Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Thumb injury rules Leno out of Germany squad

Bernd Leno has pulled out of the Germany squad for their upcoming EURO 2020 qualifiers with Belarus and Estonia due to a thumb injury.

The keeper, who was on the bench for Wednesday’s Europa League final, has been replaced by Bayern Munich’s Sven Ulreich after picking up a thumb problem that has apparently been causing him some discomfort for a while.

Speaking about Leno’s decision, Die Mannschaft keeper coach Andy Koepke revealed, “I know that Bernd has had some pain in his hand recently.

“He is going to have a splint put on his thumb, so we won’t be able to play him in the two upcoming games.”

Presumably, if he’s having a splint put in place rather than surgery it’s nothing too serious and he can now head off on his holidays. Arsenal’s first team aren’t expected to return to pre-season training until the second week of July.

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An Arsenal legend went to heaven earlier today. No cocks getting pleasured tonight


Sp*rs almost bottled as hard as us. Nice to know not too much has really changed.

Now would someone fucking poach Poch and Eriksen and stop this madness!


Can Andrew not just make a really brief match report so we can all shout sp*rs based expletives in the comment section?

Feel like we need this after the last few days. And especially today.



Thumbs up for that hashtag! Haha!

Thierry Bergkamp

I kinda wanted spurs to win. It might have been a wake up call for everybody involved with the club


Yeah, like the sunami was a wake up call for Indonesia to build better flood defences.

Such a dumb comment.

Thierry Bergkamp

Not quite the same thing is it?
It’s actually tsunami, btw.


Hahaha! The winner of “Internet analogy of the day” award goes to you sir.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

What the connection between sp*rs winning Champions league and Indonesia anyway?

Maul Person

Do you really need “analogy” explained to you…?


Yeah, like when we finished below them for the first time ever in 2016-17.


Arsenal and spuds to lose is better than both to win their respective cup finals. 100%


I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s probably worth repeating, soo…….
Did you know Pochettin in spanish means cup or trophy. The “0” in Pochettin0 is the number of trophies he’s won. When he wins something he will call himself Pochettin1.


Jurgen Klopps first season at Liverpool = europa league runner up and 8th in prem (also league cup runner up). Its not the same and they had to do a lot since then to get to where they are but worth noting


I get this argument but feel it comes down to identity.

Klopp imposed his belief structure and his personality on the club right from the start. It was high press, heavy metal football with an arm around the shoulder approach.

What is Emery’s personality? What are his tactics? What’s his philosophy?

Klopp is a once in a generation, principled and extremely charismatic fella. I’m not seeing any of that from Unai.


I agree with a lot of what you say, and I am in no way saying that Emery is definitely the answer. However, one season is not long enough to impose an identity on a team especially given a) the team (and clubs) identity has been fixed for so long in the Wenger years b) managers first year in the league, didn’t know the language c) several key injuries. Klopp did do more to show a clear path forwards for them in his first season but even then he was not without critics and doubters and he is, as you… Read more »


Yep, I agree with most of this. And I’m more than willing to give Emery a second season at the club.

But drawing distinctions between him and Klopp seems a little non sensical. I could find 100’s of examples of managers who had an average first season and a terrible second.

Chances are Emery isn’t a Klopp but an ok manager who isn’t quite right for the club.


“What is Emery’s personality? What are his tactics? What’s his philosophy?”

Julio Iglesias football?


I just don’t think he can be our hero.

Sorry, thinking of Enrique…


He is a chameleon coach


So in essence he will call himself that never.

Naked Cygan

I hope he poked Ozil and mustafi to earn this injury.


These internationals mean nothing, the more of our players missing them the better


To be fair, they mean qualification to the Euros. They aren’t just mindless friendlies.


I thought it was just crappy nations league cup stuff or whatever they’re calling friendlies to make them sound competitive


Had it been Podolski, you’d know it was caused by too many thumbs-ups… ???


Or has he poked his thumb towards Mustafi one time too many while saying ”I’m with stupid”?


