Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Aubameyang and Lacazette on Barcelona’s summer hit-list

From Catalan daily SPORT comes a story about how both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette are potential targets for Barcelona this summer as they seek an addition to their forward line.

The La Liga champions are apparently looking for a ‘9’, and have identified the Gunners strikers as candidates for the position.

The lack of Champions League football next season, and the stature of Barcelona, would make a move ‘attractive’ for either player, and they also cite the presence of Ousmane Dembele as a factor.

He’s a former teammate of Auba at Borussia Dortmund, and an international colleague of Lacazette.

On the flip side, the length of contracts at Arsenal would demand a significant fee, and with a lot of work to do on the squad this summer, selling either would be very low down the list of priorities for Unai Emery.

With 50 goals between them last season, they’re about the best thing we’ve got in this team right now, and even with the need to sell to help finance a rebuild, it would hardly be viewed as ambitious to sanction a sale.

The fact that we do face another season of Europa League football will ensure these kind of stories rumble on all summer, as bigger clubs look to pick at our carcass, so brace yourselves for plenty more on this over the coming weeks and months.

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I hope not but I expect there’s a real chance at least one of them could be sold


For £150m, I say they can have either one. We can reinvest the money to strenghten the squad. Buying “quality players that inprove our squad” or whatever…..

Mick Malthouse

More likely £148m of it would fund some new stadium in the US and we will buy a £2m “Sanogo” type from the lower French Leagues.

We suck.


Now, are they sure they don’t mean Xhaka and Mustafi?

Someone should double check.

Jean Ralphio

This could be our ‘Coutinho’ transfer. Would hate to see Laca go.


I think selling one of these guys to generate revenue to buy other players would be such a moronic thing to do for these two reasons; 1 – there arent any decent strikers in European Football at the moment who we would stand a chance of getting in as their replacements that would be anywhere near as good as either of them. 2 – we already have to try and ship out like fucking half the squad this summer. It just isn’t possible to buy that many players in one window. We have much more pressing issues to contend with.… Read more »


I always equate the “there are no good strikers around” argument to that moment your missus has pulled all 1000 of her dresses off the hangers and stands on the pile of discarded clothes saying “I don’t have anything to wear”.


This is perfect.


Selling one could be the only way to fund much needed moves unfortunately


If we absolutely had to sell one, i’d rather we kept Lacca

Scott P

Not just as a player, but also because he’s essentially 2 years younger than Auba. If the transfer fee would be about the same, it would be better business to offload the one who’s going to be worth basically zero at the end of his contract.

Again, this is only if we absolutely had to sell…

Don Cazorleone

Essentially two years younger? Until…


Until he’s three years younger, of course.


Sounds to me more like manager talk, part of their negotiation for Griezmann – it seems to be going back and forth.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Keep Laca and cash in Auba. Auba is getting old and is part of Ozil’s coward club (e.g. bottle job in EL final, penalty vs Spurs).


Players miss penalties and have the odd bad game. Can see why you left the clergy with your lack of forgiveness.


Auba is another luxury player we got.. a flat track bully.. can’t win us anything big.. otherwise it’s difficult to believe that the league’s top scorer can’t get you even top 4


Auba got us into that final.


Too much forgiveness towards Arsenal team and players during those past 15 years.

A Different George

Barca seem happy to tolerate a player who has missed big penalties (eg, the final of the Copa America). His name is Lionel Messi.


Lacazette bottled the EL final too. Even more than Auba actually


Everyone bottles.. even messi bottled anfield some might say.. it’s the frequency that matters.. and that’s quite high for auba


Who bottled it? For example Torreira was among the bottlers and co.


um no he most definitely did not.


The negative comments on Auba are harsh even though he is almost worthless if he doesnt score (which he mostly does so he is really good to have in our team…), BUT if we should choose, it is a nobrainer. But having 1 senior striker would make me reconsider Welé’s situation.
It is so sad that we seem to be back on 0 level and have to sell our best players to be able to get rid of the worst players.


Sell Lacazette for a pretty sum and lure back that French feller at Chelsea. You know the one who slaughtered us in Baku. If I’m correct he’s out of contract at Chelsea and could be ready to return home as a freebie. We’d have another year out of him at least.


