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Report: Arsenal 2 – 3 Crystal Palace (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 2 – 3 Crystal Palace
Competition: Premier League
Date: 21 April 2019
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal:Leno, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Koscielny, Mavropanos, Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang

Subs: Cech, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Nketiah

Arsenal failed to capitalize on the losses of their top 4 rivals by losing at home to Crystal Palace 2-3. The Gunners were sluggish and defensively poor in the first half s they allowed Benteke to rise unmarked and score from a free kick.

The Gunners were much improved in the second half and scored almost immediately through Ozil. However, their defensive problems reared its head again and Palace scored 2 goals to the shock of the home side. Aubameyang scored an excellent solo goal to make it 2-3 but it was a mere consolation for Arsenal who ended up on the losing side.

First Half

Unai Emery promised to rotate his team after their exertions in Italy and he stuck to his promise – giving rare starts to Carl Jenkinson, Dinos Mavropanos and Mohamed Elneny at home to Crystal Palace.

With Tottenham and Manchester United losing this weekend, it was a great opportunity for the Gunners to take the game to Crystal Palace and further secure a top 4 spot. Arsenal wasted no time as Ozil got the first shot of the game within the first minute from outside of the box. He was unmarked and stroke the ball low into the corner but the ‘keeper was there to make the save.

That warning shot led Crystal Palace into defensive mode who sat deep without possession. Elneny had the next best chance to push Arsenal into the lead, pouncing on a layoff by Lacazette in the box only to sky it into Row Z with a volley.

The game’s first yellow card was brandished to Mavropanos on the 16th minute when he pulled back Benteke when the Crystal Palace striker wrong footed him on the right wing. The striker headed home from the resulting free kick, running into space unmarked by any of the Arsenal defenders. 0-1 Crystal Palace.

Arsenal’s response was a few minutes of sideways passing, struggling to break down a resolute Crystal Palace side. A 21st minute through ball from deep by Ozil punctuated the sterile possession, reaching Lacazette with his back to goal in the box. Unfortunately, the Frenchman lost his balance when spinning which resulted in a poor contact with the ball when attempting a strike.

The team needed Ozil to get on the ball more to dictate the game but he was often unavailable as an option in a crowded midfield. This resulted in many passes to Kolasinac who either lost the ball in possession or was too hasty in making a cross, resulting in blocks by a condensed Palace defence.

One such block was an obvious handball in the box by Wan-Bissaka which was surprisingly waved away by the referee. Arsenal were almost hit by a second just a minute later after a mazy Zaha run found Benteke on the counter attack. The striker was just offside and it was a let off for the Gunners who did not defend the counter well.

Kouyate was Palace’s dangerman on their next attack. He made a low cross from the right for an onrushing Zaha which was just inches away from making contact. Arsenal’s clearance found its way to a Palace player who fed in Kouyate again. The Palace midfielder forced Leno into a double save as Palace came close to doubling the lead.

Arsenal’s performance was uninspiring and they needed a big change in attitude and tactics in the second half to get back into the game.

Second Half

Emery sought to add some urgency by replacing Mavropanos and Jenkinson for Iwobi and Maitland-Niles. The effect was immediate with Ozil scoring within the first minute. Iwobi and Lacazette exchanged passes on the left and the latter threaded a through pass for Ozil who made a run in behind. From a very tight angle, Ozil found a small sliver of space to ensure that the ball made it to the back of the net. 1-1 Arsenal equalize.

The goal brought some life to the Gunners. The movement and passes were quicker and Palace looked nervy defending against the home side. Heck, even Elneny was making more forward passes.

Arsenal were nearly opened up on the 55th minute when Mustafi misjudged a header which left Zaha through on goal. Maitland-Niles showed excellent power and pace to recover and push the ball out for a corner. We didn’t have to wait long for another Mustafi error as he allowed Zaha to slip past him too easily. Zaha made no mistake when going one on one with Leno. 1-2 Crystal Palace.

Palace doubled their lead just a few minutes later with McArthur heading in from a point blank range unmarked as the defence crumbled to bits and left the team a mountain to climb to achieve a result. 1-3 Palace.

The game was not over yet. Aubameyang, who has had a quiet game without receiving any service, pick up the ball on the right side of midfield and made an uncharacteristic mazy run, taking on 2-3 defenders. He laid off the ball for Lacazette but it was intercepted and deflected fortuitously into his path. There was nothing lucky about his first time finish though – a powerful low ball driven into the far corner. 2-3 and Arsenal are back in it.