So, pre-season training starts up at some point in the second week of July, and from what I have been able to google, Arsenal play their first pre-season friendly (not counting the game against Boreham Wood), against the Colorado Rapids, on July 15th. Not much time to prepare ahead of that game.

Belfast Gooner

Probably come back to training on 8th July. Gives them a week before they play the Rapids. Weeks prep before the first friendly is pretty normal.
With internationals most of the team finish up this week and have a 4 week break.



Merlin’s Panini

Well I hope he recovers well for preseason.

Other than that. Tottenham. Hahahaha!
They always manage to make us feel a little bit better in the end, although our season ended up to be a turd.

Thierry Bergkamp

How can seeing a better team than ours, losing in a final of a competition that we’re not good enough to compete in, and been nowhere near close to win when we made up the numbers, make you feel any better about the shit we’ve had to watch recently?

Merlin’s Panini

Err… because they’re our closest rivals, their fans are usually morons and I can’t stand any of their players. It doesn’t make me feel better about our season. It makes me feel better about theirs.


If you need it explained, then you lack the capacity to understand why.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

It’s Tottenham for f*ck sake, not anyone else. That’s why!


Tottenham ??


Relieved man here, get to stay in the country now. Weird seeing Ox holding the CL trophy though, got to say!


And now I feel even better about it, well done Ox!


Thank fuck for that! Liverpool didn’t turn up in Madrid – but neither did Spuds.

Now fuck off, Spuds – and I never want to see you in a Champions’ League final again!


You probably won’t


Sorry about your thumb Leno but the spuds are cryingThank f### for the scoucers I would have had to leave the continent let alone the country.

Lucas Sam

Is he playing fortnite with Mesut?


I’m not sure why we should be gloating that Spurs lost the CL final.

Reality is they are ahead of us for 3 seasons now and they made it to CLeague third season in a row.

We should worry about ourselves now.

We are at a critical point. Buy the wrong players/poor investments (as yet we have no Tech Director in place) and we may drop further down.

Worrying times.

No direction from the top from Owner or the Executives.

Good Ebening

We’re not gloating we’re just f***ing relieved they didn’t win. Imagine if they had, we would never have stopped hearing about it

The reality is that Sp**s haven’t won a trophy since 2008, and that was the league cup and they haven’t won anything of real note since 1961

Yeah we have our own problems, we haven’t forgotten them but it doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute to be happy that a very bad week for us didn’t get a whole lot worse


It´s sad to see that the best we can do now is to feel good because other team lost a game or a decision. How low have we gone. Already reasoning like a mid table club. God help us !


Entirely wrong! Feeling shit about how poor our season was, and thoroughly enjoying the pain of your fiercest rivals’ failure are mutually exclusive emotions. If Arse had won what Manchester City won this season, and 5pur2 had fucked up the CL final, I’d still be celebrating.


I can’t deal with this. I’m done with soccer.

Lord Bendnter

Good. Welcome to football ?


I have only two things to say.

Get well soon, Leno!

Thank fuck Spuds didn’t win yesterday!


I live in Brighton, didn’t think there was so many bloody spuds fans! Had to suffer in a pub full of’em shouting stand up if you hate arsenal etc etc. However, after the pints kicked in whilst the goals seeped in it was then me and a few others shouting ‘is there a fire drill’ with them telling me to fuck off and storming out…

It’s the little things in life….


Speaking of German’s, we’re being linked with a £20m bid for 30 year old Jerome Boateng.


Oh no, not another injury prone has been. Tell Emery to coach the young players into 1st team ones, if he cannot, then sod off & take Raul with you.
After last night just wondr how much money will Poch have to spend this summer.

Paul Roberts

As much as I’d like to forget about football for two months, I will find myself refreshing NewsNow Arsenal for the mentioned time period. That’s bad isn’t it…:-)


Welcome to the summer


It´s sad to see that the best we can do now is to feel good because other team lost a game or a decision. How low have we gone. Already reasoning like a mid table club. God help us !

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