Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bielik linked with AC Milan as reports say Emery has no role for him

According to a report in the Polish media, Unai Emery does not see a role for Krystian Bielik in his team, as AC Milan sniff around yet another Arsenal player this summer.

The 21 year old had an impressive European U21 Championships, and is now taking holidays after helping Charlton to promotion to the Championship from League One.

Przeglad Sportowy say that contact between Milan and Bielik’s agent, Cezary Kucharski, has been ongoing for some time but was put on hold due to changes at the club in terms of executives and the head coach. Bielik also has offers from clubs in the Championship, Holland and elsewhere in Italy.

The player himself made it clear this summer that he is not interested in U23 football next season, saying, “My future is unknown but there is one thing I can say for sure: I will definitely not go back to Arsenal U23 team.

“At this stage it wouldn’t make sense. If I do not receive the possibility to join the first team permanently, I will have to look for other solutions.

“I feel like a senior player now so I want to play senior football.”

Apparently Arsenal have informed the agent that although they don’t want to use him next season, they would sanction another loan deal, and with two years left on his current deal they can sell from a position of relative strength.

Of course this is a club which has demonstrated a serious flaws when it comes to selling players, and the information in the story appears to be coming from Kucharski who will certainly have his own priorities when it comes to Bielik’s future.

Whether or not Emery likes the player will become evident over the summer. His absence from the US tour would give us a bit of a hint.

While Reiss Nelson was also away at the same tournament, he appears to be back in action, so let’s see if Bielik hooks up with the squad in the US or beforehand.

Thanks to Jakub Molenda for the heads-up.

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Ok. Now slap a 35m price tag. But being arsenal, we will sell him for 1.5m then watch Juve buy him 60m from Milan. Meanwhile we will buy Vasquez from Madrid for 45m because he’s unwanted




This kid is a unit. He’s decent on the ball. He’s shown he can deliver on the big occasion, as he was superb for Charlton during their whole promotion campaign, bagging a few crucial goals in the play-offs and earning MOM in the final at Wembley. I cannot for one second understand how we are not giving him a crack at the first team next year when we still have Mustafi at the club. Like what else can a young player do? It would be a huge oversight by Emery to sell him, because if AC Milan think he’s worth… Read more »


I just don’t understand the logic, if there is any, behind not giving Bielik his well-earned chance to play with us. Like, does he smell too much like a Wenger-signing for Emery to handle properly?

Tony Adams Nose

I like this guy and feel he deserves a chance in the first team. I also do not believe Emery has no place for him, he needs all the options he can muster with limited funds available.
As this IS the silly season and these slimy agents ARE are sniffing around players, I’m sure his agent is trying to force a move hoping for a pay day.

Promote him and give him a run.


Honestly I think it’s down to us being a complete shambles behind the scenes. Emery probably has no idea how Bielik got on last year. He might even know who he is..


This agent helped and advised Lewandowski’s moves to Borussia and later on to Bayern. He always has a plan for his players.


And sell him (Vazquez) to West Ham for £4m next season. Classic Arsenal

Harish P

Even if they sell him low (multi millions as many are able to do for a talent his age) they better at least negotiate some incredible sell on clauses – something about him shouts winner and even if he doesn’t end up world class I feel he might do well in the transfer market in the future. Would be good to get sizeable chunks of action in the future. That said, I’d like to see him at least in pre-season with Arsenal. It makes me wonder (if this news is accurate) if Emery likes Chambers more, and who basically plays… Read more »


Hard to say for definite but this smells of pushy agent to me. Nothing will get his man first team football quicker than a story like this. And if it doesn’t work out, he’s already forging potential moves for his client.


Well said Gooner! You know this club very well mate


I love how people try to define the 133 year history of Arsenal by what has taken place over the last decade!


To be fair, I don’t think the intention is to define Arsenal’s noble history, more to characterise the club’s current record of clusterfuck player and financial management.


