Arsenal transfer round-up: Saliba, Kannemann, Vasquez


Arsenal’s first team stars return for pre-season training next week, which got us wondering, will they be joined by a big-money arrival from a continent far, far away? Keep reading for our latest transfer tittle-tattle round-up.

Hint…probably not.

William Saliba

Saint Etienne have doubled down on their determination to keep Saliba next season even if they agree on a deal to sell him this summer. It sounds as though the 18-year-old is happy with that situation, as relayed by chairman Bernard Caizzo.

“He will stay this season,” he told But! Football Club [translated by Sport Witness]. “That’s an imperative condition if we are to find an agreement for his transfer. We’ve clearly defined the conditions. It’s also William’s wish. He wants to wear the green shirt this season, to play in the Europa League, and he wants to get better before leaving.”

Will we still pursue a deal? Possibly.

Walter Kannemann

Not for the first time this summer it’s being reported that we’re looking at Argentine defender Walter Kanneman.

The 28-year-old plays for Brazilian side Gremio (does this have Edu’s fingerprints on it?) and apparently has a £17 million buyout clause. It’s said that Wolves are also sniffing around.

Obviously, any link with a central defender is welcome, but, taking our lead from @stillberto, we’re not particularly inspired by this one.

Lucas Vasquez

As per our story this morning, AS are reporting that we’re rubbing out thighs seductively in the direction of Real Madrid’s Lucas Vasquez. Honestly, we think it’s nonsense. He’s 28-years-old, a Bernabeu long-timer, his stats are poop and he’d cost the best part of £30 million.

It feels like our well-known eagerness to sign a wide player is spurring sports desks across the world to generate spurious links with random wingers.


Lol. No.

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I like to think it’s more about the players development and psychology. Because now he’s an Arsenal player playing for St Etienne. It’s an extra layer to take in for him and he’ll have a lot to take in being in that position. Same as with when Zouma signed for Chelsea. It’s interesting to me


Let’s hope he doesn’t tear his ACL last game of the season!!


Let’s hope there’s an £5m plus Ozil & Mustafi clause written in to the contract to cover us such an scenario.


How much longer of this chicken shit window left?!? I despair…we are two injuries away from 8th in the league this season.


We should be able to make 8th, even with a couple of injuries. Any more than that though…


Auba and Laca out at the same time…. can you imagine that for a moment?


I’m sure there’s a 17 year old hidden away somewhere at the academy we’d be ready to drop off the deep end. All is fine.

Would be the rise of Eddie.
If you think I’m wilfully naive well it’s all we’ve got.


I think we could be looking at 8th without a couple of injuries. Especially the way we finished last season. Hope it doesn’t happen but with Wolves, Leicester etc building up we’d better be at our best. #COYG.

Spanish Gooner

We had more than a couple of injuries last year and finished 1 point off 4th, with a Europa League final. I was as pissed off with how we bottled the end of the season as anybody, but this kind of hyperbole doesn’t help at all

Skip To My Lou

Another week comes another week goes. ???


This is embarrassing honestly wtf. Arsenal take ur hands off ur dck and stop fcking around


We don’t have any money……

Mick Malthouse

Saladbar is the healthy option.

Sorry, really sorry.


If you say Kanneman’s name five times while facing a mirror, does he appear?


no gervinho appears :'(




dear lord have mercy


Can we just get on with it and buy this Tierney lad now?


Its strangely refreshing to be linked with a world class player like Marcelo even though we have no chance in the world lol

A Different George

Marcelo and Guendouzi in the same side!

Drogheda Gunner

Just 5 years to late


Is kanu still available?

Cygans Parting

Yes he is…….. Hal Robson-Kanu


Lichtsteiner. LOL. NO. … wait..


Not entertaining the alderweireld reports then?

Lord Bendnter

Diarrhea, diarrhea everywhere


This whole thing with Saliba and St Etienne. Seriously what are they on? If you went to buy a house or a car and the vendor turned round and said ‘yeah I’m selling, but I’m going to live in it or drive it round for another year after you’ve paid all that money’ you’d think this cunt is clearly unhinged, best steer clear. What if the guy does his ACL or suffers a career ending injury in that year? What if he contracts a serious disease? or his plane goes down? or he gets torn in 2 by a pair… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

If it’s what it takes to get a massive CB prospect then I think it’s fair enough, assuming there is some kind of clause that covers us in the case of injury. Madrid did it with Vinicius to beat the rest of the competition (he stayed in Brazil for 18 months after signing for them) and that seemed to work out very well


The reason the Vinicius deal happened in that fashion was because he couldn’t move until he was 18 due to law. So on the day of his 18th he moved to Madrid. This was nothing to do with the parent club issuing demands. To my mind it’s one thing asking if the buying club would be amenable to loaning the player back straight away for a season but to demand it just seems obnoxious.

Merlin’s Panini

With the Saliba transfer can’t we just not pay them any instalments until next season? So that can come from next seasons budget? Given he’s still so young we should probably be looking at a centre half in mid-late twenties or early 30s anyway so he would have time to develop and improve his game Otherwise having Koscielny, Sokratis, Holding and Chambers as our four centre backs isn’t the end of the world if the rest of the team is improved in a way that protects them. They are all preferable to Mustafi and at this point I think we… Read more »


Stupid transfer.

1)he has barely featured. Comparisons with De Ligt far off. The Dutchman plays A LOT of matches and delivers. Different kettle of fish.

2) We have plenty of players we can/should blood if we were to entrust a younger Cback – Bielik, Mavropanos

3) We need an experienced player at the peak of his game or close to not a young player. Cback is one of the positions that benefits from a bit more age/experience

4) What’s the point if we need to loan him back.

Very silly. NO offense.


None of these Cback options look particularly correct. Kanneman doesn’t even get capped for his country. Saliba as I have mentioned simply ludicrous …spend a chunk of money we don’t have for an 18yr old who barely featured last season and has to be loaned back out. At Cback we should keep track of Umtiti. There is danger that United may swoop in so other options need consideration. Its perhaps the trickiest of the 3 priority positions (CB, Wide forward/CM) we should be reinforcing. Smoamaro at Lille OSC looks interesting too. BUT there are far and few in between sufficiently… Read more »

Gooners & Roses

Might as well go for Dani Alves. His mentality, experience and spirit alone could benefit the team.

God is a gooner

Alves is a diving little nob end. No thanks.

D Jamal

A diving little nob end? *deep breath* the greatest right back of a generation. A proven winner. A man, who could possibly be a leader to a group of little boys known as Arsenal’s first team. Go think about your comment for a sec


Isn’t he about 40 now


pull the tapeworm out of your arse!


Forget all the poos, here is a good news.

According to reports in Turkey, Fenerbahce is trying to land Ozil. His ridiculous salary is the problem but well, let just hope that there will be a solution.

Please make it happen, please.