I believe he signed an extension recently


“I believe he signed an extension recently”

That’s a shame. Never mind him then.

Stefan Crouch

That is sense in the midst of kronke and the rest of the non-sense.


Stupid knee jerk reaction based on one match


And the 3 months in the league where we were shit!


And the four or five years Giroud was with us and scored many fine goals.


After his ‘thanks Arsenal’ comment in the celebration I’m not interested.


I guess he got the golden boot for bottling it.


absolute rubbish


was Auba one of three topscorers in the Premier League? Was it also his debut full season? If so you’re 100% right, he is totally worthless


Oh but he missed a penalty and obviously that defines his entire career. It’s official, he’s shit. The Ex-Priest who never has anything positive to say said so first.


Honestly, let’s say one of them is sold. Can we realistically expect to improve on them? Probably not. So we can only spend the money on 1-2 worse quality players.

If we sell one of them, we remain with 1 senior striker. If he gets injured, we have to depend on Nketiah to score 30+ goals otherwise we are already worse than we were this season.

I just don’t see the flip side in reality.


I mean positive side!


This is arsenal, there never is positives


I think if the mentioned cca. 40 million is true then the management and owner have no real intention to build a competitive, matured team in the near term. I mean we are clearly behind the first 3 teams now. Even if Chelski is selling Hazard they will get a lot of money for him + both them and Man.United have much better financials than us. (Plus: 1, we are losing Ramsey 2, we saw Ozil on wednesday and 3, we know how many goals we’ve conseded this season) I’m afraid the management’s plan is to start to build again… Read more »


Their top players leave because they’ve won everything and want a fresh challenge, ours leave (even on a free) because they can’t win anything BIG


I disagree, no other team in the world of football has two top strikers. We need to sell one and strengthen on he wing.


Having those two top strikers is the only thing that kept us anywhere near contending for the top 4. Without them we’re below mid table.

Le Jim

The intention if we sold one would surely be to strengthen other areas of the pitch though, not to improve on them in the CF position.

The question is, would you be willing to sacrifice a bit of squad depth up top for a stronger starting XI overall? I think I would.


This is the point I’m trying to make. We sell one for a healthy sum and reinvest in other areas that are lacking. Liverpool have done that and it’s worked for them. It’s a shitty situation we are in and we are far from Liverpool. Even the Liverpool of 5-6 years ago feels like way ahead of where we are right now. It sucks that we should have to sell our best players but at the same time we can see where clinging to them has brought us. It’s not working. Sell Lacazette and use the money to plug our… Read more »

Maul Person

Sell your younger, more versatile striker? Really?!


Yes really. He’s not the only striker on earth. There will be others and they’ll be more attracted to coming here if we play better football which will happen if we improve in the areas that are lacking. 40 million ain’t gonna cut it. 40 million plus a fat wad of cash on top from selling Lacazette will get us somewhere.

Maul Person

But your argument was to use the money from selling Lacazette to buy a defender or midfielder. So we’re left with Auba (getting older and fairly limited in terms of all round play) and Eddie (untried albeit not his fault). Where are these “other strikers” coming from? Secondly, the attraction for the kind of strikers you’re talking about is CL football. When you sell a top player and remain with the two as above, what are the chances of attracting a similarly top replacement without much prospect of being in that competition? Because your approach suggests we’d end up with… Read more »


OK, then let’s hold on to him until he’s worth fuck all and carry on with our woeful defence and average midfield. That’s what we’ve done mostly over the last few years and it’ll keep us in the EL and finishing 5th or 6th in the PL.

Maul Person

Well WE can’t do anything but we would hope that the club does the needful which includes keeping the players who make the team work (Laca is certainly one of those) and being ruthless about the ones who aren’t up to scratch. The money isn’t enough so the club needs to make better use of the younger players and be astute in bringing in players who are free (and good). Everyone I’ve spoken to praised Willock for his cameo appearance over Ozil, we are anticipating what Nelson will bring and are excited about Saka. And that’s just for starters. This… Read more »


The not up to scratch ones won’t fetch any real money. They need to go yes but at this moment we’ll be lucky if someone else even wants them. What money we get for Mustafi won’t buy us a Koscielny for example. We need more money for that. Where was Harry Kane before he started banging them in for Tottenham? Where did Mo Salah come from? I’m not saying talent like that grows on trees but they come and they go. That’s the nature of the game. There will be other good players down the line. Us letting go of… Read more »

Maul Person

“…the club needs to make better use of the younger players and be astute in bringing in players who are free (and good)…”

Copied and pasted as you seem to have missed it. Kane would be an example of this concept of making better use which I’m actually advocating.