If Emery really doesn’t want him then we’ll have to sell him, but we can only sell him for what another club is prepared to pay and I don’t see that being over £10m in this case. Although Bielik looks to be a competent player, we’ll have to sell as many players as are deemed unwanted as is possible, and for whatever we can get for them, to supplement the 2019/20 transfer budget. The real trick will be trying to persuade a club to buy, say, Mustaphi for anything but a nominal fee. If we can pull the likes of… Read more »


He’s about 21 and potentially a good centre back. If Milan want him I’d say 20 million. That seems the going rate for young players these days.


I thought Milan had no money, after all isn’t that one of the reasons they have allowed themselves to be banned from the Europa League?


So glad that we don’t need a potentially very good centre back who can also fill in as a DM!

Paul Roberts

It’s just a report lads lets wait and see.


“He is not interested in U2 football next season”.

Who can blame him?


He’d boss the U2’s

Paul Roberts

Not at singing he wouldn’t! 🙂


Nah, fuck that man. We are the Arsenal. You don’t just kick up a fuss and walk into the first XI. One loan spell at Charlton Athletic doesn’t make you a world beater. Wind your neck in lad, you’ll be given a chance when we think you’re ready. If you’re not happy, see ya.

You probably said the same about Gnabry on loan right?


Gnabry had already played a bunch of games for us and proved he was good enough. He only went on loan to regain match fitness after a lengthy injury. Very different scenarios. I know we aren’t what we were 10 seasons ago but playing for Arsenal is still a massive deal for a lot of players. Lacca and Auba both came here even though we were playing Europa football. Ozil is refusing to leave. Bielik needs to recognise this and stop making these subtle threats. We can’t be held ransom because a player had a good season in league 1.… Read more »


Özil stays despite us playing EL football.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Because Ozil doesn’t have CL quality anymore and has a worlclass player salary.

Paul Roberts

Ozil was a purchasing mistake to keep the fans happy imo.


When has Arsenal management ever tried to make the fans happy?


Well If we plan to play 4 defenders I would sell mustafi, loan Dinos with a recall clause and keep him and Chambers for back ups and Europa and domestic Cup games. He could also start while Rob is recovering. And honestly I would swap the 5th position with 8th if we gave youngsters some game time so that they develop.


Agreed with everything except swapping position. We should have finished top 4 last season but some kind of mental breakdown in the team saw us throw that and the final away. Emery’s job is on the line this season so he has to make sure we get top 4 and I think he’s banking on our strike force to do that, hence the need for wingers. We have defenders and I think if Bielik didn’t keep running his mouth he would have got a chance in the first team, after all you can list as many under 23s as you… Read more »


for me ramsey getting injured was the turning point


Gnabry was a combination of Pulis being a dick, and injury at unfortunate times. He moved down a massive step because he was so eager for the first team football that we were right not to guarantee him. The galling bit is that we should have inserted a buyback clause when we sold him.


The whole comparison to a rarity is ill thought out. ‘Klopp finished 7th in his first season’ ‘We can find world class players for a pittance because of Kante’ ‘Gnabry didn’t get a chance and look what happened’.

So what? Have you forgotten Vela, Fran Merida, Wellington Silva, Joel Campbell, Conor Henderson, Denilson… The list is endless. But once we got it wrong. So we give every young player a run in the starting XI to make sure?


Or maybe we trust people like Freddie and Emery to evaluate the players they work with on a daily basis and make a rational decision on their chances at Arsenal.


Bielik has never been given a chance to work with Freddie or Emery.


How on earth do you give them a chance to prove anything if you don’t play them? Give him a go and see how he performs under pressure then you’ll know if he can reach the level you want him to reach, otherwise there is no point developing any of them.


Well actually yes. Football is pretty simple and all of this talents know how to play. The difference between a raw talent and an established player is the ability to perform under pressure. Deliver week in week out and work consistently. If they never play at Emirates how can we see? Actually is the only way to return to top clubs. Otherwise you can dream about transfers. I will dream about our talents becoming stars.


