Report: Arsenal 1 – 1 Brighton (incl. goals)


Result: Arsenal 1 – 1 Brighton
Competition: Premier League
Date: 5 May 2019
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Cech, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Iwobi, Nketiah

A top 4 finish is virtually out of reach for Arsenal as they could only muster a draw at home against a spirited Brighton team.

It was all about the penalties as Monreal was fouled early in the first half to earn the team a penalty from which Aubameyang scored from. However, Xhaka was judged to have fouled March in the box in the second half, giving Brighton a penalty to equalize from.

It seems almost impossible to overtake Spurs for fourth place due to an inferior goal difference and the Gunners have to focus on winning the Europa League to qualify for the Champions League.

First Half

Fresh from the Europa League win against Valencia, Arsenal had to refocus their attentions to a top 4 race which had little room for error. Lichtsteiner and Monreal who flanked Mustafi and Sokratis with Emery resting team captain, Koscielny. Arsenal’s Player of the Season, Lacazette, led the team up top with Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang supplying the ammunition.

With Chelsea winning against Watford earlier in the day, Arsenal had to go for a win to keep their hopes of finishing in the top 4 live – and they played like it. The players pushed high up the field and their pressure on Brighton almost bore fruit within the first minute. Ozil and Lacazette kept the ball ticking around the penalty box amidst huge pressure from the Brighton defenders. The ball eventually found its way to the feet of Mkhitaryan who striked from the edge of the box only for it to bounce off the post.

The pace of the game remained frantic and Brighton could not keep up with the Gunners as Monreal was fouled by Jahanbakhsh just within the penalty box. Aubameyang made no mistake from the spot. Bottom corner, 1-0 Arsenal.

Sokratis is notorious for the dark arts but not many would have figured that it involved a little tumble and a dive. He was brandished a yellow on the 14th minute has he was adjudged by the ref to have gone down a little too easily during a rare foray up-field.

It could have been 1-1 when Leno made an uncharacteristically poor clearance right into the feet of a Brighton attacker. Arsenal struggled to clear the ball as Bissouma expertly kept the ball alive in the box, even when he was tugged by Lichtsteiner. Brighton finally managed to cross for Murray who headed the ball into Leno’s arms.

Brighton kept their shape and defended well and Arsenal’s next decent attempt on goal had to come from a set-piece in the 34th minute. Xhaka floated corner onto the head of Mustafi who did well to guide the ball goalwards but was well saved by Ryan.

Arsenal continued cranking on the pressure with Aubameyang striking from close range on the 38th minute only for Ryan to keep the Seagulls in the game with a save. Torreira found an opportunity outside the box just a minute later but his long range drive went just wide.

The Gunners finished the first half strong as Mkhitaryan’s lovely long range shot was saved again by Matt Ryan. Lacazette picked up the rebound and attempted a toe poke but Dunk was there to head the shot away.

Save for a 10 minute spell, Arsenal were the better team in the first half but looked like they need a second goal to put the game to bed.

Second Half

The second half started the same way it ended, with Arsenal on the front foot. Mustafi floated in a delicious pass from deep in the Arsenal half to Aubameyang who was playing on the shoulder of the last defender. He was only inches from making contact on the ball which would have seen him go one-on-one with the keeper.

It seemed to have put some urgency into Brighton as they hit back with a series of corners and a Solly March attempt that Leno had to save at the near post. It was Arsenal’s turn to crumble under pressure as Xhaka conceded a penalty as he was deemed to have impeded March with the slightest of touches with his hands. Murray dispatched his penalty well to make it all square. 1-1 Brighton.

Funny how the commentators were debating whether Monreal dived for the earlier penalty but never questioned March’s poor attempt at a dive.

Brighton almost got another when Monreal nonchalantly cleared the ball into the path of Brighton’s forwards only to clear desperately immediately after.

The next 15 minutes were almost like an attack-defense training session where the Gunners played the game in Brighton’s half. It wasn’t easy to break down a tightly packed defence and they came really close on 73 minutes when Aubameyang found space 8 yards from goal but somehow, his scissor kick effort went wide.

Emery rolled the dice in the 76th minute, bringing on Kolasinac, Guendouzi and Iwobi for Lichtsteiner, Mkhitaryan and Xhaka – the latter of whom had a poor day in the office. The subs failed to spark an upturn in performance and instead, saw indiscipline by Guendouzi and Mustafi penalized with yellow cards.

