Thursday, February 9, 2023

Arsenal transfer round-up: Dunk, March, Bourigeaud, Torreira

Another day, another transfer round-up for you. One which doesn’t include Kieran Tierney because he’s now so far removed from gossip that each update is a story in itself.

Let’s start with:

Solly March and Lewis Dunk

According to Teamtalk we’ve made enquiries to Brighton and Hove Albion over both players. March is 24 and a one-club man, making his debut for the Seagulls back in 2013. He’s a left-sided midfielder who scored six Premier League goals last season.

Dunk is a thing you can do with a biscuit, but also a footballer. Like March he’s spent his entire professional career with Brighton, and alongside Shane Duffy has formed a powerful central defensive combination which helped them avoid relegation last season. He has one England cap to his name.

We’re pretty sceptical of anything that comes from Teamtalk as an exclusive, even if these days they don’t make you phone up and spend a fortune for news which turns out to be complete shite.

We’ll go high on the Poo-o-Meter for this one.

Benjamin Bourigeaud

A central midfielder for Rennes, the 25-year-old played in both games against Arsenal in the Europa League last season. In fact, he scored the opener in the first leg in France, cracking home a rebound from a free kick.

Was that enough to put him on our radar? Estadio Deportivo seem to think so, but there’s also interest from Chelsea, Sp*rs, Liverpool and Manchester United, which makes it sound like there’s an agent linking his player with all these top clubs to drum up interest from potentially more realistic suitors.

Lucas Torreira

According to Calciomercato, AC Milan are stepping up their interest in our little Uruguayan. New head coach Marco Giampaolo, who worked with Torreira at Sampdoria, is eager for a reunion, which on paper looks like reasonable foundations for the speculation.

What doesn’t make sense is the way that Ivan Gazidis is apparently trying to get a deal done. It’s said our former CEO will offer a laughable €5-8 million for a two-year loan deal with an option to buy at the end of that.

Honestly, the man deserves a YouTube compilation of his transfer clangers.  If Raul and Vinai even consider replying to that they should be put in the stocks outside the Armoury on the opening day of the season.

A poo so large it makes us ill thinking about it.

Wilfried Zaha

According to a publication that rhymes with Bun, ‘Unai Emery will ask the Arsenal board to break the bank’ for the Crystal Palace winger. There’s little to no substance to the story which also includes Ray Parlour urging Emery to ‘push the boat out’ for the 26-year-old.

This story really should have died the moment Hazard bagged his second goal in Baku. There’s no way we’re dropping mega money on an established Premier League player unless we start selling our crown jewels. Would you rather have Zaha over Auba? That would most definitely be a risk.

Yannick Carrasco


Christopher Nkunku

Having aborted an attempt to sign the PSG midfielder in January to pursue Denis Suarez, it’s now suggested that we could take a second look at the France under-21 international. According to Football.London, the Ligue 1 champions have put a £13.5 million price on his head – significantly less than they were asking for six months ago – because he now only has one year left on his contract.

Apparently, RB Leipzig are also keeping tabs on the player. He could be an interesting option but it doesn’t feel like he’s high up our list right now.

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Lemme know when we actually have medicals. Whole silly season thing is getting quite boring


Sébastien Frey Is currently having a medical.

Got a nasty spot of glaucoma.

I’m hearing that a two week dose of antibiotics should do it. Although that’s merely speculation at this point.

A Different George

Glaucoma? I think maybe someone should puff some air into your eyes, so you can see what you write before posting.


Yeah… Well… The jerk store called, and they’re running out of you!

Corona X

How long have you been waiting to squeeze THAT into a conversation?!


Put it this way. The whole concept of Arseblog was nothing more than something that deeply troubled Andrew’s high achieving parents.