Get over Gnabry. We thought letting go of Benik Afobe, Henri Lansbury, Sanchez Watt, Dan Crawley, Ismael Bennacer, Jon Toral, Isaac Hayden, Fran Merida etc was a mistake and are yet to be proven wrong…

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

HH, please stop switching IP and thumbing yourself up and others down – it creates an unfair representation of the discussion at hand. Most of your comments are funny/popular enough not to use such methods. I speak to a couple of other users and we’ve noticed that your posts often get an absurd amount of thumbs in short quiet periods (in the last thirty minutes your comment above has received 30+thumbs, nearly eight times more than any other comment on this page in that time). I know you leave a lot of good comments that are popular and justifiably get… Read more »


Hands down the weirdest thing I’ve ever been accused of on here. And one time I got accused of being a glory supporting Sp*rs troll.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I was a moderator for a couple of footy forums a while back, whilst I’m not going to say I was that good at it in that position you do notice patterns. Maybe you’ve got a huge fan thats secretly doing it for you, but realistically it’s kind of obvious. This thread started by making a joke regarding a typing error and has 100% thumbs up, highlighting that it’s a popular comment. Yet somehow you’ve managed to accumulate a 3-4 times amount of thumbs with a rather unrelated response. I hate to say it but if you look back over… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

And fyi, it’s not a brag, to be honest I lost my role as I was nowhere near quick enough at reacting to spam bot posts and learning how to figure out decent blocking procedures, but patterns and numbers have always been a bit of a strength.


He’s been badly managed at Arsenal, sent out and not been given a proper chance. He was injured and made to play three quarters of a match with a damaged shoulder because the coach was a dick (before Freddie) and now he’s fit he has just had a brilliant season on loan. He’s never kicked up a fuss, has got his head down and done everything asked of him to the best of his ability, and he has a lot of talent. This will be another Gnabry situation if he leaves, and why isn’t he entitled to a chance? All… Read more »


What Vonnie said exactly!


Given a proper chance? One more time I’ll say this – we are Arsenal. We don’t just give everyone who turns up a “chance”. His chance is he’s at Arsenal. And he’s doing exactly what the majority of young players do. Playing a bit of youth football and then heading out on loan. Now if he feels that justifies him a first team place, he’s mistaken. I wouldn’t be against the idea of him having a few run outs in the league cup and Europa league but he wants regular first team football. And I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like… Read more »


we are Arsenal…..the team that can’t win away, that lost a fantastic tech director in Sven because of infighting, that has a tight-fisted Trump supporting owner with a reputation of dragging clubs down, that lets multimillion pound players leave on a free, that is inexplicably plagued every year by injuries….need I go on.

Dark Hei

We are Arsenal. We don’t give everyone who turns up a “chance”.

We need experienced pros like Mustafi whom we can count on.


“This will be another Gnabry situation if he leaves” Glad you know more about youth development than our coaches.


I agree with you and hope I get as many downvotes lol. He seems to have an inflated opinion of himself and that’s the last thing we need at Arsenal. I only want players that bleed red and white (although technically Poland are red and white).

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

He probably feels he needs a big career push as he’s close to The Edge of his development at U23 level and is sick of playing against unheard of clubs Where The Streets Have No Names. He may also be wary of the club dipping into The Joshua (Kroenke) money Tree and bringing in more competition. In regards to the club he’s no doubt thinking I can be successful With Or Without You, and let’s face it, we still can’t find what we’re looking for in the transfer market. I want him to stay, but I wouldn’t deny him a… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

Ha ha! See what you did there all from a simple typo!


When you have Mustafi you dont need exiting talents


Sometimes you can feel the irony and sarcasm just dripping through the letters.