How Brighton did not get a goal around the 85th minute was beyond me as they somehow missed a couple of open chances in the air. Arsenal continued to pile on the pressure but the Brighton defence stood firm until the final whistle.

The match ended with a barrage of boos in the Emirates as the Arsenal team contemplated finishing out of the top 4 for the third year running. A poor way to end the league season.

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SB Still

One word describes most of the squad – cunts!


I’ve seen some pathetic shit in my time as an Arsenal fan but this seasons run in trumps them all.

The manager, players, backroom staff and owner should all be very ashamed of themselves.


my name is bob

There would be a bright side if the football we played was attractive, but it’s so boring and predictable that it seems every manager in the prem has already figured Emery out!
At least it took 20 seasons for every manager to figure Wenger out, for Emery it took 9 months!

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Don’t compare the first 10 seasons with the last 12 of the Wenger era. Then have a look at the players we had the first 10 seasons and compare them with the ones we had the last 20 years…Apart from Laca and Auba no other player in our current squad would get a glimpse…

my name is bob

That’s true, but even in the last 12 years (apart from the final two where we finished out of the top 4) there was still an emphasis on playing attractive football under Wenger. For me personally, attractive football is very important and one of the reasons why I have always supported Arsenal.
To see Emery try and incorporate a more defensive system and yet we still concede more goals and look even more shit offensively is a big red flag, and only a few games stand out this season where I have been left feeling genuinely happy with the performance.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

I personally can’t judge a coach from his first season. We said we need 2-3 transfer windows so he can get the players he wants to build HIS team. He gathered more points than Wenger with basically Wenger’s team and he may progress more in the EL. We need to give him some space…

my name is bob

Typically I’d agree, but unfortunately Emery doesn’t have the track record of a coach who will lead us to an EPL title in three or four seasons, nor does he have the reputation of playing progressive football. I’m not saying throw him out, but if a Klopp-esque manager becomes available, we’d be fools to disregard them just because we have Unai at the helm.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Calm down, and I know this result isn’t great, but I don’t understand the people having a go at Unai for. He has worked with a non-existent defense, and he needs his own players. He will take a few windows, but this off-season should be all about rebuilding the defense. I read that Zaha is the no. 1 priority, but really it should be defenders. Kos would retire, Sokratis and Mustafi should be sold, Mustafi on a free if need be. Get defenders who have speed in their game. Worry about the rest of the line up later. Even if… Read more »


People are having a go at Emery because despite 4 new starters (Leno, Sokratis, Torreira, Guendouzi) and a full season of Aubameyang, he’s made us a few points better than AW achieved in an absolute disaster of a season that brought a large portion of our fanbase to froth at the mouth. We’ve gotten 4 points in our last 6 PL matches against bottom 14 sides, at the most important time of the season. That’s why people are having a go at him. It’s unacceptable. Moreover, I think people are getting worried about they style of football he hopes to… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

His starters arent the problem. Guendouzi has been good, Torriera was one of the signings of the season, and Leno is an upgrade on Cech. Okay Sokratis has been poor but the whole defense has been poor. The team off late has been sh!te, sure, but you can only overperform with an undercooked team and no defense for only so long. He was given no funds in Jan window, and the results are there for all to see. Arsenal have won against United, Chelsea, and would have done the double against Tottenham if not for a penalty miss. I think… Read more »


Not heard of the Zaha rumour but considering what he does in a mediocre Palace team he should do a lot better in ours. He wasn’t given a proper chance at Utd snd he wouldn’t have to relocate either.


A few more transfer windows? Emery’s team? His team is closer to Dennis Suarez than you would like!


We were better in many periods of the latter 12 years than what we saw this season.


Don’t sink too deep into melancholy…
If we’d win the EL title that would be outstanding in our history.
We are 1,5 step from it.


Nah, fuck that. Apart from Napoli we’ve played shit throughout. And they played crap. Regardless of whether we win the Europa, this team needs gutting.


*played shit teams throughout.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

If, if, if all the time., that’s all we fans have. IF I was a billionaire, I would buy Arsenal and sell all the players, that for sure.


Unfortunately, the owner doesn’t really care.