The Gunners came really close to another equalizer with an in-swinging cross from Ozil on the right. The nicely weighted ball missed Aubameyang’s head by mere inches and the Palace keeper palmed it away before it landed in front of Iwobi. The Nigerian international had another good chance saved minutes later after good interchanges by Lacazette and Guendouzi in the box.

The final minutes of the game saw lots of hastily executed efforts with little finesse as Arsenal went on to finish the match losing 2-3 to Crystal Palace.

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So disappointing, we were so sloppy. Thought we’d beat Palace, especially at home. Seems the team thought that too and didn’t bother to turn up until it was too late. Woeful performance.


Can we stop Lord Bendtner ever going again after that debut?

Former Top 4 regulars

Mustafi OUT! He is a liability time and time again. And the dive late on was just embarrassing.


We just have to stop playing him now, he’s shit.

Bring somebody in from the youth team if needs be, couldn’t be any worse.


I totally agree with you.


For the huge amount invested on him and for a professional footballer of his supposed repute when he was bought from Spain, that was an embarrassing display from him. He really deserve some spankings, seriously. What a huge opportunity missed because of knack for doing his Mustafi blunders in every match he’s involved in. He should not be involved in any of our remaining matches for the season and should be butted out during the coming transfer window. His performance today (as usual) is more than embarrassing, it’s a total disaster and a complete disgrace.


People will frown upon labelling certain players as scapegoats, but I’m going to do it anyway. Two players I never want to see in an Arsenal shirt again are Mustafi and Elneny. I’ve honestly lost count of the number of points Mustafi has lost us this season. The man is a total liability and truly has no place in this club beyond this season. As for Elneny, yes he might be average but the final straw was when Guendouzi got taken out on the halfway line and useless twat Moss didn’t give the foul, rather than chasing after the ball… Read more »


Bit of a hot take, but it’s not Mustafi’s fault he’s awful. It’s the club’s fault – from Board level to coaching level – for not looking at the tonne of evidence from last season, and selling him for a loss last summer. He’s a gift to every opponent we play. Same goes for Elneny, and for Xhaka, because you have to include the disastrous pen he gave away in the first Crystal Palace game. I said halfway through last season we will never make top four again with Xhaka and Mustafi in our team, and I stand by that… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Mustafi has got to go and I seriously doubt Iwobi. All this shaking about and going nowhere with bad passing thrown in.

Not a good day plus Jon Moss is grossly overweight and incompetent and will be found out when VAR comes in.


it’s never easy when you have 12 players against 10


A classic Arsenal grade-A bed-shitting. With a chance to put some real daylight between us and our top 4 opponents, we go ahead and manage to lose a home game we needed to win against a lower table team which has nothing to play for. Got to keep it interesting, right guys?


To be fair they are playing for survival


39 points with 4 games to go is hardly survival. They were sitting 8 points and 4 places above the relegation zone when the game started.

David C

So what? We’re playing for top 4. The boys of Arsenal played like whiny little wimps looking for the red to bail us out. So sad!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Spurs lost this weekend and Man U also lost so the manager felt he had room to field a weak team which backfired. Players felt it wasn’t a must win game but a nice to win one. Between Liverpool and City, one will win 8 or 9 games in a row and it won’t be good enough. Compare that to us.


Why are we like this?


It’s what we do


We knocked down Highbury, built the Emirates and suffered through the Banter years not to win titles, but to witness Mustafi in his pomp. Mad mad club


Our squad isn’t good enough. When our first 11 are fit we have a good chance of winning but the second choice players just aren’t good enough. Mustafi is a disgrace and the club is a disgrace for paying £35 million for him. Elneny isn’t really up to it either. Don’t know why we didn’t bring a centre back in on loan in January. Would’ve made more sense than Suarez who’s likely to go back to Barca unused.

SB Still

This is going to hurt!

We are like this because we are chokers, the new Spuds!

3rd place on offer, chance to pull away from the 4th place fight. The manager thinks its winnable and plays a few squad players but we lose the nerves, like Mustafi for their 2nd goal!


Slowly but surely… we are fall’in between two stools!