You’re assuming losing a proven asset that kept us marginally competitive with the top 4 and got us to the Europa Final will actually be replaced with someone in midfield or defense that can help us be just as competitive. Let me remind you of our current lack of Technical Director situation, the fact that the coach does not know our targets, and it’s all on Sanllehi. I’m not willing to take that gamble this year given our current situation. Sell all the other players that aren’t a part of our plans – Mustafi should get some, use our new… Read more »


We really can’t afford to remain stagnant in our defence and midfield either.

Other clubs sell their top players and don’t suffer for it. Liverpool and Tottenham for example. Why can’t we?

Maul Person

Because: 1. You’re recommending selling your best player of the season 2. There is no guarantee that that sale would result in a like-for-like replacement as happened with Liverpool 3. There are only so many sales a team can make in an off season so the sale of Laca would mean some dross remains. I think the focus should be getting rid of the crappy players first and foremost. 4. Arsenal needs to stop allowing its best players to leave, whether through sales or on Bosmans. The impression that gives doesn’t do much for its ability to bring in new… Read more »


Well I agree with you about the dross. There’s lots of it.

OK then, so Barcelona comes to us with a good offer on Lacazette this summer and we turn them down. Where do we get the money to improve our defence and midfield before the start of next season?

Maul Person

What improvements do you think need to be made in those areas that necessitates the sale of Laca so urgently?

Maul Person

PS. There are already whispers suggesting that Barca are using this to try and get a better deal for Griezemann so I doubt it’s real. I know it was just an example but still…


Do I need to point out the improvements necessary in those areas? I asked if we don’t sell Lacazette then where from do we raise the money we need? Do we trundle along with what we have and take a punt on a few youngsters? Or will augmenting the 40 mil with what we can get for what dross we manage to offload be enough this summer? I really don’t care if that’s what you think is the better option but rather than being patronising you could say so and perhaps give a reason. I’m happy to take on board… Read more »


40m from the club, player sales, wages freed up from those leaving, improved kit deal (if that’s not already factored into the club’s rumored 40m). We sell 2-3, maybe even 4 first team squad players, that might include a couple who have started a fair few matches. We can all think of at least 2 easily- opinions on which might differ, but we agree there are some we can move on. We should be able to get another 40-50m at bare minimum. That’s accounting for taking a loss on a couple. Let’s not forget we’ve also got some youth on… Read more »

Maul Person

The time for you to see this has probably passed but my question was not simply about where we need improvements but where those improvements necessitate selling our best player? Secondly, as I’ve been reminded, transfers are not always paid for upfront so a club saying they have x amount available for transfers isn’t strictly speaking true. The payment for a player is spread over years. With this being the case, we could get more players than whatever £40m would typically bring in. Thirdly, what Mpls said. So in my opinion, points 2 and 3 above can be employed BEFORE… Read more »

Maul Person

In addition, on its own selling your best player in no way stops you from using the Academy players you have. But how well will you do in the league if you do that? Which team looking to improve goes into a new season having sold its best player without bringing in a like replacement and relying more on youth and inexperience?


Yes because our youth is amazing, hungry and deserves to be given playing time


Well, do we have to replace them with a striker of equal quality? Surely if one is sold we move to one up top and strengthen in other areas of the team. It isn’t ideal, but we would still have one world class striker and we need to improve collectively. At the minute we have two world class strikers and a midfield and defence so dysfunctional and flaky we can’t get the strikers any service when the games get tough. One step back to take two forward maybe?


