Suarez sheds light on his Arsenal fitness farce

Emery outlines where he plans to use Denis Suarez

Arseblog News is now firmly of the opinion that Arsenal should shy away from signing or attempting to sign players with the surname Suarez.

First, there was the pursuit of Liverpool’s Luis that failed even though we rolled an extra one pound coin across the negotiating table.

Then came Denis, our ‘Hail Mary’ January signing from Barcelona whose most accomplished performance ended up being in a mid-season friendly in Dubai.

Honestly, we should draw the line there. Even if there’s a Suarez in a womb somewhere destined to become better than Messi, we don’t want to know, we’ll fuck it up somehow.

Anyway, we’re sort of ranting because it turns out that Denis knew he wasn’t fit when he signed in January and even after a few weeks in London was still nowhere near ready to deliver on his potential. Bear in mind we threw him on against Manchester City three days after he signed.

Eventually, the midfielder called time on his short stint at the Emirates prematurely although he did dig his club suit out for a supporting role in Baku.

Reflecting on a year to forget, the Spaniard told Cadena SER that he’s still trying to get fit and has no idea what his future holds.

“I’m still recovering from the injury, I’m practically fully recovered,” he said.

“On the 16th day of arriving at Arsenal I was not even 50 per cent, it was a year to forget but also to learn.

“I have been in Barcelona for two months recovering from the injury and nobody from Barca has told me anything.”

Anyway, as we were saying. No more Suarez, Suarezes, Suari, Suarites, or alike. No, thank you.

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Pearly Spencer

I’d imagine we’ll buy him now he’s fit…..


So are we that sensationally stupid or just super gullible?


since amauri bischoff, it’s been arsenal’s mission to rehabilitate players that no one wants / cares about

Frieza Sama

Didn’t we also try to sign Mathias Suarez from Anderlecht (Belgium) a few years ago ?


And it costed us 4M euros….


More to the point, that was a place on the bench and minutes on the pitch that could and should have gone to Saka, Willock or Amaechi.


yeah, that doesn’t reflect well on the team sheet selection thinking.


It was kind of us to pay for his rehabilitation


Wasn’t fit when we signed him on loan. Shambolic.

Jean Ralphio

We payed Barca to treat Suarez


Could go down as the worst loan move ever.

There was talk of a permanent move the other week but I’m hoping that was rubbish.


And we blogs would have us believe Gazidis was shite at contract negotiations. This is beyond ridiculous. Signing an unfit player at the peak of a poor league form. Only signing of the window at that.


“Look, Arsenal. Let’s just do this one deal and we’ll call Hleb and Song quits. Pinky swear”


Cant decide what was a worse loan, Suarez or källström. The loan deals are startlingly similar. It’s almost like we don’t learn from our mistakes.


Kallstrom’s penalty won us a cup. Legend in my book.


At least Kallstrom scored a penalty in a shootout


Tucked it away nicely.


Kallstrom was honest about his injury with us when he signed (even Arsene brought it up in an interview) AND he contributed something on the pitch. Suarez did neither (or if he did attempt to communicate his injury the club covered it up).

A Different George

Källström and Arsenal did not know about the injury until his physical, with the transfer window effectively closed for any other deal.


So… the same boardroom ‘brains trust’ that decided to take Ramsey’s deal off the table because it was ‘too expensive’, and tried to force Ozil out of the club less than a year after he had signed a massive deal making him pretty much impossible to shift (without subsidizing a loan move/writing off a transfer fee) in order to ‘trim the wage bill’, thought it would be a good idea to spunk 4M Euros on a less-than-half-fit player who managed a grand total of 95 minutes of football from the bench. Not to mention the £60-90k p/week (reports vary) that… Read more »

Maul Person

Pretty sure he took the blame for Ramsey. He said Ramsey wanted to play but he didn’t override him and should have managed the player and the workload better…


Not an unreasonable interpretation, and that was the way Arseblog News reported it, too (also, I realise now that Emery said this stuff in a press conference, not in his most recent interview, so my mistake). But, to me it still looks like an attempt to shift responsibility: Emery could just have said that he chose to risk playing Ramsey when he knew that there was a high probability of injury, rather than implying that he chose not to rest him because Ramsey himself stated that he felt he was okay to play, and leaving it at that, as if… Read more »


So basically you’re acknowledging that Emery accepted part of the blame but you’re trying to blame him for shifting responsibility anyway. Why are you trying so hard to absolve the player of any responsibility to manage his own body? And you do realise the Ornacle, as you call him, also said Ramsey never had any intention of signing a new deal? Besides, when it was announced he was leaving for a 400k a week contract at Juve, nearly every single commenter here backed the decision to pull the offer as well, because it’s obvious we can’t compete with that. Emery’s… Read more »

Maul Person

@kaius, that’s kinda what I took away (first paragraph) and decided at that point that continuing was pointless…


Not exactly, kaius. Sorry if I didn’t express myself very clearly. I wasn’t trying to suggest that Ramsey has no responsibility for managing his own fitness, just that I think Emery, as the head coach, should be the one taking responsibility for decisions to rest (or not rest) players at risk of injury – especially in cases where his own evaluation of things is that the player in question needs resting. Also, while it may be an uncharitable interpretation, I don’t think Emery was directly admitting any fault here: he was just describing the situation (his ‘process with [Ramsey]’, as… Read more »


Why apologise? You explained yourself fine the first time, then doubled down on it.