You know, he probably doesn’t, but it’s not like we haven’t spent the last five years. We’ve spent a lot actually and simply made some horrible, horrible signings.


I don’t know….I feel like, this squad, realistically was not really going to challenge for much this season. Pretty suprised we still have a shot at the Europa League. Xhaka has been terrible, Mustafi, Defence has been crap since last season, midfield really has not been up to it for most games since Wenger was here. Only positives have been our strike force and our Leno. Given the obvious deficiencies, I am ok with where we are. Not happy about it but I honestly did not expect much especially from a new manager dealing with a less than impressive squad.… Read more »

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I hear what you’re saying. But if we had won at home against palace and Brighton we would’ve been third now. The season as a whole has been ok I guess, but the last games, especially when we had such opportunity for top 4, is just dreadful and utterly disappointing


Agree this squad is poor. We don’t have any game changers. Except for the ones who change it for the worse. Yes you Xhaka! Even if the penalty was soft, what was he doing? I don’t want him at this club. He’s not good enough. Simple. Mustafi was ok today but he’s always going to have mistakes in him too. I’d get rid of them both but they’re not the only ones. Major culling needed.
I guess we’re going to have to scout smart and unearth some gems and develop our youth.


It was a clear penalty. Look at the feet. Xhaka clipped him.
We are really boring to watch. And I don’t know what aerial crosses against Brighton are expected to achieve.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Can’t wait for Flamini to buy the club

A Fleeting Glimpse

Xhaka is a complete liability


Idiotic move by him, and I understand letting him try to redeem himself, but Emery should have yanked him immediately and sent a message throughout the team that such errors are not acceptable. Emery managed to get 4 points from our penultimate 6 PL matches — 4 points from 18. It’s beyond pathetic. We were on 63 points on April 3. We’re on 67 points on May 5. We miss out on the top four again, and Spurs finish above us again. I don’t want a revolving door of managers at this club, but Emery better bring out the good… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Mustafi did ok?

Don Cazorleone



Has to repair his brain. That fckf shout to the linesman was also a yellow.


Why? He was one of our better plays today. The player dived quite clearly for the penalty. Always the scapegoat.

A Fleeting Glimpse

You are surely joking Martin. He is fucking useless. Like a cart horse


Xhaka is one of the main reasons we are shit. Listening to an Arsecast recently the two of them went through the squad and said “keep”, “sell” or “not bothered”. When it came to Xhaka he said not bothered. Astonishing view. Really! Not bothered! He is fucking useless: slow, so one footed he is also horribly unbalanced, bottles many challenges. Not bothered! Unbelievable.


To clarify, Gunnerblog said not bothered


And the ‘ hearbeat’ of this team.


Not Leno. Not Leno. These sloppy, non passionate fuckers have let the fans and Leno down in style.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Today was Xhaka’s turn to go full Mustafi


Because both are sqiptars


4 points from possible 18, that is pathetic for a club with this wage bills! We were at home against 4th bottom club and we can only score because Monreal dived. We are in a crisis now, Emery is becoming Solskjaer. Solksjarism.

A Fleeting Glimpse

When Sevilla won the Europa cup against Liverpool emery didn’t win a game away from home all season. He is out of depth. Apart from Leno, torriera, Ozil, Aubameyang and lacazette sell the whole squad and send the manager with em


Why on earth would you keep Ozil, he’s ineffective


Because if you play an attacking system of football, one that actually maintains possession of the football and moves it quickly through passing and movement, Ozil is brilliant. It’s become very clear that we’re not going to play that kind of football under Emery, so yeah, sadly, no point in keeping him. I thought Emery was going to continue with our slick style, but shore up our defence and drill into the players discipline and positional awareness, to make us a better side all around. Nope.


Ozil, really, the dude is phoning it in every fucking game, 350K a week for shit. Between him and Mhki it’s over half a mill a week! Come on, the output we get from them is patheic, those two and Xhaka should be be dumped asap.


Could easily have been 1 from 18 if Deeney wasn’t sent off.


