Video: Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace “Mustafi is like global warming”


Here are the on the whistle thoughts of James after the 3-2 defeat to Crystal Palace today.

Suffice to say, he’s not that pleased with Mustafi’s performance.

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Faisal Narrage

What would’ve happened if he started Torreira and his knock made him even more injured? Then we’ll be here blaming Emery for starting him.

The real issue is that Emery needs to be a bit braver and look at our academy for better solutions. Right now I wouldn’t mind giving Willock a chance to bring the same kind of quality Ramsey does.

Let the truth be said Unai should offload Mustafi And try to mend defensive problems in Arsenal at the same time we have our academy I concur with my fellow fan member who talked of Willock it is very right give this young players chance to prove their worth.

Let’s give chance to young boys from the academy instead of just buying from outside but Mustafi is like death certificate to the Gunners.

Runcorn Gooner

We are really missing Holding and Chambers should never have been sent on loan BUT we somehow have to make do.
Surely Mustafi can’t play that bad again………


Unlikely to off load Mustafi UNLESS there is an offer. BC : a) he is under contract b) Koscielny needs a replacement. Durability is an issue at 34yrs+ and injury prone. c) Mavropanos is half cooked. Potential yes but realistically needs to go off on a strong loan to accelerate development. d) That leaves Holding and Sokratis plus Monreal (who is also 33yrs and needs to be kept as contingency for Lback) e) Chambers has been mooted but he needs to be assessed again in the summer bc Fulham were simply abject. He may choose not to stay as well.… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

There is argument that Mustafi may even be our worst signing ever, certainly worst defensive signing.

Our most expensive defender ever, but his value and return on investment is the least. At least Squillaci and Silvestre were cheap.


Wish we’d kept Gabriel and shipped Mustafi. Couldn’t be any worse

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger tried to sell Mustafi but that was to allow game time to Holding.


Grass is always greener. Gabriel was poor too as was Silvestre and also Squillachi. But we have had equally poor players like Cygan and Senderos. That said Mustafi does some very good things on the pitch never highlighted. Assessments on him tend to bother on hysteria mainly bc most people don’t watch carefully, they simply trumpet what others are saying. there are the mistakes of course (Heavily highlighted) so it creates a perception and becomes ‘truth’ when one of these big mistakes does occur. BUT he hasn’t done this for a while. Last several months he has been solid (mostly)… Read more »


Wenger was warned by Neville not to buy Mustafi that he was too error prone to improve, but in typical Wenger know it all style he ignored the advice.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Neville ?

Dave Cee

Even Balague said he was not good enough for Arsenal. I.ll never forget that because it struck a chord with my unease with his signing.
Wenger’s chickens have well and truly come home to roost for him, the club and for Emery. He should have stuck to signing French players

Iam really unhappy with Mustafi being an Arsenal player despite all the blunders that he have been causing as an Arsenal defender.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am not trying to defend Mustafi otherwise I would defend him like he does on the pitch. Leno needs to take not half but some 25% of the blame. Once Mustafi made the poor decision expecting leno to come out, Leno should have done exactly that to put pressure on Zaha.


“I am not trying to defend Mustafi…”. Stop, right there. 100% Muttface’s fault.


Bro come out where? that was all mustafi the ball was way outside of the 18, plus if I’m a goalkeeper and I’m reading the threat, I see that my defender has it under control, no need to come out, you tell me how do you want Leno to predict that Mustafi is going try and shield the ball instead of clearing it, very simple…..he can’t there was no danger until mustafi created one, horrible defending end of story!


Its Mustafi’s fault.

He needs to do the right thing and not take chances.


The only thing a defense minded player does is to clear the ball out of the danger. Mustafi had all the time to clear that ball from danger zone. Each time I see that Mustafi is included in the line up I feel unconfortable throughout the game. I always feel anytime he will commit a silly mistake.


