Arsenal have confirmed that Gabriel Martinelli has signed for the club.

The 18 year has long been tipped to become a Gunner this summer, and it’s now official as he joins from Ituano Futebol Clube having signed a long-term contract with the club.

The young Brazilian is an exciting forward and will take a full part in pre-season and travel on the US tour.

Quite how much he’s going to be involved in the first team next season remains to be seen, but let’s hope he can make some kind of impact.

With a heavy focus on youth next season widely expected to be part of the club’s rebuilding strategy, he may well feature quite regularly, depending on how well he adapts to life in England.

It’s about time we got started in the market, and Let’s hope that this is the first of many signings this summer.

Welcome to Arsenal, Gabriel Martinelli.

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Future man

We already have so many young attackers , they will not be happy with this signing.


I know, Mkhitayran is going to be fuming.


Well they need to deal with it! It’s part of professional football my friend

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If all of them develop well, we will have to sell one or two and make a big benefit. Unai needs to give Carabao and FA Cups to the youngsters with very minimal involvement of the senior players and tell them to prove they can play for the senior team. You prove best in your position, you will be part of starting XI.


I see your point, but on the other hand they will already be facing tough competion from established and experienced first team players. They have a big job on their hand and I am not sure signing this guy changes that a lot. From the perspective of the club it sems wise to have a strong group of young, talented players competing for places and changes in the first team.


I don’t care one bit about their happiness. I do care about what they offer. If he’s better than them then we’ll be better off with him. If they are better than him then they can play and we’ll still enjoy.
Refusing to sign players who’d kill Denilson and Diaby probably cost us a title somewhere.
Refusing to sign players who’d kill the British core probably got us to the Europa league.

Man Manny

All these sages who seem to have a such a perfect view of tomorrow may just wake up to realise we have signed an “Mbappe.”

Reality check

I still remember how arrogant and deluded Bendtner was. One thing has surly been cleared up though, he is definitely not better than Zalatan loll..


Bendtner was absolutely brilliant …
at self promotion.
Football not so much.


Lord Bendtner


the players we had that played against huge teams and did okay astonishes me.
Bendtner vs Barca
Sanogo vs Bayern
Cygan vs Bayern


I agree to an extent, but we are now in an era where our very top youngsters are being targeted by some of the top teams in Europe before they’ve signed pro deals with us (or after those initial academy deals run out). These are not guys we’re wanting to leave. Our selling point is that we can provide them with a realistic avenue to first team football. To your point we may not actually get to see if Xavier Amaechi is better than Martinelli for example, as he may just decide to take the Bayern Munich offer instead. It’s… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Wenger once said: “I sold Ashley Cole to allow Clichy to develop”. I still can’t understand how you sell players for less quality and expect to improve.


I thought that too. Surely we’re getting this guy in after at least explaining to those young players that we want to keep around how they’re going to fit in next season.

I cant imagine this guy is going to feature too much considering he’s still so young and has been playing out in South America, surely we are shipping him straight out on loan?


Who cares? If he’s better than they are it improves us in the long run. I don’t understand this argument that it “blocks the path” for other players; are we just supposed to give them as long as they need, without pressure because we owe it to them? I’m not sure we do


Leave it to Arsenal fans to find something to complain about.


That’s a win-lose mentality. He could also challenge them to get better and compliment them on the pitch, leading to greater utility for everyone ??


So he doesn’t need to get working visa or something?


Isn’t it to do with their national team’s ranking? Like “oh Brazil are decent, so yeah come on in”


From what I read, he qualifies for an Italian passport through his father.


Yes, that is what how I understand it as well. He doesn’t need a work visa because of his Italian passport which he was waiting for. That is why we are only officially confirming his signing now.

At least it is not another Joel Campbell situation.


Please not another Wellington. Good luck, Gabriel and welcome!


BRB, looking up youtube compilation with terrible music.


Anyone aware of how much we paid for this guy?


6 million I believe.


6 million down, so that’s 39 million left to spend on Zaha.


Perhaps a decent defender or two, instead of the over-hyped, falling-over-easily Zaha.

Heavens, I hope that does not happen.


Lolz, but it doesn’t really work that way. Payments are usually split up over multiple years. So, the “we have 45 million to spend” remark gets confusing. Maybe we only pay 15 mil up front for Tierney, agree to 5 mil for Saliba up front since we are loaning him back, etc, and then 25 mil out of our 40,000,001 bid for Zaha. The rest of the money is paid in years two, three, and beyond. Its usual business for silly season.



bossman bill

if he’s chopped it off this is the worst news


He played better when he had short hair- it’s not linked but easy to imagine him as a reverse samson

Cultured determination

Based on last year’s performance i’d sell micky and ozil to free up space for this guy, rowe and nielson to get games under their belts.