True that. I believe even Zlatan made space for Mustafi in his Dream XI

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

As a young CB he’s sure to make ‘rookie’ errors at the highest level but we have a World Cup winning CB who repeatedly makes rookie errors, yet continues to get game time. Why would you not give Bielik a chance? He impressed on his loans, played well for the Polish u21’s. I find this quite disheartening. Emery had no role for the Jeff either who had a good season at Angers and may be sold for 10 times what we sold him for. Bennacer was sold too and now may move for many times what we sold him for.… Read more »

Harish P

Probably having difficulty selling Mustafi, unlike our other/younger CBs.

Important to note as well this article could be untrue.


Because our Centre-back options are WORLD CLASS right guys?
Emery should honestly put aside his ego and play Bielik. No one could be worse than Mustafi.

Watch as people will still try to spin this for Emery positivity. Man’s killing the club along with Kroenke and Sanhelli and people are happy about it.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Curious why you think this has anything to do with Emery’s ego ?


Man’s got new dentures, he’s clearly feeling himself


An article about a club being interested in one of our (unproven) youngsters yielding a comment about Emerys ego killing Arsenal football club.


It’s a bit of a stretch blaming Emery on this, however there can be no doubt over his credentials – he’s second rate, at best.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

My trust in Emery has weakened since he was unable of achieving top four with five easy games and plenty of gifts from other teams.

Tasmanian Jesus

I dont see no spinning, still. Ive been waiting for hours now!
Are you absolutely sure you are psychic?


Well I for once would like to know what our plan regarding the CB position is. If the stories about Saliba (being bought & loaned out straight away) are true, then I have zero idea actually.

Give the kid a chance! Same for Chambers.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Couldn’t agree more. I’d rather we tore up Mustafi’s contract and let him walk for free than give up on Bielik or Chambers yet. Mavrapanos needs a loan season, and that leaves us with Koscielny (keep for one last season), Sokratis, Holding (coming back from injury), Chambers and Bielik. Both the latter two can function as the trasitioning parts in switching between four or five at the back. I don’t see us getting another CB if we’ve lined up Saliba for 2020 (not ideal but maybe the free Cahill for a season?), so the team won’t have enough new personnel(/top… Read more »


The main problem here is our belief that Chambers and Bielik can play such a tactically-demanding role against rival top-4 players like Jorginho, Rodri, Fabinho and Ndombele.

We can only be tactically savvy if our players are good enough to compete in top-4 clashes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the club trades one of those two and invests in someone further ahead in their development, like Erick Pulgar at Bologna who combines both Xhaka’s and Torreira’s skillsets.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

That’s a good point Kaius, it’s certainly asking a lot of Chambers and even more of Bielik. I’m hoping that for Chambers the season at Fulham playing this role and getting their Player of the Season Award will give him the confidence boost to settle quicker, whilst giving Bielik a little more time to adapt in slightly less challenging games. Although Chambers is further ahead I feel Bielik has higher potential, so it’s a tricky scenario in deciding who goes – if it comes to thati. I think the players you’ve listed play a little deep for either Bielik or… Read more »


Yeah I agree that Bielik has a higher ceiling.

It’s a huge dilemma because I don’t think we can afford to give both him and Calum the minutes they’ll want this season.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Yeah, it’s so tricky. I hope Emery figures it though as we’ve been crying out for a solid unit at DM for years and both have the potential to be stellar additions. Possibly also utilise Chambers at RB whilst Bellerin recovers, AMN can’t play every game. Chambers at RB in a back four, AMN for back five? I don’t know, just hope it works out! Torreira can’t play every game so maybe occasionally play both in deep midfield? So many questions haha


The jury is still out on whether Bielik can handle it or not but I do believe that he had shown more than enough to get his chance. He’s been the best player in each of the 2 teams he has played for this year. Not sure he could do much more to convince.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Absolutely, he’s done all that’s been asked of him whilst out on loan, he certainly deserves a chance – though we have to be prepared for a few early hiccups understandably. If I remember rightly it was you Jack who had also been tracking him at Charlton? Seem to recall we were in agreement about a few things regarding Bielik. There were some games last season where he was a delight to watch, I know it wasn’t top tier football but the way he could play at Charlton reminded me of the way Zidane used to orchestrate games. I know… Read more »


And someone said ‘If Bielik wasn’t our player and we just watched the performances he put in at this summer’s UEFA U21 Tournament, we’d be begging the club to try and sign him!’.