We are the stool

forest gooner

eleney just passes the ball 2 centimeters away. why not play willock or AMN in his place??? wasted the first half

Tanzanian Gooner

He always looks for the easier pass, 8/10 are backward and sideways passes. Him and Guendouzi are our worst midfield partnership no creativity at all

Dave Cee

I honestly thought Elneny was vastly better than Guendouzi. He at least looked like he knew what his job was. Could not believe the substitution

Tony Hall

Words fucking fail me …


I’m practically going nuts.

dr Strange


Keeping it Monreal

The way he waves his arms around trying to blame someone else when he makes an error pisses me right off


His face, name and entire existence in an Arsenal shirt pisses me off.

Fireman Sam

Mustafi barging Harry Kane over in the penalty box at Wembley…sigh


teaching him defending is impossible. can someone at the club instead tell him that his arm waving fools no one


If fucking Santori pops up here and starts talking about how Mustafi isn’t shit I vote he gets banned from this site. Fucking Mustafi May be the worst defender in the prem.


Mustafi getting booked for diving was the cherry on top of a shit sundae. It doesn’t matter if its 3 million he needs to be sold this summer


Worst defender in the prem.


3 million lire?


Haha. Very funny


The irony is that mustafi being an absolute liability and probably costing us a champions league place will mean we may have to keep as the funds will not be available to replace the him.
Hard to describe just how poor this bloke is. 35 million we paid for him ffs. Almost laughable

Spanish Gooner

Chambers can replace him next season for free


Should never have been loaned out in the first place. An idiotic decision of a player in an area where we have little depth.

Thierry Bergkamp

We gave Valencia, Gabriel and Coquelin for cheaper than this clown. They are laughing.


Really wanted to back emery but this is pathetic. Just throwing away our best hope of champions league for a chance at silverware for his resume


But if we win that silverware we will qualify for the Champions League


Did I say we wouldnt? After uniteds loss the league was our best hope. Anything can happen in a cup game. its far fetch to think we will steam roll through valencia and chelsea. His team and tactic clearly showed the league is an after thought. He wont play elneny mavro and jenks vs valencia will he


What kind of backwards logic is that?

If Emery was only concerned about ‘his resume’ he’d just start all his best players all the time. Instead he does the responsible thing and rotates.

And by the way that’s the first time we’ve lost after a European game, we’ve won the other five. So maybe he knows what he’s doing and today it’s individual errors that let us down?


He had to rotate. And some wernt even availble. I doubt a tired Torreira ,old Monreal or no end product Iwobi Would have made much difference .


pathetic and untrue comment.


Mustafi…why are you the way that you are?


Can someone explain to me please as to why you would play such a weak squad especially with what is on the line? I would consider our chances against the likes of League games a more likely opportunity to qualify for the Champions League than the Europa League games we have coming up. At this rate, I feel like we will fail at both.

Also, I hope Mustafi played his final game for Arsenal. What a pathetic, useless footballer he is.

Dog Poo

Every time without fail Mustafi makes a stupid mistake he gives that face as though its someone else’s fault. Makes my blood boil.


Yet again, there appears to be a failure to fully appreciate the most important points are those available in the game being played, especially when that game is at home and against a team like Palace. Yes, injuries and suspensions have played a part, but you can’t help but feel these are points that have been somewhat squandered.


Underlying issue is lack of squad depth


Everyone blaming Emery like we didnt just play Thurs-mon-thurs. Or had big injuries and suspensions. The squad is poor and we all knew this at the start of the season . People acting like the knee jerk irrational pundits we criticise all the time. I wanted daylight in 3rd too and to laugh at man united, dont act like a bitch because you were denied these things.


No it’s just mustafi, nothing else


That was our chance to sit in the top 4th a little more comfortable ahead of these next two games. Which are away to Wolves, and Leicester…. it couldn’t get more Arsenal than that I guess


That’s Arsenal for you – we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity….


Exactly. Aptly said.


7 game left at max, there should be no more rotation. Always play the best player available, they’re professional footballer, surely they should be able to handle it. The likes of dinos, jenko and elneny should never play again this season.


I’m going to refrain from cussing the M word…


Actually, no I’m not… For f*ck sake Mustafi!