Would love to see Nelson given the chance in the PL next season


Yeah, ’cause it’s that easy to do…??


Based on last year’s performance, nobody would buy them.


I always worry for a young player going to a team where nobody speaks his language.

Glenn Helder's Perm

He’s young enough to hopefully learn enough English to get along, plus the arrival of Edu will give him someone to talk to.

Welcome and good luck!


Get Pires on the case.


It’s possible we already paid for the player a while back and he doesn’t come out of the 40 million pound kitty. We were obviously waiting for July before announcing.


Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel Martinelli!


Live scenes from the Arsenal PR team: Everything is on fire! Swiss Ramble just ruined our kit launch, and now Spurs are signing players….quick…announce that 17 yr old, that’ll calm them down.


The top comments on instagram unveiling his signing are just so poor, disrespectful and offensive. Moaning, complaining and cheapening the signing. ‘favela boy nobody heard of’ is the top comment right now with over 2k likes…i mean you have to be a special type of moron not to understand some of the finest players in the history of the game came from those favelas… and unfortunately dirt poor parts of the world…thats the beauty of the game! The player will read this crap and many Brazilian fans are replying to it. Arsenal should delete this crap negative crap. Rant over… Read more »


Totally agree simba, there are a lot of very horrible people out there unfortunately, and the club should monitor the responses, because the more nastiness they can post the more encouraged and empowered they become. Some of the things that were posted on the Adidas kit launch were disgusting, the perpetrators can be traced and they should be prosecuted.


Out of interest, what was said at the Adidas kit launch?


To promote the new Arsenal home kit, Adidas allowed fans to create a customised image of the Arsenal home shirt with their name on the back.
Some shitbags tweeted out those images with racist, mysogynistic and homophobic names on the back.
I guess, the most retweeted one was @GasAllTheJews


Finally some exciting news, brace yourselves for a July of new signings!


Why does the YouTube video make them look like world beaters….. dam YouTube fakery to hell…..


They’re not fakery, but selective. Evaluating a player based on videos of his best moments in 10 minutes will never work, of course.

Sir John King

Wait, I thought he was 17. But then I guess he must have turned 18 since the day and age of him being 17.


He was 17 until he turned 18


He turned 18 on the 18th, right after the 17th when he was 17.


To clarify your point: he was 17 at some point on the 18th before he turned 18 but remained 18 on the 19th


Let’s hope he’s at least as good as Richarlison 😉


I know we’re planning for the future here but offensively we aren’t as desperate as at the back


I’m decently gassed about this player. Looks like a direct dribbler who can run at defenses and create opportunities for himself and pull defenders out of position – a skill set missing at Arsenal since Alexis left.

At the same time, the fact he chose to join Arsenal makes me second guess how good he truly is. He was apparently on trial at Barcelona and Man U, both of whom passed on him.


Great. Now we criticize players for not being good enough to sign for somebody else.


If we go by trial rejection as baseling talent he id atleast Same lvl as Ibracadabra


Ah that’s it! Problem solved! Bring on next season, we’re ready now! Top 4 here we come!!!!!

Floppy Gloves

I’d say we have an outside chance to win the CL now!


Meh. OK but just potential at this point. Not terribly exciting. Would prefer we get someone closer to 21yrs. Some interesting propositions in the U21 UEFA tournament. Romanian Florinel Coman, Pusckas both interesting options we should be thinking about to develop just behind Aubameyang. Auab is 30+ and may be prey to departure in a season should we flatter to deceive again. That would be the timeline so we would need a player closer to immediate need. Nketiah of course should be in contention but we should have 2 around 21/22yrs close to prime age. This kid could be good… Read more »


Breaking news: Sokratis asked to give up his squad number to the new kid to help liquidate some old 2016-17 kits stuck in the warehouse. #Kronkenomics


Welcome to Arsenal !

And let’s hope we see Tierney joining him pretty darn soon.


Maybe seen as to good to not buy, but also indicates current young guns are not good enough to fend off spending some of our few pesetas on another youngster. In any case, I will have faith in this being a positive addition to our squad, welcome Gabriel!

Inspector Sphincter

Never trust a Brazilian whose surname doesn’t end with an ‘o’. Can’t be any good.
In fact, there’s no ‘o’ in his name at all. We’ve been royally stitched up I tells ya!

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0



Anyway think this promo pic does him no favours? Looks like he’s blown out a toxic green gas from his arse.