Can’t argue with that

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Haha that really does sum it all up! Must admit I’d also be begging the club to get him in!

I like the look of this Saliba, who may arrive in 2020, but he plays CB very similarly to Bielik. Perhaps we really are open to offers for the Pole given this upcoming deal?

Peter Story Teller

Thing is on last season’s results it is not the top 4 we need to worry about. We threw away a good run in to mid-table teams and you cannot always rely on the magical 2 up front to outscore middle order teams when the midfield are defensively unaware and the back 3 or 4 are also a bit makeshift because of injuries and old age.
At least Chambers and Bielik could help with the defence / midfield transition.


As much as he’s reviled by some, neither Chambers nor Bielik is an improvement on Xhaka at this point. Now if you’re considering Xhaka more of a box to box and the question is one of those two rotating with Torreira in a more defensively minded role, that might be a closer consideration.

But back to the main topic, this does smell of agent nudge as mentioned in the post.


Looking at our centre back options it does lead one to question, “How the f**k is there no role for him?”

I’m about 1 bad result from Emery out


1 bad result? I’m starting the airplane the second we concede *that* 3rd minute goal against Newcastle some of our finest defensive shithousery.


Yeah fuck it, lets get the plane up during the friendlies in the US


Better yet, just attach the banner to the plane carrying the team over. ?


Can anyone raise that?


I always find it slightly depressing when we send someone out on a successful loan and he never even gets a chance in the first team. I really don’t see what more he could have done. It doesn’t send a great message to the other youngsters going out on loan.

Don’t worry, we can sell him to juve if he has a successful loan.


So weird to me how hyped he’s getting by some. He did well in league 2 as a defensive midfielder but he’s ostensibly a centre half and will be far down the pecking order there. Selling someone like Bielik for a decent fee and reinvesting that is exactly what we should be doing surely…


Well for one because we have no stand out centre halves or defensive midfielders. Even if he doesn’t turn out to be a world beater he can fill two positions as a squad player … plus he’s free.

“He’s ostensibly a centre half”

You mean other than the fact he came as a DM, played a lot as a DM for our academy, played mostly as a DM on loan and half the time as a DM for the Polish u21?

Tasmanian Jesus

I have one thing to say to that….

'desi'gner gooner

Just play him through the pre-season games and then decide . After having done so well for Charlton on loan and subsequently in the U-21 World Cup, he has earned that right atleast. And isn’t the whole purpose of a loan for a young and promising player to check if he develops and plays well in different match situations? Here is a kid who has done that and we don’t even want to check if he can mix it with the first team during pre-season!! Seems bizzare but of-course straight out Arsenal’s text book of “player transfers for dummies”. Now… Read more »


If there is no place in Emery’s Arsenal for Bielik, they must have some good transfer plans for defence. Looking at what we had last year, he would be at leats good back up.


If he does leave i’d say that this is mainly because he’s not an Emery type player, rather than his quality. Especially if he goes to another top European team.


So what exactly is an Emery type player? Middle aged average talent yes man from what we hear he’s wanted to recruit. I’d rather take a chance on some unproven quality thanks!


We need to have a good technical director. Seriously, Arsenal have lost direction for too long.
So many bad decisions have been made!


Appreciate this is wishful thinking, but I’d still rather keep and play him than Mustafi…

Anne Noyd



Looks like Gazidis is being clever.


