Friday, January 27, 2023

Arsenal transfer round-up: Fraser, Carrasco, Veretout

Another week, another transfer round-up for some of the targets that we’ve been linked with over the last couple of days.

Starting with:

Ryan Fraser

The Bournemouth man is someone who has been heavily linked with us for a few months now. The Scotland international has one year left on his current deal, so could be available for a relatively acceptable price, but he’s none the wiser about what’s going to happen this summer.

Speaking over the weekend, the 25 year old said, “I ain’t got a clue. I don’t know myself so there’s no point thinking about it, wherever I’ll be, I’ll be. I don’t know what is happening. I’m not just saying that.”

So, there you go.

Yannick Carrasco

He remains someone who is the subject of many Tweets by Italian transfer guru types. Don Luigi di Wario, Niccolo Machiavelli, Ciro Di Marzio and all the rest of the lads – love the lads – are talking about how he’s ever closer to a move to North London.

From Spain, where he was with Atletico Madrid before moving to China, AS report that there’s a concrete offer from the Gunners.

A fee of around €25m is being touted, which would be considerable enough give our budget, but remember, just because we sign a player for €25m doesn’t mean we hand over €25m in one go.

It seems like there’s a lot of smoke around this particular fire, so a solidfying poo rating follows.

Jordan Veretout

The former Aston Villa man, now at Fiorentina, emerged as a surprise candidate for an Arsenal move when L’Equipe reported that we’d made an inquiry for him. He had been widely expected to join Napoli this summer, but could our interest sway him?

Well, potentially we could offer a more attractive salary than the Italians, but a key line in the report says, ‘Veretout’s main criteria for a new club is Champions League football’, so if that’s the priority then we’re fighting a losing battle as we go into another season with Europa League football.

We’ll have another round-up tomorrow, or whenever there’s sufficient tittle-tattle to put one together.

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Jordan Veretout!!!1 Never heard of this bloke


Solid player for the past 2 years. Great Ramsey replacement!


Bit underwhelming. Fraser the same. But I think Carrasco is someone to get potentially excited about. Had some great moments with Athletico when he was still very much a young lad. Made a bit of a weird decision heading to China. But only 25, best playing days in front of him and a pretty explosive, pacey style. His wage, I’m assuming, is a concern. He’s probably on crazy money. But if we can get Mkhi and / or Ozil out, we free up that kind of dollar. It’s funny, we talk a lot about transfer kitty but I’m assuming there… Read more »

Northern Gooner

It really wasn’t his decision to go to China.

In between 3rd party ownership being banned, the Wanda group arriving at Atletico and some debts that Atletico de Madrid apparently had with the owners of the club Carrasco eventually went to, meant his hand was forced.

It was all well documented in the spanish press at the time, since it really looked like a very strange decision to make for such a promising young player.


Sounds like an unconvincing premise for a really naff sit com.

Could be called ‘Goal Oriented’ or summit.

Bossman Bill

Have a thumbs up.


Like a downtrodden but strangely optimistic Mustafi seeing a halfhearted recognition of his massively overhit pass, I accept your thumbs up.


Well written but untrue. Carasco has always been inconsistent and he is not a football brain. In which world Athletico is forced to sell his best players? In which world a player goes in an uncompetitive league the other side of the planet against his will? He choose easy money and never established himself as reliable football player. It is a statement of the man he is.


“He choose easy money and never established himself as reliable football player.”

Should fit seamlessly into this squad then.

Northern Gooner

I was only explaining why he went to China.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, do your own research and if language is a barrier then google is your friend.


Yes sorry, I have now read it (thanks google translate). He was tied up, put on a cargo, shipped to China where he is now playing under the worst conditions. After every game he is put back on a cage where he gets whipped if he doesn’t score a goal and provide an assist every game which he doesn’t because even there he is not that good.


Here’s a thing, Frasier’s stats from this season were better than Carrasco’s in his last season at Madrid.
Are people looking at names and nationalities here and not what they are capable of?


Well he’s prime time in Seattle, of course his stats are off the chart.

Plus I think Niles got a lot of assists.