Emery destroyed all of the momentum we had by bringing on 3 subs when we looked like we might score. This shows me his ability as a manager. Useless. As for the players, 75% have ambled around all season collecting fat salaries and contributing only to the opposition. I am sorry for the few who do care, but as for the rest I hope not one single fan stayed behind to give these players or coaches a lap of honour. They have given us nothing to thank them for and they can all fuck off far, far away. I have… Read more »


Substitutions gave us nothing extra really. What we needed was extra players in the box and we brought on defensive midfielders/wide men. Why not risk Nketiah instead of Guendouzi? 1 point out of last 12 showed that we really could spurs it. Our performances against lower level teams has been laboured at best; not beating BHA at all just pitiful. The “lap of appreciation” had the smallest attendance I’ve ever seen and the rousing chants for a player leaving for a big contract in Italy (after so much stick over the years) was just weird especially with no singing for… Read more »


Join the discussion…JeremyDG I agree with every word you spoke. Also life supporter and totally pissed off. Losing 3 games recently was pathetic. We only have 3 or 4 good players – the rest is dead wood.


Regardless of your anger and disappointment at the team’s performance today, dont let that distract from the fact that there are players who really do care and pull their weight in the team. Even beyond that, today was a sendoff for three players who have worked hard over the years – Danny Welbeck, Petr Cech and of course Aaron Ramsey with his 11 years of service. Denying them a proper departure because we failed to take all 3 points in a match they didn’t even participate in seems incredibly petty. Aaron Ramsey was crying as he received his award and… Read more »


Is there really an improvement? Has Unai actually done better? Or would Wenger have finished in top four given same circumstances and players?
We need to ask critical questions. If we can’t beat Brighton et Al at home being desperate for points with the caliber of players we have, then I don’t think signing new ones will make a difference.

The Peter Simpsons

Where do I start – no defined style, no forward momentum, silent owner but the worst thing, the absolute crowning turd in the fucking buffet, is that apart from a couple of exceptions, the total lack of guts and charisma!


No. No he wouldn’t have.


I would be much more confident of getting results at home with AW in charge than Emery.


I think I figured out what is the undelying issue of this team. We’re just and not very good in playing against English teams. Home. Final fight for top four. Fucking brighton. On a separate note-can anyone think of less inspiring right wing in recent Arsenal history than Lichtsteiner and Mkhitaryan? Slow, predictible, careless in possession. And yeah Granit Xhaka…people destroy Mustafi for his brainfarts but to me this guy is on exactly same level concentration wise. I stopped counting points he cost us this season. Yes it was soft but it was even more stupid, fucking stupid. Bye bye… Read more »


If not for Laca, Auba, Leno and maybe even Torreira, we’d have finished in the bottom half of the table this season.


Maybe we should – it may help give the owner a kick up his ass.


The owner literally approved those transfers, though. What more do you want from him? He can’t coach a team into existence and he certainly can’t replace a whole squad worth of players (almost no one can). All an owner can do is put his faith in a manager (who in my opinion has not done a good job this season) and maybe get him a player or two. All this nonsense talk regarding Emery about ‘his players’ and ‘his team’ is missing the point. This squad of players is good enough to beat any team below us on the table;… Read more »


If the owner wants the team to do well, he has to invest enough money to be able to buy decent players/employ someone to scout/buy upcomers.

You gotta spend money to make money!

But if he can’t really be bothered where the team sits at the end of the season, then… as you were…

Woolwich Shepherd

Leno was a good signing.


And Ramsey. Think about how good he looked, and how influential he became, and he’s only started 14 games…he’s injury prone, so it’s okay to get rid, but we have 4,5 players that haven’t embarrassed themselves at times this season? We need a massive shake up. Hopefully we can pull something out in Europe, and our strikers can carry us through the final, but we just need a massive shakeup in this squad over the summer.

Maxin In The Shade

There’s not a lot that inspires confidence moving forward


Xhaka is such a bad midfielder that I have no idea how any of our fans still rate him.

Don Cazorleone

this is the worst defence we’ve ever had.

and I remember Djourou and Squillaci.


Because he’s a good deep lying midfielder with a great passing range and works well with Torreira. The penalty conceded was a clear dive but of course he is always the scapegoat


it was also lichtsteiners man to track, no xhaka who is slow and cannot tackle…well that describes both of them…


When playing with fullbacks that have attacking duties – midfield is supposed to cover for them.


You’re joking aren’t you? Do you have any idea what a good midfielder looks like?


