m not saying he is without fault by any stretch of the imagination but somehow people amplify his faults because they are looking for it.

When hyou look at things more sensibly, other players have had equal poor decision making errors or mistakes but they get away with the attention because they are ‘favorites’ for whatever reason.


Considering all the bad defenders and players we have had in general, it’s quite an achievement by mustafi to be the worst of the lot. He makes squillaci look like cannavaro. We might as well promote some youth team player. And what the fuck happened to lichsteiner

Ozil Gummidge

He makes Gus Caesar look like Johan Cruyff

Ozil Gummidge

Jeez…..if we do only one thing, just one thing this summer, we need to get rid of Mustafi.


Im sorry, I get the whole rotation thing but starting a game with elneny, mustafi, jenkinson and a raw Guendouzi and Mavrapanos is essentially gifting any premier league opposition 3 points, even at home. Especially one which is better on the road, has Zaha and beat city already. I hoe this was forced because otherwise it was a plain arrogant team selection. Also, I don’t like to pick on individuals but can someone please explain the point of Elneny? I have wondered for years how a player who doesn’t defend or attack earns 10s of thousands a week playing 5… Read more »


Spurs lose. Manutd lose. Mustafi – hold my beer


Shambolic from the whole team really. Poor team selection from emery. What a joke it is that we have twice fucked up to go above the shite side of the north. Diabolical reallly. Mustafi should never of even been bought by the club, he’s been crap ever since we bought him. I think Wenger set the bar too high for us, we arent a title challenging team, top 6 with the odd league title here and there. Im so annoyed about this result i dont even know what to say. Bollocks man


You should add negative ratings for next season! A 0 would’ve been too much for Mustafi’s performance!


Lets swap mustafi with toby alderweireld….


A rare outing to the Emirates today for me… A couple of thoughts: 1) You could tell after the first 5 minutes this was a classic example of us saying to ourselves ‘we are much better than then, so because of this we’ll have the majority of possession which will automatically lead to goals and a win.’ this attitude inevitably leads to a loss in the PL. 2) Elneny and Guendouzi is not, and will never be, a partnership we should use. It was telling how much the ball was passed between the back five. When it did go into… Read more »

Paul Roberts

The “Elephant in the room” is our strikers are not performing.


Hard to perform when elneny guendouzi and a missing ozil are behind you


Ozil wasn’t missing, but, yes, Elneny and Guendouzi was horrific. The one won’t pass forward and the other still can’t understand that the opposition are actually allowed (and will try) to dispossess him.


nah its true but its not just the strikers. It as a unit. We did not muster enough shots and we had illusional sterile possession of the game. When we go forward, we need to have threat. We have it in spurts but often we collapse in attack which leads to duress to the backline and we know there are mistakes in this backline (beyond just Mustafi) Thereby the best policy is to be less forgiving and put the match psychologically and physically out of reach of the opponents. But we have struggled to do that for the entire season.… Read more »

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