Inexcusable. This should be the end of Mustafi’s career with us. Has been a disease ever since he signed. £35m down the drain

We’ve fucked it. Losing a HOME game at this stage, when we know we’re shambolic away from home, is unforgivable. Doubt we’ll make top 4 now with our away games

Should be the end of Elneny and Mustafi’s Arsenal careers tonight

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

And Jenkinson’s. Remove the great story cos he’s one of us and he’s not of the standard required. Too many players not taking the chance to show they’re good enough for the first team. If the board think we’re gonna become genuinely competitive without some serious investment they’re in cloud cuckoo land. After seeing the man u score I was excited to watch MOTD2 tonight and bask in their misery. But this has made me feel more miserable and I won’t be able to even enjoy that. Thanks Arsenal


Jenkinson is a joke, and it speaks volumes about our management that he’s still at Arsenal in 2019

We aren’t good enough- if we finish outside the top 4 (which is likely when you consider it) and don’t win the Europa, which is also very possible, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Emery also has to take a lot of blame for today. If you know you have players who will always let you down like Mustafi and Elneny- WHY PLAY THEM? Why give them chance after chance?!

Dave Cee

I don.t get the Elneny hate today, he was one of our better players I thought. Not saying a lot but still


Having seen the goals, let me tell you that they wouldn’t have conceded half the goals if they had Leno between the sticks. De Gea is pure trash right now.


Mustafi is not a disease. They can be cured. He is an incurable virus spreading bacteria everywher. Notice how players just being in his vicinity also become infected.


i didn’t know we could use hands in the penalty area


1. Mustafi is a liability and too naive
2. Guendozi should be playing in U23
3. We underrated Palace.


The annoying thing is, most fans certainly didn’t underrate Palace and knew we would need to put out as strong a team as we were able, if we were to win this game.

The Mad Parson

Exactly right. My brother and I are huge stateside Gooners, and I told him Friday that I was worried about this match. Palace are better away than at home, it’s a derby, and we’ll rotate. Perfect recipe for us to slip on the banana peel.

Which we did.


Right now, I would genuinely be okay with Arsenal paying another £35 million transfer fee to persuade someone to sign Mustafi off us.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Man U and Spuds hand it to us on a platter and what do we do?

I know it’s more than him today but that FUCKING Mustafi! Can we please just not have him around next season?

Other than that, fucking hell!


I know and fully understand we are very light on options. I also know Crystal Palace have a strong away record and actually played well today props to them. But there was a whole gear we were missing, mostly due to fatigue of frequent matchdays. We had our chance today to take the 3 Pts. Also I don’t care what Santori says, Mustafi is a liability. I never like slating individual players but he really has the attention span of a drunk person, losing Zaha and for the 2nd was atrocious. There’s a reason Unai doesn’t play him when papa… Read more »


Appalling, truly abysmal. I never want to see a midfield of Elneny and Guendouzi again. Also I never want to see Mustafi in an Arsenal strip again. He is an accident waiting to happen. Emery has to own up to this set up. Top 4 probably gone, Europa league is a must.


So shit.

Spanish Gooner

On a positive note, I think today puts into context the impressive work we’ve done this season despite our squad limitations. Elneny, Jenkinson, Mavropanos and Mustafi should be nowhere near a top half Premier League team, never mind a top-4 one. Once we’ve moved them on, got Bellerin and Holding back from injury and hopefully signed a few replacements, it’s fairly easy to see how we should improve.

Keeping it Monreal

Harsh to make that judgement on Mavrapanos as he’s still so young. The others I fully agree with you


Probably could use a loan


The learning curve is steepest for young center backs. He needs to recover form and fitness before we write him off

Spanish Gooner

I should clarify – Mavropanos might come good in a couple of years, but he shouldn’t be playing key games for a top 4 team right now. The others should all be sold, but I’d be happy to see Mavropanos have a loan


Think youre being unfair on Mavropanos, hes still young, and is coming back from an injury.


To be fair, Mustafi is the only one of those who has played a reasonable amount this season. It was a big gamble to play them together today, when there were good options on the bench.


Take out our front 3 and we have a truly horrific squad. Even the good ones left like Kos have weaknesses in their game or fitness problems

Man Manny

Big opportunity to take a giant leap towards top 4 missed.
Elneny, Guendouzi, Jenkinson and the irredeemably knob headed Mustafi were not at the races at all. All of them barr Guendouzi should never be found near London Colney next season even if no one is willing to pay a farthing for any of them.
Mustafi, oh Mustafi; you are nothing but a very poor defender.


I’d really love to know what he was thinking!