And what happens when that ONE striker is exhausted or injured? Is Eddie fully ready to be relied upon to lead the line? One look at the Bellerin situation tells you why 1 is not enough pretty much anywhere. With all due respect to AMN, he had to learn that role on the job and it’s not his natural. He did a damn fine job in light of that, but it’s not a situation I would like in our striking department considering we got pretty much nothing from our Midfield for scoring this year, and our most dangerous midfield attacker… Read more »


We will surely buy a 20m striker if we sell one of auba/laca


£20 million would get you a Dwight Gayle these days.


If they come in with a silly offer for Auba, we should let him go. When I say silly offer I mean +100 million.


Auba would be a good like for like replacement for benzema.. tap-in Kings


But Fiorrentino Perez is racist enough to not sign Auba


How have we become the carcass of European football. The stadium move was supposed to keep us competing at the top, and look at us now.

We can’t let these boys leave, they are under contract and we don’t have anything better. Let’s just hope they don’t start kicking up a stink and making life difficult. Fuck we have got so much work to do!


To paraphrase from Football365: After the world finally succumbs to nuclear holocaust (because of Brexit, obviously), only one man survives the blast. He stayed underground in a homemade bunker, 15 metres below the earth. As our protagonist steps out into the half light, all life looks lost. Dust clouds provide the only noticeable movement, burnt out and hollowed tree trunks the only indication for what had gone before. The landscape has turned to nought. Life has become death. The man straps the provisions onto his back that he had kept underground, enough to keep him going for several weeks. This… Read more »


Fuck it, sell the whole squad. all shite anyway


It’s going to be a really fucking long summer.


Fuck the flip side. We have two players critical to our future success. Letting even one of them go would be both insane (in and of itself) and a statement to the world that we’re no longer a seriously competing club. When assessing the season, the one thing we can be confident of is our striking power – not our defence, not our midfield, not our motivation, but our threat at the pointy end of the pitch. Diminish that and it becomes impossible to instigate a plan for short-term future success. We’re already letting one of our most influential players… Read more »


Auba is not critical to our success


We let one of our most bankable players go on a free because we clung on to him when we could have made money from him. You now propose we do the same with arguably the only bankable player we have at the moment. So in a year or two he too leaves on a free transfer or he’s hit the big 30 and isn’t so hot on the pitch anymore.

Makes no sense to me. I say sell and reinvest. Other clubs do it and continue to do well, why can’t we?


I have literally no idea what you’re saying.

Laczazette’s contract runs until June 2022, and Aubameyang’s until June 2021 …

So, which other clubs sell this far ahead of a major player’s contract end? I’m really keen to know.

I’m also keen to know which player we can subsequently and realistically bring in to improve the squad going forward. You obviously have someone in mind.


That’s exactly when you sell a player. When there’s time left on their contract and not when they are down to their last year and less. Because that’s what we’ve done in the last few years and it’s not news that we’ve suffered for it. I have no idea who to bring in. That’s for the guy who replaces Sven to decide. He’s the professional on the rockstar wages with the know how. Remember Tottenham when they sold Bale? How did they fare after that? No too badly IMO. We should have sold Sanchez and Ramsey when the offers were… Read more »


I don’t think we should sell him, but Auba’s contract is down to a single year left at the end of this coming season. That’s the situation we are / were in with Aaron, Wele, and the others gone on frees. The way it is, two years left is when extensions are negotiated now for players the team does not want to gamble on losing for a free. –Especially clubs with a cloudy future. Laca is safe to wait a year, Auba, if we’re planning on keeping him, we need to start negotiations this year. Best off this summer. If… Read more »


We already are no longer a seriously competing club. It’s not a secret.

Matt Coplestone

And so it begins……. Small club, small minded with zero ambition. Maybe thats why they ousted sven, after all does it really take 3 people to decide how to spend 40 million ?


Who’s the 3rd? Emery says he doesn’t know our targets. It’s all Sanllehi and our scouts.


Big clubs will knock the door. The question is will they turn their heads? Will you blame them if they wanted to leave us. Depression.


Don’t worry. Only Laca is big club material.


Is that why he has won barely 1 trophy in his life and is almost 28?

Peter Story Teller

The main concern is not that we would be willing to sell them but they might want to leave given the state we are in right now and with no real optimism for the foreseeable future. Could be a last chance big money move for Auba before the US or China come knocking on his agent’s door!