What a bunch of fucking cunts. That was absolutely pathetic! This mob don’t deserve Champions league football.

Thierry Bergkamp

You don’t deserve top 4 if you can’t beat Brighton in two matches.


Although what Xhaka did was inexcusable for their penalty, to be honest I think Mkhitaryan is equally to blame at the other end 10 seconds before – to think a player of his experience can’t pass 5 yards to his outside is absolutely ridiculous




Honestly this team struggles to get anything right. I don’t think we have especially bad players in terms of ability, but decision making is absolutely atrocious across the team and that must come down, at least in part, to the coaching team.

Our unwillingness to shoot , for example, when in good positions is absolutely infuriating. Before the game the players were all lining up and taking practice shots against Cech. Not sure what the point of doing that is if you’re always going to pass it instead.


Coaching is a big part of the problem. Emery, devoid of any philosophy, of any kind. Emery is not a top 4 coach. The substitutions, I was so worried about, you’ll only bring in 3 young players like that if you’re ahead. You have to worry about momentum changes.

Don Cazorleone

Wouldn’t phase me in the slightest if Emery got sacked.


Let’s give Thomas Tuchel a go.


Hahaha he’d probably do worse. He’s been absolute shit with PSG


So winning 5 trophies in 2 seasons is shit


Can’t even win in France


Won a treble and a double with PSG in 2 seasons. Get your facts right


🙂 another psg reject and mourinho with joey barton please. Punish us Lord!


What has he ever achieved. Emery need more time.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We were having a shit second half, suddenly we found some momentum and started threatening.

Emery: “Time for Iwobi & Co.!” Stupid.


What a load of toxic idiots we have as supporters. Knee jerk reactions from match to match. One leg in a semi final and in his first season.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No Martin.


Mine is not a knee jerk reaction. I was already not impressed with our 22-match unbeaten run. Too much hype compared to the teams played.


And the performances wern’t matching the results at all. Luck played a big factor.


The way we are playing lately really breaths a lack of confidence. Used to hurt so much, but I guess it’s becoming normal these days. Lately when we play, it’s almost as if we don’t genuinely think we deserve to win. I’m not sure how to feel too about CL. If we somehow qualify, we’ll be sure to be gone early with our squad quality/mentality/chemistry like this. Perhaps Europa is better as we can actually progress and have a realistic chance to win something.


The mentality of the coach speeds to the players. Emery sets his team up to not lose instead of to win, and that affects the players. He wants safe, predictable, slow possession instead of urging his team to be proactive and really bombard the opposition. The players are scared to play risky passes or try to dribble past defenders. We end up looking slow, sluggish and out of ideas.


If he sets up to not lose he’s not very good at that either. We’ve lost 10 in the PL plus a further 4 in Cups/EL.

There’s is no-one who risks the forward runs into the box to shoot that, dare I say, Ramsey gave us.


Sounds like Mourinho. Yikes.

Tim Ness

The signs have been there all along, but these last 6 games really laid the truth bare: Emery is not the right manager for Arsenal. There are no excuses for how we finished the season. The players are to blame too, of course, but when the results are so bad, no one in their right mind would let a manager off the hook.

Paul Roberts

Tim, a bit over the top mate? You would have taken this at the beginning of the season?

Tim Ness

Look, I get it, it’s just my opinion. I would have taken this point tally IF we had played better and if the manager had shown clearer ideas. If you’re confortable watching another season under him, that’s fine.


I may have expected to end up in a tight battle for CL places but I can’t accept that finish to the season. It looked a great run in back in August.


We are a limited squad. We’ve run out of steam and money

Paul Roberts

Just trying to cheer myself up… 🙁


Hey come on now don’t you know when we were playing good it was because of Emery and this disastrous run has been because of players! /sarcasm

Honestly can anyone look at Emery and say he is someone who can win the EPL title? I obviously don’t mean by physical appearance I mean his track record and clubs he has managed. He is a Everton level manager


This team can’t win the PL for a few years unless there is a great cash injection. We are talking upwards of 250 millions. But we can win a few games here and there and finals.

my name is bob


I’ll support any manager that plays ATTRACTIVE FOOTBALL. I can count the games we’ve played attractive football this season on two hands.
No passion. No desire.
Unai Emery, change this fucking team or get the FUCK OUT. There’s been barely any change this season at all.