Man Manny

This is getting really boring. The decisive approach last summer had led me to believe the irritating and spineless rumours and transfer dilly dally had left with Arsene. I have crudely and rudely been brought down to earth! I hope I am proved wrong in the coming days; but those two amateurs at the helm of affairs don’t leave me with much hope. The whole story of Monchi declining because our summer deals were already in an advanced stage has been shown for what it was: a convenient lie to mask the embarrassment of his rejection of Arsenal – probably… Read more »

John C

It’s not even July


Arsene always had his classic response that a transfer needed three sides – the seller, the buyer and the player – to agree and anyone’s who’s had to get two or more sides to agree on anything would know this is difficult. Hell, even clubs currently well run, like Liverpool, take their time to do transfers. Availabilities change, for example, when other clubs secure their targets. Ozil arrived because Madrid got Bale. And to be annoyed by transfer rumours and blaming it on the club is crazy. The media, players, clubs and agents have a lot to gain from the… Read more »

Corona X

Kalou has been spotted outside the Emirates!


You sure that isnt Christopher Samba???

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Almost everywhere outside the Emirates is outside the Emirates.

Mind Bent

You’ve got my mind now trying to wrap around the concept that only “almost” everywhere outside the Emirates is outside the Emirates.

That somehow implies that somewhere outside the Emirates is inside the Emirates


Well there’s still the actual namesake Emirates, within which some things still are.

Maul Person

Almost? Which bit outside the Emirates isn’t outside the Emirates?!


Tottenham because its in our shadow

Maul Person

Think i’d rather that toilet bowl was outside and as far away as possible…


technically the pitch is inside the structure but is still outside?


Gazidis is just pranking his old work mates I reckon.
I mean surely he is not actually serious with that.

Viva La Prof

It’s a pity if the Christopher Nkunku link is spud shitting the bed in Trainspotting on the Pooh meter, I think he’d be good.

Naked Cygan

With all this Poo, looks like we will have a shitty transfer market activity this summer.?


Took the noun. Made it an adjective. Classic.

Good jest Naked Cygan. Good jest good sir.


8 mil for a loan deal and an option to buy Torreira?

What do you think Baldzidis is smoking at Milan?


All their cash tied up in his salary probably.


Always liked Dunk. He’s a no frills but solid defender. Having watched him throughout last season, I personally think he’d do well next to Papa/Holding.


Please no; despite appearances, Arsenal do require a centreback who can play the ball effectively. Don’t bother trying to tell me that Brighton move the ball well out from the back …

Most centrebacks are wildly overpriced (the laughable numbers around Maguire make my day every morning), and it’s time for Arsenal to develop the younger ones we have. Our current crop (Chambers, Holding, Mavro, possibly Bielik) are big and athletic and skilled — somebody please coach them into place.


I dunno. I still like Dunk. Reasons: He’s great at stopping crosses, his reading of the ball is high and he sometimes offers a threat on set pieces too.

I don’t believe Brighton play the ball out from the back at all, but I’m not sure this team needs this. It needs the entire back 4 to move better as a single unit.

Understand why you said about having a ball playing CB, but I still think Dunk’s qualities would aid this team.


Anybody seen Scott Dan and Rodger Johnson ? They were that pair that “we needed”

Future man

IF any of the news about torreira is true and that is a big IF then : Torreira has 4 more years on his contract any offer less than 70 mil should not be considered at all , he can sit on the bench for another year if he wants to. AC Milan is being pathetic with their offer and based on torreira’s contract length Arsenal should not be in any hurry to sell , disgusting media is trying to get reaction from fans with their lies and some fans are already insulting torreira , fans should be much smarter… Read more »


Just checking – are you annoyed about the offer or the media lying about the offer?

You seem to be irritated by both which is nonsensical as it’s impossible for both to be true.

Also, you seem to be damning Lucas to a “season on the bench” while calling out supporters who turn their back on our player.

In short, you’re kinda all over the place mate.


“In short, you’re kinda all over the place mate.”

The future is a strange place…

Future man

It seems mocking other users is a trend in this site , if mocking my username makes you feel good or smart about yourself then good for you , it doesn’t hurt me but understand that doing the same may hurt other people.

