Emery explains Ramsey selection decision


Unai Emery says he took the advice of the Arsenal medical staff when it came to Aaron Ramsey’s participation in the 1-0 defeat to Everton.

The Welshman was brought on at half-time with many wondering why an in-form player hadn’t started the game, but having been taken off on Monday night during the win over Newcastle, the manager was erring on the side of caution.

Ramsey has had plenty of muscular injuries down the years, and with a groin strain to contend with, aggravating it runs the risk of ending his season at a time when we really need him.

Of course, the 28 year old declared himself ready to play, but Emery chose to listen to his staff when picking the team.

“It was his idea to play but we spoke with the doctor and we had a doubt over him playing 90 minutes,” he said.

“We decided for him not to start, then after we needed him to come on.”

Given the overall performance, it’s difficult to know if him starting would have made that much difference, and Emery is hopeful his team can respond following the disappointing result.

“We are thinking about our match on Thursday and the Premier League game against Watford away,” he continued.

“We need to be consistent in the next matches and if we do that we can win. There’s some frustration collectively with the result, but we won’t change our idea and our work.”

Everton 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

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Mesut O'Neill

Elneny is terrible, he did absolutely nothing in the 45 minutes he was on the pitch, surely even a youth player such as Willock would have been better. Would make sense to try & get something for him, if there are any takers.

Going to be tough for Emery to fill all the positions needed for next season on such a limited budget.


It is no secret that our away form is lacklustre. But the starting line up definitely rised eyebrow. I would say we lost fair and square, we didn’t trouble Pickford at all during the 90 minutes, the mid field just didn’t click offensively and defensively. I would say the blame is all on Emery….

Charlie Mclaren

The blame is not all on the manager at all. Only the keeper comes out of that with any credit. Two systems were used, the two that the players know best. They didn’t score with either and they were all poor.


A youth player was alongside him, what did he contribute? Elneny at his best is a grafter who keeps things ticking, he is not a game changing player. He has played less than 10 games all season, you can’t blame our inability to register a cogent performance on him. Totally unjustifiable criticism.


Why didn’t Aubameyang start. Absolutely infuriating.

Post January Blip

Easy to say in hindsight after a defeat but I don’t think that would have made much of a difference. This isn’t the first time this team has failed to create anything of note during an away game this season. The fact remains that Aubameyang had the whole of the second half to make a difference and he couldn’t because we lacked control in the midfield. For a player of his calibre his passing and dribbling isn’t actually that great so I’m not sure that we would have been better had he started.


Oh yes because he was unstoppable when he came in.


It’s all about Ramsey.


A player whom Emery doesn’t rate and withdrew from contract talks.


Nobody cares except blogs.


Will be difficult without Granit and Torreira. Looks like Torreira returns for Watford. Little things make a diff (no pun) Hope Granit is back as well bc we have missed his distribution fro deep. He switches us from flank to flank very quickly. Many times today we were simply too slow working the ball up. We lack a player at Rwing who can take on and dribble pass players on his own accord. To some extent, Iwobi came on and did this for us. We also miss someone who can carry from deep midfield. Andre Gomez was excellent for the… Read more »

Donald's Trump

Has he ever explained the point of Denis Suarez?

Worse loan signing than Kim Kallstrom


Ramsey was shit like the rest of them. He had 5 minutes of fire in the belly and was extinct by a very good Everton Team. The consistent narrative of making him an outstanding player is worth of Daily Mail standards. Same goes for Ozil, his one in a lifetime good performances don’t justify his salary and status amongst brainwashed fans. Yesterday we lacked of bite and we left a 19 yo in charge of bossing a midfield. It is the coach ( and I’m Unai’s fan) who did not set up the team properly. Iwobi would have been more… Read more »


It’s not down to one player – wouldn’t be so bad if it was – it’s down to the whole team. What we’re seeing isn’t new, it happened a lot in Wenger’s era, particularly towards the end. It’s the inability to adjust to the other teams tactics quickly enough, or not at all. We have a grim away record, and I don’t think we’ve kept a clean sheet away from home. That’s truly awful. Emery has to make the best of what’s available now and hope (and pray) that he’s allowed adequate funds to try and rectify things in the… Read more »

We are not out of it yet

Please all read Adams9802 comments on the players ratings after Everton game and read my comments. Lets hit the nail in the head to any type of abuse