Fuck me! I’m glad that yet again I missed the game today. I’ve just seen the “highlights” on MOTD and I was truly horrified. We defended like Rochdale’s under-11s. At the heart of today’s nightmare is a simple question: should Emery have rested so many key players knowing that the rest of the squad is so weak? We all know that Mustafi is hopeless, Mavropanos is not yet ready, Elneny is League One quality and the overpaid Jenkinson will never be good enough; but was it right to take the gamble and field them all, or should Uni have asked… Read more »

Ugandan Gooner

I believe a bird at hand is worth two in the bush. Winning this game whilst our competitors losing was an added advantage. That said, we hope the “rested” player show up on Wednesday.

Peter Story Teller

You are being harsh on the Rochdale under 11’s!
With the Spuds and Manure losing and Chelski not playing until tonight a home game against Palace was an ideal opportunity to put pressure on them.
But as usual we wasted that opportunity and now the pressure is back on us to perform against banana skins like Wolves and Leicester!

John Lavery

First banana skin unsuccessfully negotiated.

John Lavery

Socialist wage structure!? do you know what that means, you idiot, the wage structure is exactly the opposite. If you think you are good enough then you demand it, of course, the club can always turn you down, ie Ramsey. It is called individual bargaining.

Ugandan Gooner

aftermath of global warming. You just expect a wrong thing or two going to happen because of him


I don’t need to say much on mustafi,elnenny and jenkinson but to be honest we could have won this match and lost at wolves… But now we have lost at the emirates and need to win at wolves…so no much difference…is only painful to lose at home…. I’m confident that ARSENAL will win on Wednesday…so let’s just relax

Peter Story Teller

For years critics have said Arsenal under-perform against the top teams when, of course, all sides struggle against the top teams that is why they are at the top! What costs Arsenal League titles is the way they capitulate to the middle order teams. No disrespect to Roy Hodgeson’s men but without woeful defending that would have been a comfortable home victory yesterday. Neither should we be losing to Southampton, West Ham or Everton or drawing with Brighton! We only managed a 1-1 draw with Wolves at home the same result that we got against Liverpool so why are we… Read more »


It’s going to be a tough one on Wed. Will Kos have the legs to keep on? Will Torreira and Xakha be ready? Really, it’s a thin squad at every position but adv. playmaker


Problem is Spuds have 3 home games left (and Bournemouth away) whilst we have just one (and 3 tricky away games).

Why did we rest so many players who are younger and with less injury history than Kos? Is Emery focusing on EL too much?

Let’s hope Poch makes same mistakes around his CL games. It may be our best hope for them to reach the final before losing! (Sorry, my focus is on beating Spuds – the new trophy)


I read that when he was given a yellow, a fan stood up in the stands and shouted at the ref to give him a red so he could not touch the ball again.

Anyone care to verify if that is true or not? Hilarious if it is.


Jack Whitehall has called for FA to review the yellow card and ban him for 2 years – hilarious.

Tom Self

Warmest Easter since 1949, hardly ever, is it? And add to that Easter’s date changes and this year fell Global Warming is a myth. Mustafi, sadly is not.


Have to say I’m the most pissed off with Mustafi.

BC he has been doing pretty decent recently, last match against Everton he led the team in tackles, intercepts, aerial duals and duals won.

Yet most people are biased against him and perceived that koscielny was outstanding in that match.

So this is many steps back for the German.

He’s never been a top defender but he has been far better than many prefer to imagine him.

Conveniently they reserve judgement for when he (does) makes mistakes but cast a blind eye when he (also does) do good stuff.

Ray Smuckles

You’re the Mustafi of Arseblog commenters…


It all makes sense now

Billy Bob

Santori is Mustafi lol and now he is telling himself off


I think that criticism of Mustafi is a bit over the top now, verging on hysterics. He has never been a good fit for Arsenal. Whether is is a good defender or not, I cannot say, but on his performances at AFC, it does seem that he needs to start over somewhere else — this is clear and I think that we can all agree on this. What about all the fluffed chances yesterday? The awful performance in the center of midfield? (Elneny is in my mind a solid squad player. Guendouzi is very much one for the future, and… Read more »


The part where Mustafi tries to blame Leno for the goal is why he is not a good player to have in the squad. Its 100% his ball, his fault, his goal… and then he looks at Leno…. he should be ashamed.

Elliot Ness

I had never realised how much James look like the US rapper Logic!