Future man

You seem to have a hard time understanding simple content and it probably stems from your lack of understanding regarding footballing matters , IF Torreira wants to leave Arsenal he MAY decline to play for us and thats the WORST scenario AND since he has 4 years more on his contract he can sit on the bench for the next year and there will be no risk of him leaving for free. Also i didn’t say media is lying about the offer i’m saying media is PROBABLY lying about Torreira wanting to leave to get a reaction from fans and… Read more »


More if’s, but’s and maybe’s than a Sp*rs title challenge…


We are a month away from being told that getting Holding and Bellerin back from injury is like signing 2 new players.

Don Cazorleone

I mean, at this point it kinda is.

Damn Arsenal.


Well, Christopher Samba recently liked a Facebook post by an Arsenal’s season ticket holder. What this means is anyone’s guess


These cunts trying to rebuild AFC with £40MM is like trying to fly an airplane with one wing. It’s fucking impossible. What a joke we are.


Sanllehi and Emery themselves are fully aware of how stupid it is.
But they can’t do anything about it.
For now our goal is trying to become another “Sevilla” and “surviving” for enough time until a trillionaire from Dubai buys our beloved club from Kroenke.

Merlin’s Panini

Unfortunately, to become another Sevilla we could have done with Monchi but we kind of fucked that one up.


Yeah. I still don’t know the reason why Monchi turned us down at last minute. He could have worked with his old friend Emery. Sanllehi is a Spaniard so i don’t think it could be a problem. Also the salary is not the issue. Kroenke might be greedy but he always splash the cash for the cash cow. He paid Wenger 5 mil a year. There was also rumour that he was willing to pay 3 mil per year for Beppe Morrata. Why did they both turn down the offer? Strange isn’t it. Perhaps they both don’t want to work… Read more »


There’s a fantastic piece of business that we could do. A man available on a free transfer: Rafa Benitez. Go get him now!

Dave Cee

Fatz sonetines I think youbare a visionary. Benitez is not that though


you are joking right? rafa is still a quality manager and I would have taken him this time last year.

Paul Roberts

I need to think more about that before thumbing…:-)

Ya gooner

Just ask Newcastle fans what they think of him. No seriously ask them because I have no opinion either way.


Rafa or not, still no cash for anything past a barcelona loan squad.

Merlin’s Panini

Benitez is a good manager. He was too good for Newcastle and massively overachieved with that shit squad. However I think his style of play is boring, there are more exciting young managers about and he’s no more than a temporary safe pair of hands for big clubs these days. I think Emery needs a bit more backing to get the team playing how he wants because what we saw last season is nothing like what he was doing at Sevilla, Valencia or PSG. Given success would hinge on us having some better players I can’t see Benitez doing much… Read more »


I don’t hate Emery. He has actually tried his best with the mess from Wenger.
If only Rob Holding hadn’t been injured and Ramsey had been able to play the final.

But honestly, i don’t like his attacking philosophy.
Cross, cross and cross. I don’t feel that will make us great again.


This self sustainable club bullshit is getting so old now. Its pretty clear that a few seasons outside the CL and the whole house of cards comes crashing down. We should be making a better effort in terms of marketing and sponsorship as the Premier League is No1 globally and though our star has faded we should be able to increase that income. Lastly, I think we are all aware of how we got here. That being the nonsense with contracts being allowed to expire and the way we low ball ourselves when selling assets. At this rate I expect… Read more »


From the second paragraph onwards, you’re spot on. But being a self-sustainable club is the only way forward. The opposite of self-sustainable is to be sustained by a benefactor – where’d you find one, and make sure there will always be one for the next 100 years?

And all your other arguments make a tonne of sense precisely because it makes us self-sustaining if we fixed those things.


My point is we are hardly self sustainable. Thats the point. Arsene’s vision along with David Dein was to produce more home grown talent supplemented by the odd superstar and outside potential that could also be developed (Bellerin, Merida, Walcott, Ox etc).

