Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Osei-Tutu linked with Hamburg move

Reports from Germany suggest that Jordi Osei-Tutu is close to a move to Hamburg.

There has been some mixed news on this: some suggest it’s a straight transfer, others that Arsenal want the young right-back to sign a new deal before going out on loan, but either way it looks as if he’s a player we won’t be counting on next season.

The right-back position remains a complicated one due to the injury sustained in January by first choice Hector Bellerin. Ainsley Maitland-Niles did his best to deputise during the season, but while he did have some solid performances, he never looked completely comfortable there.

His campaign ended on a difficult note with a red card against Leicester, albeit a very harsh one, and a performance in the Europa League final which was well below his best.

Stephan Lichtsteiner has gone, while Carl Jenkinson is expected to be made available for transfer this summer.

The club have been linked with a move for PSG’s Belgian international Thomas Meunier, so it seems as if there are some plans to refresh the squad in that area, but if the reports are to be believed, Osei-Tutu won’t be part of the youth contingent promoted to the first team squad for next season.

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Does anyone know what our transfer budget is? I know it is significantly less given that we did not make it into the champions league. I have heard figures of 40m but had this been confirmed? Surely it suits the club to let other clubs think they are short of cash as they will not be held to ransom on fees? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I know we have to live within our means but even so, 40m seems very light.

Maul Person

It may well be but it’s likely that any deal will be negotiated in such a way that payment is spread over years. So the £40m may cover initial payments…


Depends on how much the club can sell players for. The club lost approximately £60 million by not qualifying for the CL. The four CL clubs currently invest heavily in top players, and so do ManU, the world’s richest club, with full support from their owners. Arsenal’s owners won’t contribute, so I belive the managers now are taking a closer look in the warehouse, to see if some money might be raised by selling the youngsters. To sell the future is no sustainable business model, but it will get more difficult to return to top four with time. Unless Arsenal… Read more »

Maul Person

On this basis, you’d think it would make sense to NOT spend 20+ million on a RB from abroad and use a highly rated U23 player who has worked with… wait for it… our new first team coach and has some, albeit limited, experience playing for the first team himself.

That’s just my immediate reaction but again, they undoubtedly know much more than I do.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

That doesn’t make any sense at all.
Why would potentially valuable assets early rather than let them appreciate?

Take The Jeff for example. Sold early for £2M last season and a year later is getting apparent bids x10 that, with his club holding out for £25M.

Imagine if we kept him (and used him as a CM the way his club have been, making him a Diaby-type), even if we wanted to sell him this transfer, we would get considerably more.


I absolutely do not understand why we aren’t giving our young players a more significant chance to develop into professional footballers with us. Why spend absurd amounts of money overpaying agents and clubs for players that simply are not worth it when you can raise one of your own? We cannot compete with the top clubs financially. I’m with Project Youth.

Thomas b

I think the main problem here is that most supporters won’t have the patience to wait for the youth players to develop, they want results straight away. It’s easier to to do this kind of development in smaller clubs, sadly.

Maul Person

Then what’s the point of our academy?

Thomas b

Well, you can’t expect to get a full 11 of academy players. During these last years Bellerin, Niles and Iwobi has “taken” the step up. Maby next season Eddie, Emile and Reiss will manage the same. If they got the potential am sure they will get a chance.

Maul Person

My point wasn’t about how many players should ideally come out of the academy but you surely would expect the return on the quite considerable investment of training these young players (typically from age 8-18+) to be greater than the the handful in the last few years. The point is to actually give these players a chance… how many can you say have been given a real opportunity? As for fans and their impatience (which was your point), let them be impatient. We’re in for a long hard road with limited funds. I think the club should actually follow through… Read more »

Thomas b

I agree with you on giving them a chance, and personally am willing to be patient with our young players. What I want is for us to combine our youth talent with classy established senior players. The problem at the moment for me is that we don’t have enough quality senior players. I don’t think our big earners like Øzil and Mikky are contributing enough for us to put young player’s to play beside them. We need quality guys who can teach and carry these young guys towards greatness.

Faisal Narrage AKA Mr Project Youth 2.0

Annoyingly yet sadly, this is true.
I know twitter isn’t fully reflective of the Arsenal base, but seems any idea of long-term planning is shut down with “sP3nD sUm FaK1nG m00NaY13ZZZZ” as if bad spending and planning didn’t get us into this mess.

Seems fans would be happy we spend £40M on another Mustafi-type (as many did when we initially bought him) just so it feels good to spend. Then when he’s shit in 2-3 years, will be more calls for spend, to buy another average player, which just subsides their short-term desires.


I’d gladly watch youth players, even if they screw some plays up, than continue watching the “pros” like Mustafi (that cost us ridiculous sums) and their continuous brain-farting on the pitch.

Papa Large, big shot in North London

£25m? I’d seen €11m floated around but that number for a guy who was pretty patchy in Ligue 1 is a bit steep. Fingers crossed we have a sell on clause so we can be on the right side of a Gazidis transfer. £1.5m was a ridiculously low sale price. Let’s not even mention Gnabry.

Faisal Narrage AKA Mr Project Youth 2.0

Well the talk is the club are holding out for that much, so even if they don’t get 25M, you can bet they’ll get close to that, which will be anything from 7-10 times what we got him for a year later.

