Valencia condemn Nazi salutes, promise investigation


Valencia have released an official statement after video footage emerged of a small number of their fans making Nazi salutes towards Arsenal supporters last night.

The Gunners beat the Spanish side 3-1, but video circulated on social media afterwards showing some of the visitors behaving in a manner which should not be tolerated by anybody in this day and age.

This afternoon, via their website, they promised to identify the culprits, but also suggested that they may have been provoked by home supporters.

The statement reads:

In regards to the footage from the stands at Arsenal’s stadium being shared on social media, Valencia CF:

1. Publicly condemns and expresses its utter disgust and absolute intolerance, as it always has, towards these isolated gestures coming from the visitor stands which in no way represent the Valencian fanbase.

2. Is working alongside its legal team and the appropriate authorities to identify those responsible and, in the case that they are VCF season-ticket holders, to take corresponding disciplinary action, for which it asks for the collaboration and cooperation of other fans present in said stand.

3. While these actions are completely unjustifiable under any circumstances, VCF is also working to obtain more information about any possible provocations leading up to the verbal and gesticular exchange between the home and away stands.

While their outright condemnation is welcome, there is always back and forth between home and away fans, and regardless of what that entailed there’s no way to justify Nazi salutes, so it’s a shame they’ve added that to their statement.

They say it’s unjustifiable, so there’s no need to muddy the waters. There needs to be a zero tolerance approach to this sort of behaviour, the same would and should apply if it were Arsenal fans making those gestures.

As football fans we have teams and stadiums full of different nationalities, races, religions and sexualities, and what brings us together is the game.

There’s no place for anyone who wants to cause division based on those differences. Let’s hope Valencia identify those people and deal with them appropriately.

Arsenal also made a brief statement, saying, “We utterly condemn such behaviour. It has no place in society or football.

“We continue to encourage fans to report incidents and to provide witness statements so effective action can be taken.”

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K Hein

“I was provoked into making a Nazi salute” ffs


How have we got here? Seriously ffs, indeed.


The Goebbels defence.


What were the Arsenal fans wearing?


Teams from the continent always have this fear of their own fans. Respect them sure but this fear leads to them to utterly embarass themselves. If I was a Valencia fan, that caveat would embarass me far more than the individuals themselves. Scum follow all clubs but you would hope the club itself wouldn’t sully themselves like that. I love Italian football but you see this shit all the time, Spain too.


The good thing is, a number of Valencia fans replied with disgust to the official club twitter that released this statement.

Quite a few telling the club to stop embarrassing them and just delete point 3.

Richard Bland

What a bunch of douche bags


As an ex-pat living in Spain and looking forward to going to the match next week I ve had first hand experience of the Spanish and their sometimes racist behaviour. If Valencia genuinely wanted to express their disgust at those fans they wouldn’t have added that they may have been provoked. The only reason they’ve done so is so they dont have to take any action against those involved.


Reminds me of the ‘chinky eye’ stuff they did in China during the Olympics.

Deplorable stuff.


My gf is mixed race and we went to a Valencia game last year. We spent much of the day in the city and then went to the Mestalla where we sat in what I assume is the official supporters bar right opposite the stadium. The place was empty at first but filled to the brim over time and never was there a hint of a bad vibe towards her. We ordered food and drinks in our poor Spanish and felt nothing but accommodated and welcomed by everyone. I hope what happened here is an isolated event by a miniscule… Read more »


Similar experience. Mixed race myself and my gf, went there about a decade ago, and was one of the most welcoming experiences I’ve ever had on my travels.

Unfortunately, all cultures, races and creeds have their small groups of pricks.


Well so far it appears three people think it’s a shame that my gf wasn’t racially abused at the Mestalla. You’ve faired a bit better with only one. So far.


Yeah I don’t get the downvotes either. I for one am happy you both had a great time. Next time, can you bring me back some of their wicked ham (and blogs would like the Jamon Ruffles I suspect)


Twatsloch, it’s possible not everyone agrees that a mixed race person having a positive experience in Valencia counters other examples of racism in Spain or the seriousness of what a group of Valencia supporters did towards our fans, many of whom are black, at the Emirates. Mixed race people do suffer terrible racist abuse, but you can also be “mixed race” and still appear white, or light-skinned enough that you may not end up a target of the kind of ‘monkey-chanting’ racism others face. I have cousins that would fall under that description, and Ross Barkley is another example. Most… Read more »


I take the down votes lightly and don’t see them as a wish for my gf to be racially abused. By the same token I fail to understand why me sharing my positive experience should warrant being thumbed down.

Although not tolerant of any disrespect towards her I’m also not the type who sees racism everywhere. It exists of course but people in general could do with simmering down a bit as the accusation is over applied IMO.


I’ve explained why people might disagree with you and thumb down your comment. Even *discussing* or just reading about racism makes people uncomfortable and gives us the urge to put a positive spin on things, like you did. Unfortunately that’s not the reality targets of racism are dealing with. Racist incidents in politics and wider society are on the increase, and the end result is we can’t go more than a week without these flashpoints at games, or racist abuse being directed at black players on social media. You may not like what nybulls14 said below, but he’s 100% correct… Read more »


I did not put a spin on anything. I shared my experience. That’s not spin.

