Nketiah’s displays show why he shouldn’t be loaned out


You certainly cannot accuse Eddie Nketiah of resting on his laurels.

Having been promoted to the first-team squad this summer after what seemed like an eternity on the periphery of proceedings, the striker has been determined to prove just why he has got to this stage and also what he is capable of offering in the future.

Nketiah has been his usual prolific self during Arsenal’s pre-season tour of the United States, scoring three times, but the 20-year-old has stood out with much more than just his goalscoring.

Young players are known to often be enthusiastic and eager to make an impact, but Nketiah takes that sentiment to new levels. He chases after the ball constantly, is always looking to find space to run into and is also becoming stronger physically – as demonstrated by the rather robust treatment he offered to Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich recently.

The problem that Nketiah faces, of course, is that he finds himself behind two experienced and highly regarded strikers in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Other than in the unfortunate event that one of the two suffer a serious injury, it is difficult to envisage Nketiah establishing himself in the starting lineup any time soon and it is also perhaps too early in the youngster’s development for him to be such a crucial part of the side.

The England youth international does, however, have the chance to be Arsenal’s third-choice striker this campaign following the departure of Danny Welbeck.

In the second half of last season, with Welbeck out injured, Nketiah was frequently named amongst the substitutes for first-team fixtures.

However, on many occasions the prospect wasn’t selected to enter the fray and when he did was often only given a short runout.

That could well change this time around, with Nketiah’s first-team promotion indicating that he is now seen of more of a senior player – something that will only have been enhanced by his pre-season performances.

There have been suggestions that Nketiah could head out on loan for the first time but if a new striker doesn’t arrive before the transfer window closes then the best option would surely be for him to remain at Arsenal for the first half of the season at least and be given a starting berth in cup games as well as hopefully featuring as a substitute in some league matches.

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As long as he actually gets used then he could be ideal as a third- especially as we don’t have the money to spend on an established option

I worry that the lack of minutes he got at the tail end of the season will be repeated so we do need to be ready to loan him out in January


I too worry, but I feel like he’s ready for minutes. Hopefuly emery feels the same way

SB Still

I think it’s a chicken and egg situ situation. Emery hasn’t used him as much as he would used Welbeck, if Welbeck was available, primarily because Eddie lacks that experience. Despite Auba and Lacazette surviving last season without any significant injury, I think they were stretched and we could do with a 3rd striker (not wide player). With the club’s emphasis on giving youth a chance, the 4 youngsters who have been promoted, should see a lot more action this season. Likely a win-win for all – the club saving money, the players happy, gaining experience and supporters seeing academy… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Seems to be a gem, well worth using as an impact sub and for EL/Cup games, would be disappointed to see him loaned out, why spend when we so obviously have more pressing gaps to fill….


Go Eddie!


He’s in a great position, can monopolize minutes in the cups, plus games in the prem when rotation becomes key. Makes a lot of sense to stay and stake his place in the side.

Glasgow Gooner

I think we all know the minute he leaves on loan, someone gets injured. Too risky. He should be retained.

Kentish Gooner

Anyone seen this? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49083847
Fekir signed for £18m – is proven in Europe and played for France in the WC Final.
Just shows how inflated transfers are inflated for English clubs. Why couldn’t we have gone in for him to replace Ramsey? Was well within our budget and we’re a much bigger club than Betis.
Meanwhile, Palace think Zaha is worth more than £40m.
Absolute madness.


he has a bad knee which is a major reason his transfer value is so low – that’s why Liverpool pulled out of the deal. But yes the PL is swimming in cash thanks to the television deal = even the bottom clubs here are among the richest in all of Europe. = transfer fees and wages are super inflated.


still score 12 goals and played 39 games last season with bad knee!!

Indian Gooner

I agree with you their mate but I think Fekir has some serious problem or something not revealed. Arsenal and other big clubs are not insane in not pursuing him at such a low price plus Jean Michael Aulas is a fierce negotiator who wouldn’t have let him go if all was fine. It all points to the fact that something is shady that is not public knowledge


If Arsenal buy Zaha or Everton, Eddie will get even less time. In thay case, maybe a season in Germany, Spain or the championship would be better.

Frank Bascombe

Eddie! Eddie!


We are going to play so many matches across all competitions. Keep him at home and give him minutes (don’t just chuck him on with 5 minutes left to go) please!!!


So is he ahead of Martinelli?




Billie Ellish?


He deserves to be IN first team. not just peripheral action either. I think there are two categories for the younger players. 1) In and around first team for selection in ALL matches as options – Nelson (even with new winger) for depth, Nketiah, Willock (Elneny role in lieu of the mediocre Egyptian), Also of course Macey. 2) Featured in peripheral cup (League) plus early stages of europa and FA, Saka, Martinelli, Burton, John-Jules, Thompson, Medley (big lad) Nketiah we need. He has innate instinct for where the goal is and is clinical. He has added a calmness to his… Read more »



We’ve yet to see ESR feature.

Smith-Rowe defo IMO should be in first team particularly if we sell one of Ozil or Mhki and even with Cebellos (likely covering two positions at AM and CM)

I would want to see Smith-Rowe more heavily involved too not on peripheral alone.

Hope he gets a run out shortly.


Fekir signed for just 17m from Real Betis. Some sort of issue we don’t know about.

That is giveaway money these days.

Also apparently according to Overmars, Ziyech was offered to us for 22m

Both players in their prime with plenty of mileage left at 25yrs and 26yrs.

Not sure why we are having such a hard time working out the budget. Either would represent an upgrade out wide regardless of whatever injury track record.

AND with plenty left in tank to pay slightly higher for a better option at Cback.


Hopefully we will land Everton Soares.

Spending ridiculous money at 55m on Zaha and having to give Nelson out on loan makes NO sense.


Don’t loan him. Don’t loan him outside the PL. He’s a great young talent. I saw him in Denver. I watched him on TV. Impressed.

Also! He’s on my PL Fantasy team as my cheapest of the cheap 4.5M third forward. :p

Why not bring him on, every match, in the 75th minute for Auba or Laca, “alternatingly”… :p