Veretout’s not a great sign. No offence to the player, I’d rather someone with way better credentials. I’ve only memory of him from FIFA 11

DB10s Air Miles

I like that you’re using FIFA 11 as way of guaging his suitability. Personally, all I know of him is what I’ve read over the last few days so don’t really have an opinion on him one way or another. Maybe I need to play FIFA 11?


Why the dislikes? I didn’t say I don’t rate him on the basis of FIFA 11, I said I’d rather someone who had played in big games and against much more difficult opposition than Rotherham in the Championship.

Neil #2

He’s ok on ….. Football Manager

Michael Bolton Wanderers

We should get cherno samba


…or Maksim Tsigalko??


It’s depressing isn’t it? We’ve surely missed our chance to contend through failing to win EL final, could be a long long time until we get back up there. Just a bit of realism.


We had 2 amazing chances and we blew it.


We’ve signed Aubameyang, Lacazette m, Torreira and Leno so there are good players we can sign

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Dear Reader,

Lonely soul seeks dependable but low maintenance individual(s). Needed for a variety of positions, must be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm, with several sliced orange breaks available. Must place loyalty and integrity above all else. Has to be good around people of all ages and abilities.
Transport can be provided. Preferably NSA.


Non-Flying dutchman

and what of those 19,45 kick offs?


Solution – Sack the board, Sell the club and play the kids….

the trifecta of poo –

thank you Stan and Ivan

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I go karting with Don Luigi di Wario at weekends, total ‘shroom head, utter liability.

Ko Aunglinn

Please go for CARRASCO ??


That’s a no for me. A player who showed inconsistency with Monaco and Atletico and then decided that competitive football was not for him!?


Nothing is happening, because we have no money 🙁

Ko Aunglinn

I don’t know why EPL players are so expensive


Carrasco for 25M? Go for it.

Winger, direct, good dribbler, plenty of experience from Atletico and Belgium national team, and still only 25.

I’ve always liked him and we would be mad not to try and get him for that kind of money in today’s market. His salary might be a problem, though, but after some rather heavy earners like Ramsey, Welbeck and Cech are gone, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue (especially given that we probably won’t sign any other big names this summer).


Well, that is 10 mil less than what we paid for Mustafi…….


Fuck me, that’s some harsh perspective right there. We really deserved to end up with a beast at CB for that instead of that arm-flapping muppet.

Carrasco, a genuine wideman, would be good, but not if he wants silly money.


If he wants to return to the English or European leagues he’s likely going to take a pay cut anywhere.

Ghent Gooner

he also played wing back a lot for Belgium, so can be a back up for those positions


If you type in ‘Arsenal transfer news’ into google there are a thousand different articles claiming that literally any player is an Arsenal target. ‘Man Utd in shock swoop for Arsenal target’. ‘Spurs to beat Arsenal in race to sign so and so’. ‘Arsenal target has hinted he wants premier league football.’


Andrew said it perfectly the other day in one of the blogs when he said such stories are like single use plastic of the internet.


It’s all just pure fiction

Somebody should change the law and force these fuckers to print the truth … that’d soon put them out of business

freedom of the press my arse

Heavenly Chapecoense

Who is Veretout to absolutely want CL football ? Football world is getting quite ridiculous.


Carrasco has to be a worry, there’s only one reason to go to China at such a young age, and that reason isn’t sporting ambition, or having the hunger+desire to reach the very top of your profession. I suppose these are the types of gambles our budget will stretch to….. Henry, Vieira, Begkamp were all big gambles, but payed off spectacularly Buying Zaha from Palace would be much less of a Gamble, but would likely cost £100- 200% more than the £25million it’ll reportedly cost us for Carrasco. Providing his wages aren’t astronomical, and are heavily incentivised, then it could… Read more »

John C

If you think any of our players wouldn’t jump ship at the prospect of a massive pay rise at another club than you’re mistaken and so would you if your employer made it clear they didn’t want you.

Also Zaha at £100m?!? That’s the same as Hazard, he would be a massive gamble at anything more than about £40m in my opinion


John C, 100%-200% more than £25million is between £50-£75million. I’d pay £50-£55mill for Zaha, I don’t know whether that would be enough to secure him? And I certainly wouldn’t put him on wages anywhere near what Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan or Lacazette. Buying inside the PL is much less risky than buying a mercenary who went to China at 23. There’s a huge difference between taking a huge pay rise in your 30s and going to the USA or China to top up your retirement fund, and doing it at 23. I don’t doubt that most players would take substantial more money… Read more »


It’s wise not to oppose Don Ciro.

