Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arsenal to face Chelsea in Europa League final

Arsenal will play Chelsea in the 2019 Europa League final after they beat Frankfurt 4-3 on penalties at Stamford Bridge.

Earlier in the evening, the Gunners produced a stunning performance to win 4-2 against Valencia to progress 7-3 on aggregate.

The final will be played in Azerbaijan’s Olympic Stadium in Baku on 29 May.

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Ramsey winner anyone? Doubt he’ll be fit but it’s two weeks away right?


Actually it’s three. Could be a possibility


New to the scene?


Love to see the surprise return of Ramsey and him come on to nick a winner (courtesy of an “inadvertent” Giroud assist)


Bring it on


Some shocking penalties from Frankfurt there


Frankfurked up their last two penalties.

Otherwise a good night

SB Still

It was looking so much better for long but let’s kick some arses blue…blue-er!


I’m glad it’s Chelsea. We play better when we don’t underestimate the team.


Can’t decide how to feel about it. On the one hand the ‘familiarity’ of playing a team we’ve beaten already and could have beaten twice is welcome, as well as the fact that Chelsea don’t *need* to win like Arsenal do. On the other hand…Hazard, Pedro, Willian, etc – always give us so much trouble.

Sauce Thompson

What a Season for English Football!


Fucking Chelsea…..Fuck them right in their goat asses.


Why does it have to be 20 days away?

Waiting for Arsenal to play and watching Arsenal, turns me into a bag of nerves, I’m not sure why I consider watching Arsenal a hobby…. They just make me anxious.

Anyone got an tips, on how to enjoy night like this a bit more?


Helps if we win


Drink lots of alcohol


We can do it!
Unai is good at high profile games especially at UEFA Cup.

With a fully rested squad and maybe with a parting gift from Aaron Ramsey ….
Its gonna be legen….

Proud Nondo

Awesome performance. I hope this will continue until we meet Chelsea in Baku for the final. Congratulations to the entire team for the splendid performance.


Chelsea are shit. It’s a miracle that they got top four.

If we play like we have in the last four EL matches then we’ll see them off, no problem.

This is one chance to redeem ourselves after a dreadful PL season. Let’s not fuck this up.


BTW: why the fuck is this game being played in the middle of nowhere? Baku is nearly 3,000 miles from London! Two London teams should be playing this game at Wembley, with plenty of tickets and easy and cheap transport. It’s gonna cost a fortune to get to Baku.

This is madness.


Not a miracle.

They got top four because we are more shit.

Spurs and chelshit have been more than charitable but we have been our own worse enemies…made Palace, Wolves, Leicester and BHA look like …well not Barca but say better teams than they are.


Close your eyes and imagine a large sack of cash being delivered to the UEFA offices.
There’s your reason.


Baku is east of some parts of Iran and most of Saudi Arabia. It is in Asia, not Europe.


Two finals of the biggest cup competitions in Europe with four English teams competing, doubt that’s ever happened. Too bad we can’t play in Wembley and have to travel to Azerbaijan for the match.


The only down side to the evening.

Sure 4 English teams but frankly would have loved to see Frankfurt put them out.

We need that win in the finals now to secure not just CL but more importantly some leverage for Unai to gain as much pocket money as possible to spend in the summer.


I get that Baku is million miles away from London but somehow I feel Arsenal has a better chance of winning there than in UK considering abysmal run in EPL.


i don’t think cech has done anything to lose his place. i hope he starts in the final. but it’s going to be a very difficult decision for emery, considering who we’re playing. very excited for this match!

The Charma

Some how I can’t trust Cech . He is Chelsea through and through. He even has a job from them. He may just gift them the cup


cheers to the perfect final match for an absolute class act of a footballer. here’s to seeing petr lifting that trophy after walking past chelsea players applauding him.

Rostock Gooner

Guys Help me out, please:

Not that I don’t care about this trophy, but doesn’t this constelation mean we already secured CL, if we stay 5th in the league?

Chelsea winning the EL and finishing Top 4 should mean that the 5th is qualified for CL, too,right?

What am I missing?

Rostock Gooner

Okay, forget me.

I mixed things up.

Charlie Bryan

What I know eitber Aubameyang or Lacazette will take the Ballondo’r #LacaMeyang


If win does that mean there are still only four CL places for Premier League teams? Meaning we will take Chelsea’s CL place and beat them in a final.

How sweet that would be.

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