If you agree with nybullshitter14 insulting me like he did then fuck you too.


How exactly is me agreeing with him that these incidents of racism are “endemic” an insult to you?

You seem a bit childish for this discussion if I’m being honest.

You need to live with the fact that people have different experiences of racism, and different points of view on the subject. So when you discuss it, be prepared to hear some gentle criticism without flying off the handle or swearing at people.


He made the claim that I’m using my gf as a prop. That is an insult and one that has rightfully angered me.

“You need to live with the fact that people have different experiences of racism, and different points of view on the subject.”

Ever heard the term gaslighting, ladies and gentlemen? If not then read the quote above.


Okay, you feel rightfully angered at what he said about your gf. And because of your anger you’re telling me to eff off and offering to fight him. Bit extreme, but I understood why you felt that way. Now imagine the anger black people feel when they hear degrading slurs in public, or monkey chants at football stadiums (in 2019!). You should understand why some of us don’t agree with your point that racist “accusations are over applied”. Look at how angry you got when you *imagined* people wanting your gf to be racially abused. You should understand why people… Read more »


I share my experience where me and my gf as total outsiders at a Valencia game sat among their fans and were welcomed by them and apparently that make me part of a problem with racism such as monkey chants at black players and God know what else. Shall I just ramp up the racist abuse next time? Would that satisfy your lust for it and spare me your straw men?


If you want to ramp up the racist abuse, go ahead. You can tell people you became a Nazi because you got some downvotes on Arseblog News.

Arseblog once said people worry too much about downvotes, and should wear them as a badge of pride. I think that’s good advice.


Of course you’d take that totally out of context.

Sanctimonious people like you and your straw men are the real part of the problem, not me.


Well, thank you fellow Gooner for letting me know that as a black person, my concerns about racism are the real problem here.

With friends like these…


You lost me as a friend when you tarred me as part of the problem. You keep quoting me out of context and you put up straw man arguments. That makes you an arsehole, not a fellow Gooner. I couldn’t care less what colour you are.


No-one has tarred you, you’re just a bit fragile and take offence way too easily. And you think your sense of victimhood makes you justified in threatening to start fights, or swearing people. It does not. It just makes you sound a bit irrational.

My advice to you: learn about tokenism and white fragility. Havd a good one!


And I maintain that since I gave my first hand experience of Valencia fans and because it didn’t fit the narrative you prefer you claim I’m putting a positive spin on things and that I am part of the problem. It goes on to straw man arguments about monkey chants and also how your experiences have more validity because you’re black. Who’s trying to be a victim here? As for nybullshitter14 after his accusation that I was using my gf as a prop I informed him he’d be sat on his arse for that in real life. No two ways… Read more »


“white fragility”

Fucking racist cunt!


Imagine saying “accusations of racism are over applied imo” and claiming you’re not someone “who sees racism everywhere” then when you see the word ‘white’ you start screaming about racism.

You internet tough guys are too funny


“My advice to you: learn about tokenism and black fragility. Havd a good one!”

Imagine if I had said that to you. I’d expect the shit would hit the fan and rightly so. Somehow you think it’s OK for you to spout racist shit like that to me because I’m white.

You’re nothing but scummy racist mate, pure and simple.


Holy shit dude put the shovel down


“using your mixed race gf as a prop to make that point, which is a bit gross”

Will you apologise for that?


Not at all. You were wondering why people downvoted you and I pointed out something that you did in the course of your anecdote (again, perhaps inadvertently). I can understand why that’d piss you off, but if I’m being completely honest, your reaction operates as an indictment on your character way more than my comment ever did


I thought you wouldn’t. Like I said earlier, you have no class.


But how have you survived life thinking the word “white” is a racist slur?

If your mixed race gf told someone “my boyfriend is white” would you accuse her of racism?

You cannot be this dense

Godfrey Twatsloch

You’re the one who’ve made this racial, not me. You referred to my “white fragility”. Explain how that is not racist.


The explanation is easy – it’s contained in this question:

If your mixed race gf told someone “my boyfriend is white” would you accuse her of racism?


That is not an answer. That’s an evasion. Now try to explain to me again how referring to my “white fragility” is not racist. If you can.


I don’t know man. While I didn’t downvote you I do think that your move to immediately suggest that this kind of racism throughout fanbases is symptomatic of a minuscule amount of bad apples rather than the endemic issue that it truly is may be part of the reason why these moments never get addressed in the way that they should. Likewise, methinks you’re (while inadvertently) lowkey using your mixed race gf as a prop to make that point, which is a bit gross


“using your mixed race gf as a prop to make that point, which is a bit gross”

For that comment alone I’d have you sat on your arse regardless how big or scary you might be or not be. You’re a moron who has no class.

Mesut O'Neill

Hi Twat

I doubt people think it’s a shame that your gf wasn’t abused probably more a case of it’s very easy to accidentally click on wrong thumb when using iPhone.


Yes I said do myself. People are making a mountain out of this molehill. Exception being nybulls14 who is just rude.