Honestly couldn’t pick a man of the match today

Toothless and complacent


Bruno, he is 38 and getting younger. Respect.

Woolwich Shepherd

Leno. Could have (and probably should have) been 1-3

Maxin In The Shade

“4 points from the last 18 at the business end of the season”

Says it all. We truly f*cked it.
Was in our hands for us to do and we just couldn’t. Even our usual solid home form let us down.

So disappointing.

People will point to our EL chance to still get back into the CL, but finishing top 4 was about more than that. It would’ve shown true progress.

I just feel deflated.


the attack was as blunt as a spoon, with the most expensive strike duo in the premier league and the attacking midfielder commanding the most wages

Tommy Gunner

I feel sorry for Aaron Ramsey, because the mood in that stadium is going to be toxic, and he doesn’t deserve that during his lap of honour


Should have had his lap of honour pre match not post match.


He was the focus of the ceremonies and got all the cheering – he was in tears!


For the first time ever we didn’t stay for the lap of appreciation. We’re in the front row so it makes it worthwhile but just felt like it would be hypocritical to grin and clap at these players. Sorry for Ramsey and Cech of course. Shame for them to have to walk round in that atmosphere. Wish the title winning women’s team had done a lap of honour. They deserve our appreciation. And the powers that be insist on waving these stupid big flags in front of us so we can’t see anything anyway. They care more about image than… Read more »


Arsenal 2019-20 season will probably start early. 25th July, 2019 Europa league qualifiers away against Siberia FC.
The only positive – Curtailed US tour will hit Stan’s pocket and force him to act. Or maybe not.


The substitutions were a mistake. We were on top and could have had a goal. After the substitutions, momentum died.

Still Xhaka was shit and should have never given away that penalty.


Mikhy should never have given away that ball!


Giving away a ball in their penalty area should Never result in a goal at the other end. Do you see that happening with other teams? How often does it happen with Arsenal?

Yes it was a shit pass, but there were worse passes from Leno, Xhaka, Montreal etc in much more dangerous areas.


He should have never joined arsenal. We should have tsken 60 mil from city and bought a couple of players.

Dave Cee



Hopefully we win the Europa League as we need the money to speed the rebuild of the squad. That said the issues are so obvious & well known at this point that just kind of need to find a way to win the last 2 meaningful games we have this season. Our mentality remains weak and Lacazette & Auba are basically on their own so many games in terms of having to try to create & score. 2 of our highest paid players (Ozil & Mik) while capable of moments of brilliance, contribute virtually nothing in many games. Our defense… Read more »


Xhaka, i really HATE you.

Gunner from north

Let’s face it, if you can’t beat a team that’s just avoided relegation by the skin of its teeth and has nothing to play for, at home, in such a big game then frankly you deserve fuck all. 1 point from the last 12, absolute joke.


Not many games left now. Then let the full begin.




We havent finished at top 4 since we sign xhaka and mustafi. Go figure


Go figure who bought them, and now Emery takes the blame for them.

Giroud's scorpion kick

Same guy who’s letting Aaron leave for free.

DB10s Air Miles

Can’t believe Wenger let Rambo go for nothing!!! ?


If we had AW jack and would have been given an extensions and the club would be without a penny. Absolute financial suicide.


I warned you and have kept warning you If you have a manager who has specialised in mediocrity his entire career, that is what you will get. Emery is utterly clueless, and in a sport like this we cannot afford to keep somebody like that when there are young managers out there with an actual identity. Why can’t we get somebody like Ajax’s coach? Why did we have to settle for the most boring manager out there? I hate this mess of a club BIN HALF THE SQUAD, Xhaka Iwobi and Mustafi are cancers and need eradicating This has been… Read more »


I agree with half. Bin most of the players.


Don’t care if club buys new players just want most of the present players to be sold. They don’t deserve Arsenal


We are a bad team.


Sums it up very very shortly.


Watching Ramsay and Cech get silver cannons makes sense but why did Welbeck get a plate?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Maybe it’s engraved with “We’re sorry. Please stay”


A statue for Jenkinson was a bit over the top as well


Was watching without sound – please tell me the players were absolutely booed off the pitch after that?


There were boos


Honestly I don’t think at the beginning of the season many of us were expecting top four: season of transition, end of an era, huge rebuild job, manager needs time etc. etc.