Bielik is technically adept for a CB, is comfortable playing out from the back and can play DM. If Arsenal are looking to cut costs, promote youth and ship Elneny & Mustafi off he’s a solid option. Keeping him seems like a no brainer for League Cup and Europa matches

Charlie George Again

Ffs…this lad has a huge career in front of him. He is class….

Ko Aunglinn

Fucking board what you all doing now.keep him let him fight for first place .He got talent and skill we ?need ???????

Man Manny

If Willock, Nelson and Nketiah have a place in the first team, I see no reason why Bielik shouldn’t.
He has actually played more competitive football – albeit in League 1 – more than them all, and excelled.


ah the one (hundredth) who got away……


I would love to know what people see in Mustafi that they don’t see in Chambers and Bielik. Serious question.


For me the only thing is pace, and the fact that he has international caps for one of the big European nations. There is an assumption that because he’s been capped at that level then he is for some reason performing below his potential.

Im going to hold back on going absolutely apeshit if this turns out to be true by first seeing what happens in preseason.

We need midfielders. We need DMs, we need CBs, and he was our best loanee. To norm give him a chance would be Gnabry-esque in terms of decision making.


Yeah, this seems crazy – he’s doing everything he’s supposed to do to earn a chance to earn the opportunity to earn a spot with the first team, and we’re thinking about loaning him out again? Pathetic is the Arsenal.


Seems absurd, if true.

Cygans Parting

He should be joining the rest of the squad on the American tour after his holiday end. Then we should play him during pre-season and let him get in the first team on merritt once the season starts. Same applies to Calum Chambers, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock, Emile Smith-Rowe, Bukayo Saka, Xavier Amaechi, Tyreece John-Jules, James Olyinka and Folarin Balogun. I’m not suggesting that they should all play together or that they will all make it but with Arsenal playing Europa League and League cup from September. Theyll all get a chance to impress. Then we’ll all know… Read more »


Do you have any idea why he was not picked up for the tour?


He played in the under 21 tournament for Poland (and did well) so will come back late.


So did Reiss


Not for Poland, though. Ah f*ck, you know what I mean!


If a club wants him, we will listen to reasonable offers. Unless it’s Gazidis. We will then sell him a large bag of shit with a Bielik shirt on it. Fuck…off….Gazidis!!


Whilst I feel like this story could be agent guff, I am inclined to believe it because our decision making across the board is so piss poor it almost feels like sabotage.


Just judging by last season, it has to be said that Emery is no better at organising a defence that Arsene. Even with the players we have the team shouldn’t be leaking 51 goals a season.

Bielik cannot be any more risky than another season of Mustafi, so I really hope this is not true, or there is a great transfer going under the radar.


We need to keep him. Guarantee him that he’ll play in the Cups, and that Arsenal is the right club for him. If he leaves, i will be gutted – we have to be able to hold on to players like this or else there is no point in developing young players.

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

If this is true, what the heck man??? What are they smoking up there at the boardroom nowadays?..sigh

Monkey Joe

Just sack that imposter now before he ruins us completely. #EmeryOut


I love Arsenal but I’m bored of all the players we’re not buying so I’m going to look at boobies instead. I love boobies too.


Crazy to let him go! His style reminds me of or Carrick, precisely the type of player we need in the base of our midfield.


Matic or Carrick

Ben Constable

It would be disappointing if he’s shown the door without being given a chance to prove himself, but isn’t this exactly what everyone wants to see Arsenal do? Sell a young player when his stock is at its highest in order to boost the coffers? People saying we should just sell Mustafi are deluding themselves. No one wants him, especially at the price we are apparently demanding and what I assume is a large wage packet. If selling Bielik brings in £10-15 million that we can add to our budget, then so be it.

Gudang Bedil

Whatever, I’m gonna play Football Manager.