Hey fam, I left room for the circumstance in which it was done accidentally. I don’t think that my comment necessarily acts as an indictment on your character, I think that we all have something to learn when it comes to navigating racial politics and internalized biases. That said, it’s not exactly the hottest take to read your comment as having used your gf as a prop to make a point about how we should feel about the pervasiveness of racism throughout football fandom and society at large.


Still rude and patronising.


Some of our fans apparently did “provoke” the Valencia scum.

They had the audacity to be Black and Asian and at a football match in the 21st Century

It is also reported that some of our supporters had the cheek to be Jewish and some were actually Muslim, so obviously brought this upon themselves.

#KickItOut #DealWithItUEFA


Why the need for the caveat of the third point.

“It’s wrong under all circumstances…. but”??

Weak bullshit.

A Different George

I don’t even understand why the Valencia supporters were doing this. I don’t mean it would be acceptable under any circumstances, but I genuinely do not get it. Are there Valencia ultra groups that cultivate a Nazi or fascist identity (like Lazio)? Does it have something to do with the club’s history? Was it just generalized asshole racism? As I say, it’s unacceptable no matter what, but I would like to know what they even think it is about.


Well you know Spain was under a fascist dictator at one point.


General Franco has been dead since 1975.


Yes but he was in power for 40 years, much of it during the post WWII-period when fascism had been defeated in most of Europe.

And the problem is certain political factions have never stopped trying to whitewash him, and rehabilitate Francoism for a younger generation.


You know if you go to Gerorgia there are still those who think Stalin was an OK guy there. Clearly that makes all Georgians genocidal Stalinists.


You’re arguing a point no-one is making.

If you think Spain’s history with fascism isn’t a possible contributing factor to Valencia supporters making Nazi salutes, either you don’t understand history, or you’re in denial.


I’m drawing a parallel to highlight the absurdity in the tenuous links made by you and Santori. By all means don’t let it bite you in the arse if you don’t fancy it.

A Different George

The club in Spain with historical ties to the Franco regime is Real Madrid, of course, though I haven’t heard of incidents like this involving them in the last thirty years. The Valencia region, like Catalonia and the Basque country were generally strongholds of opposition to the fascist regime. I was asking if anyone knew anything about the specific culture of the Valencia club, or its supporters.


I see your point, but fascist sentiment isn’t exclusive to certain regions. Although there are left-wing ultras in those regions, there’s still hardcore right-wing ultras as well. One of these groups of Valencia supporters refers to themselves as Ultra Yomus. There have been incidents of Nazi chanting coming from the Curva Nord at Valencia games, such as a during a game against Espanyol a couple years ago.


I don’t think the real issue is being discussed here, sure doing nazi salutes is unacceptable but Arsenal don’t have any previous historical connection to this, unlike say a German club, so really just mega twatiness at it’s worst. What troubled me more from seeing the video were the monkey gestured that would have been a direct racist insult aimed at adjacent members of the home crowd and stewards alike.


Maybe a ‘welcome to the 21st century’ course is in order

Arse Vinegar

Good point, and one not made by media I’ve seen. Fascist salutes are abhorrent, but monkey gestures are equivalent. The fuss made for one and not the other…


I didn’t think they were that impressive. Again we are our own worse enemies. We tend to be charitable and make lesser likes look far better than they are. We need to keep our heads for the return leg. Back 3 adds an extra man to cover for mistakes in open play. We saw this with Mustafi on hand to make several critical clearances (He won’t be given highlight for) when Sokratis was too easily beaten. We don’t have the Cback at the moment that affords us a secure back 4. Nor does it help in unleashing Kolasinac further forward… Read more »

Emmanuel pete

I’m not sure you understood this article..


Santori I somehow think you are commenting on the wrong page


As long as football is run by utter cunts from top to bottom. There is a special place in hell for the nasty, greedy corporates running clubs, leagues and competitions. As long as they continue to exist, the problems will get brushed under the carpet.


Folks, sorry fot the off-topic but this one bothers me big time and uncle google couldn’t help. Assumimg the shit of a scenario when chelsea finishes 4th ahead of us and wins against us in Europa league final – who qualifies to champions league? Just chelsea? Arsenal as well as runners up? Chelsea and some other team from a different league gets a bonus slot (why?)? Thanks upfront.


Just Chelsea would qualify in that scenario. The third place French team would get the other spot in the group stages, instead of having to do qualifying/play off stages. So it’s basically a straight shoot out for CL between us and Chelsea in both competitions.

As for why – I guess running up in Europa League isn’t seen as good enough to justify CL qualification, and coming third in Ligue Un is seen as better/harder.


Ban the fuckers into the ground and punish them in every legal way possible.
Don’t give their foul mugs the slightest chance to pollute our world with their twisted illogic.

And if Valencia does nothing about it they should publicly wear their shame.

Big Dave

I was at the game last night and there was a small amount of Valencia fans damaging car wing mirrors on their way to the stadium. Wankers


has there been any news about the fan racially abusing koulibaly? have arsenal/police identified him yet?


They were probably just waving to Wayne Hennessey


Anything yet from the police or the football authorities?