And while fans proudly wear their unreasonable opinions like a badge of honour, they also expect coaches to ignore the youth development process and just throw academy graduates into the brutality of Premiership football.

Because I’m sure fans like you would be the first to support and defend 18-year old Saka, if say, he missed a late sitter against Spurs that cost the club Champions League qualification.

Honestly, some of you are very funny.


Well, if I’m not amusing my intellectual and moral superiors on the internet with my stubborn feeble-mindedness, then I can hardly claim to be serving any purpose at all. How fortunate, though, that there are good people such as yourself and Maul Person to explain my opinions and their implications to me – I don’t know how I’d keep track of them all otherwise! You’ve even taken the trouble to identify those views I wasn’t yet aware of possessing, and to demonstrate to me those beliefs I would be likely to hold if certain events were to occur. Remarkable! Truly,… Read more »


This comment is somewhat ironic given your own ‘uncharitable’ focus on Emery’s words and intentions but yeah… I guess we’re all turning to dark humour to deal with this mess of a club. I’m just here for the spirited back and forth.

Keep doing your thing man


Didn’t James and Blogs laugh when he was first signed, that OK he wasn’t their first choice for a signing and they were unsure, but hey at least his back is broken like Kallstrom right? Hahah.


Amazing work Sanhelli
This guy is even worse than Gazidis!


Still don’t understand why you’d pay that much even for a 100% fit Suarez. Is it that Arsenal just didn’t want to look like Tottenham and do no business in the winter window? I think a lot of the moves in recent years can be chalked up to wanting to look like a big club by splashing cash and denying the reality of the decline.


Given this information, it strikes me very much as our executives attempting to look proactive when they really don’t have any idea what’s going on. They’ve got to justify those big salaries somehow, and ‘signed a player in January’ seems like something that would go on a Powerpoint presentation to failson Josh.


The comment by James is rank speculation, nothing more.
You write, “given this information ….”
That comment isn’t information.


Yeah, and rank speculation also applies to this idea of Arsenal “denying the reality”. What about the January press conference where our coach *openly admitted* we had no funds until the summer for permanent deals?

People keep trying bend facts to fit their negative assumptions about the club, when our head coach was actually brutally honest about our situation at the time.


Perhaps I should have been more clear when responding to a response- the information I was referring to is the original article posted above. Thank you for your diligence when bringing up such information to me, and I will attempt to make things more clear for you in the future.


Whoever did the medical should be held accountable for the millions wasted. With only £40m apparently available in the summer, another £4m would have been useful.


Reckon we could probably get him now for less than £30M, we should snap him up!


There’s no way club didn’t know about the injury because he had a medical, they knew but decided to waste the money anyway, another Kim Kallstrom


Could there be a connection with Darren Burgess leaving us? Did he have any business with the Crippled Suarez Kid loan?

Boom Xhaka Laca

‘Fitness farce’ is a great phrase, and should be used far more often in relation to Arsenal.


So after this revelation, who is at fault for the signing? is it the player’s fault, his agent’s fault, his parent club’s fault, or our fault?
The case could be made that we were duped by the player, his agent, or Barcelona. Of course, we could just have some idiots in the boardroom and did this purely to have a new player in January to appear proactive and dynamic (and other corporate buzzwords).


His injuries did not surface till later.

Had some opportunities to impress but failed to take them, looked too cautious.

This is just PR to help talk him up for prospective suitors.

Truth is he looks short on confidence he previously had.


Signing a guy in january with injury and fitness problems might sound stupid – and probably is. But at the end of april and beginning of may we sure could have used someone with quality. It´s always a gamble, buying or loaning – we seem to get the shorter straws more often but then again ask any supporter of any club – same saga




Kim Kallstrom was awesome, there’s no comparison.


So, club apparently doesn’t do a physical for loanees, just purchases now.
That’s BS. They totally did it. The club surely knew what was up, but did the loan anyway.

Plenty of blame to go around here. Arsenal look more ridiculous as the days pass.



Panic Loan era. And they were complaining about Panic Buy. Raul and Mslintat ushered in a new era with us in golden handcuffs thanks to the generous Ozil salary compounded with inexplicable additions like Lichsteiner at 90K per week. Unai took a gamble on Dennis, a player with promise of versatility in midfield. I think he felt he may have been able to add on right flank (since Mhkitaryan flattered to deceive and we have neglected that side rather over reliant on Bellerin) but he prob had him in mind for AM and potentially a deeper midfield role as well… Read more »


I like Kongdogbia too at Valencia but again prob won’t come cheap.

Rangey (technical) player coming good now with sufficient experience under the belt.


Add his loan money and Lich salary, and we could have kept Ramsey for a year more


Either the medical was the farce or the player is looking to make excuses, either way it was a complete waste of money and a squad place.