Report: Arsenal to offer Torreira new terms


As the stories linking Lucas Torreira with AC Milan die down, news from Italy suggests that Arsenal are ready to offer the midfielder a new contract as a show of faith in him.

The Uruguayan signed from Sampdoria last summer for £26.5m, and had a generally impressive first campaign in England. He faded a little towards the end, but apart from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette who tried their best to drag us into the top four and to a European trophy, that was true of most of our players.

Torreira played down the interest from Milan this week, saying, “I don’t know anything about interest from Milan. Nobody has called me. I am in the Premier League today and am happy to be part of Arsenal.

“It’s true, it hasn’t been easy adapting, but I am only thinking of the team now. I’m happy to be in London.”

Now, according to CalcioMercato, the club will sign down with the 23 year old’s agent, Oscar Bentancourt, to talk about a new contract which will send a message to Milan that the player is not for sale.

It seems like a lot of hassle when we could have just stuck this in the post. You know, take the moral high ground.

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Ya gooner

Beat me to it…


So it could be just manager talk to get them to the table. Milan an in shambles in any case, so not sure they can do anything at the time.


His agent has done his job well.


My thoughts as well.


I suspect all of the rumours came from his agent to push us into giving him a pay rise….


I believe so, and the crab board is about to fall for sham.. line, hook and sinker.


You catch crabs with a bit of bacon fat stuck on a lead ring. No hook and no sinker.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

This whole transfer rumour stinks of an agent agitating for a new contract for his client.


Most of the rubbish that we have to endure on transfer rumours are down to the agents, trying to get a bonus for themselves by pushing up the wages of their players.

I’d much rather that agents were banned.


Agent is doing his best to get some money out of torreira; new contract or transfer. Stupid rumours mainly spread by the greedy agents


Gazidis the knobhead woth


AC Milan have just been banned from Europe for a year. That might put a damper on him wanting to go there this summer (if he ever really did).

I’d still be happy to see him extend his deal though. He’s relatively young and he’s one of the few players I’d like to see us try to rebuild the squad around.


There is not a shred of evidence he wanted to go there. Nonsense emanating from the Italian media

Post January Blip

If true, I’m questioning the wisdom in offering better terms at this stage. Apparently we have a very tight budget and need to reinforce, Torreira is under contract for the foreseeable future anyway so the club can maintain a tough stance.

If he performs next season (which is what we’d all like) then maybe come to the table next May. Part of the reason we’re in this mess is because agents have quite successfully managed to land good deals for their clients with very little justification in terms of output from certain individuals.


Spot on. No need to renew his deal yet. Don’t encourage his agent


Exactly. It seems we are yet to find a way out of the debacle that Gazadis and co got us with the Ozil wage fiasco, and here we are about to fall into another player agent’s deliberately created demand. The more things change in this club, the more they remain exactly the same. I’m having a feeling of de ja vu after reading this piece.


We never learn. Club rotten from the inside out.


Torreira has 4 years left on his deal? Unless those inside the club think his value has the potential to significantly increase further? Then I see no rush to offer him a new deal on significantly higher wages. The wages a player earns, are significantly linked to price you can extract in the transfer market, the length of the contract is important, but not as much as it used to be, if you have a player on only a year on his deal, and he’s in demand? Then you can still extract a good transfer fee, but the demand will… Read more »


Will we ever learn. 1 yr into a contract and we offer improved terms after an average season from the player and an unsuccessful one for the club. It’s no wonder we’re fucked financially.


There’s also a possibility that he really wanted to leave to Milan (with his Italian girlfriend supposedly complaining about the English weather), and the Milan ban from Europa quickly made him change his tune. Obviously his agent heard from the pipelines (being into the system) and informed him on time before it came to the public domain. The board should rather manage it to the club’s advantage, instead of a sudden rush to reward him with unnecessary increased wages like the former CEO and Wenger did for Ozil and left the club struggling with the outcome up till now.


Ha, if she would rather go to Ivan’s Milan for the weather, perhaps she should find a player with a less promising future.


Last season, Özil doesn’t prolong, you have to find a sub, it costs money (yes, it does), more than the £60M Özil is supposed to win in 3 years. Plus he is of great marketing value (still the best t-shirt seller last season despite the fans’ darlings aka Torreira, Guendouzi, Auba…). No brainer: you prolong him.

The Spoon

Surely someone at the club is on speaking terms with baldy locks, pick up the phone, is it true Ivan? if not, his agent can poke it, if so, baldy can poke it. Simples. Pretty sure Gazidis will know what we’re likely to agree too, I mean a player signed a year ago for 25m, offering a 2 year loan deal to a skint club, Gazidis isn’t that stupid. Regardless, as mentioned by others, unless we stupidly only gave him a 3 year deal then his contract stays as is for at least another season.


His Agent is a certified baller ? Pinched arsenals arse cheeks and secured double salary for the goblin midget ?

Manu petits left peg

Played like a fiddle…

Eddie McGoldrick

I absolutely loved Torreira at points last season but he also had patches where he looked very off the pace and was bacially ineffective. Obviously it’s only his first season (and I have no problem with us offering new terms to a player relative to performance) but I worry a bit about us moving players up too fast too soon before they’ve fully proven themselves at the level week in week out -and then if there isn’t the development we hoped for they’re so much harder to move on due to inflated wages (like so many of our other players… Read more »

Dave Hyland

Ivan could do us a favour and buy Mustaphi, then most would be forgiven depending how much they pay. I’m thinking 80 million.