Feel you


This William Saliba kid must be incredible if we’re prepared to buy him whilst being unable to find space in the squad for a promising 21-year-old of our own. Is the disparity between these two that great that you’re prepared to let one leave (for a pittance knowing us) whilst signing the other for a reported £25m! I would certainly be on board with giving this guy a chance in the Europa/League cup and seeing what he can do. I refuse to believe that a club for which Shkodran Mustafi made 40 appearances last year, doesn’t need all the centre… Read more »


Saliba was good enough to start over 10 league games for a team fighting for Champions League qualification in a top 5 league having turned 18 only around the end of last season. I’d say he’s way ahead of Bielik, 3 years older and not even a full-time CB for Charlton.

Jack Action

Where’s the poo rating for this? Milan are linked with everyone it seems but are currently under a ban for overspending.

That said, this kid needs to stay with us and get a fair shot next to Holding. If Emery casts him off that’s sheer stupidity.

We sold two young Poles for cheap and look how they turned out. Let’s not make it three for three.


Bielik needs to get back from his summer break and prove to Emery he can play right now. If he isn’t good enough, sell him for a profit. Realistically we should get 10-15 million for him. I think he can be an elite player but I’m no expert.


Considering the form he showed on loan last season added to the strong showing internationally in recent competition, I would say he should be perking our interest.


This whole transfer period has been so depressing as an Arsenal supporter. I know there is a lot of time left, but not optimistic about our doing any quality business on either end.


Has the strong whiff of:
— Emery hate-bait
— Agent banter



I won’t put it past the current regime.

Not sure who makes the decisions. Have a suspicion that the politics in the back room means Unai has to demure at times to Sanlehi who is consolidating power having moved off Mslintat and added an inexperience Edu at best for cosmetics.

Even with Mslintat, the transfer team was poor in communicating (if there was an effort) and taking into account the tactical/strategic needs of the gaffer (both Wenger and Emery)


I’m not keen on Edu, but saying he’s less experienced than Mislintat is a mistake. He was a club executive in Brazil for 5 years, dealing with transfers and club day-to-day, before moving to the National Team — while Mislintat was a (pretty good) scout, but not really involved in much else, here or in Dortmund.

Jeffrey Gooner

This club is in serious trouble. He was one of Charlton’s best players. He was one of poland’s best players in the UEFA u-21 games. We can’t give this kid a chance yet Elneny and Jenkinson is in the first team. I think I am ready to quit this club…. it is being run by absolute idiots.


Surprise we let him go so soon. He’s coming good and is still young Instead we see ridiculous ‘bid’ for Saliba who has barely featured for French squad let alone his club and is suddenly ‘the next big thing’. The price is in the only guaranteed big thing and even in installments, considering the paucity of our budget, it will have impact. I’m none too sure what strategy we are employing this summer. Seems largely not directed and clutching at whatever appears before us. Why we need to deal with Lback (Tierney) when we have 3 more important positional issues… Read more »


…and if true…Saliba rumoured to go straight back to St Ettiene? Absolutely mental.

Make Arsenal Great Again

This is very disappointing. The kid is the real deal and will definitely come good. What is this club doing?


Just loan him out for the season. Emery will be gone then & lets see if a new coach wants to give him a chance.


Shouldn’t be selling someone without giving them a chance in the team. He clearly has something about him if clubs similar to our level are sniffing around.

Chrispy royally fucked off

This club is coached by a blinkered cunt. Nothing surprises me by these jokers in charge. Fuck em.


We now have 4 CBs under 25 (Bielik, Mavropanos, Chambers, Holding), and at least one of them needs to go (maybe on loan, maybe permanent). During U21 WC Bielik showed he is an interesting option for both CB and DM (got into the team of the tournament). Sending him somewhere to Premier League, or Germany (that option was suggested before his injury) would be great. He said he wanna play full season somewhere, so considering his personality, I do not see him getting back to U23, or being happy with few games of cucumber cups in Arsenal shirt during first… Read more »

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