I’d try to hang on to them, convince them to stay at least until January with a promise that we will be in the UCL next year. And if we are not close to that by the January window, then grant them their requests to leave.


Isn’t Auba one of the players with 2 years left on his contract? If so I can see him going given the new hard-line approach to contracts we’re supposedly taking


This was my one big fear after the other nights debacle. In order to keep top drawer players you need to show a bit of ambition.

A £40million purse and transitioning period doesn’t look very tempting does it?


It’s the RVP situation again, ambition


Can we not try and convince them they really need ozil Mustafi and xhaka


They are not saleable


Not PROFITABLE you mean. They’re only not sellable if they refuse to go.


Xhaka deserves to be here.


Honestly speaking, there have been games this season where the system didnt work well with Aubameyang as a lone striker. He doesn’t get to involved in the game and when teams sit back he is less effective. He is a genuinely top player but of you can get a decent fee (a fee large enough to help fund a younger attacker e.g. Malcom from Barcelona or something of that sort). It might be a smart move. Sometimes you got to cash in for the greater good. Having said all that I doubt Barca would pay a large fee for an… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

Apart for wing backs the system didn’t work well for no one.


Malcolm is nowhere good enough. Neither is Coutinho.


Auba for 150mn or Laca for 100mn
Honestly having both is extremely dysfunctional for us and they are too big to be benched. If we get a winger I don’t see both of them starting anyway.
Get the cash, use it in gaps in the squad.


Yeah right- 150 million 😀 …we will sell them for like 12 million each. Like we did it with Szczęsny

Okechukwu Jude

Frankly I wouldn’t blame any of them if they wanted to leave. Our club is in a very sad place right now. I don’t think there is a fan who believes arsenal can win the league in the next two years (unless we believe in miracles) Just a close look at spurs and I am wild with envy. Barcelona would offer them more money and more trophies so there isn’t really any up side in staying with us. So at this point I suggest we get the best money possible and try and invest in other areas of our team… Read more »


They can have Lacazette for 80-90 million.

Matty Cakes

100 + for either of them
Anything less tell them to fuck off

Paul Smith

As pointed out on the Arsecast it might not be a decision solely down to the club. If Barca come knocking then either one of Auba or Laca might say that they want to go. We have no CL football again and it’s going to be a long time until we might do again. If Barca come calling then they might push for a move. At the moment would you blame them?


Poo rating?


Does anyone else get the bad feeling that the players the majority of people want to be sold i.e. Mkhi, Mustafi, Ozil just aren’t going to be sold this year?

Crash Fistfight

It has been the problem for the last 10 years. We’ve got players we don’t want on stupid wages (Bendtner, anyone), which nobody else in their right mind would give them.

We haven’t been able to attract or keep the players of the (supposed) quality that we want, so in our desperation have given them stupid money. Look at Carl Jenkinson as another crazy example (although I’m not sure why we would have needed to give him a wage bump to keep him).


Whilst in principle I’m not opposed to selling either for silly money (100+ million as others have suggested), what would happen with the money? If it’s reinvested in the squad, fine. But is Stan Kroenke really going to do so? Imagine losing a world class player and having the proceeds go towards another Texas ranch.


Unpopular opinion probably but I would sell one of them to Barcelona if we could get a good fee. The squad is awful and unbalanced and our transfer kitty is going to be pretty pathetic now we aren’t in the champions league. Perhaps we would be better off selling one of them if that allows us to get a better centre back, a better midfielder and perhaps a move to one up top provides us with some more balance. In an ideal world we’d keep both of them and build around them but we don’t live in an ideal world;… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

They’re probably 2 of our highest earners, as well.


Sell auba for 100m and build our defence

Olivije Žirod

Just speaking hypothetically.

If one of them has to be sold then it surely has to be Lacazette. Aubameyang is a goalscorer and those are the most wanted and needed players on the market. Arsenal fans were for years calling for an out and out goalcorer and now they would rather sell him than Lacazette who is at best 15 goal per season striker? I still think Giroud was and is better player that Lacazette and he cost 12 million. It is much easier to replace Lacazette than Aubameyang.


We bought Giroud in 2012 and it was a completely different market. Lacazette is more of a team player, he works harder than Auba and is younger. I would rather have them both in the squad for the next season, but if we need to sell one of them and invest that money into the team (buy a new CB!!!FFS!) then Auba is the one I would sell.