And “Patchy” is unfair, he’s been one of the best dribblers for his age, and is onl2 21. You want patchy? Look at Xhaka and Ozil for patchy, but we certainly won’t be getting x7-10 ROI on either of them if we sell them.

A Different George

For what it’s worth, I think every Man United supporter would laugh at the claim that the club receives “full support from their owners.” And I don’t think anyone has accused Spurs–who did not sign a single player and have a notoriously low pay structure–of “investing heavily in top players.”

I don’t care about these clubs and I loathe our own owners; I am only pointing out that sometimes we lose all sense of reality when we engage in “woe is me-ism”.


@jon . you say than MU owner give support lol.well before they were there MU have been cash cow, Glazer bought MU and told the club they have to pay for it ,that why they have massive debit ,this debit have been growing over the years
Glazer have contributed 0£ since they ve arrived,why do you think many MU fan have created a new club
without the glazer and their demand than the the club repaid them, MU would have far more money to spend on transfer

Maul Person

Whilst I don’t know the reasoning behind this or have any detail on how good Osei-Tutu is or what his deficiencies are, I can’t help but think “FFS!”…


Not convinced with AMN. Seems a very languid player, looks neither great when attacking, and nor defending.
We definitely need to buy a proper RB to ensure competition for Bellerin and also, help in deciding the final position for AMN

Maul Person

Who have you been watching? He may not be the answer at RB but “languid”? “Neither great when attacking, and nor defending”? Really?


He did his best at RB but it’s not his position. I’d like to see him given a go in centre mid. Good physicality, bags of energy, good with the ball.


He’s a strange one, when he broke through I assumed he would become a CM eventually but he was mostly getting played at fullback and wingback. Then, at the beginning of this season he says he wants to be a winger long term! I actually agree that I think he’s best suited to CM but apparently that’s not where he sees his future.


I think AMN is little undervalued. He is only 21 but he is already clearly ahead of Jenko and Lichsteiner. So he is talented, young, english, has a good relationship with Bellerin and his teammates and is coming from our youth system. He seems to me a real Arsenal-man in the making.

Papa Large, big shot in North London

The issue was Lichsteiner being a bad fit for the way we wanted to play and the league, AMN should never had had to fill the role he did so many games. He’ll have learned a lot though.

Maul Person

Lichsteiner wasn’t a bad fit for how we play. He was just past it. It may have turned out better if he Bellerin hadn’t been injured but his age-related shortcomings very quickly and clearly became clear.


I don’t know if Osei-Tutu is great or not. Jeorge has posted some positive reviews of him and he seems to have potential. Would have been nice if we had sent him out on loan (or gotten him a few Europa group stage games) before to get a better sense of his ability and build up his market value a little bit. As it stands, it seems like he’s going to join the growing list of Arsenal lads who move on for almost nothing. We need to become much, much better at this. The Bundesliga seems to be setting up… Read more »

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

I like AMN and feel he should Ben kept around. Even if he doesn’t become of the required level, we could fetch a pretty penny for him. (£30M+)

I’m still not convinced on him, not because I don’t think he’s got talent, but I’m not sure even in midfield, he’s the best option we have there. I think Beilik is the more talented DM, and I still want to see how Iwobi functions as a no.8.


Yea, this is more like Arsenal…


Why not?
We are going nowhere anyway…
Let Kroenke pocket the money – put it toward a new ranch..

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

So our plan is to not spend the ol’ cash reserves but to promote from our youth system while at the same time selling young players cos they don’t see a path to the first team…… Solid Kroenke-era Arsenal logic.

Jean Ralphio

Would be surprised if a man of his talent went to Hamburg permanently.

Maul Person

If we don’t want him and he likes what Hamburg is saying, why would he stay?


But Hamburg aren’t the same draw they once were and their finances reflect that. There’s no benefit loaning him out to play in the German second tier


If we don’t think he’s ready now, could we sign him to a long term deal and send him out on a 2 year loan? That way we can sign Meunier if we want without selling Osei-Tutu now or blocking his path to first team football. And if we don’t want to keep Osei-Tutu at the end of his loan, he will still have sell on value. That’s the Chelsea way!

Cygans Parting

But Chelsea are cunts.

Maul Person

Which player (excluding those who need to play in Europe somewhere in order to get a visa) is going to accept a two year loan?


Too many people have too high an opinion on our younger talent. As Wenger use to say “Everyone thinks he has the prettiest wife” People were waxing lyrical about Reiss when I said it was well to remember there are even better young talents out there with other clubs. That said, we have a decent return from Academy with Iwobi, Bellerin, AMN now Reiss and Smith-Rowe (maybe Willock, Saka, Mavropanos) The young Greek is case in point. Over very few games, suddenly he is a better option then Mustafi when instead many choose to ignore he has plenty of rough… Read more »

Harish P

Respectfully, I disagree. I think our biggest overall needs to be in defense, although a CM is equally vital and a natural winger might be nice. I think the biggest issue here is the formation we’re forced to use, leaving us with 3 at the back. I’m not convinced and want to see us return to more 4 at the back, and I feel that’s something Emery may prefer as we mostly do 3atb when Kola plays. He’s an awesome player on his day but not ideal for Arsenal due to a defensive lack of quality. Monreal needs to move… Read more »

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