Arsenal Women Complete Signing of Leonie Maier from Bayern Munich


Arsenal Women have completed the signing of Bayern Munich and Germany defender Leonie Maier. The 26-year old is a two time Frauenbundesliga winner and has also won a European Championships and Olympic Gold with Germany.

Maier joined Bayern in 2013 and is a former teammate of Lisa Evans, Vivianne Miedema, Viki Schnaderbeck, Manuela Zinsberger and Jill Roord and is an international teammate of Tabea Kemme. Maier reinforces the Gunners defence as they prepare for life back in the Champions League. She can operate across the back line but plays mainly as a full-back. Maier will represent Germany at this summer’s World Cup.

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This sounds like a good model for the men’s team, buy a really good player from another top team.

Hope she does well.


Who gives a shit about the mens?

I’m Arsenal (women) till I die, I’m Arsenal (women) till I die, I know I am, I’m 72% sure I am, I’m Arsenal (women) till I die.


Because that gives a licence for some to look at the example you are setting and reverse it and not give a shit about the women’s team.

Better to support everything Arsenal imo.


Also, supporting the women’s and not the men’s team makes you a glory supporter.


And making such generalised statements as that makes you an opinionated asshole…


Do you need a hug me2?

Medium Mozart

Ivan Gazidis: “[Arsenal] should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich”

Looks like he was right after all…

Peter Story Teller

Look forward to seeing her in action in the world cup. Just come back uninjured ready for the new season!

Fun Gunner

Yay! Experienced, versatile, serial winner.


Lots of transfer movement from the women’s team. Who does their scouting? Can we borrow them for the men’s?


Do Bayern have any players left or have we taken them all?

God is a Gooner

Arsenal women’s team is operating on a completely different planet. Respect!


The Arsenal Ladies are class.
Nice to see them doing what the so called Arsenal team consistently fail to do.
Thrive under pressure, win trophies and sign top players from big clubs.
I love Arsenal – like everyone here.
But I have to say I could not give a rats arse about its players…
Ozil just makes me want to throw up – cancerous little parasite…

Chris Humphrey

Let’s hope Silent Stan leaves Arsenal Women to thrive under their own “self sustaining model”…….what a mess he and his yes men minions are making of our Arsenal. No light at the end of an increasingly dark tunnel…….except, of course, the Women.


And youth teams …

Chris Humphrey

Although the transfer market is still in its infancy in the Women’s game AWFC’s actions in taking decisive steps to bolster a championship winning squad is to be highly commended.
In stark contrast to what is going on elsewhere within AFC. Seemingly a rudderless hulk drifting nowhere under the money obsessed captaincy of Silent Stan. Maybe he should look within for the “self sustaining model” …….as long as he doesn’t silently drift the Women’s boat on to the rocks as well.


RIP Jose Antonio Reyes..tragic.