Olivije Žirod

Aubameyang is 30+ goals striker per year and they are not growing on trees but on the other hand there are many Lacazette type strikers available for a reasonable price. Aubameyang has 3 years of world class football. Right? Lacazette will be 31 then. I bet there will be many Arsenal fans who will want to have 31 year old main striker? I don’t think so. Aubameyang and Lacazette are both strikers for the present and not the future. We will need to buy a new striker in 2-3 years anyway. As for Giroud price. He would be today about… Read more »


A player that has vision , can pass , can hold up , can dribble , can score. Not a lightweight. Involved in play. Presses and harries the defense. If we agree that prime Suarez was the epitome of this. There’s only Suarez , Griezmann , lacazette , firmino of this type. Incidentally all either at Barca or Barca targets. And arguably Tadic too. Not really growing on trees are they. An out and out goal scorer let’s see, icardi , vardy , Quagliarella , lewandowski , Zapata,piatek, Cavani, Alcacer …. These all off the top of my head. The… Read more »


Please mention 3 “Lacazette type” strikers available for a reasonable price. I don’t think they are growing on trees either. If Barcelona wants him or Aubameyang it says something about both of them. I just think that we need to improve collectively and Lacazette is working better for the team. I just prefer team-players because individuals are sometimes irreplaceable, especially when you are totally banking on them and their qualities.

Dave Cee

I actually think if the offer is good enough that we should sell Auba. I.d hate to lose Laca though


We simply can’t let it happen. Our departure lounge includes far too many established senior names already, we’re looking at rebuilding the core of our team and that job is hard enough as is, let’s not add the worry of replacing a player who contributes 25 goals (assists included) to the already considerable work we have to do.

Maybe next summer Barca, but please fuck off for now and let us get our head back above water.


I struggle to see how this could make our side better. It’s not like Barca have any history of paying over the odds for our players, so how we’d reinvest similar quality seems dubious at best.

It’s normal for them to want the best players, so that part is flattering, but at the same time, selling your best part of our side isn’t inspiring. So much work to be done at the back and wings. Our biggest striker challenge currently is some depth for rotation.


I’d love to keep them, but honestly I wouldn’t be either surprised nor mad if any of them (or both) decide to leave, sad state of affairs.


tough one. keep Lacazette at ALL costs, that’s a no brainer. he’s our best player and no striker of his caliber would join us. I’d love to keep Auba not just for his own sake but because his partnership with Laca is so so great and so difficult to come by. It’s basically what keeps our shambles of a team together these days. And replaceing Auba with a new striker would be gambling with the possibility of the new pair of strikers becoming competitors instead of friends and teammates. but then again, Auba turns 30 and presumably won’t keep his… Read more »


so if we get rid of:
1. Øzil, that should be 10-15 million + 16.8 millions in yearly wages

2. Mustafi for 5-10 mill + approx 1 mill in wages

3. Mhiki = approx 12 mill in wages

4. Ramsey and Cech wages are also gone
5. Jenkinson will also leave
6. Then there are doubts about Koscielny and Monreal… and what is the situation with Ospina?

Not a 100% complete and factual. A loose estimate at best, but also an indication that we’ll can easily double those 40 millions mentioned for the transfer window.


Buy first and then sell either of them. They’re just grand. They’re at the same level as giroud really, that one level below top top strikers. I might be wrong but that’s just my observation. If we sell first every selling club out there adds 30% to the price.

Crash Fistfight

A lot of knee-jerk reactions about at the moment around Giroud. Just because he scored in the final and Aubameyang didn’t doesn’t mean they’re the same level of player. Aubameyang scores far more goals. Lacazette is another story.


We know Giroud well from the 5 years he as with us. We all know he’s a very effective striker. Hardly a knee-jerk reaction.