I think though the anger here is entirely justified to just utterly capitulate when we had it in our hands to finish as high as third is so fucking pathetic. Basically we’ve shown our real level in the last two weeks and it’s not Champions league level at all.


Been following Arsensl for over a decade and this the first time I actually feel happy we’re in Europa League. Realised we’re not good enough for CL and EL is the next best thing.

Don Cazorleone

That performance highlights exactly where we are as a club right now.


We don’t have the legs to play two games a week


The most important managerial appointment in decades and we got Emery.

Disgraceful club

We have no identity- nothing anymore.

Don Cazorleone

Saddest thing is that in the last few years some absolute gems of managers became available but we just didn’t pull the trigger with Arsene.

It’s the same approach as we had with all of our first team signings. We’d miss the boat with the top players and end up in the bargain bin.


We would have never paid the wages they requested or bought the players they would have asked for. Guardiola is great, but he has tworked teams at his disposal.


Gutless bottlers

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Pathetic. When the chips are down, this is what they give?!?! Words cant describe the stupidity of Granit Xhaka. Yves Bissouma showed the kind of speed and strength that we have none of. We have no dynamic players. No one that can kick into gear quickly and open things up. Instead we get the dull, monotonous sideways passes of Ozil,Mkhi, Xhaka etc that often end up going nowhere or even worse, result in a counter from which the other team open us up in less than 5 passes. So predictable, so boring. So, so shit.


Over 200 replies after the loss to Leicester; only 80 after win to Valencis. I expect another 200+ on this post. I’ll read them later. Let’s hope for the best


Because after the Valencia game it was 10pm and people are going to bed.


Waou! The passion of the fans never ceases to amaze me!

SB Still

Also its half time against Valencia but many points dropped against Leicester and now Brighton, where we have blown out chances in the PL!


If that’s the best that Emery can get out of this team at home then we are well and truly fucked.

Paul Roberts

Small margins unlucky chaps…

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

This is excellent trolling if it’s intended as such

Paul Roberts

We had loads of chances to shut the moaning rabble up. Small margins.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

We didn’t really though. We huffed and puffed around their box but created v little. They had the best open-play chance of the game and Gross fluffed it. We had 2 more shots on target than they did. The fine margins could much more easily have gone the other way

Glen Helders left foot

Fucking horrible team, I think the only players I actually like are laca and Kos. I don’t get any enjoyment following these cunts, so depressing, ai know blogs turned on Emery last week but seriously these players are fucking shit or cowards or both


The term useless pack of cunts was tailor made for us this season. Particularly Iwobi, Xhaka, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan.


I wouldn’t save any of them

Spanish Gooner

Why, when we were absolutely battering Brighton and putting them under the most pressure we had all game, did Emery decide to completely switch formation just so he could bring on Guendouzi/Kolasinac? Iwobi I could understand, but that completely killed the momentum. I have lost all confidence in the manager that I had since Aaron Ramsey twinged his hamstring.

Der Kaiser

Ultimately the Table never (or very, very, very rarely) lies! We are just not good enough, especially our defence which is the worst I can remember. I am never confident that we can keep a clean sheet. Even during our good unbeaten run this season I recall many matches where we gave the opposition numerous chances. I lack confidence re: Valencia away but if we get through at least there are a few weeks to get players fit and fully prepared for a one-off match. This season Emery has prepared the team well against the better teams. In a bizarre… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Winning things is not actually something Kroenke needs. He wants profit. If we don’t make CL then he responds by reducing the money available to us so that his profit continues to flow. We can always be asset stripped or sold if we stop making him a profit… as soon as he realises he can’t relocate the team to a large US city.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, letting Ramsey go as they did feels a bit like asset stripping. I mean, if we let all our best players leave we will have a smaller payroll = bigger profit in the short term. We’ll make him money as long as we stay in the PL. I’m sure he has a get-out plan if we get relegated in the next season or two.

Charles Charlie Charles

Dreaming of the day he sells.


I worry that EL is Emery’s focus – he’s trying to figure how to win it but still be in it next year to do it again – probably petition Uefa for rule change.


He knows how to do it. We win the EL. finish third in the CL group. Go down in the EL and win it again

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Anyone that was at the game, how much did Xhaka sabotage the end of season lap of honour? And Ramsey and Cech’s farewell?