He was thinking about unicorns on clouds in the sky


? ?? Of the transfer list. We might end up having to pay someone to take him away from us. No words for that man at all.

Keeping it Monreal

I’m beyond fed up of that clown mustafi. He’s an embarrassment to the club. Error after error and then he goes and dives like that


He’s not the only one making mistakes through the season.

Last league match he was on point leading the team in duels won, aerial duels, clearances and intercepts.

Instead Koscielny got the praise.

Sure he made a mistake this match but all our defenders do it.

Against Napoli, Monreal almost scored and own goal. Sokratis got caught out as well, Koscielny made some dodgy calls playing the offside trap.


He was abject today. Saying that ‘others make mistakes too’ is not a defence for him. For every solid game he has for us (and there are some) he has a game where an individual error (or two) causes us to lose points. I want him gone.


You’ve no clue. Not when it comes to defenders anyway.


Too many players nicking a living at our club but this guy is undoubtedly the main culprit!


I blame squad depth as much as Emery.. We saw at Everton that midfield duo.. You put Torreira out there from the start and there are some players who are a waste of our time.. Kolasinac needs to take lessons how to pass a ball and how to defend.. Mustafi is a liability, Elneny so frustrating and Jenko’s time is way past over..


The salaries of the players and the coach should be docked for two weeks at least! Horrible horrible performance. Like they took the game for granted


I’m sure we’ve all had a grand old time laughing at Man Utd this week, not least from the spectacle of watching Smalling, Jones and Young all the same back line. But just as they’re having a reality check, it seems it’s time for our own. The truth of the matter is that there are some players who simply shouldn’t be anywhere near this club, and unfortunately I’m going to have to pick out Mustafi here. It’s clear there’s been a concerted effort by some fans on here to rehabilitate him, to defend him despite his mistakes, and that’s admirable… Read more »


We can still laugh at United

Godfrey Twatsloch

Can we?



Godfrey Twatsloch

Didn’t we buy him for a pretty penny from Valencia? I follow them and they are pretty solid defensively. No way he’d make it into their team now. They must have laughed their cocks off when we took him for that amount of money.


Sometimes I really wonder if those figures ditched out are cooked up or inflated figures. For goodness sake, how can any reasonable sporting business mind buy such a poor quality at the price mentioned? They always start by over hyping them up so that fans won’t stutter at the price being muted. I wonder who actually gains from such obvious corrupt act. Since a certain England manager was fired because of skimmy practice, managers and agents are suspects to me when unimaginable sums are being mentioned as purchase figures for over hyped players, and then press don’t even ask questions… Read more »


You are not ancient enough to remember a certain Ian Ure! You think Mustafi is bad! And did we have a youngster called Gus Caesar in our back line many many years ago?


Actually Gus Caesar was quite a good player on a fairly regular basis except he made 1 bad mistake against Luton in the League Cup final which we went on to lose 3-2. It was some bell end years later who decided to do the Gus Caesar rap in the musical version of Fever Pitch that made him (unfairly) vilified. But we’ve had some terrible defenders in recent years: Squilacci, Senderos, Cygan, Stepanovs, to name but a few. Mustafi, however, has very much raised the bar a few notches with his profound stupidity, total inability and for being an astonishing… Read more »

Dave Cee

Only Stepanovs, and maybe Silvestre, rival Mustafi for awfulness in my lifespan of Arsenal defenders. Makes Grimandi look like Cannavaro ffs


He won’t be the first out the door because we will need to add in many areas of the squad. Koscielny will likely not continue. If he does availability will be an increasing issue. So any new Cback coming in (if any) will merely be replacing Le Boss. Which means assuming new Cback and Sokratis ( I like gettting suspended for Greco-Roam wrestling) are first pick, Holding (not without mistakes either) can be third choice. BUT if we have to continue in back 3 we will need at least 5 Cbacks to rotate. Mavropanos is half cooked. Frankly it will… Read more »


The mistake was symptomatic of his shiteness more like.


Screw any offers substantial or otherwise. I’ll take his wages and ridiculously pained-mug being off our books as a win.