Instead we have become over reliant on outside transfers, paying massive fees for mediocre players. We are not City, UTD or Chelsea. Our transfers need to work more often for us. We cannot afford even a 50/50 ratio of hit or miss. Especially when you take into account the amounts we bring in for transfers.


Did you know that if you google the phrase “cuntbashing skankhammer” only two hits come up? These are the things I amuse myself with – having fond memories of reading the Arseblog – when I’m beyond fed up with “transfer rumours” even before we’ve entered July.

Ko Aunglinn

If we lose Torreira, we can’t fight for top 4 next year.don’t think about it again ???


Nah. He’s been OK. Hardly untouchable. Had a very poor spell over Xmas. Lost the ball or was fleeced off it 6 or 7 times against BHA, Soton (away), West Ham, United, Liverpool.. 4 of those instances led directly to goals against us. Again lost the ball against Chelsea leading to a goal against us. Which is why for a while, Granit was preferred ahead of Torreira as a starter. That said, there is no reason for us to sell him and have to add more to reconstruction needs in midfield than we already have. Elneny should be sold. Prob… Read more »


We will not be fighting for top 4 next year whether he stays or not. We need 4-6 new players to be pushing top 4. But we do not have the finances to do so.


These are rumours of course. BUT if there are any truth to some suggest we lack coherent strategy and are in danger of spreading the money out thin rather than concentrating it on 2 or 3 truly quality signings that can push the team forward. 1) We have a finite budget (rumoured 40-45m). HOw we expect to tackle adding at Lback ( a position that can hold for another season) and add in 3 higher priority key areas is beyond me. Particularly if we jump the gun and add Lback first, it may mean the transfer team will penny pinch… Read more »


+ one player I’d like to add some room for is a young striker (opportunity buy) this season (with Welbeck gone).

One injury to one of Laca/Auba and our options will whittle down tremendously even if Nketiah should be given more opportunities.

Quite like the Romanian U21 winger/striker Florinel Coman.


striker (Florinel Coman or other)…if assuming we bought Cback, Winger and CM….and we have 5m spare (maybe climbing to 10m on performance)

Patrik Ljungberg

Santori, are you aware that you are replying to your own posts? Twice.


Finally, Santori just talks to himself … what a match!


Dude you should start your own blog…


You know, Dunk has been alright this season. Solid no nonsense. However the way we play, we would do well to have someone with good mobility because we are more front foot and we tend to leave a lot of gaps. Players who have nominally been good at other clubs struggle with us because there is literarily a lot more room for interpretation on the pitch with us. Tightening our lines with better midfield cover is of course one thing but also with it better interpretation from defense. There is no one solution to fixing our ills. Even the forwards… Read more »




When are we gonna linked with Ever Benega and Nzonz again?


Oh no, not more of Emery’s owd lags, Milito & Carrasco join the gang. Not heard a word from our esteemed coach since the last match? I wonder how much of the ‘Freddie’ promotion was down to him? Or someone higher up saying ‘You screwed up with Champs league on 2 fronts, so no money & a new coach who’s worked with our younger players for you’ . One more year then you & Raul on yer bikes.

Paul Roberts

Major Poo-o-Meter action. Thank you. I especially liked the really big poo. 🙂

The Spoon

One of the major issues we have is that everyone knows our dirty laundry. They all know we’re skint and desperate, we’re already on the back foot. Celtic can hold out for 25m for Tierney because they know we won’t pay it because we can’t and they don’t want to sell. United have similar issues except they are a cash cow, ask for what you like and they’ll likely pay it. Selling is the same issue, we need a clear out we need wages off the wage bill, again I think we’ll struggle to get the prices we want. Also,… Read more »


If Lucas Torreira really wants to go then we should sell, at a decent price. Chambers, Bielik and Maitland-Niles can all do that job, and I think Torreira is too small and gets bullied in the Premier League. That would give us more money for a decent Ramsey replacement.

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