DB10s Air Miles

There was a plot!

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Don’t think he’s smart enough for that


Lacazette linked with Barca today; he’s definitely going to a Champions League club if we don’t win Europa.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

At least he’d get some service there. Our so called ‘creative’ players create very little. And cost an awful lot every week. Too many wastemen


1- 70% of the team has poor decisions making
2- aubameyang should have score at least hat trick today
3-what position is ozil playing ?
4 who plays number 8 if Ramsey is not in


Questions 1 and 2 are not for Unai. Question 4 we don’t have a replacement for Ramsey when he does not play. We’ve never had it. If we had had it in the past seasons, and this season we would have done much better. Aaron has always needed a replacement because he does not last a whole season, barely lasts half.


Xhaka always had the house keys because even his mum and dad knew he would fuck up if he steps outside the house. Those brighton players concentration was superb and we have two dumbfucks in Xhaka and Mustafi. These two together costed us 70million fuck that.


Soooo what’s Mikel Arteta up to these days?

Spanish Gooner

I think (but hope not) that bridge has been burned


What do people actually see in Guendouzi? He bottles every 50 50 and cannot challenge for anything in the air. Being energetic and fit is a minimum requirement for a professional footballer, and I don’t really understand why Emery chooses to put him on every game. He makes zero impact.

Part of me thinks he is noticed to be making a contribution because he has big hair.

He is young yes, but he is also so far from being good enough to be a premier league player


I don’t entirely agree but it has become apparent over the season that a lot of his praise came from his running around but the longer it goes on it just looks like a slightly better Elneny


Guendouzi is the perfect example of a player that looks like they are good because they run alot and it makes it look like they are doing something when in fact they are doing sweet fuck all. Unless you count slowing down our attack, moaning after being tackled and in general being a complete and utter liability

Don Cazorleone

I’m gonna go ahead and disagree here.
Kid has a lot of potential, he’s 19 and it’s his first season in top flight football.
Question is why is he being thrown on to save a high stakes match?


Guendouzi is good at starting attacks. He has a keen eye for team mates and make productive forward passes. He is also sometimes slow, and dives to save himself from the problems he creates by holding on to the ball for too long.


I do think he got extra credit for his energy earlier in the season, but I also think he used that energy in better, more positive ways. The problem is that our midfield has been too shallow all season and Emery has relied on the young Guendouzi way too much and his game has progressively gotten worse. He should not have been starting ahead of Ramsey so much earlier in the year, and knowing the first season in the PL would be a tough one for Torreira it would have made sense to have another midfielder for cover. I guess… Read more »

Dave Cee

And his left foot is only there to help him stay upright. Hate seeing him run to the left then turn back inside. Some potential there but i.d be happy to see him left on the bench for the remaining games and loaned out this summer. AMN offers much more in this position


I thought Lacazette was our only decent outfield player to put in a shift. I’d keep him Torrera and maybe Aubamayang. The rest of them I wouldn’t puss in if they were on fire.
Debated for about two seconds whether to stay for the lap of appreciation, just to watch them squirm.
An embarrassment..


I remember when Emery was a tactical genius. I mean to drop 14 of our last 15 points of the season. Well done. I also remember when Emery had helped Iowbi turn the corner.

Xhaka. What a player.

We are desperate for a midfield and a back line.

Arsenal are as drab as the rain.


“Piss on” not “puss in”..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, you were right, somebody should take Xhaka and shove a cat…..


Years and years of negligence has left us with a team full of mediocrity from the owner down to the players. 1 point out of Palace, Wolves, Leicester and Brighton is disgraceful. This club doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the Champions League and looking at the end of this season just finishing in the top 10 will be an achievement. What an embarrassment this club has become.


Just saying… Just imagine what would that Southampton coach would have achieved with this squad:top 4


Sol Campbell anyone?

Dave Cee

Would he though? I mean seriously. I look at Everton and Leicester, maybe even Wolves and see better players and much more balanced squads. This squad is an absolute joke


Did anyone realize 80% of team decisions making is poor including the manager

Kartik Iyer

I wanna take a fucking bat and bash some stuff. How the fuck does this keep happening again and again? We are fucking light-years away from the top.