Der Kaiser

A must win game. Emery plays a weakened line- up with better players on bench than start on the pitch. Astounding complacency. Is there a single Arsenal fan who does not respect Mustafi but ultimately knows that he is just not good enough. With the legend Kos ageing and injury prone are there any Arsenal fans who have not known for the last 18 months that we need another two centre backs. Mustafi and Elneny need to go I’m afraid. Shocking. Top four looks really difficult now with our away record and awful defence together with tough Europa semi. Today… Read more »


I think this hit the nail on the head. We were complacent with line up. I understand Emery’s need for rotation and am not privy to any injury concerns. BUT surely at business end with 5 matches to go, we need to steel ourselves mentally and go with the most familiar lineup, power through it. I mentioned all week we need as stable a defensive unit as possible. No Mavropanos bc this is no place for a novice. Granted Sokratis played himself into suspension and we don’t know the state of Monreal, Mustafi cannot hold without the more senior players… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Mustafi why? That’s got to be the last straw.


Its not. Because this is the problem, too many people focus on him as the problem. He isn’t the best defender by a country mile but he is better than what we have currently. Come the summer, it will depend on options we have in market plus reinforcement priorities in other areas of the squad. Because we will likely see Kosceilny go. If not he should. Wear and tear = availability or lack of will become an increased issue with Le Boss. That means bringing in a new Cback (hopefully we do this) is merely replacing Koscielny. Now if we… Read more »


Mate! He’s garbage!!!!!!! You are wrong. He is a terrible footballer. Get over it.




He has pics of you.


You are right to point out the culpability of our dysfunctional midfield, but Mustafi is still a bit of a defensive trainwreck.


You should find Mustafi and give him tips. As ridiculous as your post is, its a masterclass in defending.


Yeah, have to agree with everyone else here mate. I’m not sure which match you were watching but there’s no way on earth any sane-minded person would give any backing whatsoever to the clown that is Mustafi. You’ve got this very wrong I’m afraid.

Der Kaiser

Yes there are other problems in adfition to Mustafi. He appears to train well, is a good professional andcrately gets injured. However, unfortunately he makes so very many badic errors ( including positionally). Life as a football manager involves making really hard decisions ( e,g. Gerting rid of Wilshere ( which Wenger would’nt), letting Diaby go etc). It must also mean letting players go who are just not up to it. Unfortunately I think Mustafi is one and Enemry is another. They have a level but they are not Champions League level. On the other hand supporters should realise how… Read more »


To say the least, he has concentration issues.

He needs experience around him to constantly have a niggle at him.

He’s a second choice Cback for me. BUT he is far from the worse defender some imagine him to be and hasn’t been the only one making mistakes.

Kartik Iyer

Argggghhhhhhhhh! Fuck off! How many fucking times?


Bottomline is we still lack the depth of quality to push on all fronts sufficiently. Its work in progress. Granted selection could be better today but United and Chelsea have similar issues. As I mentioned, Elneny, Jenkinson are average players that have to be sold. BUT no buyers. Why? Secondly Mavropanos needs to develop further preferably on strong loan to accelerate it. Mustafi isn’t the best defender by far but is made to be far worse because of media focus. Still we need a better option at Cback with koscielny likely less and less available and frankly gone by end… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

Dude I’m not commenting on any particular player! I’m just irritated with the result and performance. If you ask me, Mustafi did less to piss me off than Guendouzi and Elneny! Now I understand this will need a few transfer windows to sort…but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m pissed and want to vent some of it.

Rectum Spectrum

meh. typical of arsenal last few seasons really. apathetic in the league at the exact moment they need to turn the screw on their rivals.


Please get MUSTAFI out of our club. 1-1 we had momentum and it was like he was trying to gift them a second. Once that went in you saw the team have a wobble cost us the third goal. Game over..
Painfully obvious we have no quality depth in our squad.
If Torrera and AMN were fit enough for the bench, why not start them. Bitterly disappointing coming out of the ground today.


Jenkinson, Maitland-Niles, Geundouzi, Elneny, Mavropanos,…it reads like an U23 line up.
9 months down the toilet with this idiotic line up.
Also, Mustafi is a twat


Mustafi at fault for all three goals – directly for the first two. Worst ever signing at 35M.


Mustafi aside I feel a fair share of the blame must be placed on Emery. Jenkinson and Mavropanos were utter failures. Mavropanos has started twice, played shite, booked and hauled off early. We need to win every game. This is no time to be experimenting even at home. Hopefully someone in the locker room puts the boot into Mustafi, in 24 years of supporting this team I’ve never hated anyone as much.


It kind of makes me wonder wtf Don Howe’s input is in the defensive side of coaching. Seems to me that he’s nicking a living!