Crash Fistfight

Everyone was moaning for years that he didn’t score enough goals. I liked Giroud and didn’t want him sold, but he’s not the same level striker as Aubameyang. Lacazette, on the other hand, scores about the same number of goals as Giroud but seems to be rated higher than him (and Aubameyang for some bizarre reason) because of his work-rate. We should have gone for Aubameyang instead of Lacazette instead of being stingy at the time (or even the season before that). That way we would’ve had Aubameyang and Giroud (so a bit of variation) and not spent £110m to… Read more »


For the record I was never one of the people who moaned about Giroud. I was also sorry to see him go although I understood the reasons. We can’t complain about what we have but sometimes I wish we had a big lump like Giroud who charge through a tough defence as a third striker.


In my view Aubameyang was bought for 2 reasons: 1) a panic buy bought with the intention/aim of ‘rebooting’ the 2nd half of the 17/18 season to secure us Champions League football; 2) a ‘vanity’ / ‘proving a point’ purchase for Sven; I really rate him BUT he hasn’t helped get us into the Champions League, and Sven has now gone. He also publicly stated that he wanted to play at Real Madrid at some point. I think there is a real chance that Aubameyang will leave this summer; I hope for ‘proper money’ that we re-invest but I fear… Read more »


It’s ok because if we sell one of them, we can still say that not counting the last transfer, we still have Laca and Auba.




I’d keep both, unless Barcelona would be willing to pay £80 million for Aubameyang, and £90 million f or Lacazette this summer.

I’d understand that both players might be unhappy if prevented the move, but I’ll try to convince them to stay, atleast until January, and prove to them that we are headed in the right direction, and grant their requests to leave (if they asked) in the January window if we fell short of the promise.


Nobody on the squad should be untouchable at this point especially for the sum of money we could get from a club like Barcelona. Would hate to lose either one of them, but if we can double what we paid for either of them we need to consider a possible sale. We certainly cannot sell both and with Lacazette being two years younger than Aubameyang would prefer we keep him, though his being younger could fetch a higher fee than Auba. Had we managed to not shit in our pants over the run in we wouldn’t be having a conversation… Read more »

SLC Gooner

It pains me to say it, but at this point, we’re likely to be in for a couple seasons of rebuilding. Too many players that are either too old, not that good and/or overpaid. There will have to be a fairly significant clean-out. And there’s not a lot of those players that are going to have much value. The two strikers are about it.
If we could get a lot for Auba(100mil+), I’d probably take it, as a foundation to build on.


you guys are unfair to auba.
perhaps you rather want nelson or some acadamy boy be arsenal’s main striker?


As much as I hate the idea of selling our top players, selling off 1 of the 2 will help us rebuild. Say we have 40m transfer budget, selling off Auba for say 80m or Lacazette for 140m will help us have a better or more balanced team. Others that can sell off: Mustafi – 15m Xhaka – 20m Elneny – 5m Mkhi/Ozil – 15/30m All in all, we will have 40+80+55 or about 155m for a few players, like a LB (15m), CB (20m), CM (40m), RW (40m) and a CF (40m). If we can even convince Rabiot to… Read more »


I’ve full confidence in Arsenal negotiating team. Barca will start at 60 mil but we will beat then down to 20 mil or therebouts.

Cultured determination

Difficult to move 2 players. Easier to move 2 player. Dembele can come over. You get ozil in exchange… by the way, mustafi is free too. Top up another £5.99 and you can have xhaka too


Meanwhile we have Ryan Fraser.


DAFT. Should not be selling either. We are losing Welbeck as is. We need to add at Cback, CM and wing. Any further distraction will dilute our efforts. Plus these two have been amongst our better assets. Selling either will send a poor message and will also have likely knock on effect on the other. If anything we will need to bring in a young striker to compete with Nketiah (someone preferably with height), someone cheap and relatively unknown ala Guendouzi. But the time to release our main strikers is not yet. As far as Auba/Laca are concern, as good… Read more »


I worry for the club’s direction or lack thereof. We are stagnant for 3rd season in row despite some people declaring they preferred anyone to Wenger. And we already hear rumblings of discontent despite same voices saying earlier in season they were willing to give the gaffer 2 or 3 seasons to get into CL (They were having a laugh) BUT the bigger worry is the lack of cohesive direction from up top. Its not just the owner who has too many other sports franchise to care sufficiently about our team…the chief executive Venkatasham seems to lack sufficient clout and… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

Fuck that “sell one and keep the other” talk. They both must stay

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