Laca New Signing

hahaha otherwise he would make you an offer you can’t refuse! I’ll get my coat now.


Veret out!

Crash Fistfight

That Niccolo Machiavelli would do anything for clicks.

Toure Motors


Thierry Ennui

He is indeed the prince of clicks


I have a feeling this transfer window is going to be as frustrating as any we have ever had.

We still wont put up the funds to compete with bigger clubs so were destined to sign more youngsters or sub-par players who we “hope” will become world class (i.e dennis surez).

Seems like being an Arsenal fan is going to be as frustrating as ever SMH


One of the more solid Poos this year for Carrasco. Very pooperific.


Highly disconcerting these days the players we are linked to. But for some fans, anyone new will do. They’ll make an argument to justify it (anyone better than Mustafi etc) and then turn against the new chap soon after. I think Carrasco is a dark horse. If we can get better we will. Fraser no thanks. Don’t know other chap. What’s most worrying though is we don’t have someone in place even to replace (the overrated) Mslintat and hard bargain for us. Hopefully its not Mslintat mark 2 instead of Dortmund, go back to Sampdoria (mid table Italian) and pluck… Read more »

Faisal Narrage AKA Mr Project Youth 2.0

I suggest you all put your efforts into getting excited into the potential of the youth, because if you’re hoping on transfers, you’re gonna be left disappointed.

I’m rather sanguine about it all. I’m more excited of seeing Eddie, Nelson, Saka, Mavros, Beilik, Amaechi, ESR, etc. in the preseason and how they perform, than anything. Because I know that’s happening and something to get excited about.

I’m not spending my summer trailing news on Ryan f*cking Frazier, that’s for sure.


3 players spoken about and just one poometer use!? It’s not good enough Blogs sort it out for pity sake man! 🙂


My smiley face disappeared from my post!


No it didn’t


It didn’t appear for a while…spooky!!


Well I viewed Carrasco on you tube and can reliably tell you that he looks exactly like Denis Suarez on you tube. Ie, tricky winger, not that quick, not that strong, not that clinical but technically gifted. Basically just like Mhiki; maybe aybe an upgrade on Iwobi but personally I’d rather give Bakayo Saka an extended run out and save the money for the defender and midfielder we need.

Paul Perivolaris

Just want to say we should stop accepting we have a budget for player purchases. It makes sense to have wage budget but player purchases are technically an asset. Believe me if we could get Mbappe for 90mill our 40mill ‘budget’ wouldn’t exist. His 1mill a week is another story. 😉


I’d rather see the promotion of a few U18 and U23 players, that would be as exciting if not more so, than some of the names arsenal is being linked with.


Why on earth would we want an Aston Villa failure? I hope there’s no truth i this but these guys thought Sanchez was a world beater so God help us!


Surprised no report on Michele Deez. He’s French, he’s young and loved by most in the world.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

The annoying thing for me is that I think Mislintat left because he wasn’t allowed to sign Pepe. Now Liverpool are singning him and he’s sure to turn into another world beater. Meanwhile we have the same crew in control that signed Denis Suarez in January.


Your source, sir?


What Arsenal need to is sign top class defenders and a solid midfield that will be ready to press as soon as they lose possession why veretout for Ramsey’s replacement when you can buy much more creative and active players than him please get us players like Nicolas pepe we need winners and not just a bunch of players that are not ambitious


I would be very happy if we take a definite direction towards a younger team fed in by our academy as well as signings like Martinelli. I can’t watch average players playing average football. I was a huge fan of Project Youth and I say, bring it back!


Coyg sign someone


Torreira came from Sampdoria, and now we might secure the services of Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen from the same club. Is this a little bit puzzling?


If you believe all the rumours (which we of course all do) Arsenal’s activities seem a little unfocused. Our paramount need is a central defender. We also need a midfielder and maybe a winger. But first and foremost: A very good defender. Someone who is fast, who reads the play well, positions himself well, is relatively tall and does not get mesmerized by the sight of a football.

Ko Aunglinn

Who is no 1 target for us right now ????.Really sick of reading like of this shit ??

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