Back on Transfer Market Mustafi.
This wasn’t Emery’s doing stupidity of players ended up us on the losing side. But its expected , guess it was iwobi or elneny almost refusing to play when the ref didnt blow up his whistle for a foul on Geundouzi leaving us in danger and Kolasinac raising his arms in the air and asking Emery dude why are we so shit at marking ? Come on marking that player was your job whats Emery gotta do with that.


I really did say Emery made a mistake for taking out Mavropanos and leaving Mustafi on the pitch at half time.

I don’t like to slate players. But watching Mustafi today, I have hope I can still make it as a footballer. Ffs!


When we go play the second leg at Valencia’s mestala..i would love sanhelli to drop mustafi with them and also pay them 35m as a thank you fee!!!


I’m not defending Mustafi. He should be way more aware than that for the Zaha goal. BUT its hardly the reason why we slipped today. Firstly we underestimated our opponents. Home game maybe but as I mentioned all week, we need to pick as stable and EXPERIENCED a backline. BUT we also need a midfield to shield it particularly if we are without Sokratis tahnks to suspension. Elneny and Guendouzi is a poor choice. And productivity-wise it leads to issues further up in the attack. Bringing on Iwobi helped (particularly as he has good instincts with Kolasinac) but we should… Read more »




Sorry Santori, your wrong about Mustafi. He failed to mark Benteke for the first goal and then made a seriously error of judgement (he was clearly expecting it to run back to Leno) for the second. The first error is poor, the second absolutely unforgivable at this level and stage of the season. We didnt play well. The midfield was a mess but Mustafi cost us 3 points today. Can I ask though, from where I was sitting (directly in line with the 6 yard box), was the McArther goal offside? It looked well offside to us but blogs doesnt… Read more »


To be fair, it is Jenkinsons fault we missed first goal. Mustafi was holding the line with last man (Kos). Benteke was off but Jenkins on, for some misterious reafon, ran back ignoring the line.


On hindsight have to say emerys done ok with arsenes pathetic squad. C+ perhaps


How many points has Mustafi cost us personally this season? Does anyone have that stat? Off the top of my head- today. Spurs away (pen). Pen he gave away at Palace away game.. Even in Dubai friendly he was put on his arse giving away the opener!
Anytime he’s not on the team sheet I die a little inside.. I’m sure he’s a lovely fella, but as a footballer he is a steaming turd. Put him in a poop bag and dispose of please.


Hugely dissappointing today.

If there’s any positive we are still one point off Spurts despite our own Spursy bottling.

BUT there is absolutely no room for error.

The worse scenario this season for me is Liverpuddle winning the title sparking a whole new level of arrogance from their ex player now pundit contingent, Spurs winning the CL and we fall out of top4.

We can’t control the first two but we have a say still in the third (no pun)

Lets not try and make that happen lads.


Takeaways from today: 1. Guendouzi is extremely inexperienced. I feel his selection is due to not having other options, rather than him being on that level. Because he IS NOT on the Premier League level yet. He’s not at our level. 2. Mohamed Elneny is probably the worst midfielder we’ve had in a long time. He’s just so shit, you want to tear your hair out. Our buildup was extremely laboured and he was an essential part of that. 3. Jenkinson isn’t at Arsenal level. Every single game our buildup is so slow and laboured. This is what’s different between… Read more »


Mustafi, Jenks, Elmeny etc who’s going to take these players or Ozil for that matter. We would have to pay up there contracts to get them off the books!


We are literally more Spursy than Spurs. Of all the games to lose. I don’t understand this team.


Unai will get the blame but he had to rotate. Our squad is shit so why is everyone so surprised. You just now realized Mustafi and Elneny are barely league 1 level.
Need a Lb a Cb two Cms and two wide players.


First look at the starting lineup felt like we were not treating Palace seriously enough given their away record. Emery should know this.

Too many changes and it looked like the team versus Everton again – Guendouzi and Elneny cannot run midfield. Guen may be a prospect but he ain’t near it yet. Elneny has wasted all his opportunities.

Mustafi cost us the game again. Auba was poor until he scored. Ozil worked hard but with no one helping.


Yes, Ozil did work hard, but with this static, clueless midfield, he was hard pressed to find a rhythm. Please Emery, no more Guendouzi and Elneny. Xhaka, Ramsey were a big miss. Tough games ahead, selection needs to be spot on.

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